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  1. I noticed at jokers there was a link to Evel Dick's interview with Keesha and Michelle's interviews, however, Keesha's is saying its not longer available. Did anyone see it and do you have a copy that works. I can't find it on youtube either which is really weird?
  2. Did anyone here go to the wrap party?? If so, was there any news, gossip, or trouble? Just curious.
  3. Marty, Do you know if there are any interviews with ED with Memphis, Keesha, Libra and Michelle?
  4. Say what you want about ED, but I love him. He tells it like everyone of us are thinking. Just curious....Did he interview Memphis, Keesha, or Libra??? If so, could someone clip them as well. Thanks.
  5. I am glad that CBS made good on the deal. Memphis did win the car fair and square and he should be equally compensated for the value of what that car was worth.
  6. Thanks for the link. For whatever reason, nothing is coming up under any of the catagories?
  7. Can anyone link this interview?
  8. I would love another BB by at least March. This has been the first time in a long BB history that I loved the four of the five HG remaining. I enjoyed BB, but I can definately use a break for a little while.
  9. On HC they mentioned tomorrow.
  10. AR rocks, I could be wrong, but I thought the veto competion had already happened and Memphis won because Dan asked Keesha why she didn't talk to him when he was gone. Her reply was that she can't moniter people and that once Memphis makes his mind up, you can't change it. Which is/was true.
  11. Honestly, I like Libra also. If she was left in there, I was hoping that her and Keesha would stick together till the end. They would have been force to be reckon with IMO. I loved Renny, but lets face it she was terrible in the comps and was only needed as a vote and when she wasn't needed anymore they got rid of her.
  12. Wasn't Dick D to do his own interviews today??
  13. Yeah, but he also said that they used cell phones. Well, I believe that was the only way to get the votes in. Normal phones wouldn't get it done anyway.
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