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  1. Hey did you friend me on Facebook???

  2. Yes I am on facebook I will email you my information

  3. Are you on Facebook?

  4. PS I happen to read the What the comments on the black girl and of course majority were negative!!!! She is really pretty and of course they were critizing about her being a model!!! If she was white, they would be licking her ass!!!!

  5. Hey girl, I stopped watching BB! Especially when I saw in previews there was one black and she got voted off!!! I am glad I stay away from this season!!! Cant wait until survior!!! LOL!!!

  6. Hey Phoneactress! Just came by to say hey!

  7. updated information: On Sunday afternoon, a zombiefied press corps at the Beverly Hilton perked up slightly for Sci Fi Channel's "Caprica" panel. "Caprica" is the "Battlestar Galactica" prequel, and it takes place 51 years before "Battlestar's" action begins. Its story revolves around two rival families, the Graystones and the Adamas. Esai Morales plays Joseph Adama -- "Battlestar" fans will already know that Joseph is the father of Edward James Olmos' Admiral William Adama. Polly Walker and Eric Stoltz will also star in the prequel. During the panel, "Battlestar" overlord Ronald D. Moore
  8. OK, because of the writers' strike and the lost of the 10 episodes (remember they filmed 13 eps out of 23), they decided to carry those episodes to Jan.
  9. I sure the advertisments said this was the final season of BSG. I dont know but I do know at the end of the final episode, They showed previews for the upcoming video release of the final 10. I might be wrong, but the best source to find out if BSG is returning is to go to the official website. I know the only reason why I was watching because this was suppose to be the final season. Here are some websites talking about this season being the last season, and the last episode is going to be turned into a movie. http://featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com/entertainment_tv/2008/06/battlestars-fi
  10. Hey that was BSG last series finale. Like the SG1 espisode The ori conclusiong, BSG is aldo going to have last espisode about finding the 10th cylon on video..It should becoming out soon. Can't wait! Hey that is the way I took it...I might be wrong, but they said this was the final chapter of series.
  11. anything is a change...I couldnt stand Babe...I just think she got off too easy for kidnapping Bianca's baby....
  12. Hey they had to be continue...I am shock and appalled that they are taking SG1 off the air...I just finally got into it...In the beginning I thought the show was boring but now it is very interesting with the Ori espisodes....so when are the final episodes are going to be shown??? Oh and Atlantis too??? Help Dade!! I cant wait to see Galatica but not all enthuse to see Dr. Who...I thought the show was quite boring... Save SG1 dump Dr. Who
  13. I think u might be on to something here patsy...That would be interesting if the doc was killed off and watch how Josh comes a part and Tad and Erica have to pull him back together. Do u think they are going to be bring Jeff back. WATCH OUT Jack! ( that is if Jeff is still alive.. I was a baby when Jeff was on there so I pretty much do not remember him.
  14. Watch the commericals it will tell u.
  15. I think the writers are in transitions.. Got to be because they are really going down hill. Yes I believe they are going to write it that Josh is really Erica's son. The good Doctor's wife couldnt have a child.

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