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  1. 12:40 BBT Everyone is in bed studying for tomorrows HOH..Adam is outside studying and smoking {i'm out be back tomorrow}
  2. 12:17 BBT Feeds return for a second to Shelly going through her suitcase and then FOTH again... 12:19 BBT FOTH Feeds return to kalia ientering HOH saying "i'm so sore" 12:20 BBT Outside Shelly and Adam talking....about Dom actually knowing a lot about by BB when he claims he never watched... Shelly says she hopes they are not lockdown in the morning... Adam can't believe its day 62... 12:22 BBT In HOH they discuss HOH Porsche says "questions" "for sure"...Kalia says "hold a button for like 25 years" 12:24 BBT FOTH Feeds return Kalia telling Porsche her asking what they are going to do and DR told Jordan what they are going to do...Porsche says she doesn't want to say but Kalia says maybe because its an important vote as Kalia says they are pros and cons is what they told her...Kalia says that Jordan says they are two different pages....and kalia worries she votes to vote out shelly and they vote her to stay.....and make it look bad... Kalia says she can be the deciding vote and porsche says and "vote out Adama' and Kalia says "i know".... 12:29 BBT Kalia...talks about Shelly's Shadinees and her overbearing campaigning to keep daniele......Porsche bashing Shelly....and Kalia says that Dani told her Kalia was crying hysterically and can't play without Dani.....Porsche says Rachel just elaborated on it...Kalia says when dani threw out of a lot of crap and Kalia knows she wanted to play with Dominic...and wanted a final four with Brenchel.... 12:33 BBT Kalia says a lot of the stuff Dani said "bothers me" as Porsche says its was "fucked up' she told rachel 'about the duck' and Porsche says why would she do that when she has to stay and play.... Kalia says Rachel got her dog back from Shelly....Porsche didn't know... Kalia wants Jorchell to make an decision as Porsche says maybe they will be hung up on that and not study and Kalia wants porsche to test her and says "day 31' and Kalia says what kind of question is that and cant fathom BB would ask such a question... 12:37 BBT Outside Adam is Jedi drilling by himself.... Back in HOH Kalia dedi drilling
  3. 12:08 BBT Adam talking how he found hamster watch....says he found it season 6 when he typed in the search engine... Shelly saying "that's a cute name".....Shelly says her site she went to just had time what every HG was doing... Kalia waddles her way out and the blathering commences.. 12:11 BBT Rachel and Jordan in bedroom getting ready for bed with porsche in their folding clothes....she asks "is Shelly outside"..and says they didn't know.. Porsche exist wishes the a good night...and out goes the lights as rachel talks again how great the daily contacts are.. Jordan hopes she wins HOh to get pics and the "letter from home" they start whispering and Rachel says "that's sweet ..he really is sweet sometime"....they talk about what the HOH might be..."they can do whatever they want" Rachel says and Jordan says "true" 12:15 BBT talking about "its time ' 'to turn things around" and Jordan says "turn those frowns upsidedown"...Jordan wonders when BB is over if people will miss "having a roommate" Rachel goes to answer and FOTH 12:16 BBT FOTH
