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  1. The show cracks me up. It reminds me of an updated Married w Children. The situation with the questionably gay son is histerical...especially because he's not gay but his best friend just happens to be gay, even though he has no idea that his friend is gay. I think the friend has a crush on him too.
  2. If Beau was there he would have won. That game is right up his alley (no pun intended)
  3. So far Maggie and Ivette are in the lead in the HoH comp. Janelle in very last place Maggie and Ivette in a tie breaker The tie breaker is another chalk board number guessing game. Guess the closest without going over. Ivette won.
  4. I agree with fizzle. The host is supposed to be as boring and neutral as possible, save the drama for the game. Plus we only have to see her once a week for a total of maybe 10 mins of airtime. A dramatic, "lively" host would be so annoying. Who do yall want, Guy Smiley?

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