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  1. Thanks Pinkie--I enjoy your posts too!

  2. HAHA you cracked me up tonight!!!

  3. Hi sweetie! Thanks for your LFU!!!!!!

  4. Hi arrow-nice to see you on the boards again!

  5. OMG I wish I could hug the little kitty on your avi LOL!

    How cute!

  6. Hang in there buddy! It's almost over LOL

  7. Welcome! Feel free to posts compliments about Enzo in his thread too! LOL

  8. cute name and avatar!

  9. Hi! Just got on now after 9:00! I'm finally going to catch up.

    I love your picture of President and Mrs. Obama!

  10. Hey smass, just dropped in to say hi.

  11. That's WHETHER I feel the same way you do about an HG or not!LOL

  12. I always enjoy your thoughtful posts. They always give me insight weather I feel the same about an HG or not.

  13. your welcome I hate that blonde thing it makes me mad some of the smartest people I know are blondes.

  14. Thanks for sticking up for blondes Janis! :)

  15. Good luck with the job search! I think things are getting better so I bet it won't be long!

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