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  1. Previously on Big Brother Canada, in the fake double eviction Tera and the boys took out Jed. Then the boys promptly turned on Tera. But when the underdog hit the winning three, Mama T completed her comeback and the final five braced for battle. With their eyes on the end game, Ty and Brey firmed up their final two. Then, Breydon strung together back-to-back wins and the late-bloomer locked his target on Beth. Restless on the block beside Beth, Mama T managed to avoid any drama, but Alberta Beth started her stampede, and when Beth tried to trample Ty’s reputation, the Bishop countered her every move, and on eviction night Ty got his wish, and the once-mighty Queen Bee was off to jury. Tonight, in a photo-finish HOH comp, who will sprint their way to the finale? Which two HGs will be stuck on the block? And who will steal the spotlight at the BBCAN Awards. Roll out the red carpet…it’s Big Brother Canada! We pick up at the Live Eviction and we see Beth say her goodbyes to the HGs. She tells them she loves them all and to keep fighting. Beth loves BB and the HGs all deserve to be here. Ty and Kiefer celebrate as Tera and Breydon hug. Tera tells us that Beth just walked the door…Yes! She’s safe. She survived and re-wrote history. She’s still in this game!! Beth may have made it to the fake final four, but it’s Tera in the REAL final four! Tychon tells us that he is the last member of The Sauce standing. He was in a bromance with Jed, but Jed and Beth became a power couple and Ty became their third wheel. Now they are in jury and Ty is final four. That says it all. Ty says he is in a good spot, but before she left Beth tried to throw a wrench in his game with Breydon. We see a clip of Beth calling Ty out in front of Breydon that Breydon has been expendable to Ty the entire game. Ty tells us that what Beth did pissed him off because he spent a lot of time building his relationship with Breydon and now he has to do major damage control. We see Tychon talking to Brey in the HOHR and denying that he is using Brey. He explains to Brey that he wanted to have a working relationship with Breydon, but draws the line at using and manipulative. Ty tells us that he thinks he managed the situation. It’s been handled. Kiefer, and Breydon imagine Beth going into jury and Jed expecting Kiefer sent her out…but no, it was Breydon. Breydon tells us that a week ago he had nothing on his resume besides that he likes to talk a lot. Now he has three comp wins under his belt, he’s been playing a great social game. His resume is looking pretty stacked. He’s in final four, and he genuinely thinks he can win this game! Kiefer tells us he is one step closer to finale, but he’s feeling like a huge target left in this game, and maybe the last big move for someone to get out. This final four week is about comp wins. He has a chance at an HOH and a PoV. A win in either one of those can secure his spot in the final three and the chance to play for the final HOH. He has his game face on, and he’s ready to go. He came to win. Nothing else. We return to the OLG room where the HOH comp is taking place. Tychon, Tera and Keifer are all at podiums facing away from each other, as Breydon looks on. Arisa explains the competition is called Buzzer Beater. In front of each competitor is a monitor where pictures of HGs will appear one by one. Their job is to remember which veto competition those HGs played in together. Once they know, they have to ring in and name the HG who was evicted after that veto. The first person to buzz in and correctly state the name of the HG evicted will win a point. The HG with the most points after 7 questions will be the new HOH! Tychon tells us that pressure in this competition is like he’s never seen before. Staying off the block is one of the biggest things on his resume, and winning this HOH can keep him off of it. This is the biggest HOH he’s had to play in, and this is a must-win for him. Arisa announces the first set of cards…each card comes up one at a time…Beth…Breydon…Rohan. Tychon buzzes in and says Rohan. He’s correct! Tychon has earned a point. The next set of cards comes up… Kiefer, Tychon, … Tera buzzes in and says “Jedson,” but she’s wrong. Kiefer buzzes in and says “LaToya” and he is right. Kiefer has earned a point. Kiefer tells us that his heart is pounding out of his chest. He feels like he might pass out. He has to win this HOH to secure his spot in the final three. He’s been saying all season he is going to win this HOH, and now it’s his time to do so. The next set of cards..Rohan, Victoria. Tera buzzes in and answers “Austin.” She’s right. Tera has earned a point and it’s a three-way tie. Tera tells us that she wants to win this HOH and take herself to the final three. She is not the type of woman who wants to be taken ANYWHERE by a man. She wants to secure her own spot in the end. Arisa announces the next set of cards…Tera, Tychon…Kiefer buzzes in but guesses wrong. Tychon buzzes in and guess Tina…he is right. Tychon is in the lead with 2 points. Breydon tells us that he is rooting for Ty to win this HOH because Ty is Brey’s best chance of not touching the block this week. He thinks sitting next to Ty at final two is his best shot at winning $100,000 The fifth set of cards is Rohan…Tera buzzes in and guesses “Kyle”…the correct answer! Tera earns another point. Tera and Ty have 2 points and Kiefer has 1 point. The next set of cards is Victoria… Kiefer and Tychon both try to buzz in but Kiefer gets it and correctly names Josh. Kiefer earns another point and all three competitors have 2 points. The final question is the deciding question. Kiefer tells us “all tied up” These guys would be nuts to take him to final three. The next question wins the HOH and solidifies themselves in the final three. He NEEDS this answer. The final set of cards begins with Tina…Tychon buzzes in and answers “umm…Victoria, Victoria Victoria!” Arisa says “congratulations Tychon, you are the new HOH”. Tychon is elated!! He tells us “yessss!!” He wins when he needs to, and he needed to win that. He’s in the final three, baby. All game he waited for this moment! Tera tells us “shoot me now!” and laughs. She knows…she can guess who’s going on the block for the fifth time! Her! In the Kitchen, Tera talks to Kiefer about how close it was. Kiefer is down, saying he never wanted to win anything so badly in his life. He didn’t have a good feeling today and he thinks his good feelings are gone. Kiefer tells us he’s not gonna lie. He’s feeling pretty defeated that he lost this comp. If he was any of the other HGs, he would not be bringing him to the final. He wouldn’t let him get to final three because then he would win it. Kiefer tells Tera that he or Tera need to win the veto or else one of them will be gone. Tera tells us that she is so frustrated. Last week was so crazy for her and now Ty wins. He hasn’t had to sweat this entire season and he’s just going to put his feet up and once again Tera will have to fight tooth and nail for her place in this game. Tychon and Breydon chat in the WA. Ty tells Breydon that he still needs Breydon to gun for the veto. He won’t put Breydon on the block. Tychon tells us the goal of his HOH this week is to take out Kiefer because he thinks he has a better shot at beating Breydon or Tera. Ultimately he wants to keep Breydon safe this week. If Breydon wins the final three comp, Ty thinks Breydon would take him to final 2. Ty tells Breydon he was terrified on that last answer. Brey is happy for him. Tychon calls the HGs to see his HOH room and they all run up and make lots of noise looking at Tychon’s pictures. Tychon reads his letter from best friend Abby. “Hey TT, you won HOH! FINALLY! LOL Long enough. Everyone is so so proud of you! We watch non-stop and are rooting for you and are so happy to see you get another W. It feels like you have been gone for an eternity. I love and miss you very much. You are the first person I think of when I wake up and before I slept. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. Keep doing your best and playing your game. You got this! Love and miss you more than you can imagine. Abby.” Ty tells us that he has barely seen his people this whole game so getting a letter from his best friend and seeing pictures of his parents and grandparents means the world to him. Ty tells the others that “this one hits.” Now he knows what they all feel. Wow. Ty and Kiefer chat in the kitchen. Tychon tells Kiefer he wants it so bad and he has been so underestimated in this game. Kiefer tells us that he never stops working in this game. Ty winning HOH is fine. Even if Kiefer is on the block, it doesn’t matter. It all comes down to the veto. Only one person gets to vote this week and that person gets to decide who goes home. If Ty wins the veto, Kiefer needs Ty to pick someone who will keep Kiefer. In the kitchen, Kiefer tells Ty that Ty winning is worst case scenario for him. They talk resumes and who can beat who. Ty says he has a damn good resume. Kiefer points out that if Breydon or Tera won, they couldn’t beat Ty at the end. Ty points out that as final four HOH he doesn’t get to make the final decision. Ty tells us that he is entertaining what Kiefer is saying, but honestly, Kiefer is the strongest player left in the game, and if Ty went final two with Kiefer, Ty won’t win. In the HOHR, we see Breydon and Ty discussing who can win against who. They think their best case is against Tera. They think if Kiefer is at the end he will win. He never stopped playing and is loved by everyone. They would not have a chance against Kiefer. HGs hear Victoria’s voice calling them to the living room. In the LR, they see the jury members on the big screen…Jed, Tina, Victoria, Rohan. Rohan tells them it’s time for the annual BBCAN awards. They would like to see them in person, but…they were voted out! The jury is hosting as they honour the greatest of BBCAN EVER. Victoria adds that before the big show, they have to head to the HOHR and get glammed up for the BBCAN BALL!! The final four go wild and run to the HOHR to find their wardrobe. Ty comes out first. Ty tells us he can rock anything he wears. He’s wearing a crown, and stars…he looks out of this world. He’s feeling himself. Breydon comes out in a pink suit with butterfly wings. Brey tells us he’s serving us pretty in pink, pastel princess, a monochromatic moment. And did he mention? He’s LITERALLY a butterfly! Tera comes out rocking a pink and white tulle dress with a top hat fascinator. Tera tells us that she is serving tulle princess. Her daughter would go crazy for this outfit. Problem is…how is she gonna sit? Kiefer comes out looking sharp in a black suit with a silver hummingbird across the front, a feather top hat and silver light-up shoes. Kiefer tells us that he’s loving it… the outfit is tight. He loves the hat, the coat, the bird, the suit and of course…the SHOES. Yo! This is SICK! The HGS parade down the stairs one at a time, each making an entrance. Beth comes on the screen asking if they miss her yet. Beth instructs them to head to the ball pit, where they see pool swans in front of tables. Kiefer steps in and sinks…they all follow and find their seats around the tables, surrounded by balls. They pour champagne and toast to final four. The jurors come on the screen and Victoria welcomes them to the BBCAN Ball. She tells them they all look amazing and spicey. Jed tells them they are in for one hell of a show. Tina says there is no time to waste so sit back and relax. Rohan says without further ado, let’s get to our first category. Jed introduces the first category. In the BBCAN house they have a lot of time on their hands that lead to some crazy discussions, differences of opinions and some really dumb conversations. The nominess for most discombobulated debate are “Reindeer games” and “The chicken or the egg”. We see recaps of the conversations in question. The winner is: Reindeer games! Ty still thinks reindeer are not real, but Rohan comes on and says for the record that they are. Rohan introduces the next category. We all know that things can get a little heated in the house. Victoria shouts from the sidelines that this was supposed to be her category. The nominees for favourite face-off are “Kyle and Rohan vs. Kiefer and Latoya” and “Tera versus the Ball Pit Blitz” We see the conversation in the storage room where Kiefer tells Kyle he is aggressive. Latoya weighs in, attacking Kyle. The second nominee is Tera calling the Sauce out for working together against her. And the winner is: Tera vs. Ball Pit Blitz. Tera laughs…”I won a BBCAN Award!” Breydon tells us they are having the best night. It’s nice to leave the game behind and just enjoy the awards. Victoria introduces the next category. We all know the saying “dance like nobody’s watching” but in the BBCAN house, you forget that the whole country is watching. The nominees for Best Dance Moves are “HOH Room Solos” and “Victoria cuts loose”> We see Breydon and Beth doing their own HOHR solos.Victoria’s segment is in the LR with all the HGS around. The award goes to “Victoria cuts loooose!” Rohan tells the final four that Big Brother likes to take them WAYYYY out of their comfort zones. Nominees for Most Entertaining House Mission are “Spice it Up” and “B.I.N.G.O.” We see clips of the chili pepper challenge and the bingo game where they Beth can’t do a backwards alphabet, Breydon has to take a dip in the hot tub and Kiefer sits in a tub of ice cream. And the winner is: B.I.N.G.O.!!! They predicted it. After the awards, they see clips of themselves coming into the house and all the HGs toasting. They see various clips of touching moments and fun times in the house. Seeing themselves brings out a lot of emotion…joy and tears, especially seeing hugs. Tera comments about real things in the fakest place in the world. Kiefer is emotional. He tells us that if we told him day one that he would be at the BBCAN awards on day 62, he would have told us we were crazy. To watch these memories is something very special. In this mellow moment after seeing all these meaningful clips of time in the house, Tera tells the others that she complains the most but it’s been so wonderful. In the DR, Tera tells us she has been on a JOURNEY. Highs and lows. This game is the most crazy beautiful thing she’s ever done. She truly feels that no matter what happens she is proud of herself and so proud of the people she is with at the end. The final four raise their glasses. “Cheers!” “Final Four!” Tera: “Best day ever!” Ty: “100%!” Ty takes Breydon for Wendy’s. Tera plays the mom, telling Ty to have Brey home by 8 and advising Brey not to pay for the date. They choose their meals and Ty goes down to pick it up. He has a wide grin as he sees a video from his mom. She tells him that she loves him and is proud of him. He is such a winner. She speaks in French. Words can’t say how much she loves him. She shouts “go get it, because you’re in it to win it baby!” As he leaves the storage room, Tychon says this is the best week ever. Ty brings the food in and Brey asks who the video was from. Ty tells him it was his mom and she looks so good! They dig in to their meal. Breydon talks to Tera in the Destiny BR. Tera tells us that she is feeling out Breydon because she doesn’t know the depth of Brey’s relationship with Ty. If she wins the veto, she needs to know that taking Brey to the end is the right choice for her game. They both think Kiefer would be the bigger move. Brey points out that Kiefer has been playing all game. People think that he and Tera have only been playing the second half. Brey tells Tera what she wants to hear. If she doesn’t win, she wants Brey to win. Tera asks about what Beth said to Ty. Tera doesn’t think Ty would overtly say what Beth claims Ty said. Tera asks Brey if he and Ty have feelings for each other. Breydon tells us that in this game he 100% knows that he and Ty are on the same page, but when it comes down to a personal relationship, that might be another story. Ty is a flirty guy. Breydon knows he catches feelings easily…it’s one of his fatal flaws. Kiefer tells us that the nominations are upon us. It has been a long hard journey to get to final four. Being in this house wears you down. It’s hard work. He’s so close to the end of the game. He just has to get there. We see Kiefer talking to the cameras in the Expedia room. The only thing he has left to do in this game is win. Can he do it? Maybe? He’s so close. Keep fighting. He’s not counting himself out. He wants the other HGS to think that. Kiefer’s tears stream down his face in DR. It really gets hard when you miss home. He hasn’t been home in a long time. He just wants to see his family and his community. His tears are not of sorrow, but of joy for the opportunity he has had to represent them. He’s fighting FOR them. In the Expedia room, Kiefer sings a traditional song. In the DR, he notes there are thousands of kids on the Rez who have wanted to give in. He has wanted to give up. But you got to keep pushing. He’s got this. He believes. Once more, the house lights go down and red lights glow in the LR. A spotlight follows Ty as he leaves the HOHR and joins the other HGs in the LR. Ty tells us that the most important thing about his HOH this week is that he has secured his spot in the final three AND he has not touched the block all season. They all know this week is about the veto, because it will ultimately determine who Ty is competing with in the final leg of this game. Ty faces Breydon, Kiefer, and Tera and states his purpose. As HOH, it’s his duty to nominate two HGs for eviction. His first nominee is Tera. Tera takes her place on the block. Ty’s second nominee is Kiefer. Kiefer joins Tera. Ty tells Tera she is nominated because she is a strong player and has made some big moves. Numbers are low right now and he has run out of options. Ty tells Kiefer he has been nominated because he played a great game. They are at the point where this is just something Ty has to do. They have both played this game with loyalty, honesty and respect, which says a lot about their characters. They know this week comes down to the veto. Good luck to both. This nomination ceremony is now complete. Kiefer tells us that this feels way different from any other time he’s been on the block. He almost feels safe. All he has to do is win the veto to get to that finish line. Tera tells us “you’re right Ty. I AM a strong player, and I will take all my mom strength to this power of veto competition.” She came here to win this game. Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Kiefer or Tera fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday night. 7pm Eastern.
  2. 10:52 AM BBT Tera and Breydon in the WA doing ADLs and talking about the veto comp and whether they might get the BY for one day. Tera tells Breydon that she's happy that she's "in this position" because she gets to go to final three, but now she has to choose between the two people in the house that she cares most about. She tells Breydon they will need to chat because she has some things she wants to pick his brain about. Breydon says of course...he's happy to bounce ideas.
  3. 6:55 PM BBT Beth is called to the DR, leaving Breydon listening to music and Ty semi-snoozing on the HOHR bed while Beth and Tera hang out on the HOHR couch. Tera leaves to do laundry and pack her bag. Kiefer says he was hoping Skip would be today. 7:00 PM BBT The camera switches to Tera in the Destiny BR. She is talking to herself saying that she doesn't even care if they send her home. She finds it so hard to be around them. She ponders how she can study without people knowing that she's studying. She sighs several times then whispers that she doesn't want to pack her bags. She can't stand these guys. They're sitting pretty, being super annoying. Kiefer is the biggest fouler she has met in her entire life. He thinks she doesn't see how selfish he is. She imitates Kiefer mockingly "your biggest mistake was putting me on the block, Jed." Kiefer wants to take credit for taking Jed out, but Tera doesn't think he would have had the balls to do it himself. She keeps repeating how hard it is to be around them. They are all so fake. All of them. 7:13 PM BBT Kiefer checks in on Tera, who explains she didn't feel like organizing her bag. Kiefer leaves and Beth comes in. They talk about packing their bags and doing it earlier rather than later...just in case the eviction is early. 7:19 PM BBT In the Destiny BR, Tera and Beth talk. Tera points out that flips happen. Even if Beth goes, Tera isn't sure what her game plan is. Beth conveys something Kiefer said... it was about a hypothetical secret veto and he ended up on the block, Kiefer believes he would still stay. They talk scenarios. Tera asks who she would be targeting, and Beth says Kiefer. Ty and Kiefer are going together. Beth relays that Ty said earlier...that he would take Tera to final 2. Beth says they think he didn't mean to say it. Tera says she doesn't think Ty would take her. Beth says she would also consider taking out Breydon. Ty is so hungry for the money, he would go with whoever is easiest to beat. If it's Tera, Kiefer and Ty, Ty would take Tera. Beth said Ty told her that he was planning to take Breydon. Beth thinks Kiefer would take Tera. Tera thinks that Kiefer just wants Tera there as a shield he can paint as a bigger target. Beth says that taking Kiefer out would be a game-winning move. They don't know if Kiefer is playing a boys game or not. 7:23 PM BBT Tera is worried that she doesn't know her stuff as well as she should. Beth offers to help..."what do you need help with? Ask me anything, I'll give you it." Beth says she knows she is leaving and for some reason she wants Tera to win. Beth explains the types of things she can share, that she thinks Tera will need to know. Kiefer comes in and paces back and forth. They talk about the types of questions in competitions. Tera says she doesn't know any of that stuff, but Beth says she knows all of it. She moans that she won't get a chance to use her knowledge.
  4. 5:02 PM BBT All five HGs are chatting in the HOHR. Kiefer and Tera are on the couch, with Breydon, Ty and Beth on the bed.
