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  1. 8:21 - 8:45 PM BBT – Sam calls a House Meeting and everyone convenes in the LR. Sam goes and gets Kat (who was resting because of a migraine) from the Have-Not Room. Sam starts the meeting that it’s been brought to his attention by Sis that she feels like she is in a shady position talking to him because he is not trustworthy after the Nick and Bella thing. He says that others might feel the same way so he wants to air it all out. He had nothing to do with the Nick and Bella conspiracy. He thinks that his name is all in it. Nick said that he made the idea up on the hammock that he was going to hypothetically to get Christie to go upstairs to Cliff and tell him that she wasn’t going to use the power. Sam says that he was sleeping during this time and had nothing to do with it. He says that Nick did come and tell him the plan but told him that he didn’t want to be in the middle of it and for him to do him and was trying to not look as shady by not hanging out with Nick and Bella. He had no idea that this was going down. Nick told Sis the fake idea and then told Kat the real plan. Christie and Nick go back and forth about his scheming (he’s crying). Christie appreciates that Nick is shooting it straight. The Jack’s give him a lecture about how Nick needs to keep his head in the game and not put it out in the universe that he’s probably getting voted out. Sam says that he is trying to play an honest and loyal game and didn’t know anything about the plan. Everyone express their love for everyone (kumbaya). Sam wants everyone to trust him and adjourns the house meeting. Jack hugs Nick and Bella.
  2. 7:09 PM BBT – Christie joins Cliff in the HOH room. Starts by saying that people are expecting her to use or not to use the power but the reason why she told Bella and Nick about the power because she was paranoid about them putting her up and that he was sketchy with her. She rehashes the entire story about her paranoia and why…Cliff says that he’s been out the loop on everything and had no idea. Christie expresses her love for Sam and she believes that Bella is the corruptive one and believes that Sam got caught up. Cliff says that Jess has big issues with Bella but Christie says that it’s all about the numbers. Christie says that she will not go to the F6 with two couples. Christie says that if she had a dream team of who she values a lot in terms of logic, competition, loyal and not a bully, would be herself, Tommy, Jess, Cliff, and Nicole but not Sam because he would win it all. She starts with the power. If she uses it, it’s not because she’s protecting the boys but rather to get Bella out because she’s out to get her. She doesn’t want her in jury and that Sam would work with them better to get the “boys” out. If she doesn’t use the power, she fears that Michie would hold it against her and is really pressuring her to use it. She asks Cliff who is his target. Cliff says that it was a gut punch when the vote went 6-4. Cliff likes Nick but feels that Bella is a cancer and doesn’t trust anything she says. Cliff worried about what his family would think if he didn’t take a shot to the 6 who voted to evict him and that Jack is strong at competitions. Cliff says that he loves Tommy and that Christie hasn’t done him wrong. There is no benefit to targeting them which is why he went Jack/Michie and didn’t want to backdoor them. 7:30 PM BBT – Cliff and Christie rehashing the veto competition and the other competitions. Christie is trying to explain why the eviction vote was 6-4 and how she was trying to smoke out Ovi’s power. Christie swears that Cliff is not their target and going forward that the target is still Bella. Cliff asks after Bella, who is the target? Christie says that she and Tommy are at the bottom of the totem pole and the 2 boys would go after her because she’s a strong competitor. Christie wants to be personally responsible for getting Bella evicted because morally she doesn’t agree with her. Christie tells Cliff that she’s still undecided to use the power and switch to Cliff, Tommy, Sammy, Nicole, and Jess. Cliff says that he feels a connection with Nick and doesn’t want to betray Nick if he nominated Bella. Christie says that she’s not going to talk to the boys tonight and Cliff questions if Jack/Michie are F2. 7:37 PM BBT – Cliff admits that he thought about putting Tommy or Christie up as the pawn but changed his mind because sometimes pawns go home and he didn’t want them to go home. Cliff says that there was a time that Kat, Michie, Holly and he were working together but after he got voted out. When he won his way back in that Michie and Holly dragged him and explained that the reason why they voted him out that he had a better chance of getting back in than Nicole. Cliff says that he doesn’t believe them. Cliff doesn’t trust either one of them (Michie/Jack). Christie tells Cliff that Michie told her last night that Michie was the rogue vote so that they would have secret for secret. Cliff says that his word is his bond and that he promises not to spill the secret. Christie tells him that if Jack would have won the veto that she wouldn’t care if Michie went home. She doesn’t trust Michie. Cliff wants to have friends at the end of BB. If she wants to use it, she goes to the Diary room and let's them know that she wants to activate it. Michie will say that since he vetoed one of the nominations that the HoH needs to nominate, Alarms will go off and then she's not sure what will happen. Christie asks who he will put up if she doesn't use it and Cliff says Holly or Sis. She will let him know before hand on Monday to let him know one way or the other if she will/will not use the power. She tells Cliff that she will pretend that she didn't tell Cliff in advance if she wants. If the power is not used, Cliff swears to God that she or Tommy would not be the renom.
