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  1. Personally, I'm hoping that Kaitlyn, Jerm and GinaMarie get evicted before Aaryn. Would love to see Aaryn on her own in the BB house.
  2. I can't wait for the day that she's voted out and gets to sit in front of Julie on live tv!
  3. This chick will probably end up with her own Reality TV show.
  4. As soon as I saw what the competition was, I knew Rachel was going to win. Definitely a made-for-Rachel comp.
  5. Why do you think Rachel is the only one in the house who "deserves" to win? While I'm no fan of Kalia's but I think she did quite well in comps. Actually, if it's based on comps, Kalia has done a lot better than Rachel did.
  6. I did not like Rachel and still don't for the most part. But as of this week, I am a Rachel cheerleader. I want her to make it to F2 and take it all. I would like to see her and Porcshe or Kalia at F2. I hope she wins one of the HOHs tomorrow night and put up Jeff and Shelly and send Jeff's bully arse right out the door to Julie and Shelly soon thereafter.
  7. I agree. A couple will always be 2 votes. They need to get rid of one of those votes.
  8. I'm befuddled that she would even think Jeff or Clifford won't come after her and Dani next week if one of them gets HOH. It's Big Brother! People lie!
  9. I'm sure its been mentioned before but Shelly is the spitting image of the Aileen Wurnos character, played by Charlize Theron in the movie Monster.
  10. That's still possible, Slimcruz. After all, he and Jordan's relationship is only from a distance. So far, neither one of them have made a commitment to each other. In order to spend the summer together, they choose to come on Big Brother?
  11. Well for me it's a good thing that America's Choice won't be battling Brendon this week. I highly doubt that Brendon will be voted back in but who knows anymore.
  12. I wouldn't mind your scenario too. I don't know why I apologized. No reason in particular. LOL!
  13. I apologize in advance but I hope Kalia wins HOH this week and puts Porsche and Shelley up. If one of them wins POV, I hope the replacement nom is Rachel or Jeff. Dom gets voted back in and let the drama continue!
  14. Ahhhh. I peeked. It's no wonder Rachel took him back. LOLOL! I've gotta admit that I will never look at Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds the same way ever again!
  15. Ever since I've started coming to Morty's, there has always been disagreements. Some extreme and some not so extreme. Whatever. Those people always work it out. It's people who come to Morty's who aren't aware of the differences between those people and make statements that are meant to provoke and prolong these disagreements. You came here and made a statement that had absolutely nothing to do with anything and was very unproductive. Now to practice what I preach. I think both Lawon and Porsche are a part of the fixtures and nothing more.
  16. Wow! If a producer happened across this list, Kalia could possibly have the ingredients needed to one day star in her own "one person" reality television show.
  17. Hi Shipp. I agree. That wasn't nice but at least you warned us. LOL! I have a feeling that she's going to be very embarrassed once she gets out and watches herself on the videos and goodness forbid if she reads any of the message boards. No matter whether people feel that it's good or bad, they all have pretty much the same posts about her to various degrees.
  18. After working with faculty who possess PhDs for over 15 years, I can honestly say that most of the time book smarts do outweigh common sense.
  19. I was wondering how long it would take before some of you would consider Shelly annoying. I've found her annoying since day 1.
  20. Survivor's Parvarti is also doing an "around the world" tv related something and Jerri Manthey (Australian Outback) was in the Komodo vs. Cobra movie. Jerri also appeared on several other reality tv shows. That's about all that I've heard of who have gone on to do other tv/movie related stuff. Still not very promising futures. I've worked at a university for the past 15 years and thankfully none of the professors that I know would even think to go on a reality tv show like big brother and embarrass themselves like Brendon. In my opinion, there is something definitely mentally wrong with Brendon or there is some gigantic void in his life.
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