  4. 11:50 BBT outside Shelly talking about the people she keeps in touch with through facebook... Shelly talking about her "class president' and others who life are in shambles..and talked about people who were gay when she attended her 20 yr reunion and talks they were no cliques..and talks it was enjoyable...and says everyone became who they were supoose to become... 11:52 BBT Shelly and Jordan talk school reunions... Shelly talk about showing Tony her "childhood home" and showing him her high school...and where she grew up... Shelly goes in to get something to drink for her DR session and Jordan goes back inside..and she heads to HN room and says she 's going to bed when rachel asks 'what are you doing" 11:55 BBT Adam leaves the HN room..and pretty soon they HN room discussion breaks up and Rachel informs Jordan she's going to bed too after she brushes her teach and washes her face... 11:57 BBT Adam and Shelly back outside..Shelly says she's going to bed soon and Adam talks about packing...Shelly says she will pack in the morning...Shelly says its her third time packing......Adam says he was nominated 3 times..and rachel four times...talks about who has been nominated and how many times... 12:00 BBT Adam says "duos" and "showmances" never work to get to the end..as Adam continues with his nom renom talk... Porsche comes out "huh?" when Adam talks about his nomination talk and goes to the dryer to fetch her laundry... 12:02 'they must be done with DRs' shelly says to break the silence....and talk about who's been called.....Porsche says hers what "short" Porsche heads indoors.. to "put my clothes away" Adam alone outside as Shelly went inside also... 12:04 BBT Shelly come back outside when Adam asks if its midnight yet and she informs him its "5 after" as Shelly talks prescritions for "flying" and Adam asks "for anxiety"....can barely hear shelly her mic isn't working so I can hear what she's saying... 12:06 BBT now I can she talking about "taking everything in" as Adam hopes they get to look at the "behind the scenes; and Adan hopes he has a chance "on a future season" 12:07 BBT FOTH
  5. Shelly seems really calm...a lot more calm I thought she would be before tomorrow's eviction.....maybe she's accepted her fate...or maybe she's positive she's staying....too bad they are not on lockdown...I always enjoy nictotine withdrawl Shelly....I really have no preference if her or Adam leave...both are worthless...both would never win HOH.....and her one vote to evict Jeff in now way justifies her worthless gameplay..Good riddance prune face
  6. 11:21 BBT Shelly still outside puffing away ...sitting alone..she looks upset but who knows..... Jordan has left the HN room to head to the bathroom as the camera returns to Shelly... 11:24 I have no clue where Adam went as Porsche Kalia nd Rachel talk in the HN room... Adam is whispering with Jordan as Jordan says her and Rachel are "trying to study' for tomorrow..as they whisper final two deals...and Adam looks exasperated "aye aye aye" but the mic stactic was just too much... Adam breathes heavely while doing the task of packing up his clothes...Adam looking agitated as her stuffs his duffle bag up with clothes..zips it up as he huffs and puffs and continues to fold and pack his clothes... Kali walks by as Jordan does her Jim Carey facial imitations..."i look creppy don't i" with her "fire marshal bill" face... Jordan does it for and excited Shelly outside... 11:31 BBt 'is funny' she laughs...Jordan talking how everyone kept coming in to talk everywhere she roosts... Jordan "have you ever known there are no stars".....Shelly guesses the lights from BB or "the smog'...[its because of the city lights} Jordan making small talk about Josie... 11:33 BBT they talk about catholic church as Jordan say she's never been to one..."midnight mass" Jordan asks and talks about her experiences on the amazing race as Shelly explains some of the catholicism rituals... Shelly says the sacraments in her church are real wine while Jordan says at her church its "grape juice" 11:37 BBT Adam has entered the HN room with rachel kalia and Porsche....talking about his elf days.....as Adam talks fondly of his "elf dance" and they talk about what JC will ask ..and says she'll ask Jordan being without Jeff...pandora's box.....