  5. 3:48 PM BBT Tera and Tychon start a chess game in the Expedia room. Tera asks how Ty how he's feeling and he says good. He has no complaints...he just wants to win the game. Tera asks him how he thinks Beth is handling the news. Ty says she's handling it well...she knows it's real now. He's not sure if she will give up or keep trying. Tera says she can't see Beth giving up. Ty thinks Beth has given up on him. Tera remarks that Beth is working more on Kiefer. Ty thinks it's surprising that Beth thinks she can turn Kiefer over turning Ty. He thinks she might think Kiefer is more emotional...Ty is more cold. Tera says that Beth can see that Ty is in a much better position with Beth gone, and that's why Beth is focussing on Kiefer. They don't think she will convince Kiefer. It will come down to who people think they can beat in a comp or at the end. Tera tells Ty that she thinks he is in the best position as far as resumes go. 3:52 PM BBT Ty tells Tera he wants to win his way to the end. If he loses, then there is a case for people with better resumes to take him. He thinks he has a good chance to get to final 2. Tera asks if he is dead set on how he gets to his end game, and he says no, not at all. If he wins HOH, he makes it to final 3, but he won't know who ends up there unless he also wins veto. Tera asks if he would want a say... would he gun for the veto? He says he would...why not? Then he would be decision-maker and that's good for the resume. He sees several scenarios for getting to final 3. Tera says she would be shocked if he were not in final 3. He would either win and take himself there, and she doesn't see a scenario that someone would not take him, even if he didn't win. 3:55 PM BBT Tera and Ty talk about how Ty is actually in a better position despite the fake HOH. At least now he is eligible to compete for the next HOH. They talk about different ways things could have happened. Ty feels he is in a decent position right now and it just kinda lined up. Tera tells Ty that she sees him as someone who would be bugged to be taken. Ty comments that Tera really was down to work with him to get Jed out. She risked her whole game to get Jed out, and that was impressive. 3:59 PM BBT Ty talks about advice he would give...that people playing Big Brother need to be open to seeing when they need to switch from playing for their people to playing for themselves. Tera speculates that Ty would have stayed with his people if she hadn't won that HOH. She wonders what he would have done if he had won HOH. Ty isn't sure. They talk about what an intricate game BB is. Ty reiterates that it's really like chess. 4:02 PM BBT Tera and Ty speculate about how much Beth understood about the plans around getting Jed out. 4:04 PM BBT Ty tells Tera that he has never not kept a promise. He has talked about what he believed would happen but has never said he would do something without following through and doing it. He tells Tera that he is NOT voting her out. If others vote differently, that's them. He is not voting her out. It makes no sense for him [odd, considering he is the one that told Breydon and Kiefer to vote her out on his HOH! ~app]. She kept him off the block...she finessed that perfectly. They talk about how they got Jed out and that they did it working together. Tera still can't believe she beat Jed in the battle back. She knows it makes her a target going into final four. It is what it is. Ty says it's about how people see Tera vs. Kiefer and Breydon in terms of resumes. They think Kiefer would be hard to beat in final 2. But if he is standing there, he deserves it. The game is not over. 4:08 PM BBT Tera and Ty comment that no one wants Beth in final 2. She has been involved in a lot of moves and decisions.
  6. Previously on Big Brother Canada, at an emotional eviction ceremony, Jedson’s three closest allies sentenced him to exile, but his life in the game wasn’t over, and the fake-out was on. Next Ty outmaneuvered the others for the phony HOH crown and the bishop put Tera in check and turned his back on Beth. Then at a high-strung veto comp, Breydon grabbed and stashed the veto, and in a 2-0 vote, they thought they had snuffed out Tera’s fire, but hope still flickered as she joined Jed for a last shot at revival. Tonight, the season’s most shocking twist spawns a battle-back for the ages. Jedson vs. Tera. Everything is on the line. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for on Big Brother Canada! We pick up after the second eviction of the fake double. Tera dons her mask as she leaves the house, and then Beth gathers the guys together to declare final four. Beth tells us “Yes, I’m safe! I’m in final four! I’ve survived another double eviction! All this work this season and I’m finally here!!” She tells us that saying goodbye to Jed was one of the hardest things she has had to do, but watching Tera walk out instead of Beth, right after Jed, was extremely fulfilling. Ty tells us that last week was one of the hardest weeks in the house. Emotions were high, tempers were flaring, but the big move to get Jed out paid off. Ty tells us that he won his first HOH comp, Breydon wins the veto and doesn’t use it, and now Tera is gone too! Tera’s resume was getting too big, so she had to go! We flashback to just before the veto ceremony. Ty calls Breydon into the OLG room. They agree to keep the noms the same and then talk about who they want gone. Ty asks Breydon to be real. Breydon points out he can beat Tera in a comp, but not Beth. As Kiefer joins them, Ty is telling Breydon they can beat Beth. Breydon is unsure. In the LR, Tera whispers to Beth that if they take her off the block, she will vote out Kiefer (who would necessarily be the replacement nom). Tera asks Beth to do the same if she is voted off. Beth tells Tera that she just made the biggest move in the game. Tera tells her it was Kiefer’s idea. Beth tells us that she knew about the plan to get Jed out all week, but to find out that Kiefer was the mastermind behind it?? She is not surprised, but she’s still shocked. She believes Tera, but there is about a 95% chance Tera is going home and Tera has nothing to lose right now. Breydon, Ty and Kiefer talk in the OLG room. Ty is convinced that Tera’s resume is stacked right now. Kiefer tells us that if he had his way he would take the shot at Beth and left Tera in the game. But it’s Ty’s HOH, he doesn’t want to rock the boat. If Ty wants Tera gone, that’s how it’s going to be. We see Breydon giving his decision not the use the Power of Veto. Breydon tells us that not using the veto that ultimately sent Tera packing was an important move that helped to solidify his relationship with Ty. Their relationship has grown tremendously in the past two weeks and Breydon wants to sit next to Ty at the end. Beth celebrates final four in the kitchen, but meanwhile, Jedson is in the HOHR and Tera is on her way to join him. Tera tells us that this is the craziest day every. She just got evicted but her game might not actually be over. She walks into the HOHR and sees Jed. Jed wants to know what’s going on. Tera tells us that she just did him dirty, but Jed is consoling her. She’s amazed. They are both wearing headphones and a TV screen comes on telling them that the other HGs can’t know they are still in the house… They are riveted as they watch the screen, which tells them that the other HGs think they are both on their way to jury. Tera is praying that they are about to learn they are both safe as they learn that the other HGs are DEAD WRONG. Jed and Tera learn they are about to face off in a high-stakes competition and that whoever wins will re-enter the house and be given a new life in this game. Whoever loses will be sent to jury. Jed: “Oh my God. This is nuts.” Jed tells us “Oh my gosh, Big Brother. You always have a trick up your sleeve.” Jed tells us he is extremely excited to have an opportunity to fight his way back into this house. Tera tells us that she needs to tell Jed everything, because if she doesn’t get back into the house, he needs to go back with fire. In the HOHR, Tera tells him they were all against him. It had a name: “The Trap Door.” Tera tells us Jed needs to know who planned this “Trap Door,” who was in on it, and who turned the fastest. She is leaving nothing from Jed. In the HOHR, she tells him that it was Kiefer’s idea to get Jed to use the veto on Beth. Ty is a good liar, It only took Beth three hours to turn on him. Breydon is slimy too. Jed tells us that hearing all this information about his alliance pisses him off. He wants to get back in the house and show them that he isn’t someone to be pushed around. In the HOHR, they talk about how they all used Tera to get Jed out. In the Kitchen, the final four talk about no one having a deal with Tera. Tera warns Jed that if he gets back in the house, none of them are loyal to him and he will have to keep wining. He needs to get them out. We flash back to Arisa calling the (fake) final four into the LR to learn about the face-off between Jedson and Tera, and that one of them will be coming back into the house. Beth is screaming and running around the LR. Ty joins her while Kiefer laughs. Beth says Tera hates her. They just celebrated final four…she can’t have Tera back. Beth leaves the LR and Ty is telling Kiefer and Breydon that he is SO irritated. They did all that work. Perfectly executed. Breydon regrets that they didn’t get out Beth, but Ty thinks Jed would still come back angry. Kiefer asks if either of them told Beth anything. They think Tera might have exposed everything. Beth returns and says at least they know Tera didn’t have any deals with anyone. If she comes back, she’s clean slate. The competitions starts. Arisa tells Jedson and Tera that they have been given a second chance and can win their way back into the house. The loser will be off to jury and out of the game for good. The game is called “Heads will Roll.” They will each have three balls and must roll them one at a time up the ramp and land them on the ledge. The first to get all three balls onto the ledge will re-enter the game and have another shot at winning Big Brother Canada! Tera tells us “Yes!” She is down. Yes, she feels like garbage but she has been through some of the worst things in life and has survived. This is David vs. Goliath and she will fight to the end. Jed and Tera begin throwing their balls up the ramp as the other HGS watch on the LR TV. Beth comments that this is very hard. Tera tells us that the hardest part is finding a rhythm. There is a fine line between pushing your ball too hard and too soft. Jed tells us that it doesn’t seem like a smart idea to roll the balls straight up the ramp. His strategy is to roll them so they bang off the side bumpers. Jed gets the first ball onto the ledge. The HGS watch tensely. Beth tells us that watching Jed and Tera compete, the two people who have been going at it this whole game, is INSANE. She really wants Jed to walk back into this house. She does NOT want Tera back in! Come on Jed! Jed gets a second ball onto the ledge. Beth shouts “shut up!” and is beside herself, pacing. The competition continues. Kiefer comments that Jed has this for sure. Jed tells us that he is on his last ball and he can taste victory. Seeing the look on everyone’s faces is motivating him to keep going. He came to be a comp beast and that’s what he is going to be at the end of this game. As Jed tries for his third ball on the ledge, he knocks off one of the two balls that were already up. He is back to one ball on the ledge. Tera now has two balls on the ledge. Then Jed gets a second ball on again. Jed and Beth are both working on the third ball. Tera knocks her second ball off, but then gets another on the ledge. They both have two balls on the ledge. It’s a tense battle. Tera lands her third ball on the ledge and WINS HER BACK INTO THE HOUSE!!!!!! Tera tells us that she can’t even believe this!!! She just walked out the door and she is about to walk back in!! And who got her there? She did! She would like to thank “me” for all her hard work and for getting Jedson out, not once, but now twice. And she would like to thank “me” for saving her game in this house. Thank you Tera! Thank you very much!! Tera goes over to Jed and gives him a HUGE hug. She tells him she’s so sorry and that he has the biggest heart in this game. Jedson tells us sadly that Tera beat him fair and square and he knows his time in the BBCAN house has come to an end. He made it this far by playing true to himself and never wavering from that. He thinks that to get to the end ultimately you have to be cutthroat, betray people, lie and deceive, and those are things he finds hard to do. He looks downcast. In the LR, the HGs are speculating about who won. They did not see the end of the competition! They think there’s no way it’s not Jedson. Kiefer says he hates this game. Kiefer is sure it’s Jedson. We see Tera standing outside the house ready to re-enter as Kiefer tells us that his heart is pounding through his chest. If Jed walks through these doors right now, he is coming back with a vengeance! The door to the BY starts to raise, and the HGs in the LR jump to attention. They are screaming as Tera re-enters. She jokes with them “are you guys happy to see me? Breydon tells us that immediately he feels ill because they all did Tera so dirty. Ty tells us that he guesses it’s better to have Tera in the house than Jed, but his whole HOH feels like a waste. He went from final four back to final five. The HGs are so shocked to see Tera and ask her what happened. She tells them it took her TWO tries to get him out. Ty and Breydon are running around in reaction to Tera’s declaration “he is NOT coming back on my HOH!” Beth is quiet on the couch. Tera tells them it (sketch) of them to vote her out. They reply that it was only because she got Jed out. Beth is distraught as she tells us that this day is…blech. She doesn’t want Tera back in here. It’s literally a stab and twist to the stomach. She needs to lay down. In the OLG room Beth is making retching noises and moaning about how fake everyone is. She actually wants to barf. Beth says she can’t be fake. Sorry. She’s pissed. In the Destiny BR, Tera is celebrating alone. She is exhilarated by winning. She speaks to the camera. They are all going to be coming for her. How is she going to play this? By playing all of them. She lets them know NOTHING. She leaves the BR and gets hugs from Kiefer and Breydon. Tera tells us that everyone’s all excited that she’s back. They were all terrified of Jedson. She is laughing with them but she is not forgetting they all just did her dirty. Kiefer says she’s going to win the game and he will help her. She points out they just voted her out! Tera tells us that these guys have some explaining to do as to why they voted her out, but she still needs to play nice. Beth calls Ty on his comments about Jed being the biggest guy next to tiny Tera. They wonder if Jed knows what happened. Tera tells them she didn’t know where Jed was but she was in like a telephone booth with headphones. Tera tells us that the other HGs don’t need to know that she told Jed EVERYTHING. That’s HER little secret that she’s keeping in her pocket. Ty, Kiefer and Breydon keep speculating about what Jed knows and Tera changes the subject to ask them what they would have done if Jed came back. They say they would have lost the game. Tera says she can’t be mad because she’s back, but Kiefer calls her on it, saying that nah, she’s pissed. She says she’s pissed, but she’s happy. They have to talk though. Kiefer shouts with laughter. Beth is sitting back and is clearly not happy. Ty goes into the storage room and Breydon joins him. They talk about the result…they decide it’s the best case scenario in a bad situation. It would have been worse if Jed had come back with a vengeance. Tera joins them and asks them what happened. Why did they vote her out. Ty tells her she’s the best player in the game. She asks if they are just going to vote her out next week. Ty owns up that it was his direction, even though they all share in responsibility. She tells them she isn’t sure what to do now. If they were coming after her because she is a strong player, what should she do, since she just took him out again. They laugh and Breydon rushes over to hug her. Tera asks if she can have a week and could they please get Beth out this week? They say, yeah, Beth knows. We see Beth laying on the couch looking super sad. The conversation in the storage room continues. Tera doesn’t want to come back to just go out again. Ty says she deserves that. Kiefer is laughing at Beth being all sombre. Beth calls out to Ty and he goes out to her. She asks him if everyone in the pantry is being fake. She says she can’t. She’s out of energy. Ty moans about his HOH being pointless. He says if he can’t play, it’s up to the rest. Ty thinks if Tera wins HOH, he will probably go up on the block. Beth says she would have loved to see Jed’s face. Beth goes to the Expedia room and is talking to Jed. It’s too much, she says. She misses him. This place is so hard. She dissolves into tears, covering her face. Tears are streaming down the side of her face. Ty and Beth chat in the Expedia room. She asks Ty what happened. Beth tells us that now that Jed isn’t in the house, she is feeling alone. She isn’t sure where she stands with Ty and needs to make things completely right between them. Ty tells Beth that he and Jed had a final two from the start. As things developed with Jed and Beth, he felt that Jed would choose his girlfriend over his bromance. Then when Beth tried to get Ty to go up on the block, he felt he must have “idiot” written on his forehead and he felt expendable. When you feel expendable to someone, then they are expendable to you. Beth asks Ty if he knew that he and Kiefer would vote out Jed when she was taken off the block. Ty says no. He says they had to do it. He knew he would be the swing vote. Beth asks how they stand with Kiefer and Ty says he never fully knows. In the Destiny BR, Tera lays on the bed pondering. Tera tells us that walking back into the house, she had SO much adrenaline and was on a high. Now she feels defeated. Like she’s always fighting to prove her worth in this house and she has another uphill battle ahead of her. Kiefer joins her and asks “what’s going on Trick Shot” Tera says she is thinking about her demise. He sympathizes, saying she’s been through it today. She apologizes for being emotional and he says she’s entitled considering what’s happened. Tera tells Kiefer she’s trying to play it cool but she’s worried she looks bad. We flash back to Beth’s eviction speech saying that Tera has never kept her word. She’s worried how her kids will see her. Kiefer says they will think she’s a super hero. She just beat Jedson. Twice. Tera is cheered up and starts laughing about the David and Goliath size difference. She tells Kiefer she still wants to work with him and that he’s the only person she trusts. She hopes she can survive one more week. In the Kitchen, Ty is pouring tea and telling Breydon that he doesn’t think he’s really lied to people. Not really. Breydon suggests that Ty is just vague. Breydon tells us that he and Ty have been getting a lot closer and chatting a lot more, and Ty is someone he can 100% trust in this game. They speculate on what the HOH comp will be. Ty tells us that since Austin left he has been spending a lot of time with Breydon, fostering this relationship. He knows Breydon likes him Since Ty can’t play in the HOH comp this week, he really hopes his investment in Breydon pays off. If Breydon can win HOH and keep TY safe this week, that would be HUGE. They talk about the HOH and Veto that they won being fake, but Breydon says...no, the COMP wins were real! Breydon tells us that he feels like he needs to win this HOH. It’s his to win, and he needs to prove to everyone that he is a competitor. He knows he won a “fake” veto, but he WILL win a REAL HOH. It’s time for the HOH competition. Ty is hosting and everyone is dressed up! The competitors are isolated in their own booths in front of a colourful “Big Brother Trivia” wheel (looks like a Wheel of Fortune wheel). The competition is called “All in to Win” At the start of each round, Ty will spin the wheel to determine the category. Before he asks the question, they will be able to place a bet based on their knowledge of that category. Each competitor has a stack of poker chips. If they answer the question correctly, they earn their chips back, plus the amount they bet If incorrect, they lose their bet. They can bet up to five chips per question, until the final question, where they can choose to go all in. The HG with the most poker chips after seven questions will be the new HOH. Tera reminds us that these people just voted her out. She needs to win HOH to ensure her safety or they will just do it again. Beth tells us that Tera can NOT win this HOH comp. She has the best resume in the house for getting Jed out. Twice! Beth says that Tera’s not happy….she’s seeing red and no one knows what Tera will do. Ty spins the wheel and the category is “Good Times.” Kiefer tells us that they all start with ten chips and they can wager up to five chips at a time. He’s a gambling man. He likes to gamble and he’s feeling lucky. The HGs place their bets and Ty asks the question. On day 35 when BB surprised them with videos from home, whose loved one appeared 4th? Was it A. Tina or B. Victoria? The HGs place a card in a slot to choose A or B. Tera tells us she is so paranoid in her head. She is second-guessing her intuition. The correct answer is A. Breydon and Beth are correct. Tera tells us she loses five chips. She doesn’t know what other people gambled, but she really needs to start being smarter than this. Ty spins for the next category: “Comp Beast” The HGs place their bets and Ty asks “in minutes, how long did Victoria hold her bucket in “Drop in the Bucket” Is it A. 77 minutes or B. 88 minutes. They lock their answer…the correct answer is B and Breydon gets it right. Breydon tells us that his strategy is to bet three each time. One or two doesn’t do anything. Three will get him a return without risking that much. The next category is “Spilling Tea.” Bets are placed. Tera tells us that she needs to hold onto whatever chips she has and hope that other people will lose theirs. She can’t be completely out of this comp. Ty asks who said “if you did hear your name, you should have heard your name, because we’re here to play Big Brother.” Was it A. Latoya or B. Julie. The answer is A and they all get it right. Beth tells us this competition is pretty tough. All she can see is what’s in front of her with her own chips. She has no clue what’s gping on with anyone else’s. You are really just banking on yourself at this point. Ty announces the next category: “Wild Card” and asks “how many days in total did the house spend divided into the Destiny and Defender teams? Was it A. 13 days or B. 15 days? The answer is A and all get it right. Ty spins again and the category is “Comp Beasts.” In minutes, how long did Austin hold up her bow in “Arch Rival.” Was it A. 60 minutes or B. 68 minutes. The answer is A and they all get it wrong, losing their bets. Ty announces that the category is “Sad Nots.” Kiefer tells us he is down to three chips. Regardless of the category, he knows he has to bet all three because he needs to catch up. Time is running out. Ty asks how many HGs were never a have-not? Was it A. 2 or B. 3? The answer is B. Breydon, Kiefer and Beth are correct. Kiefer tells us that he gets it right. His wager has paid off and he feels like he might still have a chance in this competition. They are down to the seventh and final question. Ty reminds them they can go all in. The category is “Good Times.” We see Breydon has collected quite a stack of chips and he tells us that everyone in the house thinks he is an air head, but he has been observing things all season and he needs to secure his spot in the final four. Let’s stack them on there, and let’s roll! Beth is cringing as she prepares to pick up her entire stack of chips. She tells us that we’re in final five and you gotta put all your eggs in the basket at this point. She thinks she’s willing to do this. She’ll either win or lose. Let’s roll! She goes all in. Ty asks the final question. On what day did the haves serve dinner to the have-nots? Was it A. 30 or B. 31? The correct answer is B and they are all correct. Ty tells them to pay themselves out. Beth is elated that she bet everything she had and it paid off! She has 28 chips, baby! Let’s go! She has this in the bag! Ty announces that they have a tie between Breydon and Beth. Beth tells us “come on! I mean to a T? 28 chips? She went all in and she deserves this! Ty asks Breydon and Beth to get out their chalkboards for the tie-breaker question. At the end of “Don’t Upset the Apple Cart” how many apples were stacked on all five players’ wheelbarrows? Breydon and Beth do some quick calculating and give their answers. Breydon wrote 122, Beth wrote 113. Answers are locked. Ty tells them it was 122 apples. Breydon won HOH!!!! Breydon tells us excitedly that he just won his first HOH!!! What a great feeling! Breydon has to pick two people as have-nots for the week. Beth and Kiefer volunteer. Tera is impressed …that’s so nice that they volunteered. As the HGs go back inside, Breydon is celebrating that he has an HOH just like everyone else! Thank God! Breydon tells us that now he can literally say that he made the top four of season 9 of Big Brother Canada! Who would have thought? Beth tells us she’s very disappointed. She really wanted to win this HOH. Coming close in a competition doesn’t matter in the Big Brother house. You either win and secure your safety, or you have to fight for it all week long. Who will Breydon send to the block? And who will win the Power of Veto? Find out Wednesday, 7pm Eastern!
