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Kail Week 3


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Kail Harbick



Business Owner

McKenzie Bridge, Ore.



Grease, Dirty Dancing

TV Shows

Big Brother, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives


Tom Cruise


Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock



Sports to Play

Weight-lifting, running, basketball, golf

Sports Teams

Portland Trailblazers, University of Oregon, Dallas Cowboys

Outdoor Activities

Golf, running




Gospel music, country music


Teriyaki chicken over rice


Lucky Charms marshmallows


Chocolate chip

Candy Bars

Nestle Crunch

Alcoholic Drinks

No favorite


Mocha iced tea

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And she so deserves it....boy, did she ever look stupid tonight, all the way thru the show.

And CBS didn't even need to make her look bad. Dick will put her up and she will go home. Whoohoo!!! :party_smilie:

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she earned it. she should not have formed an alliance so early with folks when you got hoh. memo to future bb hopeful everyones wants to be in your alliance when you have hoh :flags_unitedstates::flags_unitedstates::flags_unitedstates:

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She's really quite trapped now. She can't afford to get pissed at her "alliance" for not voting with her.

She can't afford to get pissed at ANYONE.

But....it's a trap of her own making.

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On one hand I'd like to see her go this week too...she played her hand way too soon and should go just for being so stupid...for playing so aggresively so soon! On the other hand though...a part of me likes the conflict between her and ED...and I'd like that to play out a bit longer...keep the show interesting. I'd much rather see someone boring like Zach get the boot.

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I dont know...I got a feeling she might get out of this...Dick might make a deal with her and get herself out of the hot seat...we have seen it before...this is BB... Have to wait until after the pov comp to see...and who she is up against in the hot seat and will there be enough votes to vote her out

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It all depends on who Dick hates more, Kail or Jen. I don't think he'll be making deals with any of them. If he's smart he might, not to show how powerful him and daughter are, but in the end I think his ego will win out and he'll get one of them out to prove to the others he is good at revenge and he gets even.

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I tend to agree that Dick will probably not go after Jen right now.

His real target will be Kail, but if he can't get Kail out the next best move is to eliminate either Mike or Zach (probably Mike) because that will at least weaken Kail.

However, Zach seems to be too much of a sexist to have any true alliance with a woman, so Dick may not see him as being as much of a threat in terms of Kail's so-called alliance.

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