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  1. ITA I think that's why it's so tragic to see her throw her chance away like she did (in terms of working against her own interest for the sake of the cookout). She really could have had a life change for her and her son. I think what also bothers me is that we see that it is women once again who sacrifice and the men who prevail. The men need to recognize and appreciate how she furthered their game, but nada, zilch, she's gotta go. That is a gender bias that the men need to come to terms with. However, Tiffany being older should have known this was coming. And she had every chance to overcome it but threw it away.
  2. Between race and gender, Tiffany sacrificed for the cookout when she should have realized that gender is also at stake. The men in the house have no intention of having a female win this year. Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. Her mistake was not winning that HOH when the cookout believed she shouldn't have -- she would not have made it further than she is regardless (but I suppose it's a good excuse to justify voting her out this week, pathetic as it is). Her real mistake was not seeing how gender factored in to the equation. Tiffany could have easily made it to the end this season had she worked with non-cookout members. Plus, the cookout could have demonstrated their goal of having an African American win by making her the winner. I just hope that any player that throws away and sacrifices their game to the extent Tiffany has done will never be considered as a return player in the future. She absolutely should not be called back in a future season. (but neither should Azah or Hannah who both lacked the high potential that Tiffany had, Azah especially).
  3. Seeing the video of the season 2 9/11 guests being told about the attack brought back memories. That was my first season of watching BB. As much as I appreciate Dr. Will's place in BB history, I don't think we should forget how phenomenal the cast was that year and a big part of that fabulousness was Monica. She was an incredible player. Her interactions with Will were hysterical and brought a lot of laughter and affection. Monica Bailey - just want to say how important you are to BB history. You are up there with all the greats. I hope you are well and thriving wherever you are.
  4. I agree, X is very shrewd and I can't wait to see if he is loyal to the cookout by going after Alyssa next the way he expected Tiffany to do with Claire. I will not be surprised at all if he chooses to keep Alyssa til the end and go all the way to final 2 with her if given the chance. What is really sad is that Tiffany is giving up a chance to win a large amount of money just so she can say she was loyal to something that is not likely to be loyal back once they see her give up Claire. That old fearmongering about losing jury votes if you don't remain loyal isn't going to work on X -- he'll do what's best for his game.
  5. And yet, the other Cookout members are already plotting against her. Keeping Claire is good strategy on Tiff's part, something that should be respected as good game play. In the past, juries who respect good game play are able to overcome personal feelings, even bitterness, to award the best player the winner of the game. We'll soon see if the cast this year can do the same thing. I'm rooting for Tiffany because I think she has played an excellent game. And believe me, Tiffany winning this game would be huge for BB history.
  6. If she does put up Claire, she's sacrificing her own game for the good of the cookout. Since they will have to evict their own members in the near future (since they're running out of non-cookout members), Tiff needs to go ahead and strategize for her own game at this point. If she waits to take out either Big D or Xavier, it's going to be too late. Better to keep Claire than Big D (or Xavier) IMO.
  7. I totally agree with you -- the highlight of this season for me was seeing Nicole go into shock at being evicted by Cody (she was already thinking she was going to make history by being a 2-time winner!). Cody did exactly what he needed to do and I do believe he deserved the win -- even though a lot of his getting to the end (I believe) was through pre-gaming and forming a pre-game alliance which even Dr. Will said players who do this are disrespecting the game and should be ashamed. All in all, this was a very disappointing and pathetic season. None of them should feel good about it.
  8. Nicole on the Knight Moves HOH competition that Enzo won -- DOESN'T ENZO KNOW HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO WIN ANYTHING? HE'S ONLY HERE TO HELP ME AND CODY GET TO THE FINALS!!!!!!!!! And as if this self-entitlement isn't enough, then Cody weighs in -- DOESN'T ENZO KNOW HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO ACTUALLY PLAY FOR HIMSELF??? HE AND I ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING TOGETHER AS A TEAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! OMG Please win this thing Enzo
  9. Okay, as this thing is getting closer I'm really wondering who Cody will take to final 2 if it's his choice. I wish somehow Enzo could convince Cody to vote out Nicole this week on the basis that he will not win if he's sitting next to her (the jury members have already indicated -- although Cody doesn't know this -- that if Nicole makes it to final 2 they will vote for her to win). Wouldn't it be better for Cody to take Christmas or Enzo?? Does anyone have any insight on if Cody will cut Enzo in order to take Nicole?
