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  1. I have never understood why when these HG get a secret opportunity they have to go running to somebody and blab about it. If it was me I wouldn't tell a soul. The more you can keep under your hat the better. When it comes right down to it those kind of details can blow up in your face later on so why add points against yourself? smh
  2. At first he had the hots for Natalie but when she wouldn't give him the time of day he started treating her in a rude manner. I guess his vanity couldn't handle it. If that's the way he thinks it's OK to treat women who don't fall at his feet, his stay in the house will be short.
  3. HG like this dude are a lot of fun to watch. They think they know everything when in fact they don't know a freaking thing when it comes to the game. Good entertainment but have my doubts he can last very long. He'll end up being his own worst enemy IMO.
  4. I'm not sure her mathematical skills are going to keep her from walking out the door the next couple of weeks. She's telling ridiculous lies way too soon and they will catch up to her. Why are so many of these people playing so hard so soon? The more they talk the more they'll risk getting caught in their machinations. rofl
  5. Congrats to Derrick for the big win! He was my pick on week 2 so glad it worked out that way. This year has really disappointed me because I could NEVER get my feeds to work. I had to rely on things I read on a couple of different websites and twitter. I'm curious if others had as many problems with the feeds as I did. Hopefully next year will be better. A LOT better. *sigh*
  6. Jeff's interviews are not going to air live this year. They said they would be posted on CBS tomorrow. We'll see. Pao Pao is being interviewed now.
  7. This is the addy people have been posting on Twitter for live back yard interviews. http://www.wibw.com/live It's live now!!!
  8. Christine won the POV. Christine really wants Zach gone from the house but I still hope Nicole convinces her to use it so both Zach and Frankie will be on the block together. rofl
  9. After reading tweets for the past several minutes I'm delighted Zach didn't win POV. Now I hope Nicole convinces Christine to use the veto. She could tell her she's going to put up Donny or Caleb but really put up Frankie. Having Zankie on the block could be real entertaining for the fans. We'd get to see how much they would tear each other apart. Cody and Derrick want Frankie gone as do Donny, Hayden and Nicole. That would give Nicole the ability to cast the final vote against Frankie. rofl I wouldn't mind if Zach was the person who got voted out either. He gets on my nerves so much just with all the ridiculous antics he pulls in there.
  10. I haven't been posting much this season due to my feeds never working right. I have to spend so much time reading what's happening in the house there is no time to post. lol I'm happy Donny and Nicole won HOH. The only person I didn't want to win was Zach. I have no doubt all of them will be running to Donny because they are scared to death he'll throw them on the block. None of them have wanted to work with him until this point so they will have concerns. I'm sure Donny won't pick Frankie or Derrick due to America's player but others in their alliance will hopefully go up instead.
  11. I guarantee Derrick and Frankie will try to handle Donny to make sure none of their alliance goes on the block. Unfortunately for them I think he would see right through it but he'll be willing to hear what they have to say. The America's Team has been good for Donny since he has two other people making sure he wasn't put on the block and I think he'll do the same for them. However it wouldn't surprise me to hear Donny say he finds it interesting to hear which people are encouraging him to put up certain people in the house. This could get interesting.
  12. Wait until he learns next week he was voted off the island and had no clue until it was too late. rofl
  13. I know Frankie can be annoying to a lot of the fans and you're right. He is fair game when it comes to his antics. I just find it very sad when people try to marry the two and dismiss his grief. BTW I totally agree with you on the religious thing too. Now that a second HG has lost a grandfather my heart is hurting for them all.
  14. I saw someone repost his wife's tweet saying his grandfather passed away this morning. I can't believe this has happened twice in one week. There hasn't been this much sadness in the BB house since 9/11. My heart breaks for Derrick.
  15. His power trip will be the end of his demise. He'll go so far off the rails that even his alliance won't want to keep him in there. Can't say I would blame them but if that happens I want a front row seat. I'm tired of these wussies nominating women. None of them have the kahonnes to stick a guy up there beside Donny. It's going to be very interesting when the game gets to the point they have to eat their own. May the best wussy win.
  16. The way this game is going the last six people in the house are going to be all guys. At that point the interest in the show will go south and CBS will end up with a whole lot less viewers than they expect in the latter part of the season.
  17. IMO to sit in judgment of how anybody else handles their grief is ridiculous. There's no set of rules how people are "suppose" to act when given terrible news about a loved one. That's why I won't even go there. I still feel bad for Frankie and hate to see him having to handle this news and stay in the house but if that's what he chooses that's fine with me too. He's going to have good moral support with the other HG so that will help.
  18. Amber, Cody, Caleb and Derrick are on the bottom of the list for possible have-nots next week. I'd like that. Seeing that detonator group in have not land would make for some good entertainment. lol
  19. I agree with you Misha. Frankie was extremely close to his grandfather. Heck, his grandfather was the first family member to accept him when he came out to his family. The eulogy was for his family's benefit and had nothing to do with game play. He does want to be there with them right now but they told him in his letter to stay in the house and not worry about them. I find it disappointing when people say this was all a show to get ahead in the game. What a load of crap. What got to me was how this information affected some of the other HG. Even the guys were crying. Being in that environment will make them more sensitive due to not being able to contact loved ones or have an outlet for the sadness. I don't get to watch the feeds live due to issues but from what I've read and tweets I've seen posted Frankie does a lot of crazy stuff but I don't see that as a bad thing. If I was locked in that house I'd welcome someone like Frankie or Wil to keep me laughing and in a good mood. It can't be all anger and fighting 24/7. They'd all go nuts. My heart goes out to Frankie and his family. Access Hollywood is coming on right now and they have a piece on there about Frankie and Ari sharing their grief over their loss.
  20. Once I got my feeds working again the bbviewer wasn't loading the feeds like it needed to so I went to Joker's and found the thread that give info on what you need to do if they weren't working. It had to do with Adobe Air. I suggest finding that thread over there because once I walked through the instructions the bbviewer worked just fine and so did the live feeds through my browser. They give you instructions on how to make a clean sweep of the Adobe files. I guess it can't hurt for others to try it.
  21. I'm happy to see the message board functioning again! I wasn't feeling bad about going out for supper tonight with them down but now I'll be sitting through my meal wondering what's going on at Morty's.
  22. I think he's a hoot. He definitely keeps things hopping in that house.
  23. I gotta say I love how they have turned things completely inside out over the past couple of days. It looks like Zach is staying after all and Pao is outta there. Derrick did some cool maneuvering last night and he helped flip the house in Zach's favor. I'm impressed. It will be interesting to see if it holds together by tomorrow evening when votes are cast. Those who said they thought things were boring in the house just got a shot in the arm on the feeds.
  24. I wondered about that too and played it back a few times. I didn't see any discs thrown at her. None.

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