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  1. If Howie had put up two of the Friendship, then he's more than likely the next person evicted. He bought himself five more weeks by appeasing the enemy. Remember, Big Brother is an individual game... not a team one.
  2. I get annoyed at the obvious shows of favoritism towards certain houseguests. It was annoying to see Dick being applauded for his antics that should have gotten him thrown out of the house. I think the America's Player thing was just a BS way for the producers to ensure their favorites have a distinct advantage. I thought the whole James coming back in a box was made up on the spot and a way to keep Grodner's favorite in the house. BB will never be as good as Survivor.
  3. Hmm, this from wayyy back in episode 2. The players had to play a soccer game during that uphill climb mission. Mark is a soccer coach. I wonder if that's a connection.
  4. If the producers work with every contestant to come up with ways to act like the Mole then basically there's no point in the show. Doing that would mean the real mole does not stand out in any way from the group and that picking the Mole is just a guessing game. I highly doubt that's what goes on. The players are smart enough to know themselves that they want to draw suspicion in order to make people get quiz answers wrong. As for the Mole, I'm still thinking it's Alex. Just a vibe thing I guess and some clues I think suggest it could be him. It was interesting how he pointed out how there mi
  5. SCRebel


    Dude, nothing said was that mean. Nobody was lambasted as being a fat tub of lard and openly mocked for their large frame. There were just some cheap little shots at everyone concerning little facts about them, such as being a Broadway Dancer "Jazz Hands" or working in a Candy Store "Candyman". I seriously doubt anybody was deeply offended at anything said last night. Sometimes you gotta be able to laugh at yourself. As for the Biggest Loser... come on look at the title of the show and the double meaning of it.
  6. SCRebel


    This show is great! I love shows that aren't all fluffy and feel good :cough Kid Nation:. The way the announcers go at the contestants for their background was pretty funny. Kudos to this show.
  7. SCRebel


    He was my original choice of Mole the first couple episodes. I'm less suspicious of him now than I was at the begining but he's not completely off the radar. My prediction is that he wins the game.
  8. I think it's Alex. I liked how he was like "I think I'm gonna fail the quiz without my journal" and then he was willing to be the one that would sacrifice their journal? I think he's been subtly sabotoging a lot of shit and i think a big clue on him was when Jon said something about a Last Supper before the first execution, Alex was sitting in the Judas Iscariot seat. He's my number one Mole suspect. Order of most likely to least likely: Alex Mark Clay Paul Kristen Craig Nicole
  9. I think it was a private manner and he didn't want to disclose his family's issues with the rest of the world. It's not like BB has never expelled someone before so if that happened I don't think they would hesitate to reveal as such. Covering it up would be stupid.
  10. Gee... he couldn't have been joking around... No I'm sure he literally voted for Adam because he assumes he's getting a free trip to Vegas out of it. Some people are filled with hate.
  11. You had to admire Rob Cesternino's effort at least. He said that if America voted for him he'd gave half of it to Rupert.
  12. Anyone notice whenever the Producer/Fan Favorite (Janelle, James) doesn't make final two there's a Jury Prize but if the Producer/Fan Favorie is there (Donatos) there's no such prize? Grodner is a tool.
  13. It seemed like Ryan knew it as the votes were getting revealed. Natalie, Matt, and surprisingly James seemed to have the best perspective on it all and were the least whiny and self-entitled about the whole process. Kudos to them.
  14. The only time Sheila won a competition (HOH when Natalie threw it) she nominated Adam and he had to win POV to take himself off.... so who knows what she's thinking.

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