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  1. I don't think God is all that interested in the game of BB either. Mankind has so many other more serious problems needing the attention of God, I can't imagine that he is that worried about who is put on the block, who goes home, etc. Same with sporting events (football, basketball, etc) I don't have a problem with them having Bibles to read though. Just like I didn't have a problem with Kaysar praying all those times each day. If a person has faith, by all means I think they should be allowed to practice it.
  2. As far as I'm aware none of us know the details of Britney's financial situation. If someone wants to donate to Britney and her baby, I think that's a wonderful thing. Britney is not an A list multi millionaire celebrity. Her baby is very very sick. If people want to donate to help alleviate some of the horrible stress that Britney and her family are under, then that is a wonderful thing. It's not about celebrity worship, it's about hearing that another human being needs help and choosing to help. Lots of everyday people who experience this sort of life changing event turn to their friends, family, community for support. Many will accept donations, their friends and family will hold fundraisers. This isn't any different.
  3. Yes, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you that work so hard year after year updating this site!! You all help feed my BB addiction!!
  4. ITA!!!!!!! None of them are deserving to win this game that I love so very much!! But, since given the task here are my rankings: 1. GM - You know some days I like her, some days I don't. I loved her DR sessions this past week when she would talk about Amanda. However, GM has definitely been one of the mean girls this year and so for that I don't like her. But I do think she has won when she needed to. I would've predicted that she and Elissa would've aligned when GM and her were trying to save Aaryn, but instead she joined the Exterminiators at just the right time for her game. It turned out to be a smart move on GM's part. 2. McCrea - Although he has hid behind Amanda all summer, he is a strong player in that he and Amanda have controlled the house. Without her there, he's a lot more tolerable. 3. Andy - He's a rat. He's played all sides. Don't like him, but must admit this style of game play has worked well for Andy. 4. Judd - I like Judd, I really do. And if I were ranking based on who I liked the most of the remaining HGs, I'd pick Judd as my choice to win. However, since he was already evicted once, I just can't say that I think he deserves to win this game. Technically, he's already lost the game. He was given a chance to come back in the house as were 3 other players. However, all the others who left never got a chance to play to come back in. 5. Spencer - I mean really what has this guy done? Nothing! He has "sat pretty" on the block 7 times now, but that's it! He didn't even have to do any campaigning or anything to stay around. Everytime he was just a pawn. And this season seems to have made history in that the pawn actually was a pawn this year! IN THE END THOUGH, I HATE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!! Like I said, none of them deserve to be recognized as a winner of this game. They'll never go down in the books with the likes of Dr. Will, Evel Dick, Janelle, Rachel, Ian, Dan, etc. All of those were either great competitors, great masterminds, or both. Sadly, I think Amanda would've been a great mastermind of this game, but I just hated her too much to enjoy watching her control the game. haha
  5. McCrea, YOU'RE AN IDIOT!! Why didn't you nominate that weasel Andy??!!
  6. What I don't get is why everyone has allowed Andy to have these fake alliances... when he was aligned with Am/Mc and also with Helen, he would tell them not to blow his cover with Helen. Now, he's still fake aligned with Am/Mc and telling Exterminators not to blow that fake alliance. Why is everyone allowing this? Doesn't it make them wonder who he is truly aligned with? In past seasons, people would get called out for playing both sides. But for some reason these people know Andy is doing it and they don't seem to care.
  7. Pretty much my thoughts exactly. STUPID STUPID Elissa!! I think it's time we send a banner plane to fly over the BB house!
  8. I think you're right. If Amanda pulls herself off with POV, the houseguests will evict McCrea since he's their 2nd choice. Then in the DE they will evict Amanda since she was their first choice all along However, if Amanda goes home in the first eviction, suddenly they may all want to work with McCrea since they do like him. And so they'll likely get rid of Elissa.
