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  1. Josh is definitely keeping Christmas. Lying to the others is one thing. Lying to US when he's talking to the cameras is a different thing. Kevin is the one I don't know about. But I genuinely don't know where Kevin's true loyalties lie. I just don't want Cody to succeed after a truly boneheaded way to conduct an HOH reign. It's not that he was targeting Paul. It's the way he went about it. And then he and Jess isolated themselves. And then they just are really hard to watch. And Jillian really brings nothing to the house. At least Christmas brings some level of drama. I like drama in my BB.
  2. I WAS a fan of James but he lost me with his apparent pandering and expectation for America to give him AFP again this year.
  3. James knew he was in trouble on the wall. We all saw how badly he was shaking. And I think his arm was still slightly damaged from the previous endurance challenge. That's why he "gave" Nicole the win.
  4. Actually, I disagree. The girls in the jury love Meech. I would bet money that they want her to win after seeing her speeches. Getting Meech out is huge.
  5. Wow. Natalie and Meech decide they don't like Victor anymore because he's hanging out with Corey and because they know it would gross him out, they are using their dirty feet to open the refrigerator, the microwave, etc. in the kitchen. Real mature.
  6. Every single time he mentions doing things together after they leave the house it's always, we'll see. Oh, you're going to a wedding? Do I get to be your date? I don't know, we'll see what happens when we leave. Can I have your real address? Well, we'll see how things go. Every single time he mentions seeing her outside the house she is vague, non-commital and evasive. So yes, she is playing him.
  7. What happened? She's playing him. She has been playing him. As soon as the show is over, their couple status is over, ESPECIALLY if she doesn't win AFP.
  8. But Meech also gets into Natalie's head and then Natalie pressures James. Leaving 2 people in the game who WILL target Nicole is NOT best for Nicole's game. Yes, keeping Paul is risky but she lost a LOT of trust in the showmance alliance last week. She is trying to position herself strategically in the middle and get rid of someone who has proven that they are coming after her.
  9. Actually, her target seems on point. James, Natalie and Meech have agreed that after Paul goes, they want to target Nicole. They (James and Natalie) are counting on Michelle to win HOH and do it for them. ALWAYS target someone who is targeting you in the game before they get you out.
  10. Here is why Nicole and Corey are not going to nominate Paul and Victor. James dropped a bomb yesterday when he admitted yesterday during the fight that Natalie wanted Victor to stay (implying that she wanted Corey to be voted out). Meech has been very obviously targeting Nicole. While James stayed true and kept Corey in the house, what happens if they get Victor and/or Paul out? Corey and Nicole become targets again. They can't trust Natalie and Meech. So they want to target Meech and leave James and Natalie as a target for Victor and Paul to go after. Good game move actually.
  11. That was what I remember most. James knew Paul would go far if they didn't take him out soon and he and Corey bonded over wishing people could just stick to the 8 pack and stay loyal.
  12. I don't like Paul either. He has been playing a very dirty game and if anyone is a rat or a snake in that house... It is PAUL!!!
  13. It wasn't "bribes" per se. Nicole and James were talking together that if they were able to get their F4 showmances, they would share some of the grand prize money with their alliance. I think it was more of a James and Nicole wanting Corey and Natalie to be taken care of because they care about them. Not so much a bribe.
  14. I'm for JohnnyMac. Sorry but James offended me more than entertained me.
  15. He didn't accidentally do that. LOL. He was trying to make it seem like he won on accident and that JohnnyMac would have won it. Put the target off him.
  16. I'm not saying that I like Vanessa. I simply appreciate the move.
  17. I have to hand it to Vanessa. She is taking being the #1 target in the house and turning it around to make sure that James and Meg are targeting the Austwins and vice versa. The only potential monkey wrench is the potential returnee. If its Becky or Jackie, will James and Meg be able to convince them about the Austwins? If its Shelli, will Vanessa successfully pull her in? Tonight is HUGE for the house.
  18. This may not be a popular opinion but.... I want Steve saved tonight. I honestly was rooting for both Steve and JMac but even though I enjoy JMac's DR sessions, Steve is the better player and I adore him too. His one comment about it being 50% acting was so reminiscent of some of my favorite past contestants that he became the one I have been fully rooting for. The twisted part of me wants Jmac to return and target Austwins. LOL
  19. But Boogie definitely deserved the win over Erika.
  20. I can't get behind James. He is just a perverse person with short man syndrome. ETA: I object to anyone using the C word like he did. And yes, that includes his cohorts.
  21. She probably will get them back on board. All it takes is one conversation with Clay and she can lie and tell them that Clay is definitely targeting Austwins.
  22. Shelli is staying in the game. The Austwins, Vanessa and Steve definitely voting Clay out. Steve even said when he was alone in the backyard that if he wins, he is nominating Shelli and Becky. I cannot wait for the drama that ensues when JJM find out.
  23. I completely agree!!! I really hope she finds out that the Austwins are targeting the person that remains this week and she or he nominates the twins with Austin as a BD option.

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