  7. 4:55 PM BBT Beth joins Jed in the HOHR right after he has made his pitch to Kiefer and Ty. She asks how it went and he said it was good. They listened intently. He describes his pitch to Beth... basically that he is loyal and really wants to go to final four with them. He would be really broken up if Tera is the one that split them up. He would go out with his head held high if one of the four got him out. He is better for their games. If he goes, Kiefer will be number one target. For Ty, he has been riding with him the whole game, and he claims he put his own game in jeopardy to prevent Ty from hitting the block. He is sitting next to Breydon who has been on the other side of the house and who hasn't been playing the game. If Breydon stays, Jed thinks he will float to the end and win...Breydon is more dangerous than they give him credit for.
  8. 1:32 PM BBT Tera and Kiefer talking about who they would want to compete against, and who is good at what. They speculate about what Beth is good at and whether Beth really threw the veto comp to Tera. 1:41 PM BBT Beth and Breydon at the kitchen table talking about evicted HGs. 1:43 PM BBT Tera and Kiefer talking about Haida Gwaii. Tera would love to go out and visit. Her and Blueline could come out. Tera misses Blueline, but she is much more ready to take risks on her own. They talk about which of them was more paranoid.
  9. 12:07 PM BBT Tera is teaching a yoga class with Jed and Ty in the Expedia room. She tells them they are doing great and "mama" is very proud. Kiefer and Breydon are flaking out on the couches in the OLG room. The exciting news there is that "they got paper towel" (Breydon) Kiefer can't wait to have unlimited cashew milk when he gets out of the house. They agree it's going to be a long day. Breydon is wondering where Beth is. 12:24 PM BBT Kiefer sing-songing "I wanna play soccer on Haida Gwai" as he lays on the couch in the OLG room. Breydon now in the storage room with Beth dancing and singing around. Beth sitting on the counter and commenting on Breydon's "little butt" and asks if he has noticed he has lost weight. Breydon says yeah....he's noticed it on his belt. Beth says that's intense and hopes he is healthy.
  10. 4:35 PM BBT Jed and Beth are in the HOHR listening to music while Breydon and Tera are cleaning the kitchen. Jed and Beth talk about how disappointed they are in Ty. Especially after they carried him to final 5. They feel like it's going to be hard to be nice to him. Jed says they don't need Ty anyway...they just need Kief. "Kief is a much more rational guy."
  11. Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Tera scored a veto win, The Sauce set their sights on their own ally (Kiefer) and the loyal Sunsetter walked straight into the firing range. Things were looking like Kiefer’s sun had set, but the mullet man stepped out of the grave, found his spark again, then fanned the flames of mistrust, and “The Grim Kiefer” rose from the dead and resurrected his game. But when Jed shared the news, Beth felt betrayed by the boys. Despite the divide, on eviction night, a 3-1 vote sent Tina to jury and Kiefer’s game-saving miracle was complete. At an HOH comp for the books, the odds looked good for the Sunsetters, but in a complete head-turner, the thorn in the Sunsetters’ side came out of nowhere and snatched the HOH crown, and the “Reign of Tera” officially began. Tonight, with a Tera-fying HOH behind the wheel, who’s taking a trip to the block? Has The Sauce finally hit the skids? How many Sunsetters CAN fit under a bus? Uncharted territory ahead on Big Brother Canada! We pick up at the eviction ceremony as Tina leaves the house. Kiefer tells us that he just survived the craziest week of his life in this game. He’s been working with the Sunsetters forever, but Jedson put him up on the block. He was definitely going up on the block until he convinced them to keep him here. They aren’t going to take him, and Kiefer knows that now. They kept Kiefer in the game and that could be their biggest mistake. If this David vs Goliath, he’s down to battle with the Davids. Beth tells us that they saved Kiefer this week. It was the best move for them. They have the numbers with four Sunsetters and Breydon on their side. All they have to do is win this HOH and it’s free rolling from here. Tera tells us that Tina just left and she is choked. Tina was Tera’s best friend in the house, and although she’s built other relationships, she can’t trust anyone at this point. The power trio has been running the house and have sent home all her friends. There is an HOH up for grabs and she needs to win it to secure her safety. We flash back to the conclusion of the HOH competition to see Tera declared the new HOH. We see the celebrations and hugs as Ty tells us that this is the worst case scenario for The Sauce. We put her on the block the last two weeks and just sent her best friend home. He thinks they’re in big trouble and Ty is hella worried right now. Jedson puts Tera on the spot… as new HOH she has to name have-nots for the week. She laughs and tells them they already know who it’s going to be: Jedson, Ty and Beth. She’s sorry. The HGs head back into the house. Kiefer whispers to Tera in the kitchen. Kiefer tells us that this morning he talked to Tera and told her that he and Breydon are with her. They have her back. If she goes against the big three, she’s not going it alone. Kiefer tells Tera that the trio is shook. Tera points out that she needs to do this in a way that she doesn’t get immediately booted next week. Kiefer tells her that he is going to win next week. This is a war and Tera is the general. Breydon, Kiefer and Ty celebrate with lots of jumping around and little sound in the storage room. Tera wants to make the trio sweat all week. Kiefer wants to take this to the end after the Trio tossed him to the trash. Breydon is just so happy they finally won one. Tera says it’s an important one too. Kief tells Tera that she is great in the second half. Ty and Beth in the Defender BR. Ty is upset that they weren’t even close. Beth feels sick that she didn’t see that coming. If she gets sent home by Tera this week, she’s going to snap. Jed joins them and comments that it’s worst-case scenario. Beth says they can make it through, but she isn’t sure about Kief. Jed and Beth are talking how they are going to pitch to Tera. Ty tells us that he doesn’t know what these two are thinking, but they should be very worried right now. The Trio are in the kitchen cooking and talking about scenarios. Jed tells us that he, Beth and Tychon have not touched the block yet. They have been playing a pretty perfect game, but are at risk this week. Their best-case scenario is that Tera only puts one of them up. Then the other two control the vote and they can survive the week. Jed and Beth are talking themselves up. Tera is sitting nearby….from the DR she tells us that she doesn’t know, or if they just don’t care, that she can hear part of what they are saying. In the Kitchen, the trio are eating and talking about laying things out for Tera and joking and laughing about how much control they have in the game. Tera tells us that it’s really cute that they are laughing now, but she will have the last laugh when TWO of them are sitting on the block. Tera comes out of the DR shouting “who wants to see my HOH room” She leads the way and everyone comes in to check out her pictures and her basket. Tera is excited for her letter. It’s from her dad and mom. Tera tells us that she is so close to her parents and has been dying to hear what they think about this whole experience. She begins reading “My dearest Tera, I have always known you have incredible talent to achieve whatever you set your mind to do in life, my one and only daughter. Your kids are doing great. P.S. I miss you xo You got this Tiger Tera” Jed and Beth chat in the OLG room. Beth wonders how they should act, and is most concerned about Jed. Beth tells us that she needs Tera to think that Beth will turn on Jed or Ty and backdoor them, but really it’s an effort to save both of them so that The Sauce can go into next week as a trio. Beth finds Tera in the Expedia room. She starts by telling Tera that the things they say stay between them. Tera says she doesn’t know what to do. Beth tells her she has options and they have to set it up so that Tera goes to final four with the trio. Tera says she can’t see why it would be beneficial to go to final four with the two boys. Beth says that as close as she is with them, the move is to go against them. Tera wants to know who Beth prefers to go. Beth says she doesn’t care. She isn’t here for a boyfriend and whatever Tera needs done this week, Beth can help her. Tera says she just needs to make sure that her shot hits. Kiefer is waiting for Tera in HOHR. She walks in and tells Kiefer she needs to know that Kiefer is not going back on her. Kiefer says he is all in. All they needed was Breydon and Breydon is ready to go. Breydon joins them and they talk about the trio not surviving. They plan to work on Ty. He has no end game with the trio. They talk about Beth being sneaky and Tera relays how she listened to the trio talking in the kitchen. Tera wants to make sure none of them use the veto so Breydon and Kiefer are not vulnerable. Breydon wonders about the alliance name, and Kiefer tells them both about the Sunsetters. Kiefer doesn’t realize the trio has their own alliance name. Kiefer tells Ty that he doesn’t need the four anymore and there’s nothing he won’t do now. Ty says he wasn’t sure. Kiefer advises Ty that the only way to win is to cut ties. Kiefer tells us that this week is pivotal in shifting the power of the house away from the Sunsetters and over to a cast of unruly underdogs. Tychon is a huge piece they need to bring to their side, and he thinks they can do it. Tychon and Kiefer talk about scenarios. Kiefer makes it clear that his loyalty to himself and that he thinks Ty’s best bet is Breydon and Kiefer. He tells Ty not to burn bridges with him, because he’s going to win the next HOH. Kiefer drives home that there is no way Ty can win with Jed and Beth. Ty tells us that Kiefer is making some strong points, but the thought of turning on his alliance…he’s not sure he can do it. However, we are getting near the end and he has to start playing for himself at some point, and this might be his chance to make that move. Right now, Ty’s looking at the game like a game of chess. The queen is the most dangerous piece and that’s Jed. The king would be Beth, because Jed will protect her at all costs. But she doesn’t seem to want to protect anyone. Tera’s the rook. The rook moves in straight lines. In this game, Tera is straight shooter. The knight is tricky and difficult to read and you don’t know what moves they are going to make. The knight is Kiefer. Breydon is the pawn. In this game, Breydon hasn’t made any big moves and has been seen as expendable. Himself? Ty is the Bishop. The bishop needs to work with others to take out the king and/or the queen. The goal of chess is to hit checkmate, and all he’s thinking right now is…he has to make all the right moves in this game to hit checkmate. In the Defender BR, Beth is telling herself she is a genius letting Jedson thinking this is his move, but it’s her move. Jedson comes in and Beth tells him she needs to go to Tera and suggest that they backdoor one of the boys. They talk options and agree that the story should be that the plan is to backdoor Jed. Beth goes to Ty and explains to him that she is going to go to Breydon today and have him fully convinced they are going to backdoor either Jed and Ty. Beth tells us that she absolutely needs Ty to feel comfortable with this plan. If he goes up on the block against Breydon, Ty will be fine because they have the numbers to save him. She just needs him to be comfortable being on the block. Ty is skeptical of her plan. For one thing, Breydon isn’t going to sit on the block voluntarily. How does that work for Ty? Ty tells us that Beth is implying that he should take one for the team and go on the block. That’s not happening. That means he’s expendable. “Why don’t YOU go on the block, BETH?” In the BR, Beth asks Ty what he’s thinking and comments he seems off today. She affirms they can get through as a trio and then tells him she should go talk to Breydon. Ty is not happy. Kiefer tells us that Beth is on fire this morning. She’s in full scramble mode and he’s gotten wind of the bizarre schemes she’s cooking. In the kitchen, Kiefer gives Breydon the heads-up on Beth’s plan to get Breydon to volunteer to go on the block. Beth grabs Breydon and asks to talk in the Expedia room. She suggests this is the week to do something crazy…to backdoor Jed. He’s the biggest threat. Breydon plays along. Beth tells Breydon that Tera isn’t sure about putting up both Jed and Ty and pissing them both off. In that situation, Breydon could go up as a pawn. Breydon says okay. Beth is encouraged and says they should all go to Tera with the exact same plan. Breydon tells us he can’t believe this is what the pitch is. It’s gotten to the point where people are delusional. She thinks that Breydon will volunteer to go on the block?? He’s gooped. His jaw is on the floor. In the Expedia room, Beth continues her pitch saying that they would put it on their resume that they got Jed out. It wouldn’t go on Tera’s resume at all. Beth tells us that she spoke to Breydon about the plan to “backdoor Jed,” but she really needs to get in Tera’s head and start planting some seeds to really get Breydon up there and keep The Sauce up there for one more week. This is a brilliant plan, and they CAN do it. Beth and Tera talk in the OLG room. Tera tells Beth she really wants to avoid putting Beth on the block, but there is a visible trio that has to be split up. Beth tells Tera that she wants that and asks what the scenarios are. Breydon won’t touch the block? Beth relays what she told Breydon about the plan to “backdoor Jed” and tells Tera Breydon told her that he expects to go on the block. Jed and Ty think that Beth would vote Breydon off for them, which is perfect. Beth tells Tera that she wants Tera in final four, and she weirdly trusts Tera the most. Kiefer and Tera talk in the OLG room, their usual spot. They are laughing at how Beth and Jed are throwing Ty under the bus hard and how they don’t want Jed to touch the block. It’s crazy. Beth is doing way too much. Beth is fighting harder than he ever anticipated. The trio is done. Kiefer relays, incredulously, that Beth went to Ty to get Ty to volunteer to go on the block. Tera is shocked and mystified. Jed has to go up and she is NOT using Breydon as a pawn. She doesn’t trust the trio not to vote out Kiefer. Tera says she doesn’t know who to put up next to Jed. Tera tells us that she is taking Ty to Wendy’s because Ty is in the power trio she is trying to dismantle. She needs to see where his head is at in this game. They go to the HOHR and check out the Wendy’s menu. Tera goes to the storage room to get their order, and more importantly, her video. It’s from her husband and kids, and the kids chime in unison “who wants to see my HOH room?” Her husband congratulates her on winning HOH. He isn’t at all surprised. The kids tell her they love and miss her. Tera tells us that seeing their faces and remembering why she is here…she is doing this for them…she will not give up now! On the video, her family shouts encouragement to “go get ‘em, Babe! We love you!” Tera is grinning ear-to-ear as she picks up their order. “That was awesome!” Tera brings the food back to Ty in the HOHR and they set up their feast. Tera asks Ty how he is feeling…she wants to pick his brain. Ty explains that if he is going to win this game, or get close to winning, there are certain people he can’t be standing next to. Tera asks what is more dangerous to her…a showmance or a bromance. Ty talks about how he is grouped into the trio but he has no real decision-making power. He’s a third wheel in a showmance. He doesn’t believe Jed or Beth will turn on each other, no matter what they say. Tera relays what Beth told her. Ty says it would be terrible for his game to use the veto if she put up Jed and Beth. Having them both in the game is scary for him. How does he win? Ty goes to the OLG room, where Kiefer and Breydon are talking. Tychon tells us that he’s been riding with Jed and Beth throughout the whole game and now that their backs are against the wall, it seems that Beth wants to throw Ty under the bus. He’s not down for that. In the OLG room, they talk about the gall and the nerve they have to suggest they volunteer. Jed and Beth must think they are idiots. Kiefer says that there’s no such thing as a back door when everyone plays in the veto. Breydon says “it’s a screen door.” They marvel that Beth tells people different stories and then expects no one will talk with one another. Beth checks in with Tera in the HOHR. Tera tells Beth that she is a straight shooter and then tells Beth that she will go up next to Jed. That’s only because she has much assurance that Beth will not go even if Jed comes down. As much as Tera thinks that Beth will cut Jed, she isn’t sure that Beth will do it now. Beth is angry and Tera points out that Beth and Jed have both put Tera up. Tera says she doesn’t see a scenario where Beth goes home. Beth can’t believe that Tera trusts Ty more than her, and that Kiefer is not on her radar. She wishes Tera was not burning bridges and tells Tera that Kiefer was sending Tera home this week. Beth goes on to throw Breydon under the bus as well and gives Tera the gears…she claims Tera promised on her kids that she wouldn’t put Beth on the block. Beth claims she threw the POV to Tera and points out that she has been talking to Tera a long time, and the guys are only talking to her now and telling her what she wants to hear. Tera walks away and tells Beth to come back to her. Beth tells us that she is extremely shocked. If Tera believes that Jed is going home this week, Ty clearly didn’t do his part in the plan. “Are you kidding me, Ty? Come ON” In the Kitchen, Beth tells Jed that she doesn’t know what Ty said in there, but he screwed them over. Then she says that Ty said he would vote Jed out no matter what. Ty comes in and they ask him what he said to Tera. Beth says that Tera told her that Ty would stay in every scenario and that Tera is hearing from everyone that Beth will not cut Jed right now. Ty clarifies that he only spoke about veto and not about vote, but he doesn’t know what Kiefer is saying. He only told Tera that he doesn’t trust Jed and Beth not to cut him, which is what he was supposed to say. He says it’s not worst-case, but Beth says it is. The whole point is that they don’t have two of them on the block this week. Ty points out (again) that it’s unrealistic to think that could happen. Beth tells them she drove it home hard to Tera that Kiefer is lying to Tera’s face. Jed asks Beth if she brought up the idea of putting Breydon up and Beth nods. Ty asks Beth why Tera would put Breydon up. He knows she doesn’t want to. Beth declares that Tera might put Breydon up now because she was so convincing. Ty asks if Beth believes that. Beth leaves in a huff and Jed says Tera might put Breydon up. Ty asks “for what reason?” In the HOHR, Kiefer asks Tera if she needs a break from game talk. Tera says no and relays Beth’s reaction to the news about Jed and Beth going up. Tera is hesitating because of Beth’s wrath. Beth expects Breydon to put up Breydon because he’s skated by. Kiefer lists Breydon’s resume. Kiefer reminds Tera she can’t please everybody. It’s time for nominations. The lights go down and the house glows red as Tera comes from the HOHR and descends the stairs. Tera tells us the trio has been sitting pretty this entire game and now is the perfect time to take a shot at one of them. While making a big move is imperative, she also has to worry about her safety next week. She has to make sure that when she takes her shot, she doesn’t miss. Tera stands before the HGs in the living room and reminds the HGs that as HOH she has the duty of nominated two HGs for eviction. Her first nominee is Jedson. Jedson takes his seat. Tera states that her second nominee is Beth and Beth joins Jed. Tera explains her nominations. Jedson because he has proven to be a very powerful and influential play in this game, not to mention that last week he sent her #1 packing. Tera nominated Beth because as much as she would love to trust Beth, she knows that Beth is equally powerful as Jedson. When both were in a position of power, they put her game in jeopardy, and she is simply returning the favour. There is a crucial power of veto up for grabs and she wishes them the best of luck in fighting for it for themselves. This nomination ceremony is complete. Jed tells us “Tera girl, you really messed up with this one. We’re gonna stay this week and you can’t play next week. You’ll be going home. I’m sorry. Your fifteen minutes of fame are about to come to an end. Beth tells us “I just hit the block on day 49. They finally got me. Oh Tera. You just blew your only relationship in the house.” Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Jedson or Beth fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday night, 7pm Eastern.
