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  1. Perhaps the computer is intended to broadcast taped messages from evicted houseguests. "Secrets" passed on to the HOH, perhaps from the ousted partner or from any other who can tell a secret that will shake up the game. Could also be for relatives to say hi to an HOH.
  2. I still think that there will be an opportunity for them to CHANGE their secret partners, especially if this (current) twist is discovered by all the HGs.
  3. "...some of these relationships won't last a New York minute." Hmmmm .... We all have decided that the BB houseguests are going to figure out this setup of pairs very early in the game. But what if the producers allow the players a one-time chance to switch partners and then maintain secrecy? That would take care of any New York minutes ... and set up quiet vengeance missions all through the house.
  4. During the house tour this morning ... http://www.mortystv.com/cgi-bin/media/stre...ream.cgi?bb6m17 .... Arnold Shapiro said that the players were told they could change their names, their ages, or where they're from. Do you think we've got the straight scoop on all of them? Will they only be changing facts for those inside the house? Interesting...
  5. I voted for Bubbles, short for Bubble Jets ... as in a group name for all those little jet-arounds. Then there's always the aidea of Chen's Chow -- another collective name. Love this adult entertainment. Just think what we'll be chatting about this time next week!
  6. Ahhh, but might that not be just what BB wants you to see? Here are my choices, almost out of a hat: April & Rachel Ashlea & Howie Beau & Janelle Eric & James Ivette & Sarah Jennifer & Maggie Michael & Kaysar
  7. Hello to all again -- especially those standing :clap We know there are lots of other silent ones, don't we! :wink: I'm off to Pittsburgh to deliver/install a new birthday computer for my 82-yr old mom. Didn't want anyone to think that this Newbie just ran in here and then ran out again So I'll be back to check in and around next Tuesday. Just think, by then I'll be 5 days closer to the start of BB!! -- KT in CT p.s. I can't believe that TBS is RIGHT NOW showing a "Yes, Dear" episode based on Big Brother. How ironic ... or coincidental ... or fated or something.
  8. I am also a "Morty's-was-the-best-last-year" fan. I would read other sites if I had time, but this site has always been the best for simple audio clips and photos. So I decided to come forward this year and at least show myself in here. Lurking versus stepping forward and fessin' up.... gets me thinking. A lurker is similar to a voyeur, right? --- a prying observer who is usually seeking the sordid or the scandalous (Webster's, not mine!). I think that we who love Big Brother are maybe 1/2 voyeur and 1/2 psychologist. I know I love the close-up character studies provided in a 24/7 feed.

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