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  1. You can't tell the players without a program. Celebrity BB US Cast.docx
  2. Well, at least they are all newbies. BB 19 CAST CARDS.docx
  3. 9:25PM BBT Feeds back briefly to Demetres mopping floor in his new HOH room. Kevin and the gals talking in the kitchen then Kevin leaves and Demetres comes down and the three talk about how Kevin got tricked big time and how he is now changing his story. (None of it really matters as the POV winner decides which of the three will leave and who goes on with them and Demetres to the final three. - DRG)
  4. 12:24AM BBT: So after that Z is no longer trying to talk to Paul and Pauli. Vic says interesting but it don't matter. Pauli brought it up to Corey and warned him about the four girls. Vic also wants to let him know that if they tell Corey something that they don't want the girls to know and it gets to them then he has lost their trust. It's not a threat but if all the guys are going to be in an alliance together then...... Pauli says that is why he and Paul only talk openly among the three of them and talk with James and Corey only when they have to. Bridgette knows that Da is gonna be the replacement nominee, After Da is gone Pauli is going to talk with Bridgette and tell her that now there are only 2 girls left that are gunning for her and she should put them up as the guys have the votes to get one of them out. Back on the hammock Z is talking about getting Pauli out and Paul remarks that he almost thinks they should wait until after the return ticket expires to even try. They comment about how weird it is that somebody here is going to win. Paul starts to say he will not make it far and Z tells him he will. Paul thinks that Pauli and James have a good chance as does Z depending on who is the final 2. Z keeps telling Paul he has a good chance since he is a competitor and has a good social game. He argues that he is just OK and she tells him not to put himself down. The doors open and Momma Da strolls out of the kitchen across the BY to settle on the hammock prompting Pauli to comment "there she goes to work her magic." She asks what they are talking about and Z says they are speculating about all the people that could make it to the top. The boys are talking about Cody's season and who won all the comps and how Cody and Derrick worked to get Frankie out once the three of them started winning everything.
  5. 12:15 AM BBT: Zakiya thinks that the coming HOH will be questions. And on cue the boys talk about how if Z is available next week then they should go ahead and get her out because she has got her eyes on them (as targets). Z telling Paul that if it came down to Pauli and someone else she would never ever vote for him. (Pop quiz, is she legit or is she trying to blow smoke up Paul's butt to protect the showmance? - DRG] Paulie meanwhile says that she is over there trying to pry information to which Vic offers that Paul is tipsy but he is stronger than that. They boys digress to talking about the fatal 5 alliance that Tiffany talked about and how she was the one on the outs with them. They want to take care of Da this week and then Michele next. They think they can get Paul on board by telling him about a meeting that he missed when he was sleeping. Over on the hammock Z is complaining about Natalie and how she does not try at competitions which does not seem fair to Z. She will admit however that Natalie keeps her spirits us even as she loses all the time. They also don't know what she would do as HOH other than nom Victor. Z thinks she would likely ask James what she should do while complaining that she did not want to put up anybody. The boys working down their wish list adding Nicole to follow Michele out the door. Zakiya turns towards the sky and asks for God to do something for her. She is not afraid to pull the trigger if given the power. Paul blows his own horn stating that he is not afraid to pull the trigger and will tell them he is going to do and then go ahead and do it. Paulie asks Vic if he was angry earlier today up in the HOH and Vic denies it explaining that he was just tired. they talk about their being a prize of a trip and Paulie asks if he thinks he would really travel with her and Vic says of course not and jokes that it is just me and you Pauli, we will bring each other. Paul changes the subject and comments about how it is weird that the sky is just black right now. Z asks if you can usually see stars out here? [You are on the Studio City Lot, dear. - DRG] The guys wish they could just all hang and be bros, but there is always someone fishing for information which makes Vic not even want to hang out. Pauli says that Nicole has said she wants Da out, but Nicole has trusted Z and he told her not to trust Z.
