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  1. This really disturbs me. On BBAD, Jess is confronting Cody about his bad behavior earlier and he is literally telling her that he is a violent person and he WILL do that again and she is ok with that. A bit later she is talking about punching him in the face. Some people may see this as light, goofy talk. As someone who has dealt with friends going through abusive relationships...this is kinda scary. Cody is bad news and Jessica has some issues to deal with. This is just from what I am seeing on screen, maybe totally skewed because of the show, but it's kind of making me uncomfortable. Stand by the Cody is bad news statement though. Dep
  2. I wish they had put an older person in who you could actually root for. This guy is clueless and sleazy. Who knows....maybe he turns himself around and becomes a fan fave. Wouldn't be the first time I have been shocked by a change in personalty within the house. Dep
  3. Who walks out of the game voluntarily for getting caught in a lie? I mean, seriously, who does that? People have been caught in major lies every season and stuck with it. There has to be something more here, right? She said she watched the show, so she would not freak out and leave that easily would she? Also, during last night episode, they did pan over and actually focus on the let me out button, next to the storage room light, for a few seconds which I thought was odd at the time. Now it makes sense as foreshadowing
  4. This guy just gives me a bad feeling. While I can appreciate the eye candy, he gives me the creeps and he and Josh can walk out the door together. Dep
  5. No time to read the thread, so maybe this is a waste of typing, but..... Rachel.....You are an IDIOT. Ragan sat and gave you and Kristen all of the hints you needed to realize that there is a power group in the house that is a MUCH bigger threat than you percieve yourself to be......and you ignored it. Get over yourself. We are. And I will be LMAO when you are evicted next week. What's sad is Brenden is gonna crash because of you. Grrrrr Dep
  6. Wellllll, Rachel just called out CBS on "Making" good tv. I was shocked they left the camera on her as long as they did. Dep
  7. I really thought I was going to like her at the beginning and I even thoughts she may be the twist, but now.....I really feel like she is the most awkward, non-real person in the house this season. I am not sure what it is but it seems forced and pre-planned whenever she has a conversation with someone. I really can't pinpoint it, but she is not winning points with me at this point. Dep
  8. I too think it is Kristen for the same reasons as everyone else....her reaction when Julie announced the twist. I actually am liking the entire cast so far, but have not been able to watch the feeds yet as they have them blocked where I work...grrrrrrr Dep
  9. CalifCyclone.....GREAT song reference! I actually said the same thing as I was watching his junk in his silk shorts during the opening "I Got My Key" Intro's. I have no problem with him at this point. I am 99% confident that he is not the Saboteur. The Saboteur is Kristen. At least that is my opinion now. Dep
  10. Sooo much to say, but don't want to waste too much of peoples time so will be as concise as possible: 1) This season, all but TWO (2) of the HG's were cast by AG and her people. Ronnie figured this out early on by talking to folks. So AG and her people said screw the people that actually WANT to be on the show. You know, the fans, the people that take the time to make and send tapes, or spend money to travel to cities that are "supposedly" holding auditions. The REAL PEOPLE that REALLY want to play the game and WIN money and will not leave until evicted....ya know, those people. Oh, wait, AG and the show do not see those people anymore. They cast fake ass pretty hollywood types. Well AG and CO, I hope you are happy? You get what you payed for. Oh wait, maybe you DON'T have to pay Chima now. Well, bully for you. BAD for the fans. The American version is the only one that people around the globe laugh at as fake and say don't bother watching. Way to go AG!!! 2) To those of you complaining that the Morty regulars are gone: It has become way to controlled here regarding open discussion of the show. You have to think too much before you post about what thread to post in, will people see your post if you post in that thread, will it be randomly moved with no indication of where it was moved do, can people openly debate, even heatedly, without getting banned....etc. It kind of became useless to post anything thoughtful, because people (interesting that some of those folks are now asking where everyone has gone) either didn't see it because it was in a thread they didn't read, didn't post because it took too much time to figure out WHERE to post it to play by the rules BUT still be accessible, or chose to just post non-sensible, one word or jumbled, unintelligible messages just to get their rating up. A choice was made. Either reward the folks that really cared about the show and discussed it, or go for more users and allow BS that sends people away...AND MOST IMPORTANT leads to the board suffering from too much traffic and people who really want to get on to get on. I don't judge, Morty and his mods made a choice and now it is what it is. There used to be quality discussion, debate, banter, even inappropriate back and forth.......very few rules, LOT's of interesting nights, sitting up and debating. Now, Morty's is too "scripted" just like the show is too "cast". When the mod's themselves are leaving and/or complaining, yiou know someting isn't right. BUT!!!, I have faith that if there is a BB next season, things will be different both on the show and on the board. When there was more control on the show and more freedom to discuss on the boards.......It was more fun. IMHO Dep
  11. Lydia I have been a fan of yours this whole season....until tonight. Sorry your F---Buddy got evicted (he deserved it and kudos for hitting that on national tv!), but the way you have acted tonight on After Dark......You are just a disgusting whore. Instead of getting the Key with 11 tattoo, just get WHORE across your forehead. Stupid bitch. Jeff saved you when Kevin wouldn't. Jeff din't HAVE to save you and he still could have gotten the same outcome. and now you are gthere sucking Chima off. You are possibly the most disappointing HG for me this season. I REALLY was rooting for you, but now, I hope your ass goes. Dep
  12. Chima I want to openly say, I hate you. I don't use hate unless it is necessary. Guess what, with you, it is WAYYYYYY necessary. You are trash....wait, you actually are an insult to trash. I said from day one, You were trouble. I was right, And you will probably be in the final 3 because of it. You disgust me whatever Dep
  13. Oh Russell. You just f'd your game. DAMMIT!!!!! Dumb ass!!!!! Dep
  14. I cannot put into words how much I despise this f'ing lying c===. Sorry folks, but this little one is TRASH that even I wouldn't recycle. Dep
  15. God I hate Chima. Trouble. Nothing but trouble. And now everything is gonna be f'ed up and Ronnie or Jessie are gonna win. Jeff will be gone, Jordan will be gone and they will have to award one of those two the prize. Just sucks. Dep
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