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  1. This may sound dramatic, but it made me feel sad that I am done watching the show. I’ve been a fan since BB2 . Only watched half of season 19, and decided to sign up for feeds one last time for season 21.Well, I cancelled two weeks in. I’m not interested in watching what BB has become.
  2. Whenever she gives any advice on what to do in the game I cringe because of how wrong she is.
  3. Double eviction night!

  4. One week till BB15! Woo Hoo!

  5. Time to start dinner

  6. Yummy lunch...now a nap! Perfect afternoon!

  7. Ready for bed... and its only noon!

  8. I'm missing watching the live feeds!

  9. Up before sunrise, coffee made...bliss.

  10. Cathy


    I like this show although I've gone back and forth between tuning in and not throughout the years, but always enjoyed it when I watched.

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