  7. 11:08 BBT Shelly and Adam talk about their mutaul admiration for "jersey shore" Shelly heads inside..grabs some sortta pill or candy and heads back outdoors.... "i'm am sooo happy we are not lockdown" and says it made life "a lot easier" for her... 11:10 BBT Shelly says "your buddies can't knock " Adam for his chugging abilities..."chug master" as they discusss the chugging food comp... 11:12 BBt "i had no clue jalapenos were so hot" Shelly says...as they reminisce about the food comp.... Adam continues to blab on...Shelly says "that game got argumentative" and Shelly says "you know me ' about getting in trouble and the they thought "i threw it" and says she didn't and asks why would she want to be a HN... 11:15 Adanm talking about the fun of the comps and they look back and take stock in their worthlessness.. they talk about past HN comps..and kalia bashing during her Food comp and her supposed injury.. Adam "i wish I had my hair to pull out" and heads indoor to his "date with the bathroom" and leaves shelly to puff away and think about her possible last night in BB alone... 11:19 BBT Shelly in deep thought
  8. 10:52 BBT Adam talking to shelly talking about justifying their way of game ..saying 'pressure cooker" "emotional roller coaster" and Shelly says "really?" when adam admits he cried..... Adam says "i definitely got emtional" as Shelly says emotions are different in BB than in "real life" and says "this week" she felt "trapped" no where to go..and says she never felt "so raw" They discuss that there's no where to turm to to make you feel better like a mom...or significant other...saying in BB you "can't do it' have those talks that can make you feel better as people always think you're "scheming" Shelly says she feels "blessed" for just being chosen ..and Adam says he can't wait for the next crop of HG that will follow... Shelly talking about thinks like missing TV, Phone....as Adam admits he missess.....Shelly philosophies.."sometime the silence is so loud its botheresome" [the moron just said an oxy moron} Adam babbling about all the things they missed being in BB..Shelly saying 'you'll have so much to make up" with his friends and Adam says he needs to do his 40th Birthday... 11:00 Adam keeps babling about what he's missing in the outside world... Shelly "i just don't want tony and Josie to feel awkward" about her BB appearance......as they discuss they post BB fame....shelly says "why would they care" about fans knowing she was on BB....Adam says he knows his BB fame won't land him on letterman and talks about Enzo's delusions of grandeur from last season..and says he doesn't expect it... 11:03 BBT Shelly says he uncle will give her "so much crap" {seems she'll be getting a lot of that} Talking about his journey to get on BB and then to his "trivia night at the bar" as Shelly says what's tonight's episode and Adam says "Veto" and says its the night when we found out they were "screwed" discuss what episode was what this week... 11:05 BBT Shelly talking about her fight shown "i just want the fighting over" and "I promise you" that her mom cried and "was upset"... Shelly says during her nap she had her first BB "dream" and according to her dream her mom was mad she did "that to Jeff" and she couldn't say anything and "just shook her head" and said "you're just a villain"...... 11:08 Pre night eviction talk continues with the floaters...
  9. Porsche going on about Shelly saying she only needed Shelly for "that one vote" and doesn't trust her...as Adam says he trusted her as Porsche says she wants an all newbie final two... Porsche already practicing why she eliminates Jordan and rachel... 12:32 BBT Adam says he would vote for rachel if she wins at the end...Porsche says "shelly's game is purely social"... 12:33 BBT Shelly comes out to remind Porsche about her cookies and she runs in to check on them.. Shelly heads outside and says the cookies are " great" Shelly goes back in for something to drink... 12:36 BBT Porsche working on her cookies....as Shelly says its her "midnight snack"... Shelly plants it outside and Porsche joins em with some cookies she baked..."hell yeah' Adam says when he tastes the cookie... 12:38 BBT Porsche tells Shelly the recipe.. {I'm out I'm back to work so i'm heading to bed..night all}
  10. 12:18 BBT all feeds on the bathroom..not convo just water running Camera switch to Porsche talking to Adam about his cookies and Adam admits he's "stressing' and Porsche says "guranteed"...and Porsche says she though they were favoring Shelly as Porsche says Kalia tried to get Rachel to mistrust Jordan by saying Jeff threw it SAdam says the only thing that happen during that POV he has reassured Jeff that "he was safe" by telling Dani to tell Jeff... 12:21 BBT Adam says Dani is doing "backflips' for their success about getting Jeff and Adam says Jeff didn't throw the veto....as Adam says its working out great in Adam's favor... Porsche says Shelly offered them her vote throw HOH and Porsche says "she's ridiculous"... Porsche hopes Adam to win HOH because she needs saftety...Porsche stupidly believe Jordan will not nominate Kalia..Porsche warns Shelly wants an all "giel' end game and Porsche says she never mentioned it...before... 12:24 BBT they discuss what power could be from the fortune teller...as Adam says shelly runs in to get a power from the FT machinr Now these two lamebrains think Shelly is "anerica's Player" and go over all her sneaky dealings... 12:26 BBT Shelly bashing...Porsche says she discussed with Shelly is playng a DR will type game... Adam back to AP..and says "she doesn't have any fans" and can't understand how she could be... Porsche says it makes sense that Shelly is AP.......Porsche thinks she's masterminded Shelly's exit to plant the seeds to get rachel and Jordan to vote out Shelly...not realizing they wanter her out since she flipped... 12:29 BBT Adam and Porsche talk continues......