  12. Arisa comes on to talk about Nikki Grahame, who was a HG on BBCAN4, and who passed away Friday April 9th. She was a legend who, from the UK to Canada, paved the way for people to be uniquely and unapologetically themselves. Nikki was an absolute original, who spread so much joy and laughter and love to millions of people all over the world. We all send our love to all her family and friends and anyone whose lives she touched, even through a TV screen. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with an eating disorder or mental health issues, please reach out. It’s never too soon or too late. From everyone in the Big Brother Canada family, we love you Nikki. Rest in Peace. Previously on Big Brother Canada, after HOH Beth laid the blueprint for Spicy V’s blindside, and Rohan followed the plan, the savvy Sunsetter sent Vic up the crick. Shocked by the betrayal, Victoria played up the pain to prove her loyalty. Then, Beth and the boys wanted a show of allegiance, so Vic took a big swing at Tera, but the tiny terror swung back. But it was all for naught, and on eviction night, the new Queen B led a unanimous vote that sent Spicy V twerking her way to jury. Then, Big Brother dropped another doozy…a double eviction. At the flash HOH competition, history was on the line, and when Kiefer took the crown, the three-time champ nominated Breydon and Rohan as his target. With the veto king needing to win four in a row, the stage was set, but Tychon’s amazing swordplay left Ro’s life in the Sunsetter’s hands. When the vote went down, it was final curtains for the Ro Show. Tonight, who’s got the balls to become the next HOH? Can anyone topple the Sunsetter’s kingdom? It’s sweet when you’re on top! We pick up at Rohan’s eviction. He says his good-byes and leaves to shouts and applause. The remaining HGs celebrate surviving the double eviction. Jed tells us he was terrified of when the double eviction was coming and is so glad he was able to survive with his alliance still strong. They sent Spicy V home and sent Rohan on the road as well. He could not have written it any better. Kiefer tells us that everything went according to plan. He knew he would win that competition…he’s locked and loaded for any competition that has to do with memory. This is why he’s in an alliance with two of the buffest guys in the house. They can win the strength comps and he can win the strength comps. Every eviction night they crush someone’s dreams in order to keep their dreams going. Breydon tells us that it’s upsetting losing Rohan. He worked so hard this week to keep him safe. Breydon feels good with Beth, Ty and Jed, but it’s time for Breydon to win something and be the one making the game decisions. Beth asks us “How am I here? How are me, Ty and Jed here?” She add, “It’s crazy!” Beth tells us that the night before eviction they were going back and forth on whether they should keep Victoria or not. She was playing until the end, playing with their emotions, dragging everyone’s name through the mud. We see Vic talking to the four Sunsetters and explaining that Breydon and Ro are working together, and that Ro is working both sides of the house. They are his last choice and she is surprised they are okay with that. They can’t trust Breydon, Vic advises. From the DR, Beth thanks Vic for the info. It’s really going to help Beth moving forward, but…have fun in the jury! There can only be one bad b*tch in this house, and it’s Beth. We see the Sunsetters in the OLG room crowing about getting rid of two of the biggest players and congratulating themselves. Kiefer affirms they are going final four all the way, and they are the best alliance that’s ever played this game. Beth and Jed affirm “the four of us!” Tina and Tera in the Destiny BR talk about surviving the double, but they are focussed on what’s next. Tina positively states they could win HOH. Tina tells us that even though she has been working closely with Tera, it’s important for her to maintain a certain level of presence within the Sunsetters because they are controlling the vote. The Sunsetters talk a lot about loyalty and trust, so technically she should be good until final 5, but in the game of Big Brother, you never really know. In the Kitchen, Ty tells Jed, Beth and Kiefer that everyone who has gone home, he didn’t trust, except Latoya. Jed recaps what has happened since Latoya left. Kiefer tells the trio that he knew that Victoria was the Invisible HOH. She wanted to put up the boys but Kiefer talked about it. Jed says he feels better about sending Vic home. Kiefer leave and goes to the WA, congratulating himself in the mirror while the trio talks about whether Kiefer just lied to them. Tychon tells us that Kiefer thinks he telling them this info to build trust, but it’s actually backfired. It looks like they can’t trust Kief as much as they thought they could. Kiefer puffs up in front of the mirrors, shouting “Let’s go!” Breydon, Tina, and Tera chat in the OLG room. What a day it’s been. Tera asks how Breydon is feeling, and he says it’s a lot, but at least they’re here. Tera feels like a fixture in the house, and so does Breydon. Tera wonders how they can get them out…there are no numbers left. The trio could each go to the end and never eat slop. Breydon says it’s humiliating, and they now each have a win. Tera tells us that last week was brutal and things aren’t looking good for her side of the house. But at the end of the day, there’s a new HOH tomorrow. There’s always time to turn it all around. Everyone knows that in this house, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Kiefer tells us that in this game, emotions are constantly running high, running low and rarely in between. When you make it through something like the double eviction, it’s nice to take a pause and just enjoy the moment. To sit down at a table and to be at the final 7, half-way through this game, with people you’ve made insane bonds with…it’s something truly special. We see the HGs gathered around the dining table and talking about how far they’ve come. Tina never expected to get this far, so she’s thrilled. Kiefer is grateful for all the friendships and it means a lot to him to be representing indigenous people. He’s glad he can honour them. He was raised by a community and now they can see the fruits of their labour. Jed really feels it’s a BBCAN family. They will always his family and it’s an experience he won’t share with anyone else. Ty makes a toast to Top 7 loyal real people. Beth is talking to herself in the storage room, going through scenarios. She thinks Kiefer is sitting pretty. Everyone is taking Kiefer with them. She thinks Breydon is their only hope for taking Kiefer out. That’s the move. He’s the next Victoria, the next big thing. In the Expedia room, Tera is doing yoga and giving herself a pep talk. Her vs. Her and no one else. She needs her brother today. She is emotional remembering the brother that she lost. Tera tells us that this HOH is so important to her. If she doesn’t win, she’s going back on the block. She needs to stay calm and focussed. She’s ready to dig deep. Kiefer introduces the HOH competition. The HGs are lined up behind colour down-arrow podiums. Kiefer explains that the competition is called Ball Pit Blitz. On go, they will race to the ball pit room and search for white balls. Each white ball they find and place in the arrows on their podium is worth 1 point. They may only bring five balls at a time. The twist is that there are also white balls with red x’s on them. Every x-marked ball they bring back and place in an opponent’s tube will take away one point from their score. So think carefully about who you want to target. The HG with the most points after 20 minutes will be the new HOH! Jed tells us that the only person in his mind who can’t win this comp is Tera. She is the only one who has been saying his name directly. He knows that given the opportunity, Tera would take a shot at him, Ty, and Beth. The competition begins and the HGs competing dash into the house, and dive into the ball pit. They are madly digging in the ball pit. Beth tells us that there are so many people in the ball pit right now. You are digging in one spot and think you’ve found something, and someone runs through your spot that you’re digging through. It’s not as easy as it looks. Breydon is the first one to come back with a white ball for his podium, followed closely by Ty. Breydon tells us that his strategy is to ignore all the x balls, because he knows it’s just who has the most balls. Tychon tells us that this is mayhem!! He doesn’t have the greatest eye for detail, but cardio is part of his regular workout so he thinks he has a good chance of winning this comp. Jed tells us that he, Beth, and Tychon have the same target in Tera. Tera is a wild card who will take a random big shot if given the opportunity. He really can’t have her winning this week. Kiefer notes that Jedson and Breydon have the most white balls accumulated in their podiums. Tera, Tychon, and Tina each bring in a batch. Tina tells us that it definitely takes speed and endurance…something she doesn’t have. She doesn’t want to fall and crack her neck, so she’s hesitant on diving in there. We see Beth and Jedson dropped x-marked balls in Tera’s tube. Jedson tells us that Tera’s tube is filling up very quickly. He hopes this is enough to prevent her winning the competition. Kiefer calls ten minutes remaining. Jed adds more x-marked balls to Tera’s tube. Tera tells us that staring this competition she’s feeling good, but the only problem is that every time she gets to her station, her red-x tube is filling up faster than she can fill up her arrow. Kiefer notes that Breydon might be in the lead. Breydon tells us he was just on the block for this double eviction. He has lost his best ally, so he needs to gun for this HOH and win this competition! Jedson’s arrow is filled up and he has to use his overflow basket to keep collecting white balls. Breydon also starts using his overflow basket. We see the HGs in the ball pit…there are not many white balls left. They find Kiefer’s glasses in the ball pit. Tera is struggling. It’s hard when it’s five to one. Tera tells us she knows there is no way to catch up when she’s starting at negative 12. She’s not wasting her energy anymore. She leaves the ball pit and goes to stand by her podium. Tera is pacing and shouting that everyone just gave Jed her vote. They are all a bunch of cowards. Jed will walk to the end and she will vote for him. Kiefer takes exception to being called a coward. Kiefer tells her he will win this game. She thinks they will cut him next. Jed comes in and Tera tells him he has her vote….good job, four against one…they crushed it Jed returns to the ball pit and tells the others that Tera is talking trash to him. Kiefer calls 2 minutes left. Tina tells us that she saw the amount of balls that Jed and Breydon had and decided to take a breather. Tera is still pacing and now telling Tina they never stood a chance. Breydon tells us that he’s findindg balls left and right. He may be doing the damn thing right now…is he going to win? Jed tells us that Tera is out of the competition but he notices Breydon is doing surprising well. He can’t have Breydon win either, so he needs to kick it into high gear. Time is up. Big Brother has verified the count and the results are in. In last place with 13 points, is Tera. Tera speaks up and asks if they know they can’t win as a team. Jed says it’s an individual game and they didn’t talk once. Tera tries to tell the others that Jed is going to win and he has her vote. Beth tells us that Tera hasn’t played on a team the entire season and look where that’s gotten her. Looks like you lost the game Tera. At their podiums, Beth comments that they should have voted Tera out before jury. Kiefer continues with the results. Next to last, with 26 points, is Tina. Beth had a total of 32 points. Tychon had 33 points. It all comes down to Jedson and Breydon. The winner, with a total of 64 points, is…..Jedson!!! The trio celebrates, while Tera looks on cynically. Jed tells us “let’s go baby! HOH! First one of the season!” He is hyped right now. Kiefer announces that there will be no have-nots this week. The HGs go back into the house. Jed tells us that the Isosceles triangle (the trio) has been on fire in competitions lately, and he’s so pumped he could pull out the win for them. Beth and Jed celebrate with kisses in the storage room, and congratulate them. Jed thinks this IS a team game…until the end. Beth is so proud of him. Ty comes in and they exchange hugs. They put their hands together with triangle hand-shapes as a sign of their alliance. In tears, Tera tells us that Big Brother is an individual game. She doesn’t know why everyone is playing on a team. There was nothing individual about that competition. She was target number 1 right from the jump. She is emotional as she tells us she wanted her family to see something that made them proud. She keeps hitting wall after wall after wall and it’s so hard to want to keep fighting when you’re always losing. Jed joins Tera, who is despondent in the Expedia room. She explains why she is upset and Jed asks if she meant what she said. Tera tells him he probably does have her vote. He has played a super-impressive game. He hasn’t even touched the block and no one has even looked at him. People had opportunities and then those people got taken out. She probably would advocate for him if he is in final 2. He says that’s fair but it does paint a target on his back. Tera really doesn’t think it matters. She has no influence. Tera says it’s not that she didn’t want to work with him, but she knew there was no room for her at his table. Jed claims she is just assuming that and that he would have worked with her. Jed comes out of the DR shouting to the other HGs about his HOH room. They all dash upstairs and gush over all of Jed’s family pictures. He checks out the Wendy’s tablet and the rest of his basket. His little sister sent her blanket. The letter is from his dad. “First of all, sendin gcongratulations on winning the HOH. I had no doubt that your hard work would bring you such success. I’ve watched you become the wonderful man you are today. Growing up as a minority in a small Ontario town, you’ve had to cope with so many unpleasant experiences, but you’ve handled it with grace and maturity, and to say I am proud of you is an understatement….” Jed tells us that he really wasn’t expecting to get a letter from his dad. His dad is not the most emotional guy, so reading those words and hearing how proud his dad is of him means the world. Jed continues reading…”Son, always be brave and courageous as you are. We’ll be cheering for you just as we always were at your basketball games. Love, Papa Joe” The other HGs applaud and comment on what an awesome letter it is. Beth tells Tychon that she really wants all three of them gone… Tera, Tina and Breydon. She suddenly can’t stand Breydon lately. Jed is glad to hear it. She thinks Breydon is only around to get info. He has always been with those trying to get the boys out. She’s annoyed because all three have been carried through the whole game. Breydon has literally done nothing. Breydon joins and there is an awkward silence. In the OLG room, Kiefer and Tina chat. Kiefer tells him that he talked to the trio and he think there is still a chance of keeping Tera. Tina tells us that Kiefer has given her some insight and a glimmer of hope. She obviously doesn’t want Tera to go home this week, and she doesn’t want to hit the block either, so she needs to go talk to Jed and perhaps push Breydon a bit more as the potential target. Jed is reading his letter again when Tina goes to see him in the HOHR. She asks if he has made a decision. She assumes he will put Tera up, but asks who will be next to her. She points out that Breydon is a very good competitor…he is always in the top two or three in competitions. If they both stay up, it’s guaranteed…unless he plans on getting rid of a Sunsetter. He says he does want to have Sunsetters in the final 5. If he wants to put a bigger target up, though, he can’t put them right up, because they have potential to win (PoV). She just has to trust. It will be unreal to all be in final 5. Jedson escorts Tera up the stairs as Tera tells Beth she’s going on a date with Jedson, but she doesn’t want Beth to be mad at her. Jedson tells us that he’s taking Tera to Wendy’s because she’s had a tough time lately. Also, she’s a bit of a wildcard in this game and he wants to see where her head is at going into this week. Jed and Tera go through the menu and Tera tells him to enjoy his video as he goes to pick up their order. The video is from his little sister, who is wearing rosy heart-shaped sunglasses. She misses him and loves him so, so SO much and between him and her (she leans close) he’s the best big brother! She blows him a kiss, and he blows one back to the screen. Jed and Tera dig in. Tera shares that she is just so frustrated that no one seems to want to win HOH for themselves and that she was targeted. Jed suggests that he would have put up him, Ty and Beth, and Tera corrects him, saying she would have put up Jed and Ty, but if you don’t win you can’t make those decisions. She points out that Breydon is winning more things. She tells Jed he’s unstoppable and playing the game she wishes she was playing. She thinks the only person who would put her on the block is Tina. Tina’s name hasn’t been said. Tera tells us that she loves Tina in this house…she’s definitely her best friend in the house and they will help each other as much as they can, but Tera hears her own name ALL the time and she has never heard Tina’s name said by anyone. That’s good for Tina, but not so great for Tera. Jed tells Tera that while she thinks it’s a done deal, it really isn’t. Breydon heads to the HOHR and tells us he wants to check in with Jed. He wants to make sure they are still on the same page…the plans haven’t changed; that Tina and Tera are the targets for the week and that one of them is going. Breydon asks Jed if Tera pitched anything during the Wendy’s talk. Jed tells him no. Breydon relays comments from Tera that she had speculated to Breydon that Jed might do a backdoor. Jed insists that she didn’t pitch a thing. Jedson tells us that Breydon is fishing for information as usual, but what Breydon doesn’t realize is that they (the trio) are not letting Breydon in on all their plans moving forward. In the Defender BR, Jed and Beth talk about nominations…should it be Tina and Tera or Tera and Breydon. Jedson points out that if Tera wins PoV that she won’t vote Tina out, so it would be a low-key good opportunity to get Kiefer out. They talk about it being hard to get Kiefer out, and everyone loves him. Kiefer joins them and asks the plan, and Beth starts talking about Tera needing to go. Jedson tells us that this is a pivotal week and his decision needs to be safe but smart. By putting up TnT he has the potential to either break up a duo or backdoor a bigger player. They have been talking about Breydon as a backdoor option, but it’s tempting to consider Kiefer as well. At this point, if you’re not in the trio, you’re expendable. Once again, the lights go out in the BBCAN house, and the walls glow red as Jedson comes down the stairs. Jedson tells us that this week as HOH his goal is to take out a wild card who he thinks will be standing in the way of him, Tychon, and Beth getting to the final three. Making the right move this week is important. They feel like this is their game to lose and there is no room for error. Jedson faces the assembled HGs in the living room and reminds them that as HOH it’s his duty to nominate two HGs for eviction. His first nominee is Tera. Tera smiles knowingly as she takes her seat on the block. Jedson’s second nominee is Tina. Tina sits next to Tera and the two nominees hug. Jedson explains that he has nominated Tera because she has said his name throughout the entirety of this game. Her actions over the last few weeks have pinned her as an emotional player and a wildcard, which are two very dangerous traits in this game. Jedson turns to Tina and explains that he nominated her because even though they have a strong personal relationship, their game talk has been very surface level. Seeing her closeness with Tera, he has to assume Tina would make similar decisions to Tera, and that puts his game at risk. Jed wishes them both good luck this week, addressing them as TnT and adding “boom goes the dynamite!” and they laugh. This nomination ceremony is complete. Jedson tells us that he put TnT on the block this week but he may have something bigger planned up his sleeve. Just wait and see, Canada! Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Tina or Tera fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday night, 7PM Eastern!
  13. 4:05 PM BBT - Beth and Jed are sitting outside by the hot tub and talking about "days" of a different kind. Jed is trying to figure out what day he first kissed her, and when did they have their second kiss. Breydon comes out to bring them smoothies, taking the smaller one for himself. He leaves and Jed comments that Breydon would normally have stayed out with them, but that he "understands better now." Jed returns to the discussion of their kisses...it was day 9 to day 12. 4:10 PM BBT - Beth philosophizing with Jed about how people always want more than what they have. Jed says the purpose of life is to work toward and achieve things. It would be boring otherwise. We always need to be moving the goal post. 4:12 PM BBT Breydon hanging out with Ty in HOHR. He tells Ty where everyone is in the house and asks what his plans are. They talk about the contract being for one year. 4:15 PM BBT Kiefer, Tina and Tera have joined Jed and Beth outside. They are talking and laughing about the veto competition, and mistakes they made.
