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  1. This may sound dramatic, but it made me feel sad that I am done watching the show. I’ve been a fan since BB2 . Only watched half of season 19, and decided to sign up for feeds one last time for season 21.Well, I cancelled two weeks in. I’m not interested in watching what BB has become.
  2. Whenever she gives any advice on what to do in the game I cringe because of how wrong she is.
  3. What a douch bag! I was hoping he'd be the first one out.
  4. I'm ready for her to go. At the same time I'd love to see Becky's face if Vanessa returns!
  5. For some reason she annoys me. I'm just happy that at least John is safe this week.
  6. I kind of think next week is his turn on the block.
  7. The stink face look she so easily gives to people is what's going to make her an easy eviction.
  8. Yeah, after watching the feeds more, don't like her game play. I'm finding her constant game talk and paranoia exhausting. It seems the second after she stops talking to one person she's off to the next one. My guess is she's evicted before week 4. Unless production helps out of course.
  9. 11:52pm Audrey lets Steve know that Liz and Austin are in trouble next week. He wants to know what he can do to know what's gong on, Audrey says to just keep talking to Jas. Audrey mentions keeping her mouth shut for the next few days. 11:56 Steve talks to camera and says Audrey is good! That if he had to call it, he'd say she's going to win. As he walks out in hallway, under his breath he says "... telling me not to play emotionally when she's being emotional."
  10. 11:35pm when James leaves Da tells Audrey that she (Audrey) is f... because James was in the bathroom when Audrey mentioned the only people she trusts and didn't say his name. 11:40pm Audrey goes to talk to Steve to let him know that Liz, Jace and Austin tried to turn her and Da against each other. Just as he asks her about what Da was upset about with him Da walks in and gets an attitude. Steve gets stressed and goes looking for Da to smooth things over. Audrey tells Da that Steve hasn't said anything bad. Steve says "I adore Da". Da tells Steve that all is ok but she won't tell him what was said to her. Acts cold. 11:47 Steve tells Audrey that he hasn't said anything bad about anyone. 11:48 Audrey tells Steve that he's in a better position going into next week. Also fills him in that Liz and Austin pinned things on Jeff. He asks her if anyone is threatened by his veto. Audrey says no.
  11. 11:21pm BBT: Austin tells Audrey that he told Liz to talk to her. Then switch to idle talk when he mentions the people in hoh are prob watching. Back yard is open. All happy. 11:25pm Audrey tells Jeff that what their doing is working on Jason. 11:28pm Audrey and Da telling each other that they are alright. Audrey told her about Austin talking to her.Da tells Audrey and James that when they hear anything from the outside to bring it to each other or they are going to fall apart because if today had gone the way "they" had wanted it to their group would have fallen apart. Open communication. James hurrying to enjoy the outside. James says his loyalty is with them.
  12. Aside from making an alliance on day one, she appears to be a good player.
  13. One of my favorites so far. I'm hoping he finds someone to take him under their wing to help with the social aspect of the game.
  14. Too funny that he was the one wanting to push the button! I hope he's evicted Thursday!!
  15. I was happy she was evicted, but felt bad at the booing. I honestly don't understand how "fans" think that's ok. Yeah she was mean and what not, but holy cow, why stoop to that level and become part of the negativity? How she behaved in the game reflects only her behavior there, whereas the ones who booed showed their ugly side out in the real world. We don't know who she is in the "real world". Between the people yelling outside the yard, being mean to players families, and booing, the fun of Big Brother is not what it once was.
  16. Out of all the people in there, he has been playing the game 24/7. I can't imagine him using the excuse that he doesn't have anything in common with the other houseguests as a reason not to stay up and bond! It's a game for half a million dollars! I believe he is playing the best game period. He has adapted to his current environment. That doesn't make him a bad person.
  17. 10:27 am BBT Derrick gets up to take some aspirin and goes back to bed. Looks like everyone else is still sleeping.
  18. He's playing a perfect game; I hope he wins.
  19. Just when I can tolerate the guy, a second later and I can't stand him again!
  20. I can't wait for him to get evicted! After spilling his secrets supposedly he felt now he could be himself...so I guess that means in real life Frankie is extremely self centered?

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