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  1. I also wasn't able to watch it when they went live and I'm having the same issue. I hope they fix it soon.
  2. It starts this Thursday night right UVP? And the feeds are $5.99 per month? I thought we could pay for the entire season upfront? We can't do that anymore? I guess I need to start watching the new houseguest videos though right?
  3. I saw the same thing as you and took away from it what you did. But I don't know if the other HG knew what was happening. I mean they couldn't see Derrick could they to see him switching? So they might not know. IF they did they are crazy not to protest. I know I would have. I think Derrick is playing a great game but I don't feel right about what happened. But I guess nobody will protest since I think most people want him to win. Had that been Victoria that it happened to I think there would be a HUGE protest right now!
  4. So these guys weren't already in the house for a week this year?
  5. Let's get this party STARTED Marty!!
  6. I'm here!! Does anyone remember me??
  7. Oh no! I didn't know this new season started already! Is there a way to watch any missed eposides?
  8. Interesting info! So did you get a piece of cake??
  9. I know and the worse part I think she's like that in real life too. Poor hubby. She would drive me nuts the way she talks. She is an odd bird.
  10. I think IF Andy came back for All-Stars he would get the BOOT ASAP!
  11. Yeah what's up with all this nicey nice stuff. I don't think these guys really know yet how bad they were in the house. Maybe CBS is keeping it from them until the interviews are done?? I would have thought Rachel would have told Elissa what has been going on in the house with the last 3 and what they have said. I'm not sure they even know they lost their jobs??
  12. Aww no hard questions asked It looks like Ayran had a group of ladies following her around. Were those her bodyguards??
  13. Wow Elissa said she loves Andy. Boy wait until she hears all he has said about her!
  14. I think he did. The game is over. I expected him to push her aside. I think he has a girlfriend now doesn't he? If so I wonder what she would think about it.
  15. Yeah and I'm surprised he let her hug him THAT long!
  16. Are you sure that didn't happen on night one? We wouldn't have seen it on the live feeds because the live feeds weren't on YET!
  17. Wow and I would have bet money on that! Guess we're wrong.
  18. I'm HOPING!!! It doesn't look like it
  19. So I guess it's just you and me then woops Marty JUST joined us!
  20. Where is everyone? I thought more people would be here??!!

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