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BB10 Wrap Party


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Got this in an email this morning:

9/19/08 1:38am

Hey All!

I just got back from the BB10 wrap party and I had a fabulous time. Not only was the season 10 cast there, but so many other past house guests as well.

I have to say, Dan and Memphis are some of the most gracious winners I've ever met--they could not have been nicer. In fact, they signed the Team Dan shirt I wore on HCs (as did the rest of the BB10 house guests, plus some of the past guests--I'll be auctioning off the shirt for charity on EBay soon--stay posted for those details...) and they couldn't have seemed more in love with their girlfriends.

I talked to Chelsea and Crazy James (who's moving to France on Wednesday to 'get away from it all'), BB6 James was there, Erica and my favorite, dear friend Marcellas. Sheila was there with her hot, younger comedian boyfriend, and Chicken George was completely working the room.

Danielle has totally warmed up to Keesha after meeting at tonight's wrap party--I even saw them taking pics together like the best of (somewhat identical) friends. Evel Dick was there with a foxy date, and Bunky actually brought a super-fan from San Fran.

Libra looked gorgeous, but I didn't get a chance to meet her husband. Get this--not only her hubby, but all her kids are out here too--they're making a bit of a vacation of it. Jessie was, well...Jessie. April and Ollie still look like quite the couple together, and could not have been friendlier and in a better mood.

Jerry was great on the dance floor with his daughter, and it was cute to see Renny and her husband Patrick together after so long. Steven was in a great mood from riding, and Brian and Angie were super cool as usual--right up to Angie busting my husband's balls for saying, 'Congratulations'---she asked, 'For what? I lost!'. Okay, it was funny at the time...

The gag reel was absolutely hilarious! It featured a Graduate tribute featuring footage of Renny and Dan 'flirting' and Jerry saying 'Plastic'. It also had a Jerry Gone Wild segment, with the old guy running around the house topless, and his nipples bleeped out. And a batman take called The Dan Night, with Dan in his black cape and Renny in her white facial cream and red lips, looking like Heath Ledger's Joker! And they put together a montage of Michell in the diary room asking for wine and beer, beer and wine, just wine, just beer, and then some hard alcohol (don't worry, she had a great sense of humor about it!) Well done, whoever done it...

Overall, a nice ending to a great season. And best of all, it was announced that there absolutely will be a BB11 next summer, so we have that to look forward to.

Well I'm exhausted, and I'm going to bed--we took a ton of awesome photos which I will put up on our site www.CrackinUpRadio.com/ some time tomorrow--I'll send you the direct link as soon as I do. But in the meantime, here's a couple of shots to whet your whistles...

Take care,


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OK! The Gag Reel for the wrap party is available! See the links below! These are the 4 parts from "TheRealDeal"!

OMG - You just wait :animated_rotfl::animated_rotfl::animated_rotfl:

BB10 Gag Reel Part-1

BB10 Gag Reel Part-2

BB10 Gag Reel Part-3

BB10 Gag Reel Part-4


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The Dan & Renny "Graduate" bit had me crying I was laughing so hard...hysterical!

Michelle and her whine wine... :food-smiley-005: ...good god...give her a drink and get her to stfu already!!!

thanks for posting links...now off to see the full gag reel in pic forum...

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thanx sono for the reels they were hilarious,lol

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I don't know if you saw it, but in Memphis' thread, there's a link to a TMZ report that Mem is not going to take the car. BB is going to make a cash settlement with him. I think KYWildcat might have posted it?!?!?!?

Shows a pic of Mem sitting in the car which is up on a trailer! :)

UPDATE: Here's the link to the thread! SerenityNow posted the link!


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therealdeal guy has great wrap party pics-wish i could link them, but they're pretty easy to find. look for chickengeorge in the background, getting stuff signed! jen and nick look happy. daniele d looks beautiful and so photogenic. keesha and jj look really cute together-and renny and patrick!

jerry's wife...made me so sad. poor, sweet lady.

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