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  1. Kicked them out for what? Since when is it against the rules to antagonize people - as long as you don't lay hands on them, they never do anything about that kind of stuff. If everybody is all kumbaya all the time, it would be pretty boring IMO.
  2. I thought he'd be gone early, but he's playing a way better game than I thought he would/could. He has a great social game - no one seems to dislike him. He has an extra 25K that everybody thinks poor Ramses took (LOLOL). And throwing those couple of votes just to shake up the house, and making sure someone else got blamed -- brilliant! Look out if he makes it to the end - they will probably give him the money.
  3. It cracks me up when she goes around bitching about how she's getting too skinny on slop! TOO SKINNY?????? Child please, you should be glad you've lost a few pounds and not be counting the hours until you can gain them all back (her words, not mine). I don't care if you're fat, but own it, and quit trying to act like you're wasting away. She's just nasty -- the way she pulls her swimsuit up her ass so her big old cheeks are hanging out -- ewwww! And good lord, the makeup retailers are probably worried about going out of business because she's not on the outside buying her excessive layers of warpaint. Overdone much?
  4. My two cents on the two of them together (since this is the Cody AND Jessica thread) - I'm fine with showmances - I don't think it's a great idea, but sometimes I even get sucked into rooting for a "couple" (like Jeff and Jordan for instance). These two are just too damn much - they are constantly joined at the hip (or other body parts), they are constantly sucking face, and they have isolated themselves from the beginning. If Cody had stayed gone, I think Jessica would have been tolerable, and maybe even entertaining. But the two of them together -- ICK. It will be interesting to see what Cody is like without Jessica.
  5. Boo freakin' HOO Jessica! What did you think would happen when you attached yourself to Mr Personality and laid up in that bed 24/7 sucking face? Not to mention being a snotty beotch.......Now you are crying because all the girls are being mean to you and you and your boy toy are going up. Deal with it!
  6. James asking Nicorey if they have a preference on who goes. Nicole says they've both worked hard and don't really want to say one should stay over the other.
  7. James says if Paul throws him a lifeline by not using the veto, then he owes him and will vote the way Paul tells him. (Wimp!!) Corey thinks Paul wants him out because he (Corey) can beat him (Paul) in the mental comp..
  8. Nicorey asking James who he will vote out. James hemming and hawing. Said if it's up to him.,...Nicorey says it IS up to James as the sole voter.
  9. Paul has also won the POV (per convo between James and Nicorey)
  10. Thanks Marty. Our stupid CBS station is carrying a gubernatorial debate instead of BB -- WTF???
  11. Please just go! Would love to see Bronte-Saurus go next week!
  12. Can't wait to see Jozea go out that door!! Holla!!!
  13. Are we watching the same show? She was getting all up in people's faces last week and even used the term "going Inglewood".....So if there is stereotyping she is doing it to herself!
  14. As her "love muscle" for sure.......
  15. No joke! Jeff needs to STFU for once. He just talks way too much!
  16. Wasn't sure where to post this, but one of the LFU is posting BB times that haven't happened yet -- for example, the latest was 4:07pm BBT -- and right now it's only 1 something BBT. Just wanted to point it out so someone like Jedi could fix it.
  17. Nah, I don't think anyone will go against "the house". They vote like sheep this early.
  18. She would make total sense as the pawn - not likely to get voted out.
  19. Thanks Marty! Stupid storms! Yes, I am, but luckily it stayed south of me!
  20. Anyone have a link to watch BB show live tonight? Our area is having tornadoes so the news coverage is non stop. Help please!!

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