  14. Previously on Big Brother Canada, after a year in the dark, 14 HGs brought the game back to life. Almost immediately, Tychon and Jed got off to a clean start (Undercover Brothers) and the studs bathed in their bromance. The boys extended their influence with a six-person alliance, and the Sunsetters were born. Meanwhile, their social geometry paid dividends. With all the angles covered, the core four Sunsetters survived and thrived until eventually the Invisible HOH posed the first real threat to the triangle, but the boys magnetism lured Invisible Vic to their corner, and instead it was Breydon and Austin who hit the block. Then, Beth’s loyalty was tested, but in the end Beth stayed loyal to the soil and did Austin dirty. Next, at a pivotal HOH competition, the Sunsetters saw their chance to really take control and bubbly Beth squeezed out the win. Tonight, with the Sunsetters back in the saddle, who will Beth lasso to the block? Who will buck the odds and who will cower? And will messages from the homestead cause a stampede of emotion?? Giddyup! It’s Big Brother Canada! We pick up during the HOH competition just as Breydon is eliminated, leaving Beth and Jed as the final competitors. Beth tells us that even though she and Jed are aligned, she wants to win this HOH SO BAD. Having this power will allow to make big moves and set up her individual game for the long run. Beth and Jed tie on the last question and they go to a tie-breaker. Jed tells us that now that it’s down to him and Beth, no matter what happens it’s a good week for the Sunsetters. He doesn’t need to win and doesn’t want to. He wants to be available for next week’s HOH. Losing also allows him to play in Veto competition. We see Beth win the tie-breaker to become the new HOH. Kiefer tells Beth that she has to pick 4 HGs to be have-nots for the week. She refuses to put the boys on slop. Breydon volunteers, and she picks Rohan as well. She skips Victoria and picks Tina and Tera to do another week as Have-nots. Sorry. Rohan tells us that as he goes back into the house, his thoughts are that he’s screwed. As a have-not he can’t eat food. He’ll have to put in some work. Breydon tells us that close again, but no cigar. This week, he’ll have to work on his relationships and reach out to people he hasn’t had the best relationship with. The first half of this season, he’s been fading into the background, but now he needs people to know that he’s here to stay, ready to play…it’s time to do the damn thing. Beth runs to the Defender BR to celebrate, closely followed by Jed, Tychon and Kiefer. Beth thought that Jed threw and he says he did. Tychon jokes that he threw it too. Beth tells us she really wants to make a big move in this game. She isn’t about to put up any Sunsetters this week, so her options are pretty limited. She’s ready for some conversations. Rohan, Breydon, Tina and Tera are in the Storage room. Breydon moans that he was so close. Tera thinks it will be her and Ro. They think Breydon is safe. Tera thinks Beth is coming for her hard. Ro comments snidely about Beth’s refusal to put the boys on slop. Ro says they needed to win and they didn’t. Tera agrees and adds that now they’ll lose another number. Victoria goes into the WA and talks Beth. She says it’s just sinking in that Austin is gone. She feels bad but she’s also relieved…she chants “Final 9 of Season 9” a couple times. Vic tells Beth that Ro is going to be working overtime. Beth wonders what he’s going to say and Vic says she doesn’t know but that she doesn’t want Beth to get stuck in that. They talk about it not being time. Beth tells us that she’s keeping it super chill with Vic right now. She needs the attention in order to stay calm. Vic is a complete wild card and Beth needs to keep her cards close to her this week. Rohan talks to Breydon in the Storage room. He whispers that he is going to need Breydon’s help this week and wants to be transparent about it. Rohan tells us that now that Kyle and Austin are gone from this game, it’s brought him and Breydon closer together. Breydon is the only person that Rohan can fully trust, and Rohan thinks he is that person for Breydon as well. Beth and Breydon have a great personal relationship, so for Rohan to stay this week, so if Rohan has a chance to stay this week, he needs Breydon to have the tough conversations with Beth to help her understand that she can trust Rohan going forward. In the Storage room, they discuss the narrative with Beth…that Rohan is not coming after her. Tina and Tera go to the OLG room to chat. They need to remain calm. The HOH result was worst-case scenario. Tera thinks Tina is fine but she is going up. She has to play it cool. Tina suggests that Jed is controlling Beth, so they should talk to Jed. Tera is okay going up as long as she doesn’t go. She doesn’t want to go up beside Tina. Tera says needs to make some muffins. In the Storage room, Jed warns Beth that just because she’s HOH he’s not going to treat her differently. Tychon comes in and gives Beth a big hug. Jed notes that Tera is already crying. They think she is anticipating. They discuss scenarios…Ro and Tera. Ro doesn’t come down and goes home. If Ro takes himself off, Jed suggests she put Breydon up. Victoria comes in and Jed asks her to weigh in. Victoria points out that the whole house would be involved in a back door, then leaves quickly. Beth says she can’t do it to her (can’t backdoor Vic). Beth, Breydon, Jed, and Tychon are sunning outside and talking about the fact that there are no rats in AB. Jed and Tychon are skeptical…how do they know. They talk about other animals and Jed and Ty won’t believe Breydon that reindeer are real. Jed says they are mythical. Ty is not sold. Beth comes out excitedly shouting “who want to see my HOH room???!!?” Everyone streams upstairs to exclaim over Beth’s family pictures. Beth is super excited as she picks up a toy alpaca. She grabs her letter from her sister and starts reading. “Beth, we all know you came here to play and do what it takes to win, and here you are. Everyone, I mean everyone, at home is Team Beth. I’ve never seen Mom so happy or proud, and all the nieces and nephews are even more obsessed with Auntie Beth than they were before. You know how to make everyone laugh and just know how to make the people around you happy…” Beth tells us that it’s SO nice to hear from her sister, who is her rock back home. She needed this boost from her family. She continues reading the letter: “It’s not the same here without you, but we don’t want to see you back here without that hundy, because beers are going to be on you for the next year at least! I love you and could not be more proud to have you as my sister and my best friend. Enjoy that HOH suite and get yourself a spicky chicken. Ashley.” The HGs applaud and tell Beth that her sister is funny, like she is. In the Expedia room, Tina and Tera are talking to Jed. Tera says she doesn’t feel great. She has heard she is going up, although she hasn’t heard that directly from Beth. She asks Jed if he has some insight on how she should handle her conversations with Beth. Tera tells us that she doesn’t have a great game relationship with Jed. They don’t fully trust each other, but she wants to get in Jed’s ear because Beth values his opinion greatly. Jed tells Tera that he thinks that she could go up, but would not likely go home. Tera says she doesn’t think she is a safe pawn—people will start throwing her under the bus hard. Jed asks who she recommends and she suggests Breydon is the safest pawn. Tina points out there are bigger targets. Jed says that’s why he doesn’t think Tera would go home. Kiefer and Victoria sit on the blue couch upstairs to chat. Vic says she has to be good with Beth this week…Beth hasn’t been her favourite person. She may have not been so nice to her. Kiefer says Beth is annoying sometimes. Vic will have to suck it up for a week. Kiefer says he came here to play. Victoria affirms that Real Spice is her number one. Kiefer says he hopes they backdoor Ro. Kiefer is glad they have another chill week this week…except Vic didn’t as Invisible HOH. Beth, Breydon and Jed talk in the HOH room. They talk about Tina and Tera and how Tera is always talking to Beth. Beth never had Tera on her radar, but now she does since Tear expects it. Beth’s target this week is Rohan. Breydon tells us that he and Ro are working very closely in this game, so when he hears Ro’s name getting thrown out, he just has to redirect the conversation and put the spotlight on someone else. This week it’s going to have to be Victoria. Breydon continues… while he doesn’t know for a fact, he has a strong inkling that Victoria was the Invisible HOH last week. He’s trying to build a stronger connection with Beth and bringing up Vic as the Invisible HOH is probably the best thing to do. They agree that Victoria was the Invisible HOH. We flash back to a conversation Breydon had with Victoria in which she points out that she has more wins than all three of them (Beth, Ty, Jed) combined. Breydon relays her comment and notes that the only way she has more wins is if she won Invisible HOH. They talk about the fact that Victoria also hasn’t touched the block once. They realize Victoria is playing a great game. Victoria, Jed, Tychon, and Kiefer are lounging in the Expedia room. Victoria states that there has never been a cast like this before…the diversity, good looks, good people, the connections. They all sit up and take notice as they begin to hear voices addressing them and recognize the voices as family members. All over the house, HGs are gasping as they realize who is talking. Everyone runs to the LR and the screen comes on. Tychon’s Dad is cheering him on from his side of the couch. He’s so proud of Ty…he’s like his third favourite on they show…nah, he’s Ty’s number 1 fan. “Keep doing what you’re doing…we love you so much!” Victoria hears from her best friend… she said her whole life she would be on TV and look at her now. Everything’s good at home. Show Canada what you’re made of. You got this. See you soon…but not too soon! Next is Jed’s big brother. It’s been so much fun to watch him. Ever since his brother showed their dad how to watch on the Live Feeds, he’s been glued to them (Hi Beth). The whole gang misses Jed and sends their love. It’s been a joy to follow along on this journey with him. He tells Jed to do his thing and he’ll do big things. Keep it up! Tina tears up as she hears from her partner, who is holding their dog. They love and miss her and she’s doing great…keep up the good work! Tina’s mom comes on telling her they are super proud of her and want her to have fun. Breydon’s sister comes on and tells Breydon he looks amazing on TV…she approves his skin care. He is doing amazing and she’s so glad she gets to share her big brother with everyone and she hopes everyone loves him just as much as she does. Beth’s family is up next. They congratulate her and tell her to keep up all the good work and going for the big “W’s.” The kids chime in that she’s in the Big Brother House! Jed tells us that it’s emotional experiencing everyone’s families. Everyone has family back home. Everyone is missing somebody. There’s a lot of love today in the Big Brother House. Rohan’s parents tell Rohan that it’s so great to watch him. They miss him so much, and are so proud of him. They love him and tell him to take it easy and do his best. They can’t wait to see him again. Kiefer is emotional as he hears from his family. They love and miss him and they are proud of him. The kids are spending more time outside than inside now, and they haven’t been on their phones. Tera’s kids say in unison that they love and miss her. Her husband says they are so proud of her…she is doing an unbelievable job! Her son is wearing his “Team Tera” shirt. She is their hero. They send good vibes to her every day. They love her. Go get ‘em! Tera tells us that sometimes you forget what you are fighting for in this house. Seeing family cheering you on what literally what she needed. She breaks down as she tells us she is so grateful. All the HGs are appreciative as they bask in the joy of seeing their families. Tera tells us that she is so frustrated. She is on slop. She is losing everything. Her stomach is churning at having to go and speak to Beth. This game is not for the weak of heart. Beth tells Tera she can see her worry. Tera tells Beth she heard she is going up. Beth explains she is only considering it because people tell her that Tera says her name. Tera tells Beth that it’s beneficial for her to have Beth in the game and she doesn’t want to be in a situation of pitting women against women, especially since she has a daughter. Beth tells her straight-up that she doesn’t want Tera to go home, but she is going up on the block. If she goes home, it will be beyond Beth’s control. Beth wishes she had more options. They hug it out. Beth chats with Breydon in the OLG room. Breydon tells us he needs to check in with Beth to make sure she is still steering away from making Rohan her target. Rohan is Breydon’s closest ally in the house and Breydon can’t let Rohan go home this week. Breydon has already been planting seeds of doubt about Victoria. Now it’s time to seal the deal. Beth expresses concern about Rohan and whether he has any deals with Tina and Tera. Breydon agrees that Rohan is not dumb, but he would likely go after Kiefer before he would go after them or the guys. Breydon thinks Kiefer would go after Vic. Breydon tells us that it’s important not to strong-arm Beth or be pushy. He needs to listen and just guide the conversation. That’s all he’s doing. They talk about Vic being all over the map and that Vic gets jealous…especially of Beth’s relationship with the boys. Breydon says that Vic questioned whether Breydon would put Beth or the boys up. He told Vic he would put up the boys over Beth, but that Vic said that she would put up Beth. Beth is now ready to backdoor Vic. What Breydon told her made her want to do it. In the WA, Breydon tells Rohan that Beth wants to backdoor Vic. They talk about whether Beth might just be saying that, but they don’t think so. Rohan says he owes Breydon big time…”You’re GOOD” he tells Breydon. Beth tells us that she is bringing Rohan to Wendy’s this week because she needs to build on the relationship they have started. They have something small, it’s starting to grow, but she really needs to secure that moving forward. Beth and Rohan check out the menu…Beth says “our first date!” They make their picks and Beth goes to the Wendy’s window in the storage room to pick it up. Her friend tells her that they are so proud of her, she is thriving in that house, it was literally made for her. Beth tells us she feels alive after the video from her girlfriend Brook, her person, her human. Brook tells her to keep crushing it. They love and miss her and are so proud of her. Beth takes the food upstairs and tells Rohan about the video. She’s so excited. Beth tells us that everyone in the house thinks that Rohan is her target and they are pushing for him to go home this week, but she’s not convinced that’s best for her game. She has other things in mind. Beth tells Rohan that she picked him for a reason. Beth asks Rohan what he thought when she won HoH. He tells her he sees a decision that’s better for her and a decision that’s better for the boys. He is in their way, but not in her way. He thinks that the boys expect they can beat Beth in a final two. She agrees. She tells him she wants bigger people out of the game this week. The easy thing is to get him or Tera out. The boys are pushing to get Ro out, and she needs to roll with it, but she does want to do something bigger. He needs to go on the block and win the veto in order for her to do it. He guesses that her bigger move is Victoria. Beth tells him that does NOT leave this room. She points out, though, that NO ONE beats Vic in a final two. Not a single person. She would bet her life that Victoria was the Invisible HOH. She and Vic would not go after the boys. Rohan can, but he will wait for Beth to tell him when. Rohan is on her side and she can trust him. She does. Beth and Jed talk in the HOHR. She tells Jed that she wants to backdoor Victoria. He wants to know what Rohan said. Beth tells him there is one person saying his name…he says “and it’s Vic.” Beth says she’s scared. He says “Big move”. Ty comes in. Jed tells us that they need to get Ty in on this conversation. This is a huge move in the game and they need to talk it out. Jed and Ty point out that they don’t know that Rohan would not put them up next week. Would Beth rather trust Ro or V. They can take V our later because she’s on their side. They can’t get Rohan out later. V has a big mouth but she isn’t coming after them. Ty suggests that they are being set up to take V out for them, and then Ro flows back onto their side. Right now, V is a number for them. Rohan is the most imminent threat. Beth tells Jed and Ty that this conversation is awkward because they are good with Victoria and she is good with Rohan. Ty asks what she honestly thinks and she says she doesn’t know. Jed and Ty carry on the conversation in the Defender BR. They know what Beth is thinking…she’s excited about a big move…but it’s not in their best interests. They think Rohan is getting in her head. Jed tells us that he and Ty have their reservations. On one hand, they want to support Beth and her decision as HOH, but on the other hand, they want to make sure they make the best move for the trio moving forward. This is a big move and Jed thinks it’s way too soon. The boys are mystified that Beth thinks she can trust Rohan. Victoria has earned it, not Rohan. Rohan would put up the boys. Victoria wouldn’t because she needs the boys to get to the end. They don’t like that Rohan could squeeze by again. Beth talks to herself in the HOH WA. There are nine in the house right now. It’s not the week to go against Jed and Ty. Tera does nothing for her game. She wants to see what Rohan has to offer. Tina does NOTHING in this game. She’s going to slide by. Breydon … she could say the same thing. Victoria is the most dangerous player in this game. Relationships are everything in this game and she has them with mainly everybody. But she doesn’t want to be looked at as if she has been shielded by the boys the whole time. She wants to show that she’s playing. It’s important that they are in jury and they don’t go to final three with her. She feels in her bones that she is going to the end. She hates saying it, but Jed and Ty can’t be there with her. Rohan checks in with Beth in the HOHR. She warns him that she is going to say he is her target, and not to be spooked. He tells her he trusts her. He’s on board. He has nothing else. He’s with her. He promises. They hug and he tells her she’s going to kill it. The HGs are assembled in the LR. The lights go down and then glow red as Beth exits the HOHR and descends the stairs. Beth tells us that while she has had some heavy influence in the game, this is the first times he has had direct power. In order to make her plan happen this week, the entire house needs to be on board, including the nominees. There is such a bigger plan in place as long as everything goes as planned. Beth takes her place facing the HGs, and cites her duty to nominate two HGs for eviction. Her first nominee is Tera. Tera takes her place. Beth’s second nominee is Rohan. Rohan sits next to Tera. Beth has nominated Tera because this is a numbers game. There are not many to choose from, but Tera is not her target. Beth tells Rohan that he is her target. It’s been made clear to her that he is coming for her and the people she’s working with. Beth says she isn’t afraid of him, but it’s an obvious issue. She is giving them both the opportunity to fight for the veto because she thinks they are both valuable players. But as they are creeping up to day 40, maybe they can actually start talking about some game. The nomination ceremony is complete. Rohan tells us that officially this is four times on the block for him. He’s used to it. The seat is still warm from the last time he was there. He hopes he is not actually the target. He is pretty confident that Beth can see that Rohan is good for her game. Tera tells us she came her to thrive. She wants to win the veto and take herself off the block. The gloves are officially off. She needs to start winning in this game. Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Tera or Rohan fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday night, 7pm Eastern!
  15. Previously on Big Brother Canada, in a shocking twist, Big Brother unveiled the invisible power of the Invisible HOH and everyone could clearly see its unrivalled potential. The HGs were ready to rock and roll and when it counted most, Victoria silenced any doubt with a clutch win. Then, paranoia spread like wildfire through the house, and while Spicy V dodged and weaved out of the hotseat, she dropped the act with her main man Kiefer. Then, at an eerie nomination ceremony, Vic’s picks shocked everyone, and besties Breydon and Austin hit the block. Tonight, will the invisible one remain invincible? And who’s got the mental real estate to win the Power of Veto? You have to see it to believe it…on Big Brother Canada! We pick up at the end of the nomination ceremony. Austin tells us that she is very angry and upset about being on the block and isn’t sure who to be upset at! Super dirty move to put her up on the block with her best friend and putting them on slop. Double dipping…dirty, nasty. Breydon tells us that to wind up on the block next to your number one, your bestie, your gal pal, is really the most crushing feeling. He has literally won nothing in the house but is somehow a big target. Breydon is gutted…he feels ill. Victoria tells us that she won the invisible HOH and in power once again. Breydon and Austin were supposed to be working with her but as soon as she lost power as outgoing HOH, they completely scattered and wouldn’t even talk to Victoria, so she put them up on the block. Breydon and Austin talk in the BR. They speculate about who is HOH…they know it isn’t Tina because she got the letter, and they don’t think Rohan would do this. It can’t be Kiefer…that leaves Jed, Ty, Beth, and Vic. They don’t think it’s Jed…so Ty, Beth, or Vic. Jed and Rohan come in to commiserate and offer hugs, which Austin and Breydon accept. Jed swears it wasn’t him. Victoria comes in as Jed leaves and she says she is so sorry. She asks what is happening right now… could this be a back door? Are they being targeted as a duo? She tells them she is so upset. Breydon assumes it’s because they are a duo. Tera and Tina come in and Tera asks if they are okay…she says she is sorry. Both Breydon and Austin are more upset that they are also on slop. They talk about the Invisible HOH doing a super gutless move. Beth comes in and lays on the bed between the two nominees and all but Beth and Victoria leave. Beth asks who is the SAVAGE and Victoria echoes “savage.” Austin thinks it’s bad karma….Victoria leaves After Victoria leaves, Breydon, Austin and Beth ask “ya think?” Beth thinks it’s obvious (that it’s Victoria). Beth tells them “look at me. You KNOW it’s not me, right?” and they agree. Beth leaves and Breydon and Austin look at each other and say they genuinely don’t know. In the Expedia room, Beth joins Jed, Ty, and Kiefer in a celebration that they are NOT on the block. They can’t believe they got out of that? They think it’s Ro. Ty takes credit saying they’ve been loyal and haven’t turned their backs on anyone. Jed tells us he can’t believe they avoided the block this week. He definitely thinks this was a missed opportunity for someone to get them out without getting blood on their hands. They are the biggest physical threats in this game. Their social game has kept them off the block this entire time. Jed, Ty, and Kiefer talk about having the numbers. Ty just wants to have the vetos. As they exit the Expedia room, Kiefer says “this is a WILD game!” Kiefer goes into the WA and finds Victoria. Kiefer advises “deny, deny, deny until the Death” Kiefer tells us that he is the only person in the house that Victoria has told. He’s loyal to the Sunsetters, but he is also working with Vic as well. People are starting to think she’s the Invisible HOH. He’s trying to support her because it’s not an easy position to be in. Kiefer tells Victoria she should never tell a soul. Ty and Breydon chat in the BR. Ty doesn’t know what to say, Breydon just doesn’t know who it would be. Breydon tells us he is suspicion of “Mr. Tychon”…he got wind that they were trying to backdoor him when Victoria was HOH, so he might harbour those feelings. Breydon tells us Ty looks like a kid who has been caught doing something they shouldn’t. Breydon doesn’t think Beth could be that evil. Who could be that evil. It could be Vic, but what did Breydon do to her? Austin comes in again and talks about karma In the WA, Austin and Breydon talk about who they should pick if they get HG choice. They think Rohan for sure. They ask him if he would use the veto on them and he says sure. Vic comes in and Breydon tells her everyone is saying it’s her. She denies saying they are the two people she knew for sure weren’t putting her up. She swears on everything it wasn’t her, and she suggests it’s Beth. Victoria tells us that she is NOT half-assing this. She is NOT the Invisible HOH, no matter how many fingers are pointing at her. After all the lying she has done to peoples’ faces, if this gets out, NO ONE will trust her moving forward. Breydon wonders why Beth would ruin her own game. Breydon tells us that Victoria thinks it’s Beth, but to Breydon it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Tychon IS the Invisible HOH. Victoria reminds Austin and Breydon to remember that this is Big Brother and everyone is lying to some extent. Vic encourages them to play and offers to take one of them down if she wins the veto. Austin says thank you and gives Vic a hug. Different HGs get called to the DR and find a message. “Dear HGs, the only people who know what it’s like to live in the Big Brother House are those who have lived it, and now that you’ve been a HG for over a month, fans have some burning questions for you about your roommates and life in the house. Using the Q&A feature on the @BigBrotherCA TikTok account… users ask the HGs questions. Beth is asked who is the better kisser? Jed or Ty? HGs are to answer the questions in secret, without getting caught. Breydon tells us he is not a filmmaker or an actress but will try not to let us down. We see clips of different questions. Beth tells us this is so crazy to have questions from Canada! There are some real inquiring minds are out there! The TikTok screen in the house turns on and the HGs go nuts and gather around it to see Breydon answering the question of who is the most fun person to have in the house. They may think it’s Austin, but it’s Spicy V… followed by an impression of Victoria using her heart glasses. Tera is next to answer…who is the messiest in the HG house. She shows unwrapped onions in the fridge and says that has “Beth” all over it. Next question is Beth…she waffles over the question of who is the better kisser…Ty or Jedson…ultimately, she picks….Jedson! Jedson goes nuts, and a beat later, Beth says “but I would go back to Ty in an instant!” Beth says that killed her and she “CRYing” Austin and Breydon call the HGs together to pick players for the veto competition and everyone gathers in the LR. Only five people are eligible…Austin and Breydon… and three more picked randomly. Earlier, the invisible HOH pulled from the bag… we see a clip of Victoria pulling her own name from the bag. Breydon announces and Victoria joins them. Austin pulls Tychon’s name, and Breydon pulls Rohan’s name. Rohan tells us that he is pumped to play in this PoV competition. He may have won one last week, but he would love to take one of his allies off the block. The HGs wish each other good luck. Victoria talks to the camera…What a Mess!! But it’s okay…best case scenario Ty wins this. Canada is gonna think shee’s hearless. Maybe she is. Vic is resting and Ty comes in. He says if they win, they are keeping noms the same and they’re all safe. They don’t even care anymore about who the HOH is. Victoria says she is scared of Austin. She’s a good competitor. In the OLG win, Austin and Breydon asses their odds. Austin thinks they have 4 out of 5 chances to win, because it would be wise for Ro or Vic to use the veto. Austin is sure Vic would pull one of them down, and thinks Ro would too. IF they are getting played…Austin says that if they’re wrong, she’s okay with it. Rohan joins them and talk about the picks being good. Rohan repeats twice that he will use the veto if he wins it. It’s time for the Veto competition. The plays are in construction outfits with hard hats. Victoria tells us that she’s not a builder…at least she looks cute…her butt looks good in these pants. Kiefer comes in as host…he looks like the construction supervisor. Breydon tells us that Kiefer is looking like the boss, but you know what, Kiefer?