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  1. This woman had no business hosting anything.
  2. wash ur face

    The Office

    I think it's about to go into syndication, so maybe more people will begin to watch..like what happened with Seinfeld.
  3. Wow...can't believe Bull's still in the game.
  4. no one's faker than Julie. She looks like a cardboard cut out.
  5. there was a serial killer on there one season. some dude whipped out a butcher knife and started slicing folks up. He was kicked out tho.
  6. I love the intro...never saw an episode tho. (same with Rockford Files)
  7. I like the fat dude. He's the funniest one there. Amy is not funny at all, she's getting over on her "cuteness". The fat chick was funnier than her. The dude from best week ever is OK, but not good enough to win. Ralph Harris is very corny, but somehow keeps winning. I want him to win tho, he's been on plenty of failed sitcoms, so it's about time for him to catch a break. overall, this bunch isn't that funny
  8. I kinda liked her, but she lost all respect with this.
  9. why is this on a major station? Shouldn't it be on Nickelodeon, or at least ABC Family?
  10. I think it's going to be down to Tre and Dale as the final 2. Howie may be good. I don't know. Whenever I see him sweating into the food I have to turn it. The tall dude is hit or miss, and both chicks are wack. The other guys aren't worth mentioning. and yes they were wrong for last episode's do-over.
  11. Dick is so cute and he has really pretty skin.
  12. screw the show the characters here >>>> the actors and actresses on the show
  13. wow, i forgot bull was still in the house.
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