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  1. She doesn't drive me crazy yet but it's still early. She has a good strategy so far. She's happy go lucky, is no ones target and still seems to be in the know.
  2. They probably would have been targeted anyway due to their muscles.
  3. And Steve lied to him because Steve knows that Jace is the backdoor plan.
  4. Definitely way at the bottom of my list. 3:34am cam 1. Jace was really intimidating Steve. Maybe Jace doesn't realize how intimidating he is but you can see that Steve was very uncomfortable being interrogated by Jace.
  5. I like how he hasn't been hit by the HOH curse of believing he is a God. He seems pretty humble with his reign.
  6. See, I don't think he was smart to be joined at the hip with Jace. They come off as arrogant and trying to overtly run the house when they are in fact the biggest targets for the rest of the house. We shall see.
  7. His arrogance on the live feeds is irritating. Bit of advice: when you are not the HOH or have any form of power..... kiss up to the HOH and let them come up with the plans rather than try to make alliances throughout the entire house. Additionally, don't call yourself a diabolical genius on the live feeds ever. Because we know the backdoor plan is to get rid of you this week and a genius wouldn't be in that position! You have made the classic mistake of playing too hard the first week.
  8. My husband and I both are intrigued by Audrey so far (and Da'Vonne) because they both seem to be strategic players. And on live feeds it looks like they have both aligned with the power in the house. It will be interesting to watch as the weeks continue.
  9. I'm just grateful that I don't know anyone in the cast this year. LOL. Last year was hell on me. Now I can post my full opinions. My opinion this year so far? Still hate the battle of the block. Don't care about the twin thing. Curious what the other twists are. I'm taking a watch and see approach this year. Some of the cast seems devious. I like that in a cast. LOL
  10. Tried to post a gif of the tumble. Didn't work. Ugh.
  11. I'd rather see Hayden back than Zach. Especially now that Caleb believes that Hayden wasn't targeting him.... With Zach? It would be drama but he'd merely be out the next time.
  12. I thought "Stealth mode Cowboy" was hilarious! I just wish they didn't know he was there and they would have talked about Team America. How hilarious would THAT have been??!!
  13. People get told all the time they are getting nominated.... Its just the Zach fans making much ado about nothing.
  14. Frankie won POV!! Caleb is coming off the block and it sounds like Zach is going up.
  15. Not going to happen. It got squashed by Derrick and Cody in the wee hours of the morning. Nicole will be leaving.
  16. 1. Donny will say hello to his friends and family in his speech and ignore gameplay talk. 2. Victoria will never win. Ever. She is a mere puppet. 3. Just to drive people crazy... I want Jocasta back. It won't happen but I am imagining the entire BB universe screaming at their TV's in unison "NNOOOOOOO". It could be the shout heard round the world. LOL
  17. A floater goes from one side of the house to the other, depending on whose in power. Caleb is actually one of the only ones in the house who hasn't floated. He picked a side and stuck to it. While others were playing mind games and gossip games and kissing a$$, Caleb remained honest and never made any alliances other than the one started in the beginning.
  18. I really believe the endurance comps are coming either this Thursday or next. Probably the same week they get rid of the BotB.
  19. Well Nicole. It was great seeing you on Big Brother. You and Donny should have made ballsy moves. You and Christine should have made ballsy moves. Now you are going to jury Thursday.
  20. The only way Donny is safe would be if Christine nommed Nicole. Everyone except Derrick wants Nicole (who can win HOH's) out over Donny.
  21. Caleb's ego is large but I think he got a dose of humility when he realized that Frankie's accomplishments and contacts trump his. Even MORE important is that now that Frankie has told the truth..... Even Frankie's EGO is bigger than Caleb's.
  22. No talking would be an INCREDIBLY boring game. Half the fun as a viewer is watching the train wreck! They should include more ALCOHOL if you ask me!! Bwahaha!!!
  23. You should know better!! Derrick has flipped Frankie's ploy around now and the target on Frankie's back just grew bigger than it was before!!ALL HAIL KING DERRICK!! :-)

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