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Nick Week 2


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Kimball, Minn.


Former Pro Football Player



Legends of the Fall, Braveheart, Last of the Mohicans

TV Shows

SportsCenter, Colbert Report, BIG BROTHER


Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio


Rachel McAdams, Julia Ormond


Fishing, weight lifting, croquet

Sports to Play

Football, basketball

Sports Teams

Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Timberwolves

Outdoor Activities

Croquet, horseshoes, Swedish golf


Journey, Boston, Rage Against the Machine, Disturbed


More Than A Feeling by Boston, Don't Stop Believing by Journey


Tacos, Peking chicken, beer-battered walleye


Blueberry Morning, Captain Crunch


Chocolate chip

Candy Bars


Alcoholic Drinks

Leinenkugel's Honeyweiss, Captain & Coke


Protein shakes, milk, water

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Poor Nick. He isn't as "Alpha Male" as he thought when he entered the house. Because if he was, he'd have worked over all the girls, not just Dani. And the funny thing is, Jen was a puddle in his hands, flirting all over him last week, and he just wrote her off. Now she's HoH.

Hell have no fury like a heart broken woman scorned.

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The casting director said there was no way in hell that he was gay... and I think she needs a new job, because this guy is atleast bisexual. It's gone beyond the point of being "open minded". I've never had a straight guy do these things to me!

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I thought it was funny when he told Jen about a relationship he was in that no one back home knew about.........makes you go hmmmmm

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Jen doesn't know who's in the Mrs. Robinson alliance. If I'm correct, I don't think she even knows what a Mrs. Robinson alliance is. So I think she might nominate Nick not knowing about the alliance. Kail won't tell her because then Jen will know that she wasn't included in the alliance and has been lied too.

Kail even lied to Jen during a BB Afterdark episode when she said that the guys never tell her anything. I think she will nominate Nick and Danielle.

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Nick was covering himself last night, telling Jen he blew up at her because the partner in that relationship (so convenient that nobody knew about it) always lied to him. Thus, her lying about kissing really pissed him off. He's positioning himself to turn on a dime. Dani, Jen, Joe - whatever works.

I can't decide if that's good strategy or ambiguous sexuality. Either way, I think I'm liking him less lately. We'll see.

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Are you kidding? There's no way Jen will nominate Nick. He's gorgeous and she has a huge crush on him. Even if he's confronted her in the past and has been making her jealous with Dani, if she believes that she could still have a chance with him, she's going to go after it.

She's most likely going to go after Daniele before she goes after Nick, I hope, at least.

Nick is still my favorite houseguest, and it's not just because he's dreamy as stated by others, but he also seems to be a really cool guy, he's not cocky about being gorgeous (well, he's not /serious/ when he jokes about it anyways), and he's comfortable being around Joe or whoever he wants, he doesn't care if he gets crap because he talks about what he cares about. Go NICK! (For the record, I think Nick is straight, even if he has gay tendencies)

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nick is gay :flags_unitedstates::flags_unitedstates::flags_unitedstates:

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actually, psychological theory would be that nick being so comfortable with camping it up and playing gay means he's just comfortable with his heterosexuality. the real gay bashers are genuinely heterosexual men with latent homosexual tendencies...men who are not gay but fear that they are. just saying...

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The question I'm wondering is-If Danielle goes, who do you think Nick will latch onto for a safety net?

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