… Breydon’s ready to get to work, but might be a little late! Kiefer explains the competition. It’s called “BBCAN Condos” and here’s how it works. On Kiefer’s “go” the HGs will start by correctly placing their I-beams to create a path from one side of the job site to the other. Then they will carry their puzzle pieces one at a time across the beam to their platform. Once all pieces are transferred, they can start constructing their 3-dimensional condo puzzle. The first HG to correctly build the path and the condo puzzle will win the Power of Veto. Breydon reminds us that he and Austin on the block and they really need to win this one. He has yet to win anything, but hopes he can pull this one out. The competition starts, and Victoria and Ty are the first to get a beam in place. Austin tells us she knows she is going home if nominations stay the same, because people see her as a bigger threat, so she HAS TO win this one. Someone in this house clearly has a vendetta against her, so she wants to prove to them that they can’t take her out that easily. Victoria tells us that she knows she is safe this week because she’s the invisible HOH. At this point in the game, she is working with every single person in the house. If Breydon or Austin win this, she’s screwed. She has to pick a replacement nominee, and she doesn’t want to. Rohan tells us that there is an Invisible HOH and you are never truly safe in this game unless you have power. He is vulnerable to being backdoored right now. Jed and Tychon have been coming for him this whole game. If Ty is HOH, they could decide to take a shot at the Ro Show and he would be walking out week 5. Austin and Victoria are one beam away from completing their I-beam puzzle. Breydon has just one piece in place. Breydon tells us that the I-beams should not be tricky, but they are tricky for Breydon, who is not accustomed to building sites or physical labour. Humiliating to be the only one still stuck on the first beam. Tychon tells us that somehow no one in his alliance is on the block. He feels like he is being framed as the invisible HOH. He needs to win this and make sure they are not setting him up for a back door exit. Rohan is the first to begin assembling his puzzle. Rohan tells us all the puzzle pieces have two colours. Red and green…each colour should be opposite one another. He also has to match the graphics on the pieces so that it builds up to the top. Austin is close behind. She tells us that she is pretty good at puzzles and regularly does 2000-piece puzzles. She just needs this to click into her brain and once it does she will rip through this puzzle. Tychon and Victoria start building their condo puzzle while Breydon still struggles with the I-beams. Breydon tells us he has to sprint back and forth with his huge feet. He’s out of breath and has to push himself to keep going. He finishes his path and moves on to moving puzzle pieces. Breydon tells us that he is not about to go home. Once he gets his puzzle pieces to the end, it’s literally anyone’s race still Everyone is working on their puzzles. Kiefer calls it a dead heat. Victoria tells us the 3D puzzle is a disaster. Half is one colour, half another colour. It only fits one way, and just when you think they’re lining up, they’re not. Rohan tells us that he is using the balconies as a guideline. He sets it up and asks for a check, but there is one piece upside-down. Austin tells us this is a super-difficult comp but she has all the pieces and knows how this all going to go together. If she wants a shot at her and Breydon staying this week, she HAS to win this. Rohan makes adjustments and asks for another check. This time he has it…Rohan has won the Power of Veto! Austin runs over to congratulate him. Rohan whoops and tells us “PoV King” No matter who the HOH is, no matter what happens, Rohan is moving on to next week. Austin tells us she is hopeful that Rohan is going to use that veto on her. They will be able to get the votes for Breydon to stay, and all will be well. The HGS stream back into the house …all in a day’s work. Vic , Austin and Breydon speculate in whispers about who would be the replacement nom. Vic pretends she is worried about being replacement nom. Austin this Tera could go up. They can do this. Victoria tells us she does NOT want there to be a replacement nominee. She knows that Rohan promised Breydon and Austin that he would use the PoV if he won, so she needs to make sure he doesn’t use it. She’s not afraid to build a little paranoia in the house. Victoria goes to Tina and Tera and tells them that Austin and Breydon’s campaign is that they have the numbers (with Tina, Tera, and Kiefer). Tera says they threw them under the bus…it makes her decision easy. People have not seen Tera’s fire yet. She is irate… nominees should pitch themselves and not talk about other peoples’ game. Victoria tells Tera “you go girl” and tells us she loves causing drama and chaos in the house…she’s the Invisible HOH! When else is she going to get a chance to do this? Victoria talks to Rohan next, telling him that everyone is saying that it would be the worst move ever if he used the PoV. Tina joins them, reinforcing Vic’s argument by asking Rohan if he’s going to put her up (by using the veto). If it gets used, either Tina or Tera would go up. Rohan tells us there is a big burden on him right now. He is the first veto holder who has ever had to consider an invisible HOH. Austin and Breydon are his two closest allies, but by using the PoV, he’s exposing a number of people to the block. It’s going to be a tough decision. Rohan talks to Austin and Breydon in the WA. Austin says she will be crying and acting sad. Rohan tells them it’s a sticky situation. He talks about approaching Beth and asking about keeping both him and Breydon in the game if he uses the veto on Austin. Austin focusses on the use of the word “if” and asks if there is a scenario in which Rohan does not use the veto. Rohan says there is a chance. He has to look at the reality of the situation right now. Austin from the DR: “Are you serious, Rohan? You’re having second thoughts now? What the hell? Why do you promise me up and down that this is going to be the case, but it’s not?” She has to trust that Rohan is going to use this PoV, but in the meantime, she says cheerfully, she is going to be turning on the waterworks and playing the pity part for the rest of the house. Austin cries to Beth and Jed. This is brutal…the worst day. Beth and Jed point out that they can’t do anything until they know. In tears, Austin asks them if one of them comes down, Jed and Beth will vote to keep the other. They say yes and leave. Austin laughs with Breydon about her fake tears. Austin tells us that she doesn’t pull out the fake tears often, but when it needs to come out, it will come out. She demonstrates from the DR and then gives an impish smile. Jed and Beth talk int the storage room as they eat watermelon. Beth tells us that she is in this weird triangle thing with Ty and Jed. Early on in the game, she had feelings for Ty, but it has now shifted to Jed. She and Jed have a stronger personal relationship, but she also likes the way Jed is playing his game, socially, mentally, physically. She feels she can rely on him more. Rohan goes up to the Destiny BR to talk to Victoria. He tells her that the boys think it’s her. She points out that they are trying to pin it on her. That’s why they put her on slop. Rohan was surprised by that… if it’s Ty he should have put one of them on slop. Rohan tells us that he’s pretty convinced that Tychon is the Invisible HOH. He and Jed have had a lot of sway in the house, but now Rohan has some power because he holds the PoV. Rohan tells Victoria that it’s tough to know what to do with the PoV. Austin is a good person. He doesn’t want to keep playing he boys’ game. He keeps doing favours for them. The conversation ends when Tychon comes in and asks if they are talking about him. In the OLG room, Victoria talks to the camera. “As long as the PoV isn’t used, we’re good” Kiefer and Tina join Victoria in the OLG room. They don’t think Ro will use it. Tera joins, noting that Ro is having conversations today. She’s worried. Victoria says that if you were planning on not using it, you wouldn’t be hanging out with the nominees, but he is doing the opposite. You never know until you know. Nothing would surprise them. It’s time for the PoV ceremony. The house is dark except for a brightly-lit living room. Rohan comes out wearing the PoV necklace and takes his place in front of the assembled HGs and announces the PoV ceremony. Austin and Breydon have been nominated by the Invisible HOH but Rohan has the power to veto one of the nominations. Rohan asks Breydon to tell him why Rohan should use the Power of Veto on him. Breydon stands and addresses “Ro Show, the back-to-back champ of the veto” and tells him that have developed a really good personal relationship and Breydon would like nothing better than to have the veto used on him, but he knows it’s a very big ask, and regardless of Rohan’s decision, Breydon will respect it. Next, Rohan asks Austin why he should use the Power of Veto on her. Austin stands and says that in a week centred around visibility, things could not have been made more clear. Although the HOH is invisible, character is always on full display. Everyone who played in the PoV told them to their face that they would use it if they won. That was not the case. Obviously she wants Rohan to use the PoV on her, but he should do what’s best for his game. Rohan says he has decided NOT to use the PoV. He is glad to have gotten to know Austin and Breydon on a personal level. They are phenomenal people. However, with an Invisible HOH at large, it’s not in Rohan’s best interest to use the Power of Veto. The ceremony is complete. Breydon tells us he isn’t feeling good about being on the block. This game is hard. Someone’s dreams are going to be crushed. He just hopes it isn’t his dreams. Austin tells us that Rohan is someone she really trusts in this games, but she thinks he made a mistake. To the invisible HOH…aka, probably Ty….I am not playing nice anymore, and if I’m here next week, watch out! Who will be evicted? Breydon or Austin? Find out Thursday night at the live eviction, 9 pm Eastern!
  16. The show opens with an intense narrative overlaid over clips of HGs. It could be anyone. Someone Trusted. Someone Feared. The Invisible HOH is HERE. The paranoia it spreads will be their weapon. The blood they shed will not stain. The power it holds can create a legend, but only if they can keep it hidden. What they can’t see will change the game forever! We go to a recap of the start of the HOH competition, as Arisa explains that the new HOH and all their powers will be “invisible.” Nominations will be in secret, and the HOH will be eligible to play for PoV and the next HOH comp. Tera tells us that her mind is blown. This power couldn’t come at a more crucial time in this game. You’re able to put up massive targets without blood on your hands?? This is an insane amount of power for one person to hold! The HGs cannot see each other, but they can see a conveyor belt dropping rocks into the BY. They have to count the rocks and the HG closest to the correct number will become the first ever invisible HOH. That HG will be the HOH until the next eviction. No one except the invisible HOH will know who holds the power this week. The challenge begins. Jed tells us that up until now has been peoples’ fear to take a shot at him and miss. However, this week the HOH could take a shot and he would never know who it is. He needs to win. Victoria tells us that this is music to her ears. She has won a few comps and doesn’t want to put a target on her back, but now she wants to win more than ever. Rohan tells us that his number one ally just left the house and he was likely the target last week. He wants to win this competition so he can put the right people on the block and no one is ever going to know who made the nomination. Beth tells us that waiting for the rocks to come is horrible. You are looking straight ahead with no idea when they are coming, but you can’t look away. Austin tells us that she is scared because she has a tight duo with Breydon. They would be an easy two to put up. She needs to win this. Tera tells us that this competition requires a lot. You have to count, you have to concentrate and stay focused. When all the rocks are coming down in big piles, it’s pretty difficult to count them all, so you have to be very mindful about your clicks. Arisa tells the HGs that it’s time for a temptation. If at least three of them turn around for just one minute, staring right now, the entire house will be reward with a feast. Breydon tells us skeptically…”a feast, Big Brother? You’re going to have to do a little better than that! Come on now!” There are no takers for that temptation. The next temptation gives one HG a chance to earn a slop pass good for any week of their choosing. If you want it, turn and face the back wall. Only the person who turns away the longest will get the slop pass. Victoria tells us that being on slop is terrible. She thinks it’s worth it to turn around for a few seconds, and we see her do so. Tera also turns very briefly. Arisa tells them that if the green light goes on in their booth, they have won the slop pass. Victoria’s light goes on and she celebrates silently. Ty tells us it’s hard not to get distracted. His body is tired, he’s sweating and losing concentration. At this point, he doesn’t think his count is accurate. 568 rocks have dropped and Arisa tells the HGs that the person who is furthest from the correct count will see the red light go on in their booth. We see Tina getting the red light. If she forfeits her chance at being the Invisible HOH, she could earn a letter from home. Tina weighs the options in the DR. Tina follows Arisa’s instruction to indicate acceptance of the temptation by resetting her counter to zero. The temptation has been accepted. Tina tells us she just had to accept the letter. She misses her family so much and it will be so nice to hear what’s going on back home. Kiefer tells us that he is nervous because he might be an target for the people he put up on the block last week. Austin tells us she is having trouble counting the rocks when they drop in groups. She is laser focussed and doesn’t want to miss a rock. The rocks stop falling and Arisa tells the HGs that all the rocks have fallen. The correct total is 689. Arisa tells the HGs that they can adjust their score if they wish. A few of the HGs do. Tera tells us that she looks at her score, which is 677, but her lucky number is 11, so she adds 11 to her total and locks it in at 688. Victoria tells us that she HAS to win…the pressure is ON. We see her total is also 688. Arisa tells the HGs that there is a tie. Arisa announces that they have to go to an invisible tie breaker. She tells the HGs to reset their counter to zero. For the two still in it, their light will turn yellow. The others will turn red. They are all participating in the tie-breaker, however, so that the results remain a secret. Victoria and Tera are still in it. Victoria can’t believe this…her heart is racing. Arisa explains that the answer will be a number, and the HG closest to the correct number without going over will be the invisible HOH. The tie-breaker question: how many minutes passed between the first and last rocks falling off the conveyor belt? Victoria says 41 and Tera says 51. Answers are locked and Arisa tells us that it’s 42 minutes. Victoria wins HOH!!! In the DR, Victoria screams in celebration, saying she can’t believe she won another competition!!! She is so good at this game! The HGs come in from the back yard. Kiefer tells us that the mood in the house is paranoia. Everyone but Kiefer is a suspect. Everyone is side-eyeing everyone and it’s not a good feeling. Victoria tells us that pretending she doesn’t have this huge power is really hard. It’s nerve-wracking and she feels like everyone knows it’s her. Tina and Tera talk in the BR. Tera tells us from the DR that this is a very scary power to have floating around. You can take a shot without getting any blood on your hands. She just hopes that whoever has the power doesn’t put her up. In the BR, they grapple with how to approach conversations this week. Tera thinks everyone but Jed and Ty will put Jed and Ty up. Austin and Breydon and Beth join Tera and Tina and they joke about having to campaign to everyone. In the WA, Breydon, Austin, and Rohan start speculating about who won. Rohan tells us he’s not picking up a whole lot right now. Everyone is denying being HOH, but obviously someone is telling a lie right now. HGs talk about this being a nightmare. Ty tells us that not knowing who the HOH is scares the hell out of him. Beth and Ty tell Jed they think Breydon is HOH, because he looks happy. Kiefer, Tina and Tera talk about the game being unfair. Victoria celebrates to the camera in the BR…first-ever Invisible HOH. Best ever to play the game. Things are about to get spicy! Victoria tells us that this is an insane power. As a superfan of the show, she knows this can change everything. She has to make a smart move…it’s a power you don’t want to waste. She CAN’T mess this up! Rohan, Austin and Victoria are in the ball pit. Rohan tells us that the Oddballs alliance is not as tight as it used to be. He and Victoria have a good relationship, and he trusts her to some degree, but he thinks she could be playing both sides. Rohan and Austin have a silent convo in the ball pit while Victoria is submerged… Austin thought Ro won. He indicates maybe Vic, and Austin mouths “I don’t think so.” Victoria asks other HGs if they know who won. Tera tells Victoria, Tina, and Kiefer that she was second. Victoria says she thought Tera got the letter. Tina tells them she got the letter. Tera goes over and gives Tina a big hug. Vic leaves. Tera is upset that she came so close and didn’t get it. Tina advises her not to dwell on it. In the OLG room, Victoria tells us she really trusts Kiefer. If she were to reveal it to anyone, it would be him. We see him ask her and she says no, but then she smiles and winks. He asks again and she shrugs. She tells Kiefer that he is safe this week, and not to tell anyone. They celebrate. Kiefer tells her that she is making history and could go down as one the best BB players in history. He asks if she is serious or is she kidding him. She pretends that she pranked him to get a hug. Then she flips back and tells him she won! Then flips back and says it’s not her. Kiefer doesn’t know what to think! The HGs are playing baseball in the back yard. We see Victoria go to the DR and make her Wendy’s order. She’s so excited! She scoots over to the Storage room for her order. She sees a video from her best friend Natalie. From the DR, Victoria tells Natalie she is coming home with that 100K. Victoria goes back to the DR room to enjoy her meal. She is living the BBCAN dream right now. Rohan tells us that he is really having a hard time deciphering who the HOH is. He will have to study people a little longer and maybe he can narrow it down. Rohan tells Ty and Jed that people are speculating Ty, Ro or Beth. Jed concurs that people suspect Ro and Ty. Jed says that Vic and Ty would both be great liars if they had it. Rohan tells us that his conversations with Tychon are giving him a suspicious vibe. He might be the Invisible HOH. Tychon and Jed are still wondering. If it’s not them, then who. Tychon tells us that they have narrowed it down to a few candidates. It could be Austin or Breydon. Jed and Ty think they should strong arm them to see if they can figure it out. They go to the Expedia room. Austin and Breydon think it Jed or Ty, and vice versa. Ty tells Austin and Breydon that they see themselves working with them. Austin tells us she thinks this conversation is a cover-up for one of them being HOH. But sure…she’ll listen to their pitch. The two duos agree that they all need to stay. Jed asks if they have an inkling about who it might be, and Austin says all she knows it isn’t her or Breydon. Tychon cuddles up to Victoria on the couch and asks her why she looks stressed. Victoria says she doesn’t like not knowing. He asks if it’s her, and she says no. Victoria tells us that she has to lie her way through this week. Anything to make people think she isn’t the Invisible HOH. Whatever it takes, she’ll do it. Ty tells her that Victoria is good regardless. He talks about how this HOH can shift their target to hide who they are. Victoria says she thinks Beth would do that. Tychon talksa bout how people behave when people are watching vs. not. Victoria tells su that as the Invisible HOH, she has the power to make a huge move and go after Jed and Ty. They are massive targets in this house. Tychon and Jed talk to Victoria…”in case she’s HOH.” Victoria says she thinks it’s Ty. She has wanted to work with them from day 1 though. She tells them she’s their girl in this game. Final four with Beth. She leaves and they wonder again if she is HOH. Victoria tells us this is a tough decision. Jed and Ty are massive targets, but so is Austin. She is supposed to be in an alliance with Austin, but as soon as she lost power as outgoing HOH, their relationship faded. Victoria tells Austin she thinks Beth or Ty won. Austin asks who Vic would put up and Vic says she would put up the boys. Austin is scared that she or Victoria would be the other big move. They would cry if they went up. Austin wishes Victoria had it and is scared if Jed, Ty or Beth got it. Austin is praying not to get nominated. Kiefer comes out of the DR and calls the HGs to the LR. As the outgoing HOH and the only person who did not compete in the HOH competition, Kiefer will reveal the Invisible HOH’s choices for Have-Nots. They are Breydon, Austin, Victoria, and Kiefer. Victoria says she just came off of being Have-Not and leaves looking upset as she notes that three of them haven’t even been on slop yet. She goes off to the BR and giggles. From the DR, Victoria tells us she is sorry to those she put on slop but this is a strategic move to try and pin this on the trio of Jed, Ty, and Beth. She needs to sell that she is not the HOH. She can’t use the slop pass she won. Kiefer goes to talk to Victoria in the BR… Kiefer tells Victoria she literally might be the greatest player in the history of Big Brother. He tells us that after the Have-Not picks, he is SURE she is the Invisible HOH. He tells Victoria he doesn’t need to know anything. The less he knows the better. Kiefer tells us that with Beth, Jed, and Ty not on slop it looks like one of them might be the Invisible HOH. Great move. In the ball pit, Breydon tells Austin that the have-not pick is obviously a distractor that is meant to point a finger at Jed, Ty, or Beth. They agree that Ro is suspect. Austin doesn’t thinkit’s Beth. Jed comes in and asks them if they put themselves on slop. Austin denies vehemently…she would NEVER put herself on slop. Ty and Beth join…Beth would put herself on slop, but someone 100% just tried to frame them. They consider if Vic would do it, and Beth points out that Vic has the slop pass. They are all mystified. Victoria says she is trying to keep the spotlight off herself, so she needs to be careful about the nominations. It’s a great opportunity to take out big targets, but maybe those big targets aren’t bad for her game. She’s thrilled to win this power, but it’s hard. She needs to make sure she makes the best move. Victoria goes to the OLG room and talks to videos of the different HGs. She is considering Tychon and Austin, Beth and Breydon. Bossy Glossy or no, Austin hasn’t said much to her lately. Breydon is attached to Austin’s hip and that has drawn a big target on his back. She wonders about his loyalty. It isn’t with her. Jed is a triple threat…he’s a big target and she has to give Canada what Canada wants. That might be to separate Jed and Ty. This HOH is made for getting big targets out without getting blood on her hands. She has to think about what’s best for her game. The lights go down in the BBCAN house. The lights glow red, and we see that ALL the HGs are gathered in the Living Room. The TV screen flickers and we see a vague suggestion of an invisible outline that tells us in a spooky scrambled voice…”my identity may be obscured, but I still hold all the power, and as the Invisible Head of Household, it is my duty to nominate two HGs for eviction. My first nominee is Austin.” Austin takes her place on the block. The HGs are all looking at each other as the spooky voice continues… “my second nominee is …. Breydon.” Breydon sits next to Austin. “I have nominated each of you for very good reasons, which, unfortunately for you, will remain a mystery. This nomination ceremony is complete.” The lights come up and Austin is livid. Beth goes to hug her and Austin says she doesn’t want to be touched. Breydon tells us that whoever put him on the block a) is a coward and b) is a mean person, double dipping him on slop and the block. He is not happy about this and “Karma is going to get you.” Austin tells us she is not happy right now. This is worst-case scenario. She’s on slop and on the block with her best friend. She just wants to be alone. Victoria tells us that she can’t believe this. Laughing, she tells us that this is insane! Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Breydon or Austin fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday night, 7pm Eastern!