  11. 12:03 BBT Shelly telling the group all the places she's stayed in Vegas and going to the World Poker tournament... Adam talking about Atlantic City...Rachel experience there was at a CVS that was "super ghetto" Jordan called to DR and has to get outta bed.. Adam "i hated Atalantic city" Adam talking about "Ozium"..Shelly "what's that"..and explain to her its a air freshener that kills odors...Porsche says its good for "fish" and Adam uses it for cigarette smell... Rachel "i think I'm tired too" and Porsche "mee too".....Rachel says what's the point" of staying up late now as Adam says "showtime's over" 12:07 BBT Rachel says Dani "brought a body bag" of clothes after Shelly says Rachel brought a lot of clothes.. Adam says Brendon took a shirt and his "ocean pacific" shorts... Porsche says Kalia was supoose to play bags..Porsche says she will go "put mu cookies away' and will go to bed.. Adam "that cinnabon gave me a stomach ache" and Shelly says "yeah" and says she thinks she's gonna take a shower....complaining the water was cold this morning..."I'll be out after I shower" and she heads in and Adam is left outside alone.. 12;11 BBT Rachel continues with her and Jordan's buddy pland and assists Porsche in putting the cookies away...as they discuss the state of their end products.. now Rachela and Porsche discuss "blossom" the tv show.."wow" as the talk Joey.. Porsche talks "joey and millisa: as Rachel asks what channel but Porsche doesn't know and rachel guess correctly that its an ABC Family show.. and talk mellisa joan hart and "clarissa explains it all" 12:15 BBT Rachel leaves to the bathroom and all feeds are on Porsche cleaning up..."who's showering" and Rachel answers it was "shelly" Feeds switch to Rachel brushing her teeth and Shelly showering..
  12. 11:44 BBT Looks like Jordan is done for the nigh..she's covered head to toe in the bedroom with only a ponytail sticking out... Adam still in the DR... I don't know what happened to shelly.. 11:45 Porsche Rachel and Kalia talking outsisde on the couch..as Kalia says she "loves" do her, family, sisters dogs..... Adam got out says he tried Porsche's cookis "they're good" and wonders how long he was in there and sits on the couch and lights up... 11:47 Rachel still going on about her dog..... Rachel talking about going to " a no kill shelter" and the place wasn't "maintained" and Kalia talking bout pittbulls that ar efound on the street have to be "put down"......makes her sad...supposedly.... 11:50 BBT Adan talking about his future small apartment friendly dog... Kali smaked her toe on the table and is in pain.... "i just stubbed my toes" 11:51 BBT Out walks Shelly.. Kalia heads indoor shoves some cinnamon bun down her mouth...Kalia heads into the room talks to Jordan why she didn't turn off the lights...and Jordan says "i didn't want to get in trouble"...Kalia says goodnight after retrieving something..and Shelly and Kalia are in the bedroom as Shelly needs the heating pad for something... Kalia stops in the kitchen for more snacking before heading to the bathroom...and has to head back to the bedroom to retrieve her mic after bb warns her but not without first stopping at the kitchen counter too refuel with more cinnabon and heads to the HOH...to shower.. 11:57 BBT Outside Rachel talking Vegas and says she lived in "henderson" adam asking questions ...Shelly acting like she's considerate of her cigarette smoke and stands to the side...even though Adam is smacked in the middle smoking....{a so subtle dig} 12:00 BBT Shell says "do the have a karaoke machine in jury" and laughs...and someone says "i hope" and thing it was Porsche... Adam talking about Vegas...the exhausting walking involved going place to place...
