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  1. You can't tell the players without a program. Celebrity BB US Cast.docx
  2. Well, at least they are all newbies. BB 19 CAST CARDS.docx
  3. 9:25PM BBT Feeds back briefly to Demetres mopping floor in his new HOH room. Kevin and the gals talking in the kitchen then Kevin leaves and Demetres comes down and the three talk about how Kevin got tricked big time and how he is now changing his story. (None of it really matters as the POV winner decides which of the three will leave and who goes on with them and Demetres to the final three. - DRG)
  4. 12:24AM BBT: So after that Z is no longer trying to talk to Paul and Pauli. Vic says interesting but it don't matter. Pauli brought it up to Corey and warned him about the four girls. Vic also wants to let him know that if they tell Corey something that they don't want the girls to know and it gets to them then he has lost their trust. It's not a threat but if all the guys are going to be in an alliance together then...... Pauli says that is why he and Paul only talk openly among the three of them and talk with James and Corey only when they have to. Bridgette knows that Da is gonna be the rep
  5. 12:15 AM BBT: Zakiya thinks that the coming HOH will be questions. And on cue the boys talk about how if Z is available next week then they should go ahead and get her out because she has got her eyes on them (as targets). Z telling Paul that if it came down to Pauli and someone else she would never ever vote for him. (Pop quiz, is she legit or is she trying to blow smoke up Paul's butt to protect the showmance? - DRG] Paulie meanwhile says that she is over there trying to pry information to which Vic offers that Paul is tipsy but he is stronger than that. They boys digress to talking about t
  6. 12:10 AM BBT: Paul saying he will figure out what is happening on Monday and there is nothing to worry about tomorrow. Z says that she told Paul she would go up as the replacement but neither fellow wants to see that happen. They wonder where Bridgette is and comment that she is sleeping/hiding emphasis on the latter. Inside we are treated to James brushing his teeth before going to the DR while Natalie continues showering and Michele wanders about the bathroom then starts working on her eyebrows. James comments about the sink backing up and Michele tells him the shower had been doing th
  7. 12:01AM BBT: Vic continues the narative of his day letting us know that he just unclogged the shower drain with the plunger and pulled out a bunch of nasty ass hair. He is getting tired and is waiting to shower. He brushed his hair and had a few tough knots in there that he had to take out. He complains about his hairband and then comments that he is getting a mane going. [One might say mop top but then tomaaaato, tomato. - DRG] He wants us to hook our boy up with a good power in the coming weeks. If we think he needs it that is, if we don't think he needs it then we don't have to hook him u
  8. 11:46PM BBT: The hot tub crew has finally agreed on complaining that the work out equipment in the house sucks but Vic wants them to make the most out of it and the gals announce they will start doing two a days. He keeps challenging them to believe that there are so many folks outside the house that love them. Inside feed jumps to Momma Da sweeping. Michele asks about her eyes and it is confirmed she has racoon eyes from her mascara so she covers her face and gets up to go inside to shower. She looks at herself in the mirror and freaks out before showing her face to Momma Da.
  9. 11:27 PM BBT: Feeds return to the same usual suspects. Z has come to the kitchen to check on her baking and remarks that if smells like she did something right. She pulls a tray from the oven that has a flat square of foil in the middle which she removes to take to the freezer to make a nice little "snackiepoo." Da tells her to take it to the back freezer which she does. BB calls for Paulie to come to the DR so he and the other guys climb out of the tub leaving Michele in the tub and Natalie in the pool. Inside Corey is nibbling from the goodies still on the table as Momma Da has moved o
  10. 11:15PM BBT: Talk of outsiders brings intermittent FOTH which ends with Paul proclaiming that he masturbated a lot. They talk about what they did in sequester waiting to enter the house. Momma Da still washing away in the kitchen. Paulie complains that he can't JO since he is not good at closing his eyes and visualizing. He can do it but he can't finish. [any volunteers to help him ladies??? -DRG] Natalie saiys that if she is not in love she does not have the urge. They guys start to justify that it is healthy to have more regular releases as they drift into discussing WDs (wet drea
  11. 11:10PM BBT: Outside they have started talking about boning as Michele minus her tank top but still wearing a black bikini top with a green bottom inquires about the temp of the pool before jumping in causing BB to say "There is absolutely no jumping in the pool." [Well I thought I saw jumping but maybe not after all BB knows all. - DRG] Paul carries on about a girl whom he would leave the house and marry this instant (Amanda something) as she is the prettiest girl ever. [Wonder just how long her beard is??- DRG] Momma Da now washing dishes in the sink. Natalie and Paul are back in
  12. 11:00PM BBT: Paul and Vic in the hot tub with Paulie and Nat sitting on the side dangling their legs in the water. Jakiya reading Have Not guidelines in the kitchen while Momma Da is cleaning up. Corey is in the DR and Nicole has changed her plans and has stumbled off to bed instead of the hammock so she asks the ladies in the kitchen to pass this info along to Corey when he emerges from the DR. Big Meech has been pacing about the BY threatening to enter the hot tub after going in the pool but she remains dressed and on dry land. Natalie climbs in the tub with her shorts and pink top on whilst
  13. 12:18AM BBT: Feeds back to the same two groups. Kitchen groups brings up Ugly Russian Jew Fat Jewish Guy and Natalie says she follows him and loves his pizza stuff. She does not pay attention to the nude pictures of girls he posts and does not mind if girls want to do that. However she does like the costumes. They debate about who is named what and which one is Slut Whisperer. (Our future is in these hands folks. - DRG) Bridgette has emerged in the kitchen and Michelle has migrated to the bathroom. General chit chat in both settings. Kitchen group now discussing who has done DR ses
