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  1. Voted Jenn, or would have voted Ian too. Both of them seem nice. The rest of them are so vile this year that it's hard to pick a least favorite. I went with Danielle since she's so delusional.
  2. I think she's not that dense. She knows her chances are slim, she's just trying to work any angle she can.
  3. Honestly, I think I might stop watching Big Brother after this week as well. It's not just Janie leaving. Grodner has become so lazy in her riggings that she doesn't even try to hide them anymore. Oooh, sorry America, we didn't tell you that if you choose to send them into the game, Frank is safe. Whoopsie... It's just utter bull. Janie leaving will be the straw that breaks the camel's back for me.
  4. I don't know why Jordeff fans have this God complex about them. They do the EXACT same sneaky moves Dani does. It's because that's the game. To pretend like Jordeff is taking the high road this year with their strategy is laughable at best.
  5. Go Dani. <3 She's really a beast in competitions.
  6. Jordan became as whiny as Rachel tonight on the show. Looks like she's getting rubbed off on.
  7. Kind of hoping Rachel wins PoV, Kalia puts Jordan up, and Jeff is sent home this week. Then I hope Cassie or Dominic beats him in the challenge.
  8. I used to be a Jeff fan, but he's done a ton of things to turn me off this year. Most of all equating being gay with pedophilia. Cause of course us gay people shouldn't be allowed to teach. Because that's totally what we're interested in. Not other MEN, which is the whole point of being gay. I'd even give him a pass for that, but it's really not the first time he's been a bit homophobic in his statements. Meh, on the bright side, Jordan has been nothing but pleasant. I really hope she goes far. She deserves better than him. He's always putting her down.
  9. It's because he's gotten cocky. He doesn't feel like he has to fight for it like he did the last time he was on the show. He expects it to be handed to him. He's got a poor attitude this year.
  10. The best game to play isn't the 'floater' card like everyone seems to think when they go into the house. The best position is to pick a semi-large alliance and be in the middle of it. Not on the bottom, not the leader. Because you'll never be the target and you won't be the first one picked off when the alliance starts to eat itself, giving you time to make your own move.
  11. Love Dani and always will. She's a fighter. She won't go down without putting up a good fight.
  12. I honestly don't get the Kalia hate. She takes a stand for what she believes in and backs it up with actions. Who gives a flying flip if she likes to eat? I blame casting for all of these fat-hating attacks on fan sites. Because they've done nothing but cast "beautiful people" for so many years that many BB fans have forgotten what a normal human looks like. She's not freaking obese. She's the exact size most women these days are.
  13. She was shaking because she feels like everything hsa to be a 'fairytale' in her life. So she thought for sure there was no way she'd lose HoH after he man left.
  14. I love that Jeff throws a hissy fit when someone tries to backdoor him, but then he planned to do the same had he won this week's HoH. Hypocrite.
  15. Jeff really has become cocky. I want Dom to come back and put him in his place.
  16. I'm just so happy I don't have to hear her and Brendon cheer for each other in competitions anymore. Yay.
  17. Looks like she teamed up with the right newbie. Kalia is proving herself week by week.
  18. Just taking a non-scientific poll on who everyone wants to return after next week's eviction. In case you don't like the first 4 choices, I put a 5th for the house guest that will be eliminated this week. I'll update that choice when it becomes more clear who it'll be.
  19. OMG! So happy for Kalia. <333 Kalia and Dani FTW!
  20. Uhm, coming from someone who is gay, you can like Ellen and still be homophobic. Not saying he is or isn't, but watching a talk show doesn't equal one or the other, lol.
  21. I think he'd agree with anyone in power so he can jellyfish his way to the jury. You can tell that's all he wants. He doesn't even care to try to win. Sad.
  22. It's a bit silly to me how many personal attacks from BB fandom are placed upon her just because she dares to go after King Jeff.
  23. She should put up Jeff, not Jordan. In case the house flips and saves Brendon.
  24. I think Jeff knows how popular he was on his season and it's given him a huge ego.
  25. Again, he did not win because of that. He won because of America's Player. He would have went home when Dustin did otherwise.

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