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  1. What I think is ironic is people complaining about people who complain.
  2. I watched it twice the first time didn't notice the 2nd time I saw Janelle first. But it ends here in 30 mins hopefully another West Coaster can confim.
  3. It's like you never see her then she just pops out of nowhere. Weird.
  4. On the live feeds you really don't realize how short he is until you watch the TV broadcast. It looks like he's straight outta munchkin land. That dude's small...big time!!
  5. The girls have guaranteed Janelle's safety as long as she doesn't remove Micheal so I'm betting Rachel will go all out at the Cappy's orders to keep Mike from getting it. Janelle's safe because Cappy's orders are to evict Micheal. So unless Janelle or Mike wins it the POV will not be used
  6. Janelle had asked Howie yesterday thinking Micheal was going to ask Kaysar. Mike doesn't want Kaysar involved and selected Howie becuase that is the only peerson in the house he likes besides Janelle and Kaysar. Both he can't or won't select That then leaves Janelle selecting Rachel because she's a good competitior hoping she will help her win it. Confused...stay tuned..
  7. The teams as of 10:25 AM BB time Micheal asked Howie as a partner and Janelle asked Rachel as a partner. Both have said yes to them
  8. According to the feeds last night Kaysar suggested that none of them use it to save anyone except themselves. They all agreed. Kaysar already told Janelle and Micheal if he wins it he's not going to use it. My guess is he's gunning for Mike to win it as Mike and Kaysar will play together for it. Janelle wants Howie to help her win it but I don't know if Howies will go all out.
  9. I remember Eric saying to Maggie in the live feeds that if the vote isn't 9-2 he was going to be pissed off at James. So James vote was planned that way.
  10. Please,. Read through all my post and point out what I have written that has been vulgar and "porn like". Maybe before you open your mouth you should at least know what your talking about. Yes I'm under 30 and open minded.
  11. Sex talk is probably 75% of the day. All conversations turn to sex talk and comments and we report as close to what they say and do. If you find it offensive what the HG are doing than I suggest you get the live feeds and start posting what you think should be posted. Instead of complaining do something about it.
  12. No we update what they are doing and talking about. If you don't like what the HG are saying complain to CBS not us.
  13. I agree. They could easily made Howie more annoying than they did and Yvette more bitchy than they did, Eric more of an Idiot than than they did, and James more of a hot air pompass chump than they did. But it's hard to cram 24 hrs of live feed into an hour show with 14 people. The portrayals I thought were fairly accurate.

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