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  1. Watch Jameka walk home with the 500,000. She is set if she can make it to the final 2.
  2. s5, and...s6 well, the start to finish alliances: Horsemen and then The Friendsheep. beyond that, i forget
  3. Um...the Jury at the moment hates everyone but Zach, Jameka, and Jess. Dick, Daniele, and Eric are really hated, and each has someone gunning for them to not win (Dustin for Erik, and Jen for Dick/Daniele). Dick, Daniele, and Eric are already screwed. The only way Dick or Daniele can win anything, is if they are in the Final 2 together...otherwise im pretty sure the person they are up against will take the prize- unless its Eric. Then its a toss up.
  4. Yeah. Its been weeks, and he keeps slipping in my books. ugh...
  5. ugh....except for the boards, I think Jameka has a big following. Remember how America wanted Jen gone, and not Jameka. If anything, I think it might be Dick, simply because of a backlash....
  6. Its a conspiracy Yana, I'm telling you! I kid. xD, but yeah....
  7. God's plan has been revealed, apparently...
  8. Survivor China! Thats going to be kick ass! That ad was the most exciting thing to happen on CBS for the past 28 minutes.
  9. To add to that, I personally hate how people keep saying that they want to see people who look 'real/normal' on BB, yet beat up on Zach for looking creepy/ugly/disgusting. Its so frrrrrrrrrustrating! xD
  10. Oh Jen, You had a good run, but I still have faith in you!
  11. They need to actually pick people from auditions. Not go to bars and clubs to find eye candy...
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