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  1. I heard there are 4 returning 1 from BBOT 3 from BB19
  2. I just want him to stop wearing that stupid pink hat!!!
  3. Der is playing one heck of a game! You got to give it to him! He is cool and calm under pressure(law-enforcement training) and doesn't let his paranoia get the best of him. And he is always planting seeds.
  4. Lol! I like zach and feel for him. But some of the things he did, he did it to himself. Like hiding that q ball! What was he thinking? Or going back and telling der what he had try to do to make der look bad. Smh! But I really want to see Frankie's face when he realize he hoh was a waste and he realizes that zach can come back in the game. He is being so mean and nasty towards zach that the look in Frankie's face would be priceless. That's why you don't piss a jury member off. And it's bb. In almost every bb game a player has returned. Lol
  5. NOooooo!!!!!! LolI like Donny but I just learn he has been Hoh. Why didn't he pull the trigger. He could have gotten 1 of these guys out! Smh!!! But I still like duck dynasty
  6. What I have a problem with Caleb is he is too trusting and does what he is told. He thinks too much of himself. Reminds me of Jessie. Who cares about the amount of twitter followers. He really think of himself highly. If he was smart he would shut up and watch what's going on. Pull Frankie Donny zach into an alliance, it zach can keep his mouth shut. I mean you are suppose to be a beast.
  7. yes I just started lol! And she is suppose to be the smart one! Is Cody interested in her?
  8. Thanks!!! And yes she is such a tool! Ok thanks, that make sense! He is really playing the game!
  9. That is how stupid Christine is because she is not thinking about jury votes. The guys are using her to if their dirty work.
  10. Hey Marty!!! It's the girls fault they are in this situation! What I saw Sunday Frankie told them it was a boy alliance and who they should put up, it took one conversation from zach to change things around. Nicole "I don't think Zack wouldn't lie to me but Frankie you did lie to me. How do you like your position now Nicole! Christine all the guys just love me they going to take me to the end. Because I have their back. Smh!!!
  11. Derrick is really playing this game. Why doesn't he see Christine as a threat? I'm confuse. Who is he really playing with. He is saving Donny by getting Nicole on the block. But then he said he has to go.
  12. Ok this is my last episode Frankie told you all the four guys are working with each other. How stupid can you be not to nominate all 4. They got rid of all the girls. I'm still shaking my head here!!! They flip the house and kicked out your boyfriend!!! Again Frankie told you the guys are working together and you need to break that alliance! In bb the goal is to break alliances. Ugh!! I can't get invested this year sorry guys I'm out!
  13. I don't think Frankie revealing himself will make a difference in his game. Soon people will be sick of it and see right through him.
  14. What have you seen her husband??? Can you say delusional. She is going to get her husband killed! I just saw what he looks like on twitter.
  15. But he gives good advice! Don't vote out duck dynasty. But I like derrick and Cody too. Frankie has issues lol! And zach ... Zach! You gotta love these peeps. Anything is better than last years season.
  16. Please tell me this. I'm trying to get caught up. If Derek and Cody are responsible for getting her boyfriend out, why didnt she put them on the block? I'm reading trying to catch up these women Are not the brightest bb players. Can't they see the only people being evicted are women. Well you guys keep me updated.
  17. Hello everybody I just stop by to say hi! I haven't really been watching big brother this year occasionally I might come to the page or or watch a little bit on TV. seems like it's an interesting class this year I had to stop by and say hello! This is the first I like all the cast. That's probably because I haven't really been watching. Nice to see Frankie on there but I think Derek is going to win.

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