  6. 12:10 AM BBT: Paul saying he will figure out what is happening on Monday and there is nothing to worry about tomorrow. Z says that she told Paul she would go up as the replacement but neither fellow wants to see that happen. They wonder where Bridgette is and comment that she is sleeping/hiding emphasis on the latter. Inside we are treated to James brushing his teeth before going to the DR while Natalie continues showering and Michele wanders about the bathroom then starts working on her eyebrows. James comments about the sink backing up and Michele tells him the shower had been doing that before. She calls out for Victor to bring the plunger which he does pronto and starts working on the sink. Outside Z is again elaborating on her concoction to Paulie who is listening intently [not quite drooling - DRG] They call out to James who replies that he has to go to the DR and they tell him to come for friendship afterwards. Vic now out in the BY as well so he and Paulie head to the pool table while wondering about the drain situation. Z and Paul start talking about Paulie as soon as he is out of earshot and she feels he is a loose canon and needs to go. Paul does not know about him going up next week, he was ok with this week but maybe not so much for next week. Z says she does not read his ass and he is just weird. Z remarks that Paul is not playing next week but everyone else just needs to play to win. And as if on cue the boys at the pool table are also roasting that good ole BB chestnut we just gotta win HOH and we got a good chance at it. Michele wanders out and their discussion stops as they call out, "Meech." On the hammock Z is talking about Pauli being a hard head and how she has tried to warn him that they are coming for him but..... Over at the pool table Pauli is saying that Michele is one that he is worried about as the game goes on because the comps will get more mental and she is good at those type comps like memory. He motions upwards implying he is worried about Nicole? blowing things up socially. Victor thinks that as long as the five guys are not on the block then they control the votes from now on. Back on the hammock Paul is worried about the vote and since he can't vote he hopes everyone is still on board. They boys meanwhile have moved on to speculating about Bridgette winning an HOH and then feel that as long as the girls they want gone are already gone then maybe she will take a shot at James. They think that so far so good and they want to plan ahead just so they don't get caught with their pants down. [Sorry ladies - DRG] Paulie just wants to know what is going on while shocker of all shockers Vic thinks that his returning to the game was the best thing that could have happened.
  7. 12:01AM BBT: Vic continues the narative of his day letting us know that he just unclogged the shower drain with the plunger and pulled out a bunch of nasty ass hair. He is getting tired and is waiting to shower. He brushed his hair and had a few tough knots in there that he had to take out. He complains about his hairband and then comments that he is getting a mane going. [One might say mop top but then tomaaaato, tomato. - DRG] He wants us to hook our boy up with a good power in the coming weeks. If we think he needs it that is, if we don't think he needs it then we don't have to hook him up with it, we know best and he trusts us guys even though we might hate him. He has not done anything for us to hate him he does not think. [As if we need a reason. - DRG] He is just playing a game in a house trying to win 500K. We don't know what it is like until we are in there. He did not expect it to be like this. He thanks us and states that he is humbled to be in our presence even though he does not know who is out there. He hopes we are having a good night, morning, evening, afternoon depending on where we are. He appreciates us watching and just know that no matter how bad you have it you are able to relax and watch the feeds right now so your life might not be so bad, so just enjoy it. Outside they have started talking about the game and Paul hopes that for the next four weeks he hopes there is no ticket back. He says that someone volunteered and that he knows that Bridgette is going home. He likes Da and does not have a problem with her and that is why if he puts her up as the renom he is confident that she would not get all paranoid like others in the house. [Clearly not watching the same person we are is he?? - DRG] Vic has continued with self-help platitudes before turning to missing his family and nieces and nephews. Inside feed jumps from Vic to the British bedroom with Paulie in the doorway to the phonebooth and Bridgette away from him by a bed wearing a baby blue baby doll nightie. BB calls Natalie to the DR. Paulie asks if Paul is still in the pool. They start discussing talking to us live feeders and Michelle allows that she has started to do so. James states that the weird thing is you don't know if you are really talking to them. Outside Paul is telling Z he is ready to take a two week break and just chill and if he is needed as a pawn they can call on him. Z says she dies not need him as a pawn and he Meech and Pauli need to stay safe. Pauli goes into the other bedroom which is darkened and jostles Corey and Nicole briefly and runs out the door laughing to himself. He heads through the kitchen passing by Momma Da heading in the opposite direction and calls out to Paul who answers him back. They talk about whether he was asleep or not and Pauli razzes Paul for not remembering that he was called to the DR. They discuss whether they are no longer wasted and if they will have some coffee and cheese or not. Inside James now passed Da in the kitchen and starts to meet Michelle and Natalie when BB calls him to the DR. James informs us all that he has to use the bathroom BB he has to pooh. He and the two gals head to the bathroom. Outside Paulie is lifting the front end of one of the Exercycles and lowering it again. He and Paul debate what Pauli can and cannot eat and drink as a Have Not with Paul saying that technically the rule is the HOH cannot share anything to eat with a Have Not. Natalie is stripping off her pink top in the shower stall with Michele standing next to the door to the John.
