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  1. I love that her target is Amanda! I hope she can pull this off!
  2. She threw the comp to Judd! According to Judd she didn't want to return to the house. I don't blame her! Too much hate in that house.
  3. Now she admits she should of kept Howard! Oh and she is on that kick again about "good people" STFUHELEN!!!!!
  4. I don't think Judd will put them up either! He blames Helen Elissa and especially Jesse! And Jesse is against Helen and not Amanda so she will probably jump on Amanda's ship! Unless somebody has spoken to them and it has happen on the way to jury house! Lets hope!!!
  5. Aryan is a raging racist bit@@! She is cleaning it up now because she has been told by other hg but don't get it twisted! When she gets out that house she still is going to believe blacks are tokens! She not going to trust them! And when u turn off the light you can't see them! She still has her sheet. She just has it fold up!
  6. Aryan is trash! I can't believe she said this: Earlier Aryan and GM were trashing El and her family . And aryan said Elissa doesn't even like her step children and treats her biological son better than them! Who said crazy sh like that! I hope her children didn't hear any of that!
  7. That's not when he is picking up used condoms under the bed!
  8. I really think she is throwing these comps! This one was oblivious! She waiting until I think spencer to hit first and then she hit it! I think she thought she was in a safe position! I believe she will turn it up for veto! But she needs to stop throwing them! Last 3 HOHS she is the first out! Come on now. I think she is playing in not a threat like my sister game! But aryan threw a monkey wrench in her plan by winning hoh! She knows what she is doing! I hope!
  9. I know that was funny!!! I don't like Amanda and them but I do want to see Helen backdoored. Even if she may return to knock her off her high horse! Hopefully she realized that all the people she personally sent out the house had her back except for Judd! And she too know that she is clueless about this game!
  10. It's so funny how she is trying to save Elissa! Lol!
  11. Seriously! Even the bb alumni is not letting it go! I can't wait until aryan and GM come out the house! Karma is a @@@!
  12. You and I have not forgotten, but the majority has. We are not the majority. No people have not forgotten! On twitter she is still the rage! Because the house keeps bashing her really bad and it's making a lot of people angry!
  13. For being stupid and playing stupid, I hope she goes to jury by Amanda's hands! What comes around goes around Karma!
  14. She needs to step her game up! Her sister is saying the same thing too!
  15. Amanda has been fired from her job! http://gossipingpens.com/2013/08/05/amanda-zuckerman-fired-from-job-as-realtor/
  16. That is a beautiful pic! The girl is gorgeous! It looks like she giving I can't believe you dumb @sses look! Lol

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