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  1. 1:43 PM BBT to 2:15 PM BBT Feeds are down. 2:15 PM BBT Nikki, Christine, Mitch and Kelsey have a group hug outside. Nikki apologies for spazzing out earlier. All four agree that you have to get away from the game talk some time for their sanity. Kelsey says that they're supposed to be having fun and not game talk 24-7. 2:45 PM BBT: Nikki is very upset and bawling upstairs in the HoHR. Mitch and Loveita comfort her. Nikki says she can't sleep, complains about being hungry. She calls everyone vultures. She yells that she just wants to go home and wants to have her freedom back.
  2. FLASHBACKS 11:25 AM BBT: Dallas, Joel and Loveita are discussing votes in the HoH. Dallas says he has it down to Joel and Mitch being the swing vote. Dallas tells Loveita he wants Cassandra gone. Dallas says he is unsure about the brothers because of the rumor floating around that the brothers are working with him. Dallas has Jared/Raul/Kelsey/Mitch/Joel/Tim voting for Cassandra to stay. Hes says they will need to have Joel or Mitch join Maddy, him, Ramsey, Nikki and the brothers to secure the votes to get Cass out. Dallas tells Joel he will have a big say in who goes home.
  3. 10:03 AM BBT Cassandra is complaining to Tim about getting all the pranks this week. Other HGs continue their ADL's. Joel and Nikki are in KT. Joel complains to her about having coffee grinds in his cup. 10:10 AM BBT Nikki and Joel are discussing about Elivis Presley movies and they sing his music. Nikki complains about people asking them to make them food while she making her own. She says it really stresses her out. 10:12 AM BBT Joel says that the pool is off limits today, and that Big Brother told them it is under renovation. Nikki goes on to talk about how food stresses her out,
  4. 9:00 AM BBT HGs are still sleeping, they've yet to be woken up for the day. 9:10 AM BBT The lights have come on and HGs are beginning another day in the house. Jared is asked to arrange a battery change for the house. 9:25 AM BBT Cassandra is showering and has discovered the barbeque sauce in the shampoo. She yells out "Tim" and says it's in her hair 9:30 AM BBT Jared and Tim open the doors to the backyard. Joel is cooking some slop and talking with Jared about his French heritage. in the WA, Raul has found another prank: the mouthwash in the soap dispenser. 9:40 AM BBT
  5. 9:50 PM BBT: Mitch, Raul and Kelsey are outside talking about Dallas' failed plan to backdoor Jared. Mitch is saying how hard Dallas pushed for Jared, saying he was the biggest threat to win the game. Kelsey says that they need to get tim on their side. Mitch mentions he doesn't know where Ramsey's head is at and that he's close with Maddy. 9:55 PM BBT: Feeds cut to Jared and Loveita talking in the HoH room. Loveita is talking about Dallas changing his idea of backdooring the brothers to Jared. Loveita says she told Dallas it wasn't the time to make that big of a move. Jared says he wants
  6. FLASHBACKS 12:45 PM BBT: Dallas is talking to Kelsey and Mitch upstairs. Dallas tells Mitch he is the likely swing vote. He says there's five from each side that will vote each way. Kelsey says initially she wanted to keep Cass but now she doesn't know. She says she doesn't want either to leave. Mitch says that he doesn't like these choices. Dallas says when you look at it, who made the noms no one likes, the same person. Kelsey says yes two women, with one clear target and a pawn (same as Paige and her nominated). Kelsey says it's hard for her because Cass helped her week 1. 12:50 PM B
  7. 4:45 PM BT: Tim and Loveita are in the HoH discussing the votes this week. Loveita says she is leaving it up to fate. Tim says he is unsure of who to vote but says he has more fun around Cassandra. Tim thinks Cassandra has the votes if the Jared/Kelsey side of the house votes in her favor. 4:50 PM BBT Nikki reacts to seeing the chocolate on the toilet seat, she calls it animal behavior. Ramsey and Nikki then confess to placing the chocolate on the HoH toilet. Ramsey then cleans it. Phil is now up in the HoH room talking to Loveita about putting a good word out to Nikki for him. 5:
  8. 9:20 PM BBT: Maddy and Loveita are now in the HoH Room. Loveita says she'd rather get rid of Raul. Maddy says you have no idea how bad she wants one of those three to leave. Dallas has now joined them. Dallas says he just talked to Christine about using the veto on her. Dallas goes over the votes again needed and that they have them. Dallas says it's win-win if either Cassandra or Jared goes home. Dallas says that Jared is their leader. Dallas says they owe this to Sharry. 9:25 PM BBT:Dallas and Maddy are now listening to music. Loveita has left the room. They continue to g
