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  1. 4:05 PM BBT - Beth and Jed are sitting outside by the hot tub and talking about "days" of a different kind. Jed is trying to figure out what day he first kissed her, and when did they have their second kiss. Breydon comes out to bring them smoothies, taking the smaller one for himself. He leaves and Jed comments that Breydon would normally have stayed out with them, but that he "understands better now." Jed returns to the discussion of their kisses...it was day 9 to day 12. 4:10 PM BBT - Beth philosophizing with Jed about how people always want more than what they have. Jed says the
  2. Previously on Big Brother Canada, after a year in the dark, 14 HGs brought the game back to life. Almost immediately, Tychon and Jed got off to a clean start (Undercover Brothers) and the studs bathed in their bromance. The boys extended their influence with a six-person alliance, and the Sunsetters were born. Meanwhile, their social geometry paid dividends. With all the angles covered, the core four Sunsetters survived and thrived until eventually the Invisible HOH posed the first real threat to the triangle, but the boys magnetism lured Invisible Vic to their corner, and instead it was B
  3. Previously on Big Brother Canada, in a shocking twist, Big Brother unveiled the invisible power of the Invisible HOH and everyone could clearly see its unrivalled potential. The HGs were ready to rock and roll and when it counted most, Victoria silenced any doubt with a clutch win. Then, paranoia spread like wildfire through the house, and while Spicy V dodged and weaved out of the hotseat, she dropped the act with her main man Kiefer. Then, at an eerie nomination ceremony, Vic’s picks shocked everyone, and besties Breydon and Austin hit the block. Tonight, will the invisible one remain in
  4. The show opens with an intense narrative overlaid over clips of HGs. It could be anyone. Someone Trusted. Someone Feared. The Invisible HOH is HERE. The paranoia it spreads will be their weapon. The blood they shed will not stain. The power it holds can create a legend, but only if they can keep it hidden. What they can’t see will change the game forever! We go to a recap of the start of the HOH competition, as Arisa explains that the new HOH and all their powers will be “invisible.” Nominations will be in secret, and the HOH will be eligible to play for PoV and the next HOH comp.
  5. 5:40 PM BBT Victoria and Ty playing chess in the Expedia room. Ty complaining about Tina and Tera because they just hang around and chill. Victoria agrees...it pisses her off too. 5:45 PM BBT Victoria and Ty complain about Tera more. Victoria tells Ty that when Ro came into the OLG while she, Kiefer, Tera and Tina were chatting, Tera demanded that Ro tell them if he was going to use it. They both find Tera super annoying. They also complain about Austin... Austin returned hair elastics that Victoria had given her, and Victoria thinks it's petty. They talk about how Austin treats them
  6. 5:05 BBT Jed, Beth, and Ty are outside talking about Tera and Tina wanting to keep Austin. Beth says that's because Tera knows they are next and they can't win anything. They say that it doesn't make sense for Ro to use the PoV. The whole house will be mad at him if he uses it. They go on to discuss potential targets. The guys think Ro has to go, but Beth thinks Tera. If she wins HOH, she would put both Tera and Ro up. She would lie to both saying that she has a bigger plan. They talk about who Victoria would put up 5:10 PM BBT Jed, Beth, and Ty go on to talk about replacement noms
  7. Previously on Big Brother Canada, when Victoria hatched a plan to eliminate power player LaToya over pawn Kiefer, control of the house hung in the balance, and the fading Sunsetters had a rising rival alliance in the Oddballs. Meanwhile, team T&T ran their show from the sidelines. With the eviction vote looming, Kiefer had to play the sap, and the good guy from Haida Gwai convinced his side that he was headed home. The scene was set for an epic blindside with the ultimate decision resting on Tina’s shoulders. On eviction night, things got serious, and the Sunsetter’s strategist was for
