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  1. Wow...you guys are HARSH! I like him. He definitely has the best social game, it seems like he can get away with anything. Whatever he is doing seems to be working for him. I'm totally rooting for him. I think he's playing a great game.
  2. Anyone know why she had to kick 2400 soccer goals? Veto comp punishment?
  3. Did you all see the picture of him posted on the update page? Wowza. But I'm curious... is the picture supposed to appeal to women or men? Or both? As of right now I don't really have a strong opinion of him one way or another. He seems like a decent kid. I have a feeling he will go far.
  4. That's why I think Devin is way more dangerous than Caleb. At least Caleb is a teddy bear *cough*stalker*cough* under his beast mode at comps. Devin is just too intense. I don't know why anyone would keep him in the house, because if you get caught in his cross hairs you are toast! Also, that whole "let's keep him because he's such a big target, it will keep the target off of us" drives me crazy. Anyone remember Evil Dick from Season 8??? HE WON!! Devin needs to go PERIOD!
  5. Actually, I was referring to Cody crushing on Brittney. From what I understand, he has flirted with her quite a few times. And on the show, we saw him say he wanted to give her Mouth-to-Mouth. I just read something, probably on here, that he said he wanted to take her and her kids out to lunch. But she just blows him off, probably because he's like 10 years younger than her. And yes, I have heard that Devin has a daughter. LOL
  6. I think he played as a proxy for Jocasta since she was so sick. So, he won the POV on her behalf. Does anyone know what kind of illness she had? The flu?
  7. Even though I do agree that Caleb is also a threat because he is usually a beast at the comps, I truly believe leaving Devin in the house is way too risky for everyone's game. The guy is just too much of a loose cannon and unpredictable. I mean, you say one thing to the guy that he does not like and you become his target. I mean, look how much he flipped flopped during his HOH week. He is just way too dangerous... to eveyone! I think it's too much of a risk to keep him. He is definitely the greater of the two evils, IMO. In other news... you know what I find amusing about this season? In sooo many seasons in the past, if not all of them, there have been so many love sick girls in the house pining over one guy or another who does not share their feelings. (Example: GM and Nick last season). Well, this season we have 3 guys who are mooning over the ladies and the girls are the ones keeping them at arm's length. And I'm so proud of them!!! I always want to go into my TV and slap the girls that care more about some guy they just met then winning BB!!! Now, if I had to guess what girl might finally break down and actually participate in a Shomance, it would be Nicole with Hayden. He cracks me up in how he keeps trying to get her to make out.
  8. Do you think after this week the girls in the house might actually think, "hmmm, maybe Joey aka Alex was actually right?" why are the girls always so dumb??? I guess they figure, "as long as I am the last girl in the house, what do I care if the rest go?" <shrugs> who the heck knows?
  9. No, it happened last night. I already know who HOH is.
  10. I'm not sad about GM being the target. I'm actually happy about it because now that means McCrae has a chance to make it to the end. Which will be the only outcome I'll be happy with. I'm just confused why SHE is the target over McCrae this week. I would of thought for sure it was McCrae since she's part of the "Exterminator" alliance. When will the girls on BB ever learn????
  11. I always said you couldn't pay me $1,000,000 to do SURVIVOR. The lack of sleep, hunger and getting biten by about a thousand bugs would make me a raging b-tch and I would be voted out week 1. But, in my younger days I would of loved to do Big Brother. And I would NOT go there with the illusion of becoming some sort of semi-celebrity. I'm a little more planted in reality than that. I mean, don't these people know that out of the 180+ people that have been on this show no one, except maybe Dr. Will, has became anything than what they are... a past reality show contestant.
  12. The other site I belong to (where I run my BB Fantasy League, and I'm losing horribly), my friend posted that GM is the target this week. I'm totally confused. When did Spencer, Judd and Andy kick her to the curb in favor of McCrae? I thought for sure if McCrae didn't win POV this week he was for sure gone.
  13. So... out of the 5 ppl left in the house.. rank in order of who you want to win... no reasons need to be given 1) McCrae 2) Judd 3) Gina Marie 4) Andy 180) Spencer
  14. Yeah, I'm not a fan of Spencer either. IMO, if he wins that would be the worst win in BB history. Even over Adam from S9. Thanks for putting things into perspective for me, Slim. I'm just not a fan of hate bashing on people who are hate bashing. Seems a little counterproductive to me. LOL
  15. Slim.... that is all soooo true. Too bad the rest of the world isn't as enlightened as I am...

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