  9. Cannot wait to see Amanda and McCrea flip out!! It's going to be an exciting week!
  10. I agree that they (Am/Mc) owe Elissa nothing. The point I was trying to make is that McCrea shouldn't be sitting there talking to Elissa acting like they were all still in an alliance prior to this week. Obviously, they haven't been for several weeks. The way McCrea was talking yesterday, you would think this alliance just blew up this week, which we all know is not the case. He was saying that was dumb of Elissa to put up an ally. She didn't put up an ally, she put up people who were gunning for her. Elissa and Helen did turn on Amanda/McCrea a while back; however they were unsucessful. It was just last week when 3AM evicted Helen that it should've became very out in the open that the old "house" alliance was no more.
  11. Yeah and when they voted out Helen over Spencer all that went out the door. They threw the first punch!
  12. McCrea's conversation with Elissa last night was ridiculous. How can he sit there and act like she turned against her allies by nominating him? He wasn't her ally and he knows it. He and Amanda took the first shot last week when they voted out Helen.
  13. I don't think there is any chance Spencer would take down McCrea or Amanda if he won POV. He knows they are huge threats and he is not closely aligned with them. Andy on the other hand just might be stupid enough to pull Amanda off the block if he won POV.
  14. I hope Elissa wins HOH tonight. I keep hoping that she will suddenly become a beast in comps like her sister. That POV win the other night was pretty impressive, so who knows... maybe she has it in her!
  15. 1. Which Juror do you want back Judd, Helen, Candice, Jessie ? Helen just b/c I think she's the only one who might have any chance of getting Amanda out. 2. Predict something one particular hg's will do on the show tonight ..... Andy will say, "I sadly vote to evict my dear friend, Helen" 3. Who do you think is playing best game at this point ? As much as I hate to say it, Amanda. At this point, I just don't see any way that she doesn't make it to F2.
  16. I've been watchign BB since BB3. I've been on Morty's since 2005, I believe. Every season there are houseguests that we love and those that we love to hate. However, even the hated ones are usually loved by a few. This is the only season where there are some HG's (GM, Aaryn, Amanda, McCrea) who seem to have NO FANS... or if they do have any, they're not very vocal. I think it just goes to show what an awful job they did at casting this year. I just hope and pray that they bring it back next year to see if the show is able to revive itself. Also, I hope the Groedner fires the company that does her casting!!
  17. I wish we could just vote off the entire cast. I don't think any of them are deserving to win this game!
  18. Just read this in yesterday's updates: 4:37PM BBT: Aaryn, Andy, and McCrae are talking in the HoH. They all say that 3AM BBT: alliance is their number one priority. Andy says that this week proves his loyalty because he knows Helen would absolutely take him to the end with her. Andy, do you not hear yourself? Why, why, why do you want to be "loyal" to 3AM if you already have Helen who would have your back 100% and take you to the end? All I can say is that ANDY, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!! A&M, will pick each other all day long. And I'm not really sure that Aaryn would pick you over GM. Once Helen is gone, your "person" in the house, is gone!! IDIOT!
  19. Hoping that by some miracle Elissa will win HOH tonight. She and Helen need to get Amanda out before it's too late!!!
  20. It amazes me that even in his HOH blog he doesn't mention that he will need to split up A&M at some point. Has he really not thought this through to realize that at some point Amanda and McCrea will choose each other over him? Maybe he isn't worried about it b/c he doesn't think A will make it that far anyway. Someone else will take her out for him. IDK what his logic is... ??? ....
  21. I LOVE LOVE LOVE theidea of having it so the HOH must choose the replacement nominee from the players who played for veto. Maybe the HOH would decide who the veto players are? Then if one of the nominees is pulled, the HOH picks from the others they chose to play for veto??
  22. If she wins HOH. I say there's a good chance Amanda goes home during the live double eviction. If she doesn't win HOH, I say there's a good chance Jessie goes home.
  23. Roli, after Jessie leaves I suspect all the hate will be directed toward Elissa.
  24. I just sent my comments to CBS.com Thanks for the link.

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