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  1. It's BB time once again! I'm excited to get started.

  2. Can't get into chat! It says I don't have access. WTH??

  3. Turn on The Talk! Big Brother is in the house. ;)

  4. Turn on The Talk. Julie is talking about Willie's blowout.

  5. Moxie

    House on FOX

    The episode on October 5th was good. Even though House doesn't have his license back he's still contributing to the diagnosis on patients. I thought James Earl Jones did an amazing job! I have to admit I really didn't expect that ending at all! Holy crap!!
  6. Moxie

    House on FOX

    I found this episode very interesting. Watching Foreman try to take over and realizing the job isn't as easy as he assumed it would be. That was priceless! It also took him down a notch or two, lol I was glad to see the rapport between House and Wilson was still there. It would take a pretty strong person to have a person like House as a friend. He seems to cope with it pretty well. Leave it up to House to go online and come up with the diagnosis. He can't help himself. Being a genius can be a burden at times, rofl I'm looking forward to next week when he gets back to his job and con
  7. Moxie

    House on FOX

    Did anybody else catch the premiere of House tonight? I thought it was a great segment. I was hoping we would learn more about the reason he's so miserable with his life. He may actually change a little bit this year. I've always like his character and have tried to figure out the basis for all the anger and misery. This may turn out to be a very good year! I'm looking forward to upcoming shows!
  8. Thx for the WB! Glad to be back. Morty's is kinda like coming home.

  9. Welcome back!! Nice to see you returned for another season of BB!!

    Go Big Blue!!

  10. Unpacking all done. I spent a lot of time walking the dogs this weekend or out at the pool swimming. Life it good. (still have my old house on the market) ugg

  11. Hi!! How's the unpacking? Are you busy making your new nest all comfy? I think about you daily and hope you aren't overdoing it. :)

  12. I'm SO happy for you!! Congrats on the new home!


  13. Heya Moxie,

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate your kindness and sense of humour!

  14. I get the biggest kick out of your posts! It's always great to have people around who have such positive energy and make others smile. :)

  15. Yeah, congrats to Jeff on the Emmy. However, I think having the reality show hosts be on the Emmy's as a group was a complete bust. I was embarrassed for them.

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