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  1. Hi, gang - I'm heading around that BB bend again ... Starting to pay attention to dates and such. Last year I mentioned that I still had a Morty's TV T-shirt and someone was interested - maybe Slowpoke or Gizzmotor? Anyway, I found it again. It's an XL, in great shape. Anybody still interested? (free) Looking forward to BB crazies again this year. I see Wicked is warming up already -- hurray!
  2. Bravo, joystick. I think I would give any of these former employees a return option. It's a 'Face-the-Music', 'Flop-or-Fly' opportunity for them and free publicity for the employer. Lessons learned are valuable things.
  3. I agree, in that tenure can be a degrading evolution. We taxpayers or privately paying parents should be paying for the technologies of tomorrow just as much as the lessons of yesterday. 'Stuck' battle-weary, tenured teachers do not help the situation. (As to this thread: I like Judd; he feels to me like a kind, well-meaning soul.)
  4. Marty - we love our men. c'mon -- let 'em be in this sea of trouble. what's that movie - "He's Just Not That Into You"
  5. True that ^^ TPTB are in control. The best we can do is believe in world peace.
  6. a true LOL here, slow. To your point: I don't think so. Maybe I should say, I don't feel so. 'Cuz eye personally haven't been keeping score. but I think he's learning lots of good things
  7. as an answer to his question about the notation on the blueprint diagram on the wall behind his bed: That L with a capital C in its graphic middle is, I believe, the symbol for 'centerline'. That place you're trying to find, that delicate balance of security.
  8. (meaning Hayden) Forgive the off topic. Just had to say, me too! (altho probably for some teeney, different, wicked reasons) I would love to see what he could do on his own terms -- AR or Survivor. This was Helen's parting decree, yes?
  9. I don't think so. I think he just tries to get the guys back into alpha conversations. (that doesn't mean I like the way he does it.)
  10. ^^ true that ^^ But she's tryin', bless her - she's tryin' (and I would not have said that just a month ago)
  11. I like Spence. (why is that name familair?) For sure he's rough around the edges, but if I were in trouble and could have him appear instantly to help me, you bet I'd be calling his name.
  12. ^^ Agreed, oh so big-time agreed. It seems to always be a pecking order thing in there. How sad. Personally, I could take the dirt before I could handle the clutter. And I would keep my (two) towels in my personal space. Never would I toss a towel after one use. Sure hope I'm in the mainstream on that. If nothing else, what a waste of laundry water.
  13. My thoughts after the scrambles and nasties we’ve seen over the past few days (hey, they have been exciting, right?): Winning this game means mastering the dance of evolution in a microcosm. Those who can adapt, by whatever means, will survive better and longer than those who try to remain steadfast. We’ve seen it before. How does that famous tag line go – outwit, outsmart, outplay? I personally enjoy sorta steppin’ out and watching BB like I did with ant colonies (whenever it was/is my task to remove the cobble stones and weed the flowerbeds). Since then eye have learned that ants display a great deal about social order. Big Bother is a game of ants, but with more senses involved. We watch, we listen, and sometimes, I swear, we even smell these people and taste their foods. Unfortunately, like the Greek gods of yesteryear, we can’t change them; we can’t touch them. Even though we might be able to toss in a couple super-human events to influence houseguest destinies in the game. But we can’t change them and so we vent inside these forums. Every day we vent our kudos, our frustrations, our power of both hindsight and foresight, and our collective goals for the future. While every day they lie and snitch and betray, yet align and visualize and rise again to the challenges presented them. Hey, I say, let em play, let em live. <off the soapbox> And ya know what? I love every bloomin’ bit of it, even these our own colonies.
  14. Not sure of the details, but I got the idea that a juror would re-enter no matter any other outcomes.
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