  8. 11:46PM BBT: The hot tub crew has finally agreed on complaining that the work out equipment in the house sucks but Vic wants them to make the most out of it and the gals announce they will start doing two a days. He keeps challenging them to believe that there are so many folks outside the house that love them. Inside feed jumps to Momma Da sweeping. Michele asks about her eyes and it is confirmed she has racoon eyes from her mascara so she covers her face and gets up to go inside to shower. She looks at herself in the mirror and freaks out before showing her face to Momma Da. Natalie continues to talk about working out in the house to feel better about herself. She relates that she took an acting course at school and did really well earning an A+. Vic is tired and announces he is going inside. Michele has started showering and we see just the crown of her head over the towel she hung on the shower door. Outside Natalie is now alone on the side of the hot tub. Z comes back out with her gooey concoction and Nat asks if she got more marshmallows but she did not. Z says she is feeling good but she is sleepy. Natalie is good too and needed to be outside and workout. She thought before coming in she moved so much it would be easy in the house and now that she is here the hardest part is not being able to run and not having a treadmill. Vic comes to the BR and Michele gives him a hard time for not telling her about her face. He tries to pawn it off saying that it had just happened and keeps going around the corner to the bed room. Z starts talking about how she made a graham cracker with slop and baked it to make her treat. She states her sweet tooth has come back since she came in the house and Nat confesses she also has a big sweet tooth and this is a test for her being in an uncomfortable situation and trying to get back to being herself again. She just wishes there was not so much junk around the house. She also hopes they made it to jury and Z is sure that they have. Nat starts to ask about Z's upbringing and how she was not raised by her dad and has an older sister from another mother whom she has never met. She has three younger siblings as well one born just last year to another random woman in the Dominican Rep. Natalie says she sees her dad about once every nine years or so and he will ask her for money when they get together even though Nat was just in college. Nat and Z continue sharing horror stories about their dads and being raised by single mothers. Nat compliments Z on her genetics in that she is gorgeous. Vic now down in the bathroom complaining about the leak in the HOH bathroom and how they need to get a plumber in there to fix it. Paul wanders out to the hammock and flops down next to Z. She says it was a chill day to which Paul replies that is is always chill when your boy is HOH. Meanwhile on this edition of battling egos, Vic has started talking to us feeders from the safari room commenting, of course, about how we have gotten a lot of him today.
  9. 11:27 PM BBT: Feeds return to the same usual suspects. Z has come to the kitchen to check on her baking and remarks that if smells like she did something right. She pulls a tray from the oven that has a flat square of foil in the middle which she removes to take to the freezer to make a nice little "snackiepoo." Da tells her to take it to the back freezer which she does. BB calls for Paulie to come to the DR so he and the other guys climb out of the tub leaving Michele in the tub and Natalie in the pool. Inside Corey is nibbling from the goodies still on the table as Momma Da has moved on to wiping the counter tops. Outside Vic is declaring that he has not college or credit card debt, only his insurance and his cell phone bill. The ladies have tuition debts. The ladies in the kitchen remain extremely bored. [Momma Da can visit my house any time it is very boring with plenty that could be tidied up. - DRG] They talk about what the gang outside are talking about and neither of them want to have any part of that conversation. Da has her loans set up for direct withdrawal from her paycheck. Z plans to enroll in a class upon leaving the house in order to defer loan payments a bit longer. Vic wants to get on a TV show when he leaves and get a paycheck. Natalie says she and him will be on a soap opera together. [As the Stomach Turns??? - DRG] Zakiya now hacking away at her baking tray with a spatula. Michele and Natalie talking about Michele's internship and whether she is short hours or not. Natalie assures her she will talk her way out of it and everything will be fine, but Vic jokes that they are watching the feeds and it is all recorded now on national TV. Momma Da has moved on to mopping the floor now as Z has opened her baked goodie which appears somewhat burned to this observer. She fashions a cup from aluminum foil and fills it with M&Ms. BB calls out to Paul and HGs a reminder that sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms. Followed shortly by "Paul Stop That!" Vic starts talking to us telling us to jump through the screen and to join them sitting around the pool. Michele starts to quiz him by asking what is the hardest part about BB. He replies that you never know what will happen and it is a constant surprise in the house. Michele wants to jump in with her reply even though it seems no one is paying attention. She states that the hardest part of BB for her is how much she hates herself and how she feels ugly and that being on TV makes it 10 times worse. It is literally what goes through her mind and what makes her cry the most in the house. Paul responds that this girl is ridiculous she is gorgeous and she complains about not being beautiful. [Any bets that if she won the prize money in cash she would complain about it being green???? - DRG] Paul and Natalie agree that Michele makes no sense at all while she is bemoaning the fact that guys just can't feel it the way she does. Victor is giving her a lecture in self-esteem and how he has always felt this way about himself