  13. Jordan saying kalia's dog is probably saying "ahhh vacation" while she's gone in BB....Rachel laughs... 11:31 BBT Kalia wants another dog "i would love the other dog so much more" .....and backtracks and says she was kidding.... Rachel continues on about her dog... 11:32 BBT Dog talk continues...as Kalia fakely talking about her dog endearingly.. porsche talk about rolling over and crushing her little dog when she sleeps with it... Kalia laughing about her firend "dropping a bowl of mashed potatoes" on their dog and killed it saying "they wre high'....Jordan says her dog jumped out of the window of her car..at 20 -25 mph and the dog jumped out..and said she freaked out and says she was bleeding 11:38 BBT Kalia continues with dog horror stories about friend's dogs... Rachel ask if they have puppy insurance..."shelter Care" while Porsche uses "Banfield" Rachel says "banfiled is the best".....as Rachel goes on about puppy insurance... 11:41 BBT Jordan heads inside...to sock her feet.. and hops into bed...covers up... Back outside Kalia and Rachel talk about Rat poison and dogs....
  14. 11:19 BBT Porsche continues with her cookie dough which has been saturated with M&Ms..and is flattening them into thick disks..On camera two we get a better look at the rommier trunk she's attained this summer.. 11:21 BBT Kali keeps blathering about her dog while Rachel talks about her dog....and sounds like she treats him or her like he/she is a small child... Kalia says she can't have discussions with the dog..they just fight... Jordan rejoins Kalia and Rachel on the couch while Adam is stilled perched in the hammock... 11:23 BBT In the kitchen Porsche is cleaning up from the sugarfest she started tonight.. Kalia is blathering... Porsche saying "hello" in the purple room to the fortune teller...and heads outside when she gets no response...and announces she ate sugar cookies..."they were soooo good" and starts digging into a bowl of popcorn... 11;26 BBT More Rachel dog talk...I missed whre shelly went... 11:27 Jordan talking about her dog "maggie" and says she talks in her baby voice and "grunts my teeth because she's soo cute".... 11:28 BBT More dog talk
  15. 11:07 BBT Right now in BY Jordan talking about pus and boils exploding on video..."bloody pussy" Adam chimes in from the hammock...Rachel wonders how people can have a "pimple that big" Everyone except Shelly who's in DR....a lot of yawning...Kalia wants to go to bed..."what's stopping me" from going to bed...and complains she's "soooo fat"... Shelly "that cinnamon thing is the bomb" shelly announces on her entrance to the BY and asks Rachel for the recipe and Rachel explains what she did..... 11:10 BBT Shelly doesn't really like "cinnabun" but seems to enjo Rachels version which everyone else says tastes just like cinnabuns..{kissing ass for sure} Jordan heads inside..and dags her feet back outside...Rachel and Jordan kinda calling Kalia a dog abuser...Kalia said she threw her dog into a wall{fat bitch} because it bit her... Jordan over in the HT puts her feet in... Rachel talking about using a "high pitched whistle" to do something...Rachel talking about her dog..."ben" or "benz"talking about her "60 something pound" dog jumping on her and Brendon...shelly "you don't throw him against the wall for doing that" shelly asks sarcastically Now Kalia trying to talk sweetly of her dog "Bentley" after she abused him....and talks about her dog....Rachel trying to explain why he has the habits that bother Kalia..... 11:17 BBT More dog talk Porsche back in the kitchen working on her cookies..
  16. 11:40 BBT Well pretty much the same...Jordan is not playing....Shelly was in the kitchen doing dishes... Porsche goes to bed shouts her goodnights heads to HOH leaving Rachel Kalia and Adam to plsy csrds..
  17. 11:30 BBT Not a lot happening right now..the whole house playing cards at the table...Jordan and Shelly not there The east coast accents seems to be the in thing to do in BB.. Their convos are trivial...