  8. Big Brother Canada 9 - Monday March 15, 2021 BBCAN9: Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Kiefer upset the apple cart and picked up the veto win, HOH Austin played it safe and named Rohan the pawn next to Josh. At first, Austin’s plan was backed 100% by the Sunsetters, then the flip flopping began with Captain Kiefer supporting the flop. Meanwhile the lone wolf (Josh) fanned the flames of paranoia, which triggered a five-alarm house meeting. Then, Josh stoked even more uncertainty with the Sunsetters, but on eviction night, the house backed off from controversy and a unanimous vo
  9. 8:00 PM BBT - Feeds are back. Kiefer looks upset... Jed is trying to encourage him. Sounds like Jed did NOT use the PoV...said it would just mean taking another hit (if Victoria put Ty up). Kiefer doesn't want to go, and doesn't want LaToya to go either. LaToya comes in and adds her encouragement, saying they don't know which of the is going home. 8:24 PM BBT Kiefer, LaToya, Jed and Tychon in the Defender Bedroom talking about not being able to trust Tina. Tera tells Kiefer things and Tina doesn't say anything. LaToya agrees, and says that Tina hasn't done anything to help Kiefer. K
  10. 5:57 PM BBT Big Brother announces that the POV Ceremony will be in one hour 6:01 PM BBT Tina and Tera are talking with Kiefer in the BR. Kiefer tells them they are in a good position with both sides of the house. Tera says but then they get nailed as floaters. Kiefer tells them Jed is ticked off because Victoria is strongholding his POV win. He points out that comps designed for Jed and Ty are coming up and you don't want to be on the wrong side of either of them. Tera leaves and Tina says that at the end of the day her vote doesn't matter if they don't get Tera onside. It will just be a
  11. 5:10 PM BBT In HOHR, Victoria complaining to Breydon and Austin about people taking her vote for granted. Breydon says Vic has the biggest HOH yet. Victoria is trusting her gut. She says she gets offended when people don't vibe with her. Austin and Victoria both feel like they can't work with LaToya. 5:15 PM BBT LaToya, Beth, Kiefer, Jedson and Ty are talking about Victoria and that she is a super fan and wants to make a big move. They call Tina and Tera floaters. 5:30 PM BBT Beth, LaToya, Jed, and Ty decide they are going to draw a line and go together to talk to
  12. EPISODE, continued... BBCAN9: Jedson and Victoria plot to scare someone…Kiefer comes in and sits on the couch that Jedson is hiding behind. Jed pops up and scares Kiefer. Beth and Tera come in and Tera is the next victim. BBCAN9: Rohan and Kyle are playing pool in the back yard as Beth comes up to watch. She agrees to play after. Rohan tells Kyle he cannot BBCAN9: Rohan tells Kyle that he can’t read Beth. Rohan tells us that while Beth is very outgoing, smart and friendly, but he doesn’t understand where her loyalties lie. Kyle says the same about Austin. Ro
  13. EPISODE BBCAN9: Previously, on Big Brother Canada, After a year of darkness there was new life in the house! Then, Big Brother dropped a sledge hammer…dividing the HGs into teams. One by one, team Defender lost its grip on safety, and thinks to spicy V, team Destiny was sitting pretty. BBCAN9: With all six teammates on the block, Team Defender started tossing targets…at each other! Then, Josh’s slip-up sent Julie on a collision course with LaToya. Once the dust settled, Josh conveniently escaped the line of fire. BBCAN9: At the eviction ceremo
  14. I select Kaysar as my HG Token for the Morty's TV Big Brother USA Season 22 All-Stars Monopoly Game.
  15. Monday is March 25th.... 2:20 AM BBT Kiera and Estefania are whispering in bed and talking about having the strongest showmance. Kiera doesn't like the word "Showmance" though, and says she wants a better word....She suggests "soulmance" and Estefania gasps and gushes about how from now on every season people will find their soulmance. They talk about telling the camera about this tomorrow. "Call us into the 'DR's office' and we will tell you about our soulmance. That is all."

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