even when he was at his worst he would say "I am fucking Victor Arroyo." He is never embarrassed and never cares and is always himself [Latino machismo narcissism in its purest form ladies and gents. - DRG] He continues about how it is Self-esteem esteem of yourself and he has tons of people judging him all the time [and brace yourselves folks he is just not that into us its all about him. - DRG] Michele asks if he is still the same as he was a few months ago and he says of course he is exactly the same. She replies exactly and goes on to explain that she has gained 15 pounds and changed her hair color which does not feel confident about now, she went through a rough break up. Following this graphic display of anti-feminist body shaming and co-dependency Victor comes back with the answer that those are all things that she could control and were choices that she made. She agrees but says it is hard to deal with in the house and it is hard to feel pretty in the house. [Just ask yourself what would Frankie do Miss superfan. - DRG] Natalie chips in that there is no treadmill. Vic is back to the point that these are all things that they could change not like they had been born with one leg. [As if he has had to deal with being genetically challenged. - DRG] Inside we now see that Paul has made his way into the BR and is collecting a snack when BB tells him to put on his microphone. [We would not want the feeders to miss any lip smacking now would we? - DRG]
  10. 11:15PM BBT: Talk of outsiders brings intermittent FOTH which ends with Paul proclaiming that he masturbated a lot. They talk about what they did in sequester waiting to enter the house. Momma Da still washing away in the kitchen. Paulie complains that he can't JO since he is not good at closing his eyes and visualizing. He can do it but he can't finish. [any volunteers to help him ladies??? -DRG] Natalie saiys that if she is not in love she does not have the urge. They guys start to justify that it is healthy to have more regular releases as they drift into discussing WDs (wet dreams). Paul wonders if he should just call out all the girls he has boned. Z tells him not to hurt them. Natalie changes the subject by starting to talk in Spanish which gets the others to ask her to translate phrases for them, mostly relating to the game. Momma Da calls out to Z that her stuff is finished and she is thanked and resumes her washing up marathon. Z is now playing with Paulie's hair and Paul is plalyhing with his own hair. Michele starts talking about a blonde girl at "the fiesta" and we are FOTHed yet again.
  11. 11:10PM BBT: Outside they have started talking about boning as Michele minus her tank top but still wearing a black bikini top with a green bottom inquires about the temp of the pool before jumping in causing BB to say "There is absolutely no jumping in the pool." [Well I thought I saw jumping but maybe not after all BB knows all. - DRG] Paul carries on about a girl whom he would leave the house and marry this instant (Amanda something) as she is the prettiest girl ever. [Wonder just how long her beard is??- DRG] Momma Da now washing dishes in the sink. Natalie and Paul are back in the hot tub and Zakiya is seated on the side now too. Michele remains alone in the pool. Multiple convos about folks outside the house drowning each other out.
  12. 11:00PM BBT: Paul and Vic in the hot tub with Paulie and Nat sitting on the side dangling their legs in the water. Jakiya reading Have Not guidelines in the kitchen while Momma Da is cleaning up. Corey is in the DR and Nicole has changed her plans and has stumbled off to bed instead of the hammock so she asks the ladies in the kitchen to pass this info along to Corey when he emerges from the DR. Big Meech has been pacing about the BY threatening to enter the hot tub after going in the pool but she remains dressed and on dry land. Natalie climbs in the tub with her shorts and pink top on whilst Michele has begun working out using two chairs and the hot tub crew cheers her on. She stops complaining that it hurts and talk turns to possibility of James being a saboteur. Inside the ladies are professing their boredom. The guys start ribbing Michele about having gotten a lap dance and she informs them that it was her first one. Corey returns from the DR and Nicole's message regarding her whereabouts is dutifully passed along to him. Hot tub group talking in general about how America votes for a saboteur and Michele wishes she was one. Paul begs for us to vote for him as saboteur and promises he will literally make us very happy. [Is he offering self-sabotage??? I'd pay a dollar to see that. - DRG] Natalie teases him saying that she thought he was America's favorite. Michele ribs Paul that he is an FBI agent as they could not find out anything about him and then goes on to say that production told her that she reminded them of Nicole to which she responded "great" in a very sarcastic manner. They guys jokingly wonder if she and Nicole are actually secretly related and she is clear that they are NOT. They two ladies still working away in the kitchen just chatting casually about food they are preparing. Natalie has jumped from the tub to the pool and is playing with one of the log floats. Paul has joined her. Jakiya comes out and asks if they did not find the pool ball and is told they did not. Natalie starts talking a bit about her work when attention turns back to Michelle who is now doing squats. She implores them not to watch her as it makes her nervous. Momma Da still working away going back and forth between the kitchen and the strore room. She starts to marry two open soda bottles asking why oh why when she spots ants on one and says, "Don't even bother" as she goes to pour it down the drain. Feed switches to darkened bedroom with Nicole and Corey facing each other under the blanket. Corey is called to the DR [no new BB baby getting conceived tonight - DRG] Outside chatter has drifted to the Kardashians and then the Playboy mansion party and how one gets an invite.