  18. Nominating Rachel and Adam is probably not her best option. I know they think Jordan will never win POV..but you just never know..especially if its one of those by chance POV in which they pick gifts at random with a veto inside..like the christmas ones they had in previous seasons...If Jordan did win POV not only does it give Jordan and Rachel full power over the vote it also gives them them the power to hash an ironclad plan with Adam to save his butt from being evicted... Porsche will only have Kalia playing for HOH which you know BB will gear for Jordan and Rachel to win... I hope this happens... She's just better putting Jordan and Rachel straight up..
  19. This woman is pathological...her lies roll off her tongue with ease...the way I see it, its not game put just part of her DNA. HG, even though they are playing a game that invoves lying, backstabbing and trying to get ahead, usually their personality and true character show and its easy to differentiate the two.. With Shelly that lined is so blurrred that the BB HG Shelly is certainly the same Shelly in real life. I was or am a Jeff and Jordan fan but I have never been a fan of Shelly's or liked her even when she was living up J&J's butts. Yes BB is a game but I will never give this POS her props for her worthless gameplay...If Jordan or Rachel get evicted I would rather see Porsche or Kalia win before this lying sack of worthless s**t win...and Adam included.
  20. She told everyone in the backyard a little while ago the vets all hated her...basically she was announcing she would be the perfect goat to take to the final 2...I don't get it... does she think she has a chance to win....maybe she would be happy with $50,000...that could buy an awful lot of cigarettes... She is such a waste of everthing..even now with only 6 HG left nominating her still would be a waste of a HOH...
  21. Everyone one of the vets had that entitlement issue going on..Especially Jeff, Rachel and Danielle....Did you hear Dani berate Adam all week...in her mind she could not fathom why Adam would not vote for her to stay....So Neb I agree that entitlement was his downfall as it was Dani's....at one point she said the week dominic was on the block..something in the line of.. Brenchel had each other J&J had each other it was only fair she got to keep "PT"....
  22. I hope Rachel makes it to the end...I really think she could win against anyone except maybe Jordan..I think she could even get Dani's vote as convoluted as that may sound...She needs to get her fighting spirit back and start winning again....With Porsche not playing HOH next week all she needs to do is win POV Saturday and HOH next Thursday and we have a new game with a Porsche/Kalia nomination....Those two worthless turds Shelly and Adam would be shaing in their shoes..and not from nicotine fits either..
  23. g'night fatcat 1:39 BBT a lot of FOTHs...and its probably because in the BY they are discussing survivor....its Adam and Kalia and Porsche.. Adam talking about Dani's threats of Dick not liking him...Adam is like "oh well" and says he jope sDani vote for eviction "wasn't personal" 1:41 BBT talking about friends after the show... out walks shelly {and the vomit rises up in my esophagus}....he lights up and talks about how PT and Cassi are excited that they all got through..Adam says "we all got back together" and are celebrating they defeated...Shelly says she didn't realize "getting off the vet train woould end up like this"..and Kalia "i got of it earlier than you did" {hmm she was connected to Dani until she was evicted delusional tub o' lard" 1:45 {i'm out listening to these masters of the game...night all}
  24. I agree the cigs was a bad move not only was he mooching cigs from Adam and Shelly but Jeff was hoarding his and not sharing.. ...they both pointed it out on numerous occasions....All three were smoking a lot more than at the start...so I'm sure the thought of her running out of cigs crossed her mind ..her and Adam did discuss it on several times on the feeds.."how many packs' they had left....quite disgusting the amount of money the spent for such a nasty habit..well Jeff didn't spend..
  25. BB8 Daniele and BB13 Danielle almost seem worlds apart...she is totally a different person...and totally a different player now..It would have been interesting to see what would have played out if Dick stayed...would she have gone against her father because he would have probably gotten rid of Dominic like he wanted Nick gone... would she have put him up...I know for sure it would have been a totally different game were seeing now...Daniele thought she had something to prove to step out of her father's BB shadow....but let's face it..without some power helping them making to the end...both are just to unlikeable to ever win a BB season without AP helping them out ....Daniele turning on Daddy would have been epic to watch...ahh what could have been...

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