  9. 9:00 PM BBT: Loveita, Tim, Joel and Cassandra are in the washroom discussing about being tired. Tim says that watching movie always make him tired. Audio goes silent. Lovieta leaves the room. Cassandra whispers that Loveita told her Tim is being too nice to her. Tim tells Cassandra that Loveita is 100% set on getting her out. Tim says that Loveita can't be trusted and that she must have gotten the chance to see some footage of what Cassandra said. Cassandra says she can't be a have-not again next week. She says she does well in the challenges. Tim says she didn't do well in t
  10. 8:22 PM BBT: Jackpot is going off. Tim points out that the sign is blue rather than it's usual red. Tim asks where Jared and Loveita are. Tim goes into the HoH and says that noise is going off and asks Loveita what is. She honestly thinks it's a distraction, and then laughs. 8:25 PM BBT: Feeds cut to Nikki and Loveita discussing in the HoH room. Nikki says she'd do anything to be HoH next week. Loveita thinks this next HoH will not be just luck. Loveita says she is just done and she's done taking about the game. Nikki asks her about if she is stressed when making noms and what the Hig
  11. 10:20 AM BBT: Feeds return. The brothers are talking with Christine about the Veto competition. Dallas and Maddy discuss about talking Loveita into backdooring someone. They discuss if they should go against her and use the PoV. Maddy says that she told Ramsey to talk to Loveita about it, and that she wasn't talking to Loveita about it. Dallas calls Loveita a powertriping ho and says he doesn't care anymore. Feeds cut to Jared and Cassandra. Cassandra is upset about people talking to Loveita. She says that Kelsey talking to Loveita right now is ruining her chances in the game. Ja
  12. 9:43 PM BBT: Loveita and Kelsey are mending fences up in the HoH. They remark about how week it's been back and forth between them so far. Loveita tells Kelsey she is a nice girl. Kelsey tells Loveita to just not do something stupid this week. Loveita says she is a lone ranger. Kelsey remarks about how the people are just floating around and that those that float around feel the safest. Loveita says she won't go against her word and hasn't. Kelsey starts talking about Dallas lying and the fourth vote in the first vote. Loveita says she doesn't want to spend too much time so they head dow
  13. 9:33 PM BBT Joel, Kelsey and Raul are in the BY discussing nominees for next week Joel mentions Dallas because he doesn't know where he stands. Kelsey says she doesn't trust the guy because he lied to her for a week straight. 9:45 PM BBT: Raul and Kelsey are playing pool. They discuss about the brothers. Kelsey is worried she is upsetting Jared by being too close to them. 9:50 PM BBT: Raul and Kelsey head up to the HoH. Jared is still watching his movie so they leave. Kelsey is worried Jared is mad at her. 9:55 PM BBT: Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey, Philippe and Christine
  14. 2:00 PM BBT: Tim is talking to Loveita in the Hundo suite. Tim tells Loveita that Jared is the guy she needs to convince if she wants to stay. Loveita says Christine is voting for Sharry to stay, Tim says he feels that she doesn't care either way. Loveita says that Jared is not telling people who to vote for, but Kelsey is. Tim tells Loveita she needs to address her decisions as HoH she made in order to get through to people and for people to trust her now. Tim says she needs to come across genuine with people. Loveita says she is. Tim says she is being forced to play a way she does
  15. 10:50 AM BBT: Loveita is talking to Mitch and Joel in the havenot. Love says she has had some ups and downs but wants to campaign hard today. She tells Mitch that she is a larger target than Sharry. She says she is a lone ranger but there are a few people who would want to keep her but they are too afraid to against the HoH and they have already gave their word to Jared. Mitch says he would prefer for Loveita to stay and they agree it's possible to get enough people for her to stay. Mitch thinks that people can be convinced to keep her and that he feels it's not the time yet for he

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