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  1. I hope Marilyn's parents and friends bought the life feeds so they could hear Spencer brag about his dogs watching him as he gives it to Marilyn from behind (doggy-style).
  2. The new HOH is eating beef jerky and playing jerky with his gherkin.
  3. Did Andy sleep in the HOH bed with Spencer last night? Spencer, being a country boy, prefers to sleep with sheep, but since there's no sheep around, I guess he settled on a pasty, boney redhead.
  4. Ginamarie and four guys? HA! Like that hasn't happened before... If McNasty wins POV, she's gone (unless Andy wants Judd out first). Otherwise, McNasty is gone.
  5. It is official. Big Brother is dead: 7:12PM BBT: McCrae just sniffed the dog bones. Judd and Andy have made their way through the house to gloat about their victory. McCrae is not saying much. GinaMarie was just called to DR. She was doing dishes. McCrae just whispered to GinaMarie, "Let's just bury the hatchet." She replies "Nothing against you. Now everyone is playing for themselves." Andy wants to play cards. Judd and McCrae say they can't sit down. Spencer yells "Everyone know what time it is?" They all say "What?" Spencer says "Time to pack that bitch's shit up!" They found pills in Elissa's bag. Spencer says, "They are 'Bitch Pills, she wasn't taking 'em." 7:29PM BBT: GinaMarie is still in the DR. The boys are going on about Elissa again. Spencer has called her a bitch a few dozen times. He keeps yelling "F-you B! F-you!" Andy yells she is an idiot. Now they are imitating her. Once again the Big Brother house is full of hostile winners, viciously spewing vulgarities about Elissa, and say how right now all of "sane America" is thanking them for getting an insane bitch out of the house. 7:32PM BBT: The Elissa bashing continues. [it is becoming nauseating.] They speculate what they would have done if Elissa had a special power. Andy said he would have punched her in the throat. Spencer says he was not sexually attracted to Elissa what so ever and mentions how she never got him hard. They all agree. They are now on to Helen and wonder how Helen could have a conversation with Elissa.
  6. He'll blow it on poppers and ecstasy at a gay bar in Paris and end up HIV positive.
  7. McCrae believed Cryin' Andy tried to save his girlfriend and that Elissa reneged. How stupid of him.



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