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  1. I had high hopes for V in the beginning thinking it would be interesting to watch a poker player do her thing (as I did when I first heard an undercover cop would be playing). Now I realize that very talent is also a major obstacle for her. I know poker games can run for hours but in the end it doesn't prepare her for BB like she is counting on. She's good at what she does, but VANESSA CAN'T PLAY THE LONG CON. I don't think she realizes the difference and that's why she seems to genuinely lose control of herself.
  2. Re: being hit by a train - On last week's episode when Squirrel Becky was saying if she didn't start doing better in the comp she "just might end up as road kill", rather than playing the sound effect of a car they used the sound of a train. Funny!
  3. I can't believe I would ever find anything interesting about Becky, but does anyone recognize the brand or store where that tank top she was wearing last night is from?(it was during BBAD hours). Very cool. It was a dusky grey/green with a sequin pattern but then had a deconstructed overlay with 'torn' holes in it. Pretty Rock&Roll for Ms. Whitebread! I need it.

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