  13. 12:18AM BBT: Feeds back to the same two groups. Kitchen groups brings up Ugly Russian Jew Fat Jewish Guy and Natalie says she follows him and loves his pizza stuff. She does not pay attention to the nude pictures of girls he posts and does not mind if girls want to do that. However she does like the costumes. They debate about who is named what and which one is Slut Whisperer. (Our future is in these hands folks. - DRG) Bridgette has emerged in the kitchen and Michelle has migrated to the bathroom. General chit chat in both settings. Kitchen group now discussing who has done DR sessions already and how many still have to do them this evening on the heels of the POV comp. Bathroom group discussing the mold issue and James comments that at least they can take a hot shower with mold and not a cold shower with mold. Then he thinks the back is open again and several folks go to check on it to discover it in fact is open. Natalie and James check out the hot tub and talk about whether it is warm enough to change and get in to it or not. They decide it will be hot tomorrow and Natalie feels she will be cold if she goes in it tonight. They comment about being alone again and it is as if they are a different species since they are Have Nots. He points out he removed the toe nail polish and she tells him she will never paint them again. (How will he survive? -DRG) Natalie now says she is skinnier and her belly fat is shrinking and it is only day one. She asks if she has thunder thighs and he deflects (good boy - DRG) by asking what they are. He says she is good and she tries to pin him down to criticizing her size. James admits that the tub is not hot enough. He talks about bathing in it and she tells him it is bad for your skin since it is chlorine water. She wants to wake up early tomorrow morning. Natalie goes on to remark that BB did not think enough about the Have Not room this season as it is not bad, unless you are Corey. Frank Pauli Bridgette and Paul in the kitchen now still around the table talking about funny previous incidents involving them in the house. Natalie telling James about when she thought he was going to chase her and try to get a kiss and complains that he was not doing anything fun with her. He replies that it was a tough week since her friend was going home.
  14. 12:05 AM BBT: Nicole asks James if he was sleeping in those clothes which he was and then asks if he is up for the night to which he replies, maybe. Da joins then in the BR complaining about BB closing the back door while her clothes are in the washing machine. The others think it will not be long and is probably just a maintenance issue such as fixing a camera. Back in the kitchen general joking and teasing going on with the guys starting to tell Natalie that she is going to be so grumpy in a few days (since she is a Have Not this week). They go on to discuss how she gets in one bumper car with James in the Have Not room because it is so dark and scary that she cannot sleep alone. (After all what is a carnival ride without a Horn Dog??? - DRG) Paulie poses the hypothetical to the gals if they had to hide themselves from a carnivorous predator by hiding themselves in other animals feces could they handle it? (Must have been part of his post 911 training. - DRG) Natalie blows him off by responding that she is on BB and not Survivor. Z out of the shower now and James starts to complain that he is already skinnier and it is only one day in. The gals wonder how much he ate today and someone remarks that she is scared for him (likely Day). Kitchen group now talking about movies while the BR group debates various substances for teeth brushing and then wisdom teeth breaking through their gums. Kitchen crew turns their attention to participants of the Jersey Shore and how many of them came out with their own tanning products and such. Paulie relates how Snookie turned herself into an entrepreneur coming out with her own slippers and other products. BR group starts talking about other reality TV shows and how they get to interact with outsiders. Franks starts talking about a Victorias Secret Model in the house and we get fishes.

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