  17. 5:40 PM BBT Victoria and Ty playing chess in the Expedia room. Ty complaining about Tina and Tera because they just hang around and chill. Victoria agrees...it pisses her off too. 5:45 PM BBT Victoria and Ty complain about Tera more. Victoria tells Ty that when Ro came into the OLG while she, Kiefer, Tera and Tina were chatting, Tera demanded that Ro tell them if he was going to use it. They both find Tera super annoying. They also complain about Austin... Austin returned hair elastics that Victoria had given her, and Victoria thinks it's petty. They talk about how Austin treats them both as if they are the invisible HOH. 5:48 PM BBT Victoria suggests to Ty that the invisible HOH could actually be Canada. 5:51 PM BBT Austin and Breydon in the WA. Austin is running her speech past Breydon.
  18. 5:05 BBT Jed, Beth, and Ty are outside talking about Tera and Tina wanting to keep Austin. Beth says that's because Tera knows they are next and they can't win anything. They say that it doesn't make sense for Ro to use the PoV. The whole house will be mad at him if he uses it. They go on to discuss potential targets. The guys think Ro has to go, but Beth thinks Tera. If she wins HOH, she would put both Tera and Ro up. She would lie to both saying that she has a bigger plan. They talk about who Victoria would put up 5:10 PM BBT Jed, Beth, and Ty go on to talk about replacement noms. It would have to be Tina, even though Beth would rather keep Tina around as someone who is easy to beat at the end. Ty says it's getting to a point when they will be a three. Jed says once they hit final six or seven, they need to be a solid three. 5:13 PM BBT Jed thinks Vic needs to be part of the final six. Ty says the three of them and three others that don't want to work together...Jed says one of T&T and one of Kiefer and Vic. They think Breydon will always be their number. The guys would find it easy to get rid of Tina, but it would be hard to boot Kiefer. Beth brags about using others to do their dirty work, and they laugh about it. Beth: "we ran this house" ...they are already working on their narrative. 5:17 PM BBT Tina, Tera, Kiefer, and Victoria are talking about who should go. Kiefer said Austin has to go. Victoria says she doesn't care...she just wants that duo broken up. Tina is okay with going to the consensus. Tera pitches the idea of keeping Austin because it's an easy name to say next week. 5:19 PM BBT - Tera asks if that puts Ro in a bad position if he uses the POV. Victoria says yeah...with the invisible HOH, no one knows who the replacement nom would be. They would all be vulnerable, so if he uses it, everyone will be upset 5:25 PM BBT Breydon, Ro and Beth are in the kitchen. Beth breaks a plate. Breydon complains about how long they were locked down. Breydon and Ro go upstairs and talk. They talk about Vic saying Ty is the invisible HOH, but Ty and Jed pinning it on Victoria. Ro says he honestly figured that no matter who won the veto, one of Austin or Breydon would go. Breydon says Beth said the same thing. Ro says the goal was to split them up. Vic was never intending to use the veto, whereas Ro says he thought he could iron out the consequences and use it, but it doesn't look like it. Ro thinks they won't take out Tera because she's easy to beat at the end. 5:32 PM Austin pops in for a moment. She wants to know what Breydon is going to say. He says he doesn't know and asks if she knows. She says she has a thought but wants to run it by him. 5:35 PM BBT Breydon and Ro talk about Beth using Jed and Ty as a shield. They think that if Jed or Ty doesn't go home soon, they will stay to the end. Ro says he feels bad not to use it (the PoV). He feels ill about it. Breydon thinks that they have come to terms with it. Ro thinks people are being paranoid about whether he is going to use the PoV. He figures he can be in a bad position or a worse position. Ultimately, even if he uses it, one of the nominees will go home (ie. the replacement nominee will be a pawn).
  19. Previously on Big Brother Canada, when Victoria hatched a plan to eliminate power player LaToya over pawn Kiefer, control of the house hung in the balance, and the fading Sunsetters had a rising rival alliance in the Oddballs. Meanwhile, team T&T ran their show from the sidelines. With the eviction vote looming, Kiefer had to play the sap, and the good guy from Haida Gwai convinced his side that he was headed home. The scene was set for an epic blindside with the ultimate decision resting on Tina’s shoulders. On eviction night, things got serious, and the Sunsetter’s strategist was forced out of the house, which left Captain Kief to fight another day. Then, at a crucial HOH competition, Kiefer turned the table and scored the biggest win of the season. Tonight, who’s ready for Kiefer madness? Will the new king stay loyal to the same Sunsetters who voted against him? Revenge is the name of the game on Big Brother Canada! We pick up after LaToya’s eviction. Victoria says she feels amazing but she needs to make it seem like it was not her plan at all. Beth really messed up when she came to Vic and said that getting LaToya out would be good for her resume. Vic knew that and used this information to convince Jed and Ty that Beth had a big role in getting LaToya out…that will take heat off of Vic. We see Victoria telling Jed and Ty about Beth and then she confronts Beth in the LR in front of the house. Vic tells us that she had this plan to call Beth out in front of the house and wants her to take the bait and have a fight. Beth remains calm in front of the other HGs, but tells us she is pissed that Victoria is doing this to her. She will NOT give Vic the reaction she wants. With Latoya gone, Beth can get closer to Ty and Jed as long as Vic doesn’t blow up her game! Jed talks to Beth privately and tells Beth that Vic told him that Beth suggested Ty go up. Beth denies it. Jedson joins, followed quickly by Victoria. Ty asks Vic to confirm whether Beth said to put him up. Vic says yes, and Beth denies again, but refuses to fight. Vic says it was only if it came down to Beth and Ty. Beth says she would not have said that. Victoria presses, pinning Latoya’s departure on Beth while claiming she isn’t pinning it on her. Beth denies from the DR. Vic leaves and TY and Jed, Kiefer and Beth say it’s just them now Ty tells us their alliance is under attack. Winning HOH is so important or they could all potentially be screwed. Kiefer tells us that this game is such a roller coaster. He went from sitting on the block to being in a shoot-out with Austin for HOH. On the podium with Austin, he needed to get into Austin’s ear. He let her know that she would be safe if he won, and vice versa. We see the replay of Kiefer winning HOH, and the ensuing celebration. Kiefer picks have-nots… Tera, Vic, Tina and Ro. Austin and Victoria gasp when Kiefer says Ro. Rohan tells us “Come on Kiefer” two weeks straight on slop, he’s the only HG in this situation and it could mess him up from a game perspective. If Kiefer is already eyeing him, Ro needs all the energy he can get this week and being on slop will not help! Kiefer celebrates in the Defender BR. Jed, Ty and Beth join him. Kiefer tells us that he’s in a strange situation. The three people who voted for him to go home are the people he feels closest to in the house. He has to swallow his pride a little bit because starting over on day 20 is not a good idea. He has to stick with the Sunsetters and ride this game out with them. Starting a new alliance with the other side is not a good look. He needs to be loyal because you can’t buy loyalty. Loyal to the soil, loyal to the squad, Sunsetters for life! Victoria comes in and tells the Sunsetters that if they have questions, she’s their girl. She tells Beth she feels bad about she said to her and wants to curl up and die. Beth gives a half-hearted “Thanks Vic” and Vic leaves. Beth rolls her eyes and they talk about a whole lot of fake coming out. Beth says not to tell Vic anything. Kief thinks Tina is safe because they voted to keep Kiefer. The others point out that she did that for her own reasons, and not for loyalty to Kief. Victoria tells Rohan that she’s so nervous about going up. They talk about Kiefer putting Rohan on slop. They talk about how Kiefer is buddy buddy with the people who voted against him. Victoria leaves, saying it’s not over, as Rohan ponders “what is Kiefer doing?!?” Tina and Tera are sitting on their favourite sideline seats as Kiefer comes out asking who wants to see his HOH room! There is lots of shouting and celebration as everyone admires Kiefer’s family pictures. Kiefer is emotional as he reads a letter from his sister. “Kiefer, Keep it real. Wow, this is real life. We are all so excited for you and proud. We know that you will represent the Haida nation with laughter, love and respect. Everywhere I go, people are overjoyed with excitement for you. I just repeat over and over that my big brother is on Big Brother. Kiefer tells us that his sister is honestly his best friend. He views her as a leader and he wouldn’t be there without her. She has always looked out for him and his brother even though she is the middle child. He continues reading… “we also have some big news. Just to give you a hint…it’s a girl! It’s a golden retriever! Keep your head up, try your best, love, peace, and looking grease.” Everyone applauds. Great letter. Kyle and Rohan talk about how they went from the top to the bottom. They discuss their pitch and decide to talk to the boys. Kyle tells us that he and Ro were two of the votes that kept Kiefer in the game. You would think he wouldn’t come after them, but they might be in deep water. Kyle and Ro talk to Jed in the Expedia room, addressing the blindside saying they learned of the flip and didn’t want to go against the house. Kyle says it was Victoria’s idea and Jed says Vic told him it was a blindside to her. Jed tells us that he is not buying what these guys are selling. There is an unspoken war between Jed/Ty and Kyle/Rohan. Jed doesn’t trust them. Every time he asks a question, they deflect or are vague. Jed nods and agrees because they just want to be good with him. He’s happy to keep peace for now, but that doesn’t mean Kiefer can’t take a shot this week.
  20. Big Brother Canada 9 - Monday March 15, 2021 BBCAN9: Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Kiefer upset the apple cart and picked up the veto win, HOH Austin played it safe and named Rohan the pawn next to Josh. At first, Austin’s plan was backed 100% by the Sunsetters, then the flip flopping began with Captain Kiefer supporting the flop. Meanwhile the lone wolf (Josh) fanned the flames of paranoia, which triggered a five-alarm house meeting. Then, Josh stoked even more uncertainty with the Sunsetters, but on eviction night, the house backed off from controversy and a unanimous vote sent the lone wolf back to the wild. Tonight, with the teams disbanded, who will rise and who will fall? Which HG will seize a pivotal HOH? Can the house survive the fallout from Josh’s eviction? It’s everyone for themselves on Big Brother Canada! BBCAN9: We pick up after the live eviction. Latoya tells us that Josh is gone and they are all still reeling from how it went down. The vote was unanimous but the house was far from unanimous. It was a crazy night in the BBCAN house. Latoya tried to flip the vote because she felt it was better not to keep Rohan in the game. Jedson agrees and they make a plan to approach others. Latoya tells us that they don’t want to expose the sunsetters and they want to maintain relationships outside the alliance, so they can’t all vote to evict Ro. BBCAN9: Latoya tells us she just needed a few more votes. She approaches Tina, Vic, and Tera and tells them “we’re doing the flip, are you on board or not?” Rohan is aware of conversations happening and is getting nervous. Fifteen minutes before the eviction, Rohan tells us it was chaos with people talking to people they shouldn’t be talking to. We see Austin telling Beth that she needs Beth to vote Josh out or she can’t trust her. Rohan tells us that nearly every HG had give him their word they would vote Josh out, but it seemed it was going out the window. BBCAN9: Rohan tells us that he wasn’t surprised they were trying to flip, but he needed to make sure that didn’t happen. Ten minutes until the live eviction. It was an absolute scramble for votes to flip. Victoria is holding out. She doesn’t think it’s the time. At five minutes to go, the flip failed. Kiefer tells us the Sunsetters are at risk of being exposed and he needs to throw the scent off their trail. Kiefer tells Kyle that Victoria is playing both sides of the house. Not strictly true, but she is in the middle and it’s a useful deflection away from bigger targets in his alliance. We see Josh’s eviction again. BBCAN9: Victoria tells Kyle and Austin that she is the reason Ro stayed. Kyle tells Victoria that Kiefer told him that Victoria is the one that tried to flip it. Victoria tells us that she can’t believe Kiefer would say this about her. This is why she doesn’t trust people. She is the one that stopped the flip! They couldn’t do it without her. It was Latoya that did all of it. Rohan joins and she tells him that she is the reason it was a unanimous vote to evict Josh. Victoria is pissed. How could they be trying to pin this on her. It’s sketchy. She is motivated to win HOH to make sure she is safe this week. BBCAN9: Arisa tells us it’s time for the HOH competition. As outgoing HOH, Austin will not compete. Here’s how it works: Two at a time, HGs will face off and be shown an image of a dream scenario. Arisa will then read a statement and the HGs must decide if true or false. The first to buzz in will answer. If correct, their opponent is eliminated and they will choose the next pair to battle. The last person standing will be the new HOH. They will also win a lottery gift card thanks to OLG and Lottery Max. Kiefer and Tychon were randomly selected to be up first. BBCAN9: The first dream scenario features Latoya. Kiefer tells us that they just got through a very hairy eviction. He tried to play the middle of the house this week and got burned. If he doesn’t win, he could be on the block this week. True or False, the umbrellas on Latoya’s private island are slanted in the same direction. The answer is True. Tychon is eliminated and Kiefer picks Tera and Breydon to face off. Kiefer tells us he picked them because they are “middle-of-the-housers” and neither are in his alliance. BBCAN9: Tera tells us these pictures are only up for five seconds and it’s very hard to concentrate. True or False. In Tina’s scenario, she was holding a set of keys. Tera gets it right and Breydon is eliminated. Tera picks Jed and Beth. Tera tells us that this competition forces you to show your cards. You have to say names and it’s clear there is a big divide in the house. BBCAN9: True or False? Ty, Kiefer and Josh were all racing cars with odd numbers. The answer is false and Beth is eliminated. Jedson picks Tera and Vic to face off. Victoria tells us that minutes before the HOH comp, she finds out Kiefer said she was the one trying to flip the house, when she was the one trying to stop the flip. She has a fire under her butt and has to win this comp. True or False? In Rohan’s dream scenario, the lemon half was on the same plate as the Lobster. True. Tera gets it wrong and is eliminated. Victoria picks Kiefer and Rohan to face off BBCAN9: Rohan tells us that even though he just came off the block and it was very close to being a flipped vote, he’s thinking that it will show his cards when he picks the next HGS to face off, so he is going to pick the wrong answer. In Tera’s dream, there were the same number of polar bears as penguins. True or False? Rohan picks true and is eliminated. Kiefer picks Vic and Tina. BBCAN9: True or False? The Sailboat docked in front of Breydon’s lake house was named “The Force”. The answer is False…Tina is eliminated and Victoria picks Kiefer and Kyle. Kiefer tells us that he can tell he’s a definite target because this is not his first time getting picked. It has him nervouse. True or False, in Kyle’s downtown penthouse, there were a total of 9 bills hovering in the air. Kyle is eliminated. There were 8. Kiefer picks Vic and Jed to face off. Latoya tells us that she has no idea why no one is picking her right now, but she’ll take it! BBCAN9: True or False? During her shopping spree, Victoria is wearing a ring on both of her hands. Jed locks in “True” but the answer is false. Jed is eliminated. The last two HGs are Kiefer and Latoya. Kiefer tells us that if he can win this, he can keep his alliance safe and that would be HUGE. True or False? While working out in his upscale home gym, Jedson wore pink wrist bands. Kiefer locks in the correct answer of False and Latoya is eliminated. They are down to the final two HGs in the competition: Kiefer and Victoria. BBCAN9: Kiefer and Victoria wish each other luck, and Rohan tells us that if Vic wins, they could solidify something and do something on the other side. Kiefer and Victoria promise not to put each other up, but Victoria tells us that Kiefer threw her name out there with the biggest lie…”yeah sure, Kiefer,” she says sarcastically. “Deal. Sounds good.” BBCAN9: Kyle tells us that today has been such a whirlwind. He just exposed Kiefer’s game to Victoria, so he really needs Victoria to win this. True or False. On her private jet, Beth was using a laptop with a triangle shape on its back. Victoria answers False and is correct. Kiefer is eliminated and Victoria is the new HOH!!!!! BBCAN9: In the DR, Victoria is elated! “Oh my God! I am this week’s HOH!! Are you kidding me?” Kiefer tells us that Spicy V for the W and he feels horrible. He feels like he’s gonna be on the block! Victoria also wins an OLG gift card. She does a celebratory dance. Austin tells Victoria that her first task as HOH will be naming four have-nots. Austin volunteers and Victoria asks if there are any more volunteers. She ends up picking Rohan, Kyle, and Breydon as well as Austin. She’s sorry!! BBCAN9: HGs stream back into the house and are congratulating Victoria. Victoria tells us she has been playing both sides of the house. She’s been the fun party girl hanging out with everybody. Things are about to get spicy…grab a tall glass of milk, Canada. In the BR, Victoria celebrates, talking to the camera. Kyle and Rohan come in to join her and she tells them both they are safe. BBCAN9: Victoria and Breydon talk in the WA. Breydon is safe. Victoria tells us that over the last while she’s gotten close with Breydon and Austin and they’ve made it official. They call themselves the Bossy Glossies. The power is in the Gloss. Austin joins them in the WA and they do the motion for their alliance…putting on lip gloss. BBCAN9: Kyle joins Kiefer in the LR and Kiefer asks if he wants to chat a minute. Kyle says he has nothing to say. Kiefer is incredulous…”Nothing?” Kiefer tells us that he was trying to work with Kyle and Rohan. He got caught in a lie and he’s trying to save face. Major damage control in progress right now! Kiefer tries to tell him that he voted to keep Ro and that he only told Kyle about Vic because they told him she was the swing vote. Kyle laughs and points out that Kiefer was part of the swing. Kiefer played them. BBCAN9: Rohan tells Kiefer that he has reasons not to Kiefer. He needs Kiefer to be 100% with him. Kyle and Ro continue to grill Kiefer and he keeps saying he is just playing the game. They don’t trust him. BBCAN9: Kyle tells us that it’s unbelievable that Victoria won this HOH and he an Rohan are safe. Kiefer is on the couch talking to Latoya and saying they should have got rid of Ro. Latoya agrees. Kiefer tells Latoya about the deal just before the final question in the HOH comp and that they will see. They agree that they are in trouble. BBCAN9: Tychon joins Latoya and Kiefer. They realize they should have just voted as an alliance. The six need to stay together. Kiefer says the line has been drawn and “they know.” Latoya explains to Tychon that as long as only one member is up, they will always have the numbers. She wishes Kiefer had won HOH. BBCAN9: Victoria comes out and asks who wants to see her HOH room. It’s high energy as she rushes into the HOH room and everyone streams in after her. She is shouting and looking at all her pictures and a stuffed toy. She takes a deep breath, passes a hand over her face and says “and SCENE!” as she sits down calmly with her letter. It’s from her brother. BBCAN9: Vicky talon. Okay, fine, “Spicy V”….Victoria shouts “YES!” Victoria tells us that hearing from her oldest brother Max is super emotional. They didn’t get to grow up together so any opportunity to make their relationship stronger just means the world to her. The letter continues…” I’m so thrilled and proud that you are getting a chance to live this dream. Everything you’ve been visualizing about our reactions is probably true. We’ve watched every second! Trust me!” Victoria hollers and everyone applauds. The letter finishes “I love you and I’m proud of you. Keep doing your thing. I have no doubt you’re playing your perfect game. You were born for this. Max.” Everyone celebrates with Victoria. She is in awe and declares she will be re-reading the letter then times a night! BBCAN9: Beth talks to Victoria in the HOHR as if she has her back. Beth tells Victoria to make sure her eyes aren’t closed and plants the seed that Kyle and Rohan are playing her. They are only talking to her now that she is HOH. Beth cautions her to watch who she is telling things to. Vic tells her she appreciates the info. Victoria tells us she is taking in the information she is being told, but she is not going to trust it all. She wants the HGs to underestimate her…that’s why she is playing up her fun party-girl persona, but she has plans and wants to make big moves. BBCAN9: Kiefer tells Tina and Tera that his only play is to go to Vic and tell her to put him on the block. He said her name and he is going to ‘fess up. He went to Kyle to build trust with him, but Kyle went to Vic. If he doesn’t get put on the block, he is going to feel bad. He doesn’t want anyone else to take that heat. He said he wouldn’t throw innocent people under the bus and he wouldn’t swear on his children’s lives. He broke his first rule and he doesn’t want to play like that. He doesn’t want his kids to see him doing that. And it might be a good play for him. Tina suggests he sleep on it. Kiefer says it’s his best play for his conscience. BBCAN9: Tera tells us she can feel Kiefer’s turmoil right now. As a parent, you don’t want to let your kids down. This game is not easy and she can see in his face that he’s struggling. Kiefer tells Tina this game is hard, and she replies that it’s hard when the morals kick in. They note that they know the source of this problem (Latoya). Kiefer is emotional and has to remind himself that life is good. BBCAN9: Latoya checks in with Vic to confirm that she’s good and Vic tells her that her name has come up. Latoya says that doesn’t change how she is going to be. She isn’t there to kiss Victoria’s ass. Victoria tells us that this pitch sucks. Does Latoya not know that Vic is HOH this week? Telling Vic that she doesn’t want to kiss up to her is not a good idea. BBCAN9: Latoya tries to go back to a previous conversation and Victoria points out that she never got back to her. Latoya tries to affirm she is not going after other strong females. Victoria tells her that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do. She has told everyone they are safe. She tells her about Kiefer’s deal during the HOH comp. Victoria tells us that she is playing dumb, but she is setting a trap by telling Latoya she will talk to Breydon. She wants to see who Latoya passes that info onto. It will tell Victoria who Latoya is really working with. Latoya admonishes Victoria for not keeping promises and tells her to make game moves instead of emotional moves. BBCAN9: Latoya tells Beth, Tychon and Jed that it’s between her and Breydon. That Vic is basing it on who talked about her…that Vic was hurt they never got back to her about making an alliance. Latoya says Vic is not even her target. Beth suggest that Tychon and Jed can influence her. They decide to suggest Vic nominate Tera. Jedson tells us to avoid Latoya being on the block so he is hoping that since he and Victoria have gotten along since day 1, he will listen to her. BBCAN9: Austin and Breydon talk about Beth trying to solidify with them. Austin told Beth she wanted to hear, but she doesn’t trust Beth. Beth told Austin that Vic said Breydon’s name. BBCAN9: Victoria tells us that she chose to bring Breydon on her Wendy’s date because they are working together and she put him on slop. They gush over the Wendy’s menu and make their choices. Victoria heads down to get the food. She sees a message from her boyfriend Matt and best friend Pat. They happen to be brothers. They give her messages of encouragement, referring to “MVP”. Victoria explains that MVP stands for Matt, Victoria, Pat. She’s freaking out. She loves them so much! She’s doing this for them! MVP Baby! BBCAN9: Victoria brings the food back to the HOHR and she tells Breydon about her video and how awesome it was. Breydon tells us that this is a nice little feast but he needs to get down to business and have the hot tea. “Girl, you won’t believe what’s happened!” Breydon tells Victoria that they can’t trust Beth. Beth warned Breydon that Victoria is putting her name out. Victoria tells us that the trap she set with Latoya worked perfectly. It came back to her and now she knows who Latoya is working with. Latoya cannot be trusted. BBCAN9: Jed and Tychon talk to Victoria in the HOHR. They make their pitch not to put Latoya up, even as a pawn. Tychon points out that it’s like saying its okay if that person goes home. Victoria say that Latoya’s kind of messed her up. She asks if they are close with Latoya and they say they are as close with her as they are with Vic. Vic says Latoya doesn’t talk game with her. They counter by saying Latoya does not have Vic on her radar and they don’t think she should ruffle Latoya’s feathers. BBCAN9: Victoria tells us Jed and Ty that this is a nightmare. She tells us that during the flip Latoya was very committed to making the flip happen no matter how many times Vic said no. Latoya is a threat in this game and Vic wants her HOH to be meaningful. Jed and Ty affirm their support of Victoria and suggest that she nominate Tera. They hug it out and the guys leave. BBCAN9: Kiefer is up next. He comes in to the HOHR and tells her she has to put him up. Kiefer tells us that he is pitching himself to Spicy V to be up on the block. He genuinely feels bad about what transpired. He knows it isn’t a great game move, but for him as a person, this is how he wants to play his game to clear his conscience. He’s definitely rolling the dice here. He explains to Victoria what happened and says it will look sketchy if she doesn’t put him up. He tells her he feels horrible about what happened. Vic asks him to trust her. She is a Big Brother super fan and she is done with the flip-flopping and she is cutting the head off the snake. She has a target and it isn’t him. She tells Kiefer he is safe and that “she” is gone. He says ‘okay” BBCAN9: The lights glow red in the BBCAN house as Victoria descends the stairs and joins the assembled HGs in the LR. Victoria tells us that from the first hour of her HOH, she knew what she was doing with her nominations. People think she’s here to party, but she’s here to play the game. She has a mission, a target that she needs to get out. She doesn’t want her HOH to be a waste. Let the games begin!! BBCAN9: Victoria addresses the HGs, stating that as HOH it’s her duty to nominate two HGs for eviction. Her first nominee is Kiefer. Kiefer takes his place. Her second nominee is Latoya. Latoya moves to sit next to Kiefer. Victoria tells Kiefer she chose him because he used her name in a lie to further his relationship with another HG. She can’t have that happening. Victoria tells Latoya that she chose her because she believes Latoya played a small role in all the flip-flopping that’s going on in the house. Victoria tells them it’s important to keep her name out of their mouths. She tells them “Good luck in the POV. Stay real, because things are about to get spicy. This nomination ceremony is complete.” BBCAN9: Latoya tells us that even though there are two Sunsetters on the block right now, they are down but not out. They’re ready to fight for this. Working under pressure is what she does best, so “Let’s go!” Kiefer tells us that being put on the block is a horrible feeling. He’s stressed and doesn’t know how much he has in the tank, but he’s gonna fight to stay. That’s all there is to it, but it’s hard. It’s really hard. BBCAN9: Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Kiefer or Latoya fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday night, 7PM Eastern!
