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  1. Paranoia is gonna destroy this guy. Where is the live discussion area? It’s Friday night and there is nothing going on? Is Morty’s no longer the place to go for active discussion? I am soooo confused.
  2. It has been a while since I have been active on Marty’s and the layout is very different. I see rooms to discuss each player individually but cannot find the place to just go and talk/debate/argue while watching the feeds. Am I missing something or has it just been dropped to individual player discussions?
  3. What did I miss? Why is he so paranoid?
  4. Was a little concerned about him at first, however I am liking the way he is playing right now. He is definitely good at reading people and playing that up. His skills as a flight attendant are showing and could get him far. And easy in the eyes;)
  5. Please send him home soon…. So annoying.
  6. This really disturbs me. On BBAD, Jess is confronting Cody about his bad behavior earlier and he is literally telling her that he is a violent person and he WILL do that again and she is ok with that. A bit later she is talking about punching him in the face. Some people may see this as light, goofy talk. As someone who has dealt with friends going through abusive relationships...this is kinda scary. Cody is bad news and Jessica has some issues to deal with. This is just from what I am seeing on screen, maybe totally skewed because of the show, but it's kind of making me uncomfortable. Stand by the Cody is bad news statement though. Dep
  7. I wish they had put an older person in who you could actually root for. This guy is clueless and sleazy. Who knows....maybe he turns himself around and becomes a fan fave. Wouldn't be the first time I have been shocked by a change in personalty within the house. Dep
  8. Who walks out of the game voluntarily for getting caught in a lie? I mean, seriously, who does that? People have been caught in major lies every season and stuck with it. There has to be something more here, right? She said she watched the show, so she would not freak out and leave that easily would she? Also, during last night episode, they did pan over and actually focus on the let me out button, next to the storage room light, for a few seconds which I thought was odd at the time. Now it makes sense as foreshadowing
  9. This guy just gives me a bad feeling. While I can appreciate the eye candy, he gives me the creeps and he and Josh can walk out the door together. Dep
  10. Jessie is saying the comp wasn't fair to him or tall people? And Jerry is agreeing? And April had an advantage being double jointed? No Jessie, you are just a human blow up doll and not worth the purchase price. Damn he is disappointing. Dep
  11. Steven If you ever see this, I would just like to say thank you for everything you did on BB10. Your eviction was a huge mistake. You did yourself and your family proud. Dep
  12. Thank you for your support on quitting smoking.

    Just completed Day 28 :)

    It's work, but so far so good. And after 24 years at a pack a day....that's something. Appreciate the support, but don't be a smoker hater. Smokers deserve rights.


  13. Congrats on quitting smoking dude!

  14. cont...

    ....usernames that you don't own up to. Now when I was young, I felt putting my pic up would get me guys, but that's not why I'm here. lol

  15. As long as someone is consistent with who they claim to be (w/a username), there is no need to identify ones self any further. ;) It holds no more credibility since a picture or location is just that... may not even be mine/true, and says nothing about what one can expect from me. Credibility comes through what you post, and doing it as "you" instead of several fake usernames that you d



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