  14. 12:05 AM BBT: Nicole asks James if he was sleeping in those clothes which he was and then asks if he is up for the night to which he replies, maybe. Da joins then in the BR complaining about BB closing the back door while her clothes are in the washing machine. The others think it will not be long and is probably just a maintenance issue such as fixing a camera. Back in the kitchen general joking and teasing going on with the guys starting to tell Natalie that she is going to be so grumpy in a few days (since she is a Have Not this week). They go on to discuss how she gets in one bumper
  15. 12:00 AM BBT: James and Natalie in one bumper car in the Have Not room while Da'Vonne Frank Paul and Michelle are sitting at the round table in the kitchen chatting about drinking. James is telling Natalie that he told Tiffany he was not voting against her but he is not voting against Natalie either. Natalie is upset because she thinks they had the perfect power team and had been ruling the house. She goes on to tell James Bronte's huge secret (cough cough - DRG) that she was a math coach and could have won the last comp. (Pick which delusion you think she is suffering under at this point. - D
  16. 11:30PM BBT: Cooking has continued in the kitchen. Pauli and James still speculating about the future of comps and James now thinks the double will be next week and the two who go will be the first members of the jury. Pauli thinks they could throw a curve ball and do a double this week. He is upset that he will not get to participate in the HOH this Thursday. Paul brings some warm fries to them in a bowl and they ask him to leave the bowl. They are impressed with his culinary skills and Pauli remarks they are better than boardwalk fries. Paul says he can taste things now so he knows ho
  17. 11:13PM BBT: Z asks if Nicole needs the sour cream out and is told she does not need it right now and its better to let it stay cold. Paul comes by and asks her why she did not use a bowl to which she replies that she did but it was too small. They start discussing the seasoning level of the quacamole. Feed one zooms in on the sleeping face of Corey until he goes out of focus then jump cuts to a sleeping Pauli. Seasoning continues followed by a taste test by Paul who gives his approval. Nicole comments that she has to make the meat too and it is going to be crunch time. Paul now thi
  18. 11:00PM BBT: Nicole Bridgette and Zakiya working on cooking in the kitchen while Frank Pauli and Corey chatting and counting votes needed this week in the bedroom then fall silent. Paul joins the gals in the kitchen wearing his white brimmed shades. He calls out that it is 11:02 which prompts Corey in the bedroom to declare, "damn, 58 more minutes." (until he can eat when the Have Not term expires. - DRG) NIcole is asking if she does not need to cook some rice for nachos (We have to excuse her she is from the midwest. - DRG) BB tell Michelle who just passed behind Nicole to please put on her
  19. 2:46AM BBT: Talk about stunt work in movies ongoing. Bridgette talks about when she tried to start surfing and how she picked a really hard beach where the waves crashed really hard. Frank back to talking about movie scenes. Feeds 1 and 2 still show motionless bodies in a darkened bedroom. Paulie now brings up Curt Cobain's documentary and how he almost committed suicide in high school but did not want to die a virgin. They turn to talk about the band Nirvana which Paulie really loves then on the the Foo Fighters as the drummer from Nirvana started them (Dave Grohl). Day returns fro
  20. 2:30AM BBT: Feeds back to guys still talking about Kobe while the ladies talk about when they would like to get married. For Bronte it is at 30. Natalie bangs her tooth with one of the monster glasses they are drinking from and goes on to talk about how she always does weird stuff like that especially in meetings. Talk turns to Jim Carey and how his face is like rubber and how good he is. Frank starts talking about how he got dinged for using movie quotes and how hard it is for production to edit around that and on cue we get the WBRB screen. Feeds back to Frank claiming that he poops on th
  21. 2:25AM BBT: All feeds in Kitchen . Talk has been about nursing school and practicing drawing blood. Natalie emerges from the DR and Momma Day is called in. At the table are Frank, Paulie Bridgette Bronte Zakiyah and Natalie. Discussion turns to how much blood the HGs had to give for their pre-show physicals. Bronte asks Natalie if she is tired and she replies that she is and is going to go to bed. Paulie and Frank joke about having to fill a cup for a sperm count during their physicals. Paulie asks Bridgette at what age do men stop producing sperm with a frown she replies that it does not nece
  22. Hey Morty, Here is a set of cards for the new Survivor tribes . . . . er. . . . BB18 Cast Members by teams. BB_18_CAST_CARDS_BY_TEAMS.docx
  23. 5:00 PM BBT: Nick asks Joel what is his rationale for choosing the brothers for his final 2 since he has clearly wanted them out for a while? Kelsey pounds the question saying why the brothers now when you were going to save Tim to backdoor the brothers? She answers her own question by positing that he thinks the brothers are the strongest competitors along with Tim and he is hoping they will take each other out. Joel eventually answers following Phil's suggestion that he would take the brothers to F2 due to the personal relationship they have. Kelsey won't let it go and tells him he has never
  24. Flashback 6:54PM BBT: Tim now turns his attention to this weeks POV and asks what Joel would have actually done. Joel says he would have used it on Tim leaving no option but to put up Nick and Phil. Tim does not believe him and asks if he would not have used it on Cass? Joel says no because he wanted to disguise he had a relationship with Cass still. Kelsey says but at this point we all knew and asks if it was because he wanted to work with Tim until the end because he is a stronger competitor so having him in the game was better for him. Had you used the veto on Tim the brothers would have go

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