  21. 8:00 PM BBT - Feeds are back. Kiefer looks upset... Jed is trying to encourage him. Sounds like Jed did NOT use the PoV...said it would just mean taking another hit (if Victoria put Ty up). Kiefer doesn't want to go, and doesn't want LaToya to go either. LaToya comes in and adds her encouragement, saying they don't know which of the is going home. 8:24 PM BBT Kiefer, LaToya, Jed and Tychon in the Defender Bedroom talking about not being able to trust Tina. Tera tells Kiefer things and Tina doesn't say anything. LaToya agrees, and says that Tina hasn't done anything to help Kiefer. Kiefer notes that Tina could not even have a couple of conversations.
  22. 5:57 PM BBT Big Brother announces that the POV Ceremony will be in one hour 6:01 PM BBT Tina and Tera are talking with Kiefer in the BR. Kiefer tells them they are in a good position with both sides of the house. Tera says but then they get nailed as floaters. Kiefer tells them Jed is ticked off because Victoria is strongholding his POV win. He points out that comps designed for Jed and Ty are coming up and you don't want to be on the wrong side of either of them. Tera leaves and Tina says that at the end of the day her vote doesn't matter if they don't get Tera onside. It will just be a 5-4 split.
  23. 5:10 PM BBT In HOHR, Victoria complaining to Breydon and Austin about people taking her vote for granted. Breydon says Vic has the biggest HOH yet. Victoria is trusting her gut. She says she gets offended when people don't vibe with her. Austin and Victoria both feel like they can't work with LaToya. 5:15 PM BBT LaToya, Beth, Kiefer, Jedson and Ty are talking about Victoria and that she is a super fan and wants to make a big move. They call Tina and Tera floaters. 5:30 PM BBT Beth, LaToya, Jed, and Ty decide they are going to draw a line and go together to talk to Victoria. They are going to tell Victoria she can't threaten to put up Ty and then say that she wants to work with him. 5:33 PM BBT Ty and LaToya come into the HOHR and Austin and Breydon leave. They ask to chat and Victoria tells them she is not changing her mind about anything. Ty says he just wants to talk about what they are doing going forward. Beth joins and talks about this 5 person thing and how can it work with this threat against Ty. Victoria says that it's not a threat. They ask how they can trust her if Ty is going on the block. They ask VIctoria why Kyle and Rohan are telling Kiefer he is not going home this week, and Victoria tells them she is not that close to Kyle and Rohan. LaToya says she thinks she is Victoria's target, and complains that she is taking the blame, but she was not the only person. Victoria says that LaToya was the initiator. LaToya wants to know how Victoria and her can work together...how can they trust each other? 5:40 PM BBT Jed suggests that Victoria put Rohan up and they will vote out Kiefer (which they won't). They rehash stuff about flipping the vote. She has been trying to align herself with them, but they have not taken all the chances she has given them to show loyalty. She is not making any changes because she made her choices already and doesn't want to backtrack. She insists that Kiefer is her target. Victoria doesn't want to put up another nominee. She will not change anything. After the eviction, she is open to discuss working together.
  24. EPISODE, continued... BBCAN9: Jedson and Victoria plot to scare someone…Kiefer comes in and sits on the couch that Jedson is hiding behind. Jed pops up and scares Kiefer. Beth and Tera come in and Tera is the next victim. BBCAN9: Rohan and Kyle are playing pool in the back yard as Beth comes up to watch. She agrees to play after. Rohan tells Kyle he cannot BBCAN9: Rohan tells Kyle that he can’t read Beth. Rohan tells us that while Beth is very outgoing, smart and friendly, but he doesn’t understand where her loyalties lie. Kyle says the same about Austin. Rohan didn’t want either of them to win HOH. They speculate that Josh will throw them under the bus and that Josh and Kiefer will see the block. BBCAN9: Austin tells us Beth is her ride-or-die and she is close to Breydon. She runs scenarios by them. They talk about LaToya and how she is close to the guys. Austin is thinking of back-dooring LaToya. She is a comp beast and Austin feels LaToya’s loyalty is not with her. She doesn’t know who LaToya’s target is. They talk about Jed and Ty working together and not trusting them. They might have a F3 with LaToya. BBCAN9: Austin gathers HGs to the Living Room and reads a card from BB. BB is about to ask them to make a difficult decision. She calls the two team captains up. She gives each captain an envelope and instructs them to each take their team to the respective team bedrooms and to open the envelopes for further instruction. BBCAN9: The HGs are excited. Kiefer reads “Team Defender, an excruciating food dilemma lies ahead of you…” Tina explains that inside the envelope are two cards…Steal and Share. If both teams select share, the entire house is given PB & J sandwiches and cookies and milk for the entire week. If one team selects Steal and the other selects Share, the team that selects Steal will get a luxurious dinner tonight, groceries for the week, and an advantage in the next Power of Veto. BBCAN9: The team that selected Share will be put on slop. If both teams select Steal, the entire house will be put on slop for the week. So choose wisely. Rohan summarizes in the DR. LaToya says Share is the best option. Kiefer tells us we can take away his bed, put him on the block, but don’t take away his food. BBCAN9: In the Team Destiny room, Austin says they Steal either way. She doesn’t want them to win POV. She can’t have the other team have an advantage for the POV. Tina reminds them the other team could select Steal as well. Tera tells us that picking Steal is a great idea because it will weaken the other team. BBCAN9: Each team has to send a negotiator…Team Defender selects LaToya…she keeps it real so hard. Team Destiny picks Ty as their negotiator. Victoria tells us that Team Destiny agreed to Steal and that Ty needs to sell their lie. Ty tells Team Defender that they should both choose Share while LaToya tells the same to Team Destiny. Jedson points out to Ty that Team Defender has more to lose by sharing. BBCAN9: Each negotiator reports back to their team. Each team is worried about the other team will double-cross. Tera tells us…”it’s just slop” even if both teams Steal. BBCAN9: Breydon tells us that having a POV advantage on the line is major. The other team better not go back on their word. The HGs are gathering in the living room. Austin calls on the team captains to reveal their selection. On three… Both teams decided to SHARE. Cheers all around!! BBCAN9: Josh tells us if he didn’t have to lay low this week, he would 100% have stolen. It looks like they will be singing Kum Ba Yah and eating PB&J for the week. BBCAN9: Ty and Victoria talk about what it’s like living in foster care. Victoria tells us she was three when she went into foster care. She bounced around a lot…it wasn’t smooth sailing. Through it all, she only had one really caring foster parent. She tells us that she is a strong person and still struggled in foster care. She thinks of kids in care who are not as strong as her and wants to make a change for them. BBCAN9: Austin invites Victoria to share in her Wendy’s experience. They order and Austin goes to pick up their order, which is a touchless delivery with a video message from her family, telling her they love and miss her and are proud of her. She is grateful and loves them so much. She brings the order back to the HOH and tells Victoria about her family’s message. Victoria shares about experiences sharing Wendy’s with her foster mom. BBCAN9: Beth and Ty talk about how everyone is very game-focussed. Beth tells us that there are some butterflies that are starting…Breydon and LaToya both seem to like Jed…Austin has been flirting with Jed…and Beth flirts with everyone. But if she could choose one person, it would be Ty. He is super easy to talk to and he is big and hunky. Ty tells us that Beth is cute and outgoing. She’s cool. They sometimes cuddle…it’s nice. BBCAN9: Josh talks to Austin in the HOH room. He tells us his strategy is to give her pros and cons about everyone on Team Defender, so if he’s on the block, he’s one of two nominees and not her target. He starts with himself…he’s super cute, but he admits he had a moment last week. He doesn’t want to see LaToya go. Austin agrees. Josh says Ro is a floater…a stronger and smarter competitor than he is letting on. Putting Ro up would not shake up the house. He says the same about Kiefer. BBCAN9: Josh leaves as Kiefer comes into the HOH room. Kiefer asks for a chance to prove his loyalty and says there are bigger targets. Kiefer suggests Josh as a target, and says her best chance for Defender votes is Ro. He doesn’t see Josh beating Ro at anything. Austin tells us she has a lot to think about and it’s a decision she’s not taking lightly. BBCAN9: Rohan talks to Austin. He has talked personally but not much game with her. Now that she’s HOH, he needs to approach and make sure he is not on her radar. Rohan doesn’t trust Josh. Austin is cool with Rohan and wouldn’t want Rohan to be in danger. Rohan tells us that Austin is telling him what he wants to hear. He is fairly comfortable at this point, but anything can happen. BBCAN9: The red lights come on and Austin emerges from the HOH room. She tells us with only six nominees to choose from, it really limits her pool, so she needs to make sure she makes the right choice. She feels she has good relationships with half of the Defender team, so that leaves her with just a few options to put up on the block. She is taking into consideration what the house wants, but needs to look out for her game. BBCAN9: Austin comes into the LR and faces the HGs. As HOH, it’s her duty to nominate two HGs for eviction. She will select nominees from Team Defender because her team is safe for the week. Her first nominee is Josh. Her second nominee is Kiefer. Josh because he created a lot of chaos in the house in the last week and has thrown a lot of names out. She isn’t sure where his loyalties lie. Kiefer because he hasn’t spoken game with her until now, and also he was calling her out from the sidelines during the HOH competition. This is game, not personal. She likes and respects them both. She encourages them to fight for POV. The nomination ceremony is complete. BBCAN9: Josh tells us that being real, he was supposed to go home last week, but he got himself out of that pickle and he’s excited to do that again. Kiefer tells us it sucks being on the block but sitting next to Josh is his best case scenario, because Josh has burned a ton of bridges. Kiefer is up, but he’s not out. He’s ready to fight for POV and we haven’t seen the last of him. BBCAN9: Will Josh or Kiefer win the Power of Veto? Find out Wednesday night at 7pm Eastern.
  25. EPISODE BBCAN9: Previously, on Big Brother Canada, After a year of darkness there was new life in the house! Then, Big Brother dropped a sledge hammer…dividing the HGs into teams. One by one, team Defender lost its grip on safety, and thinks to spicy V, team Destiny was sitting pretty. BBCAN9: With all six teammates on the block, Team Defender started tossing targets…at each other! Then, Josh’s slip-up sent Julie on a collision course with LaToya. Once the dust settled, Josh conveniently escaped the line of fire. BBCAN9: At the eviction ceremony, Big Brother put the defenders on the defensive, but LaToya laid down the law. Then, in the first eviction of the season, an 11-2 vote took out Julie Vu and the rest of Team Defender were off the hook. BBCAN9: Tonight, will Team Defender continue their downward spiral? Can Team Desitny go back-to-back in the HOH competition? It’s total team turmoil on Big Brother Canada! BBCAN9: We see a recap of Julie’s eviction. Julie leaves noting that a Queen cannot play with a bunch of commoners. LaToya tells us that Julie was her target because she couldn’t keep things to herself…and LaToya got her way. BBCAN9: Austin tells us that she would have rather kept Julie rather than Josh, but she thought it was in her best interest to stick with Team Destiny. BBCAN9: Josh tells us he is still here to fight another day. He did not expect Julie to throw him under the bus just before the eviction. He isn’t sure where he stands with people. He is going to lay low this week, and it’s crucial for his team to win this week! BBCAN9: Jed introduces the HOH Competion, called “Arch Rivals”. Each HG has their own Bow and Arrow. On BB’s “go”, they will need to place a ball on the track of the arrow, and must keep it balanced using the bow so the ball does not drop. They will start with one ball, but more will be added later. When the horn sounds, they must add a ball. The last person standing will be HOH. BBCAN9: Each HG places a ball on their arrow, holding the bow steady to keep the ball balanced. Kiefer tells us that the first HOH win is so important. They just had to evict one of their own and they need a week off. BBCAN9: Josh tells us this wasn’t a good week for him and he really just wants to get the target off his back! He wants one nice day in the BB house where he doesn’t have to worry! BBCAN9: The horn sounds and HGs add another ball to their arrow. Jedson tells us this competition is tough. If you move an inch, the balls move far apart, and if you drop one you are eliminated! Austin agrees, noting how heavy the balls are. Kiefer is eliminated and Jed notes that this comp takes a lot of focus. BBCAN9: Josh loses focus and is eliminated, followed quickly by Rohan.. LaToya notes that her team is not looking so good. Three out very quickly. Not a good way to start. BBCAN9: Kyle drops and so does Victoria. Rohan tells us that he looks over at Team Destiny with five players versus three on Team Defender. He needs his teammates to hang in there, but it’s not looking good. BBCAN9: The horn sounds and the HGs add a third ball. Tina tells us she is coming off a week of safety and she’s the oldest person. She needs to be safe this week. Tychon tells us he is struggling but knows he needs to step up. Tychon is eliminated and Beth urges him to walk lightly as he leaves. BBCAN9: Another horn sounds and the remaining HGs add a fourth ball. Austin tells us her focus is razor sharp. and is not moving an inch. If Team Destiny loses, they are all in trouble and that is a risk she is NOT willing to take. Tina and Tera drop, leaving Beth, Austin on Team Destiny versus LaToya and Breydon on Team Defender. Austin tells us it’s anyone’s game. BBCAN9: Beth and Breydon both drop. LaToya and Austin are now facing off for their respective teams. LaToya tells Austin she is safe, and Austin says the same to LaToya. LaToya tells us that even though she thinks she can win, the best thing is to cut a deal with Austin. Austin tells us that she hopes LaToya drops, because Austin really needs safety this week. BBCAN9: Kiefer comments to Austin from the sidelines, Irritated, Beth tells us this is not the competition to break someone’s focus, especially when you are the first one out (as Kiefer was). BBCAN9: Kiefer tells us that Austin winning could be his worst-case scenario because he hasn’t talked game with her. LaToya baubles and drops, Austin is the HOH! Austin celebrates, shouting in the DR that she is the first HOH of the season. LaToya tells us she hopes that Austin honours their deal. BBCAN9: Back in their room, Team Destiny celebrates. Victoria tells us that Austin pulled through for them and that Team Destiny is killing it! Safe for another week! BBCAN9: Austin tells us that so much is swirling in her mind right now. Her goal this week is to have some conversations, get some information and make a smart decision for her game moving forward. It feels great to have the power this week and even better to know she got safety for her entire team. They owe her! BBCAN9: Austin and Beth hug in the WR. Beth tells us that she and Austin have a strong connection, and have a F2 Alliance. Austin is her ride-or-die. In the WR, they talk about how Kiefer tried to distract Austin. Austin shares her plan to get info, and will share with Beth. BBCAN9: LaToya and Kiefer chat on the couch. Kiefer says it’s worst case for him, and tells us that it’s another loss for Team Defender. He feels defeated. Kiefer tells LaToya he expects to see the block. He is resigned to it. BBCAN9: Josh tells Kiefer not to stress out. Kiefer is worried that he doesn’t have alliances or numbers. Josh tries to encourage him to relax and Kiefer tells him he needs time alone. Kiefer has a bad feeling about it. BBCAN9: Austin comes out of the DR and asks who wants to see her HOH room. They all storm into the HOH room to look at Austin’s pictures. Austin tells us her room is amazing. There is pink everywhere and pictures from home make her realize how much she misses her family and friends. BBCAN9: Breydon, Kyle, Rohan and Tera pile into the HOH bathtub, and then Tychon turns the water on…they all pile out of the tub in a hurry. BBCAN9: Austin reads her letter from her best friend. It says “Hi Favourite Human! We miss you so very much! Congratulations on winning HOH, Miss Peaches, you’ve worked so hard for this! Enjoy every minute in the house and just know that I’m thinking about you and cheering you on every second of every day! Secure the $100,000 and come back, because I don’t want to do life without you. BBCAN9: Austin tells us that family and friends are everything to her. They are a huge part of her life and her support system. They’re everything. BBCAN9: The HGs cheer Austin on as she orders from Wendy’s. Austin tells us she is looking forward to it…what a treat! Definitely a nice change from her usual routine in the house.

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