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  1. Ok, I'll admit it. It isn't that they get bashed for gameplay. It isn't that they get bashed for entitlement. What disturbs me is the bashing of the age difference. It takes the game out of the bashing and makes it personal. If I could count the number of times people say things like Clay and Mommy or Shelli and son or something to that effect, it ticks me off. So I get into defensive posture and can't seem to get out of it. One couple that we have known for a long time had an even larger age difference. Then she got sick and thought it was the flu. By the time they realized it was something else it was too late. She was 15 years older than he was but they were so well suited and so in love. It broke our hearts watching him mourn her for years. I get that people don't understand the age difference between Clay and Shelli but it drives me crazy reading ignorant posts by people who can't understand a love wherethe age difference doesn't matter since they are both adults and can choose for themselves. That is why I get defensive. It is a good game move for James (though the great move would be getting rid of Vanessa).
  2. I'll be honest, I've never understood the whole hatred towards Shelli and Clay except in the concept that people loved Da'Vonne and Jason's snarky quips and so were honor bound to hate Shelli and Clay because they were responsible for those evictions. Generally speaking, while Da and Jason and the whole Summer Camp crew were bashing others, Shelli and Clay were kind to almost everyone in the house. They became friends with Steve and Becky who others weren't even trying to reach out to. When others were being outcasted, they did what they could to still talk to them. They have fought to win while others were throwing comps and were fairly strategic in their plans. People have bashed them for crying after being nominated and "acting entitled" but I seem to recall Da' and Jason crying as well... acting entitled. They aren't bad people. I've known several couples where the woman is 10+ years older and yet, love is love. We hated how Amanda and McCrae were constantly f**king in the house and now we have Clay and Shelli being very respectfully aware that there are cameras everywhere. So even though they have chemistry, they are responsible enough to wait until they have actual privacy before kissing for the first time. I'm not saying that people have to root for them but I at least respect their gameplay and would like to see it continue rather than some of these other people in the house who float along, never having to get blood on their hands, and acting like its just a stepping stone to fame.
  3. It would be dangerous for James game to publicly go back on that kind of deal. IF he is smart, he will take out someone with the least backlash for his game.
  4. She's serious about wanting to keep Jason. Foolish move. She should have used Becky to gain trust with Clay and Shelli. She is going down on a sinking ship. Good!
  5. They laid around and treated the game like a party and wonder why these people who "aren't even playing the game" get to stay. News flash!! They ARE playing the game; they just aren't playing with Meg, James, Jackie or Jason because while those 4 were playing with each other, Clay, Shelli and Vanessa were building relationships with everyone else in the house.
  6. It won't work on either "couple" but it will make a HUGE target on Meg. I have to wonder if Jason will now call Meg a prostitute like he did to Liz?
  7. Her whole shtick about liars is gameplay. She lies. She knows it. But if you make everyone afraid to lie to you, people tell you stuff that can help you with the game. If she doesn't make F6, I will be shocked.
  8. He's being a whiny crybaby sore loser who thought he was entitled to be carried to the end by people who are actually playing this game. Call the wahhhmbulance.
  9. Everything depends upon Liz if you ask me. Vanessa has 2 choices. Stick with the original alliance or switch to the new one. Austin screwed up. But if Liz wins POV, Vanessa won't want to blindside her. So it will depend upon whether or not Liz gets on board.
  10. Jason's #1 target is Steve. To Jason, Steve intimidates him the most. If you think about it, Jason's extremely jealous of Steve. Where Jason works at a supermarket, Steve is attending Cornell. They are both super fans but Steve's memory is better. Their build is similar so they would likely be competitive in an endurance competition. There is a simple reason why Jason constantly badmouths Steve. To create an outcast and target on him.
  11. Austin got caught (he doesn't know it yet) throwing Julia under the bus to Jason. Then he lied to Vanessa about it. Vanessa told Julia about it, releasing her from any loyalty to him. Austin was stupid and deserves get backdoored.
  12. I was watching the Rob has a podcast with Zach Rance today and I have to say, Zach is right. Austin is creepier than Caleb was. Caleb never kept trying to touch Amber. Austin is stalking Liz in the house and keeps touching her. Austin is crossing a line with Liz. Granted, Liz hasn't said no yet.
  13. So here is my point of view: 1) Production knew she was leaving no matter what so why worry about the have not situation, especially if it gave Audrey one more thing to have a pity party with; or 2) Doctors orders for her to have real food, not production. It could be that the meds prescribed to her require food more substantial than slop. That's my opinion.
  14. Let's face it, Audrey's betrayal came about because of the way Clay treated her and the way no one in her "alliance" included her in any of the decision making process. They wanted and treated her like a little dog whose obedience was required rather than as an intregal team member. Of COURSE Audrey felt used. And when she found out that they were continuing to keep her looking like the evil plotter in the house as if backdooring Jeff was her fault rather than their plan from the beginning, she was desperately trying to reach out to someone else to work with. They created her paranoia and then blamed her for it.
  15. I don't mind people lying in Big Brother but I have a problem with people who get angry when others lie to them. She's a huge hypocrite. I hope Sixth Sense crashes and burns.
  16. Clay has been far worse to Audrey, IMHO. Exactly!!
  17. She's definitely going on the block. While I am ok with that, I also hope that they don't make her last days in the house really bad. If her feelings get crushed, I'm actually concerned what this will do to her emotionally. I kind of hope she just DORs for her own sanity.
  18. I used to think she was the smartest player in the game but now I'm over it.
  19. Yes, I would miss seeing the gorgeousness of Clay, but his douchery outweighs the eye candy.
  20. I will say this much, kudos for her making everyone too scared to nominate her in any eviction unless it is a double elimination.
  21. I am totally fine with Liz targeting Jackie. I don't like Jackie (Zzzzzzzz).
  22. Clay can be evicted anytime as far as I am concerned.

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