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  1. He did throw it. Apparently he sat out like he told everyone that he would. It was apparently a task that was easier to do with only one person. Blame Grodner cause I guarantee the comp was late because she wanted to give Frankie a chance to save himself and it was not the originally planned comp!! ETA: 8/9 Sat 3:43am Cam 1/2 When Caleb opted out of playing and sat down, when he saw that it was a game that was better for one person and everyone was trying to tell him to go and start playing, he was told (inferred that production told him) that he couldn't because he had opted out. I imagine that there were harnesses involved. Once the comp started, he couldn't sabotage it.
  2. He's definitely been showing his better side lately. And MAYBE he'll heed his mother's advice to be humble. Just maybe.
  3. If Frankie hadn't tried to get Nicole and Christine to nom Derrick/Cody/Zach/Caleb, then this wouldn't likely be happening. Its Frankie's own fault!!
  4. Yep. And its backfiring already because Nicole told Zach. Zach told Derrick/Cody/Caleb. Now the boys are plotting with Nicole to evict Frankie. And if not Frankie, Christine.
  5. Now that Christine and Frankie know that Hayden and Nicole were coming after them? Add that to the fact that Nicole has hardly talked to her all week... Christine is keeping Zach.
  6. And Caleb was the one that got them to remember the numbers and got them all to start thinking things over. Throw in Derrick and Cody revealing that Nicole and Hayden's main targets were Frankie and Christine and BAMMM!! Zach Attach is saved!!
  7. The Quad Squad was renamed to "The Rationale". I think that Nicole and Hayden believe it to be real. Cody and Derrick are using it for protection just like they are using the Detonators for protection, and Caleb (last person to still believe in the Bomb Squad) and Victoria. Derrick has additional protection via Team America.
  8. Just to be clear, all of my friends that know him are shaking their heads saying: "Where did this Caleb come from? We've never seen him act like this. He is coming across as a crazy stalker and egotistical douchebag". We're all in shock over who he has become on this show. All I can think about is that almost making it onto the voice and almost getting a reality tv show (his brothers did verify that it happened) has created the inflated ego that we never saw when he used to live in Texas. Hopefully the reaction from America will deflate the ego to where it needs to be.
  9. Los Tres Amigos alliance of Zach, Cody, and Derrick.
  10. I'm not a Donny lover. I think he is boring and his game play is weak. I wouldn't have a single problem with Derrick and Frankie sending him out whatsoever!!
  11. Just gonna say... He doesn't live in Texas anymore. He lives in Kentucky. I have no idea what bar he frequents there for him to return too. LOL
  12. I don't know if he is staying or not but I do know that it will NOT be unanimous. Donny would NEVER cast a vote against Jocasta. And they will not tell Frankie that Zach is leaving.
  13. Right now it seems that Zach is actually on his way out. I really thought the Detonators + Caleb were going to keep him. But this house is crazy and constantly changing their minds. We will see what happens....
  14. As she was talking to the rest of the detonators, it seems like she won't use it. If she used it, she must imagine that she will incur the wrath of the remaining guys. I don't see her sticking her neck out THAT far.
  15. Too soon to tell. It is usually someone from the final 5. People eliminated before this point can tend to be forgotten a bit.
  16. Hayden didn't like that name. LOL. They are now "The Rationale".
  17. I am really curious to see if Derrick really will vote out his Team America alliance member Frankie? It seems like the "Rationale" alliance could be a strong one but it is a dangerous one because if Frankie goes, Christina and Zach are going to know that Cody and Derrick switched sides to a new alliance that they are not a part of. I'm very curious to see who wins POV today.
  18. LOL. I am suitably impressed that you found it. Yes, that was the bar. Sometimes I will go there after work on Wednesdays but I don't go there as often as I used to. New owners. New staff. They fired the KJ and do karaoke from a JUKEBOX. Besides, I'm a KJ now so I do my own shows at a different bar. LOL
  19. Actually, his father alluded to me only singing karaoke with him once or twice. The truth is that his father was only there once or twice with Caleb. Caleb was a regular for a while. He was interested in my friend who worked there, so naturally he talked to me ALOT. He had my phone # and I had his. He'd text me when he was on his way. We had a lot of long talks. Sang together. Danced together. (The boy can dance!!!!!). Before they dismantled his Facebook, we were friends on FB. So I did know a lot of what was going on in his life after he left to go back to Kentucky. I do agree that he will need therapy after leaving BB. That much is clear.
  20. I think we can rack that story up as a lie. Cuz when he got out, the bar he went to was the bar I went to. This story is news to me. On the off chance that I am wrong (though so far my perception of him has been pretty spot on). If he had just come back from Iraq...... Depending on what he really went through, I'd say PTSD. Personally it is hard for me to get angry with Caleb about that story IF its true. My son-in-law was on the front lines and the stories that I heard were horrifying. Not that he talked about it while sober, but he would break down crying when he was drinking. And yes, my son-in-law was diagnosed with PTSD. His entire unit was. One of his squad leaders committed suicide a year ago. So I have an extra level of compassion for those of our military that have been in the Middle East.
  21. I tend to agree. We'll see if, at the end of the week, Cody and Derrick will stick to that alliance or if they really do want to join Hayden and Nicole. As far as Derrick is concerned, I think a switch in alliance would be a mistake for his game. Derrick really has control in the Detonators. If he joins with Hayden and Nicole, he loses control to Hayden who has more control over Donny and the other outsiders. Plus, it would paint a traitor target on his back. Not sure about that. Derrick was convincing Nicole that she isn't a target of Caleb. That Caleb is after weak players and that Caleb views Nicole as strong.

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