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  1. I don't understand why they got rid of these things. People actually liked them. I get that the show has to evolve and try to stay fresh, but change for the sake of change sucks.
  2. The BOB is such a stupid waste of time. Rather than actually competing, the two HOH's just collude and you have people volunteering to go up, because the stakes aren't as high. It is something that looks good on paper, but just doesn't work. At best you have one person who actually cares about winning. Just get rid of it. And I really miss the days when they sat at the round table and pulled out the keys. I loved watching the looks on people's faces as keys were drawn and the slow realization that you are going to be nominated or the snark face knowing it is going to be you. Fail fail fail
  3. I hate showmances too. The focus on them has really killed the show for me.
  4. I guess with the battle of the block, it is too many comps for them to come up with and air. I imagine designing and setting up the competitions can get a little pricey.
  5. I specifically come here for the spoilers and to get the real deal, soooooo.... Hi all! Happy summer.
  6. The guy reminds me of something that was sent back to the past from The Terminator. Narcissists. A tad creepy.
  7. Liked best: Zach - he was adorable and his antics were actually pretty funny.. Derrick's game, although it is a big reason for the bore factor. Watching Cody hanging off the wall and getting sprayed with water during the final HOH LOL. Liked Least: Double HOH and BOB- it wrecked the whole HOH dynamic, one of the few things that worked well and didn't need to be messed with IMHO. Team America - stupid and lame. They took away the round key thing during nomination ceremonies! The house voting - they need to figure out a way to disrupt this when it starts happening. I don't think I can handle another season of it. THE WOMEN. I had a blast posting here though!
  8. She did one with Jeff and then she was whisked away or possibly just disappeared. I am inclined to think no one wants to interview her because she doesn't have anything interesting to say.
  9. Smart of them to send her packing. They really do play dirty, which I don't object to in theory, but if you know that about someone it is better to get rid of them sooner rather than later. So far I am finding them slightly less annoying, but it is early days still.
  10. Her only accomplishment this summer was gaining weight. Too bad the only prize for that is the new clothes her parents will need to buy her now.

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