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  1. You can't get on my level boo what major title have you ever won! Go ahead Candace! Love ya! And she still looks good! There are no horrible pics of her! She is gorgeous!
  2. Red alert!!! McStinky is in the bath tub! Will he use soap and cloth! Taking dibs now!
  3. But it's true! Down south the rebel flag resembles racism! That's why the flag is popular with the KKK! That flag lost its meaning along time ago!
  4. exactly as soon as Candace said GM name GM chimed in and caused the bickering! Then Candice responded to what she was saying! Glad it wasn't me B because If she would've told me my mom didn't want me THEN i would have set if off! everything would been off! No double eviction. Me and GM Would've been at it! I would have catch a case somebody would had to bail me out! The house would have been tore up! Candace handle it more gracefully to me! she is from NY be proud NY she is claiming you!
  5. Well said!!!! I would have caught a case! Somebody would have bailed me out! If she would've called them out It would've not made a difference looking now There still protecting the racist twits! No aryan had made up her mind already! That's why she always lied on Candace! There was no convincing!
  6. Candace tried to tell him that they were coming after him!Ps he is the one that saved aryan with those lies about he over heard Kaitlin talking to two men! Lol! Should have saved Kaitlin!
  7. Exactly and that's why she was victim! #Team Candace!
  8. I hope she is gone soon! Like second eviction!
  9. Shoot they told them before they did their goodbye message???
  10. I agree! I think she's was being sincere with Candace! She really doesn't like the people! She has always made her feelings known about that! I have much respect for Elissa!
  11. Yeah Candace warm Jessie last night that Helen was a snake in the grass! And she broke it down to Jesse last night! Told her that Helen is trying to protect her alliance! Not her not Jesse! She's in alliance with Amanda! Express Jesse didn't believe her and then Candace had to tell the deal that they were trying to make with her! Then Jesse got mad at helen and said why is Helen being so nice to you! Candace said that she's feeling guilty or she might think I'm a jury vote! But don't trust her she's a snake in the grass! She got through to Jesse yeah! Only thing about it Candace think Alyssa is with Helen! Candace and Alyssa needs to compare notes about Helen! Then compare it with Jessie! Lie to Judd and tell Juddthat Amanda McRae are after him
  12. Candace and Elissa told her! Aryan told Andy last night that the target is Helen next week! Lets see if he keeps his mouth shut on this one!
  13. Yep! And her reason for it, that Amanda and Mccrae would be he greatful! they are going to be greatful right? Greatful to vote her ass out!!!
  14. I think so too! I think she is using Helen as a shield!
  15. SNITCH!!!! SNITCH!!!!! This is such an awful cast!
  16. Helen doesn't know her game is f up! She has no power! She might be next in double eviction! It would serve her right
  17. No everyone is saying that its the HOHS decision! That's what the hg has been saying for the last 23 wks as excuse why they are voting! They have been telling people that you have to convince the hoh which is stupid! That's why GM has it in her head that she controls who goes out! Because that's what they told her when she was on the Block! It's up to the hoh! She is trying but she doesn't have the votes! Judd is not going to budge! Howie warn her to not trust Judd because he betrayed him! Those 4 she was talking to the right people except for Andy who went straight upstairs to snitch! Now she needs to pitch that same speech to Amanda and reasons why and she can get her side to flip! She has Helen convince and I believe Helen realizes she has f up her own game with jury votes! And when she said Andy was with Judd that mess Helen up. With Elissa confirming! Helen last night looked like she was out of it after wards! She finally woke up and she told Elissa and Jess they have to win all 3 HOHS! Yeah right! She thinks she is more close to aryan and GM than Amanda! Stupid child!
  18. Now Helen is worried!!!! It took Candace to show her the light!

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