  3. 7:00 PM BBT – Bella is crying and Nick is consoling her. Bella is worried about explaining BB to her family and the purpose. Nick says that maybe it was about meeting him. Bella says that it might work out that she was crying because Tommy saw her. She doesn’t care if she goes home. Meanwhile, Camera 3, Christine and Tommy rejoin Jack. Christie didn’t want to grab Nicole because she was playing chess with Jess. Tommy thinks it is a blessing that everyone in the house knows that she has the power so there is no blind-side and the other side knows. Christie says, “This game is pure fuckery” and that her dad is thoroughly disgusted. They are talking about what Christie is going to talk with Cliff and she’s going to start, if I don’t use it and what he is thinking and she wants to talk it out with Cliff. Jackson joins them with slop balls. Christie leaves the room.
  4. 6:40PM BBT – Christie is crying and talking to Jack about her anxiety of using the power this week and how she doesn’t know if she can trust the votes. Jack says that she doesn’t have to use the power on him and that he needed to win the veto. Jack thinks that Kat and Nicole will vote for him to stay. Christie says that she talked to Nicole and got the impression that she would vote to evict Jack. Nicole says that Cliff is a numbers guy and making valid points that there would still be six. Tommy joins the conversation. Christie wants to talk to Cliff and work it out about her using the power and convince him of: a) forever indebted, b) not the target this week or going forward; c) strong competitors would be enemy #1 but would be a non-target because Bella is the #1 target. Tommy thinks that Jack has Kat’s vote but Christie doesn’t think that Kat will support Cliff. Christie says that four of the six are coupled up because they couldn’t keep their dicks in their pants. Jack doesn’t think that it’s a good idea for Christie to talk to Cliff. Jack said that Kat had just told Tommy and him that she was fine being the number 7 of the group. Christie wants to get Bella out. Christie says that everyone in the house doesn’t know about their F3. Christie wants to know if she’s protected in the next two weeks if she uses the power. Jack and Tommy assures her that they have her back. Jack says that if he wins veto and he’s on the block with her that he will use the veto on her because he doesn’t think that he’s long for the game. Jack wants to bring Nicole and Kat into a group of eight and fight it out to the end. Christie is grabbing Nicole and Kat to talk about it.
  5. 5:02 PM BBT - Still on CBB #1 episodes 5:37 PM BBT - Still on CBB #1 episodes
  6. 6:15 PM BBT - Brett and Scottie are in the kitchen about Thursday's vote and how they didn't know who Sam was going to vote and Scottie said how it might have gone the other way if they had known. Scottie is saying that JC told both sides what they wanted to hear about his vote. He told Fessy and Scottie that he freaked out and voted the other way. Scotties says that it's very curious stuff about JC and how JC seemed to be freaking out after the hacker competition.
  7. 5:45 - 6:10 BBT - Tyler is giving Sam a pep talk because she's been crying that she doesn't want to look stupid in the game, etc. He patiently listened to her and then took her into the Have_Not Room and grabbed her shoulders and told her to stop crying and that she's doing everything great! Sam told him that she wasn't doing anything and he agreed that was awesome--she's made the top 10 and millions of people would want to do that. He told her that she's one of the best people that he knows and that he doesn't want to see her sad anymore. They hug and she tells him that she's worried about him. He says that he's fine and will only use the app if he needs to and that she's the only one who knows that he has it.
  8. 7:52 PM BBT - Tyler is in HOH room talking to Kaitlyn about using the POV on Scottie. Kaitlyn is nervous. She was looking at the memory wall - and asks if its fair, just because that Swaggy is the ring leader? If she nominates Swaggy then her team/friends will dislike her. She realizes that if she makes the decision that it will ruin her relationship with her friends. Tyler tries to reassure her that it won't. She wants to know how to explain to Rock Star after it happens. Tyler thinks that she should tell them up front. Kaitlyn is saying that she is freaking out but she's going to do it even though her family warned her not to make a big move early on. Tyler says that Swaggy is talking bad about her. Kaitlyn is going to tell them 10 minutes before the POV ceremony and make a speech about how she never thought that she was going to do that and that Swaggy is not her puppet master. She tells Tyler to keep reminding her that Swaggy talks bad about her.
  9. I feel bad for Jessica. She is struggling with everyone being mean to them. She's seriously considering walking.
  10. I really love BBOT! I love being involved with the voting! I love watching the Live Diary Sessions as well as the live comps. So worth it!
  11. Alex is concerned that Kryssie is targetting Morgan. Morgan just finished taking a cold shower but didn't wash her hair...she's going to do that in the sink tomorrow.
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