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  1. Just had to rush in here to complain about Boogs! I can't believe he has a chance!!! Joe is the decidng vote. Ashley and Frank are both keeping Boogie and so is Ian. Ian already told Danielle in private he plans on voting for Jenn, and blaming it on Joe so Frank goes after them instead of the Quack PAck. If Joe DOES keep Boogie, by whatever means the vote will be 4-3 and he will stay. And I thought Joe wouldn't be important?!! Wow!
  2. Maybe she'll headbutt someone! Too bad for her! How could you think you could just lay there forever and win!!!!
  3. Me too! OMG I hope Pandora's box or the question mark arcade thing doesn't screw this! Then no one will be happy!
  4. Shane gave us a great time sticking it to Boogie at his own expense! Maybe he has more balls than we thought! At this moment Boogie wants to blame this on Dan, because he can't stand the fact that he was played by Shane!! And who will believe Ian???!!! When Boogie goes home Thursday Frank won't know which end is up!! He may be curled up in a ball then....or if he is strong he will focus and win HOH. Interesting all around!
  5. I hope the question mark in the arcade DOES NOT mess this up! It better be for a luxury comp! Boogie has had too many unfair breaks already!
  6. Of course he absolutely should! Frank should point the finger at Shane immediately! But do I trust his brains 100%? No... who knows how it will play out....he might be mad at all of them at first, including Shane but eventually he could still be more angry at Dan and Brittney. Since he has fallen for a lot of thier lies....I will have to actually see what goes down for myself.
  7. I know huh? They should have made the first strike, but FAILED who could feel sorry for them now? it's their own fault! Yet they just said America respects them because they work so hard! And Frank still doesn't learn. He can be charming when he wants--if he was smart he would have been distancing himself from Boogie the whole week--too bad! What an idiot!
  8. I do have to give him credit--he is responsible for todays fun blindside on Boogie---Boogie is literally very excited and happy right now! I can't believe what good liars these newbies are! i don't like any of em but newbie FTW!
  9. Trey signed a release that she could talk about him. Then fans of the show blew up his twitter, facebook, emailed him, CALLED his house, bothered his family and girlfriend----all sick you only hate people in the context of the house--so he got angry and took back the realease. Then he facebooked that he never went out with her--SHE was the one chasing him and he tried to be patient--but he is done!
  10. She definitely looks better with her hair down--you are not the only one who has said this. I don't think she knows she is going up. I wonder if she will finally do something interesting if she ends up getting mad!
  11. There should be two people very angry--if we are lucky! No three! Frank, Boogie and Jenn---I don't think Jenn knows yet. So far no big fights so I won't count on one, but at least this week will not be mundane!
  12. Double--post two posters at once! Yes Dan is only nice for gameplay--that's obvious---but Boogie won't get him out yet--it will be Jenn up---Shane just agrees with everything. he is one of those bobble-head dogs in the car! yes yes yes yes yes
  13. He may be hurting himself quite a bit by acting this enthusiastic about staying, on the other hand, some have made the argument that if Britt or Dan does end up getting blamed--he is golden fr quite awhile! This could be a road to getting the coaches out. We'll have to see---the fun part is not knowing! It's not going to be a mundane week for sure!
  14. You are right---I can't stand people who believe their own hype about how supposedly nice they are--actions speak louder than words! Don't just quote the Bible for your fake benefit--live it. There is not one person who went in there looking better than when they came out! Wait until they see how much they are hated on various boards! Even Joe who is nice, looks really bad for never washing his hands when he cooks! Who will hire him now? I bet they do that all the time in restaurants--but he is on TV--if I were cooking on TV I would be paranoid about looking dirty! Too bad!
  15. Me too! I can't vote! Even Ian has been annoying! I wanted to like him because of Jeff---but no, not one good person in there. The first year! The only fun I've had is hating them in their hate threads on different boards, some of the worst ones don't even have a love thread -like Boogie and Dan! Most agree--coaches out please!
  16. Oh I definitely would! When someone says homosexuality is wrong in their religion and supposedly has a lot of standards they constanly throw in people's faces because of their religion--constantly talk about how holy they are---it's on--very fair game. They want to talk--I will answer--Hypocrites are the worst type out there! Now go right ahead and do your little choo choo guys! :D
  17. He will ,Shane didn't mean it when he was agreeing with them. Boogie will go, just when you think he can't sink any lower, he does! He's the worst!
  18. This is terrible--it's been a crazy year! not in a fun way though, it's very disappointing!
  19. Me too. I was wondering if anybody else felt this way, I'm kind of surprised at Ian. What's wrong with all of them? If that was my father/husband I'd be livid--worried too. Oh and for all their harassment they have been eating his food from the beginning and barely ever helping him clean up!!!!!!!
  20. Frank and Boogie agreed they were going to bully Ian into helping them today. I hope someone blocks them.
  21. He thought he was so smart! He couldn't play for himself--he was delusional. He couldn't make that many enemies and survive--what a little witch--now he can go and have more fights when he buys his new Coach pocketbook!
  22. She is full of crap of course but I am glad she is safe this week. I would like to see bigger, smellier or smarmier fish fry.
  23. Oh Shane real men do not wear the shirt shaped so pretty that a six year-old girl would say is too babyish for her! Keep nodding your head up and down like an idiot any time someone says something. How people think being on BB and looking this stupid will be good for their life is beyond me.
  24. What a weird peronality she has---but she will not be able to resist looking at comments on the board when she gets out. This will be bad for her-very bad. Trey is trashing her, her sorority sisters are flaming her, her parents will be mad when they find out all the bad stuff she said about her father being an abusive alchohalic, she has pictures with her legs spread open with her legs hanging down in a very unflatering position. This does not bode well.
  25. I couldn't stand Joe before but his family is cute. I think some of the above are boring but if this was the final 4 good--all coaches out would be great. Maybe Grodner would stop bringing back people for an unfair advantage and have the game played with 13 strangers that we would have fun getting to know.

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