  10. He seems to have a lock with Nicole but also with Enzo. If it's up to him, which one will he choose?? I suspect it will be Enzo, but I could also see it going Nicole since she has already won and she's been pretty pathetic this season. If the final 2 are Cody and Enzo, I would love to see Enzo win. Long shot but still.
  11. I agree 1000%. I think David knew it was a lock for the pre-game alliance and that he and others on the outside never had a chance. I'll be curious to see if on finale night how much leeway the outsiders of the pre-game alliance will be able to freely discuss how this year was rigged, or if CBS will muffle them in advance and tell them they won't get their stipend if they mention it. Rigged, yes, with the pre-game alliance, but now I'm beginning to question if they agreed to split the prize at the end since they don't seem to care who ends up "winning," as long as it's the core alliance. Strange.
  12. I feel for Kevin. As I feel for all the ones who were on the outside of the pre-game alliance. Even Dani said she felt bad for those who never had a chance. I hope there's a lawsuit in the works for fraud. No one outside of the pre-gamers ever had a chance. And even Dr. Will said the pre-gamers (if, in fact, that is what they are and Dani confirmed it so I believe it 100%) should be ashamed for making a mockery of the game (I'm paraphrasing but that's the gist of it).
  13. Yes, Kaysar actually called it a love triangle between Cody, Dani, and Nicole. Cody is such a sheep (as all these so-called "all stars" are) that I can't tell if he really wanted to vote out Dani or was just going along with the herd.
  14. She.Is.Disgusting. Worse BB houseguest EVER. She and Dick Donato belong together. And that's being generous.
  15. Yes, I agree. In this train wreck of a season, Enzo seems to be the lesser of the evils in that house. And like you, I want to see David go to the end (and win!), but I wouldn't mind seeing Enzo there as well. The ones I definitely DON'T want to see at the end are Xmas, Memphis, Cody, and Nicole. How frequently (unfrequently) does Enzo shower? I'm not a super close watcher so I didn't know that was happening.
  16. I hurt for Da'Vonne and what she is going to have to deal with from her own actions (she really should have known better). But Ian? Oh, I so look forward to his reckoning on Nicole.
  17. Yes, I so agree with you straykat. I keep going back to Kaysar and how hard he tried to get Bay to see the writing on the wall. Even Bay wanted to think she was of the "privileged" and did not want to associate with the outcasts. But if the marginalized ones had stuck together -- oh wow. They could have been a real force to take down the pre-game / privileged alliance. Why could it not have gone that way????? The dream team could have been -- Kaysar, Janelle, Keesha, Bay, Day, David, Kevin (and maybe even Nicole A if she hadn't gone completely nuts).
  18. I really like this way of thinking, but I would also like to see it backfire. I hope the jury is the most pissed off jury in the history of BB b/c of the pre-game alliance and the way in which the people of color were so marginalized (including Kaysar, who tried to tell the others what was going on). I hope it backfires and they disregard whichever of the privileged in-crowd might be sitting next to David (thinking he is a goat) and SURPRISE the jury for once awards the goat and gives the finger to the privileged.
  19. It is truly painful to watch her treat David the way she does. She is so, so wrong about him. I actually dread it for her when she finds out just how bad she's been played by Nicole. She'll have a lot of remorse to live with.
  20. Hahaha. Yes I so agree with you. It would truly be a fitting end to this horrible train wreck of a season. David / Kevin / Day are really the only hope I have for a positive ending, but it being David would be the best.
  21. Memphis needs to go and fast. He is just a despicable person who loathes people of color. The way he spoke to David in the HOH room made me ill. His body language, the tone of his voice, the heavy-handed way he offered the "deal" to David. All of it. Just sickening.
  22. I so agree with you. I do not like to see when some of the houseguests never had a chance to begin with. It's just not fair. And I do question how much producers knew, when they knew, and why they haven't tried to prevent it, or correct it. Memphis is a racist jackass, but CBS doesn't look all that much better at this point. Trying to defend or explain what he said is ridiculous.
  23. I agree. I think Nicole and Dani will be the 2 most expendable -- right now Cody and Memphis are running things, but there are several gaping holes that could be exploited that would set them back. They're not playing that good of a game -- Cody and Memphis just happen to be in "control" of the women's decisions. Nicole and Dani are going along with it. That and no one in this cast wants to be associated with the people of color.
  24. After viewing a couple times, I'm convinced he did say it.

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