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  1. Wouldn't surprise me at all UPV, I just want to know how he feels after he sees how disgusted everyone is with him and the nasty things he's said, he hasn't helped his sisters name any, what a jerk
  2. She really got booed and you could tell it confused her,lol she got what she deserved, I want Frankie gone, these. Ppl are sooo weak
  3. Gag me, the whole show sucks this season, Frankie is suuucchhh a phony, where's my barf emoji
  4. I just cannot stand most of them, I was liking Derricks game, but he's getting too desperate , Christine gets on my last nerve, if I was her husband I would've moved out of the house and she could come home to zip, I only like Donny and Nicole , and they are gonna be on the block for sure, hope one ov them can pull out a veto
  5. Don't get me wrong, loooovvveee my iPad, I do most everything on it, I gave my old laptop to my son and I would love to have a macbook, saving up,lolol, in the meantime iPad is it, and I do miss being able to have the feeds in a little corner of a laptop and be able to update, so that part of it does blow,lolol, I hope Devin goes, he is soooo lame, and I'm not a fan of Caleb much either
  6. Devin is a bully, is a woman hater I. My eyes, I would love to see him go, but not sure these idiots will do a thing to get him out, I hope the cards fall differently this week
  7. I just watched the show , soooo boring so far and I agree with all of you, so etchings gotta give, I cannot stomach Devin, he's such an ass, I also have not been interested in the feeds, it's a snooze fest
  8. I'm not a fan of Caleb, he thinks he is soooo fine,lol, I don't care about his dad on sites, but if it was one of my kids I doubt I'd be posting anywhere about them or their gameplay
  9. Hi UPV, I love love you say about getting you bomb squad invite, Devin is an idiot,lololol
  10. I like this guy, I think Devin is way off base about soooo much and I'm thrilled Donny won the pov,lol
  11. The reason I cannot update anymore is because I am on iPad only, you cannot tab browse and I cannot go back and forth and update, even that app above would not download , says safari cannot use that, so anyway , I'll be here posting, so far I think the twist is kinda lame, we will see, I'm really thinking Devin is a bit cray, not liking him so much, I do like Britney and the 2 girls that have the nerd glasses, sorry haven't got everyone's names down yet,lol, thought I wasn't liking zach, but haven't seen him acting out so much, I like Derrick , I just gotta keep watching, it always takes me a bit to get in the swing
  12. Well thought I would like him, but no bueno, I don't like the way he treats women and Britney , he made so e comment that Britney or someone ( female) made a comment he didn't like on his daughters b day, yeah? Has nothing to do with BB and why take everything so personal, he will do himself in if you ask me
  13. Yes, I was thinking the same thing, that if they kick her to the curb, there goes grodners idea,lolol, yep they are behind the scenes trying to get everyone off Joey,lolol
  14. Disliked him right off from the shows, and I thought his talking down to Frankie was stupid, but then after watching him a little on the feeds I'm undecided
  15. Well she is only 29 , not old, but I would not say I'd just come off a 10 yr marriage , and I would not say I had 3 kids, I thinks she's the best looking girl in the house
  16. After watching him so e on the feeds not sure what I think yet, I thought zach was one I wasn't liking, but watching him on the feeds, he seems less unlike able to me,lol I'll have to keep watching
  17. I guess it's wishful thinking for me, I detest Andy and thrilled that scum spencer is out
  18. Lololol, exactly, AND will makes a statement about racism and that kinda stuff, they were havin a good time , not what we're seein on this season
  19. This is sorta long but this is the Bb I loved to watch, not anything with what this season is and I hope never see again, take a bit of time and watch this, it's a compilation of dr wills season and there is a huge difference in his season and BB 15
  20. I just came here to see what is going on, I'm not dvring tonight's show, and I will not watch the rest of the. Season, these ppl are disgusting, I have no use for it anymore, it's not the BB I used to know and love, so I'm out, I have no interest in these scumbags that are left, see you all next season, uh if there is one, I won't be surprised if this show gets cancelled, just sayin
  21. All of my life we played cards fom kids all thru adulthood, every card game imaginable, I think this tech gen just doesn't know, cards can sure pass the time, when I was first married we didn't even have a tv, so lots of cards and he drive in,lol
  22. You're right, on you tube they have composited Aryan's slurs, Kaitlin , all of them but you should see Amanda's composite from the beginning till now, it's shameful, really bad
  23. I also got a chuckle out of Dan peeking out from his pillow,lolol

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