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  1. I'm so glad Keith did NOT leave to save you. What a waste that would have been.
  2. I grew to really like Spencer. I think he did well for his second chance. He should be proud of himself and the game he played. He really did try to learn from his past mistakes while still playing the game.
  3. Really loved her by the end. She was an amazing competitor. I loved how she played the game.
  4. Hate this bitch. I call BS on getting love mail about voting Joe out.
  5. My faves: Joe > Keith > Spencer ... really didn't care that Jeremy won; was surprised that he got all 10 votes. I guess I have no heart because I really didn't tear up with his story about doing it for his family.
  6. I really grew to love Keith. I wanted him to win. So sad he didn't.
  7. I've come to like Keith. I like that he's been the only one to really take on Joe this entire time. I love Joe, I'm sad to see him go, but damn I have some mad respect for Keith for being the one to challenge him the most. I also like that he voted for Tasha, not Joe. He knew it would have been good to keep Joe around to keep the target off of himself while also avoiding an all girl alliance. I want him to win now.
  8. Well she told her right to her face that she was voting her out and breaking all ties to that side of the group. She doesn't try to hide what she's going to do, I kind of like that about her.
  9. Smart move taking her out.. she and Wu needed to be broken up. While it would have been nice to keep her and Abi together for conflict reasons alone.. Abi is a ticking time bomb and doesn't need PG to set her off... she's pretty much ready to blow up at anyone, very easy to set off and use. The bigger threat was definitely keeping PG and Wu together. Well played for sure.
  10. This kid really annoys me. I feel bad saying that because I can see his desire to want to fit in and have that social game, but he's not very genuine at it. The fact he said he couldn't "get there" in his relationship with his girlfriend and tell her he loves her, tells me that there's probably more going on with this kid. I wonder what his history is like. Does he have his guard up for some reason, was he bullied as a kid, or what? I don't think he'll win the game.. but I think it will be a victory for him if he can learn to connect and bond with other people. I think there's a bigger game at play here with Spencer, like a huge life lesson of learning to let your guard down and trust and invest in other people. He lacks empathy and sympathy, that bugs me. Hopefully he's able to come around more this season.
  11. I think she's quiet, but can play the sneaky but nice girl well. She's smart enough to lay low and observe, while still playing her own game.
  12. Have they featured her at all yet, because I don't recall even seeing her?
  13. He seems like a really nice guy. I didn't watch his season so don't know much about him. From what I've seen thus far, I do like him. I think that most of the men are a lot alike, strong, good socially, and just really nice. It's either going to be an all boys club, or Jeff and the girls need to really step in and make it ugly and get them out now.
  14. I vaguely remember her from before, I was never a fan. She's non-existent thus far from what we've seen. Ugh, I hope that doesn't mean she makes it far. Damn those floaters.
  15. I like her. She's one of the only female players I actually like this season. I think she has a lot of potential and I'm super excited to see what kind of sh*t she can stir up this season.
  16. Didn't even know this chick was on. No clue who she is.
  17. She annoys the crap out of me, but I love that she has no problems telling you to your face exactly how she feels about you. So while she would bug the snot out of me, I like that I would know where she stands. I also think it's really good to keep a ticking time bomb in your back pocket, that you can set to blow at exactly the right time. She'll never win, but she's definitely good to keep around and use. The fact that she's so easy to set off is a total asset if you play her right.
  18. I'm glad PG is gone. Hopefully he starts playing the game now and starts working with other people. He was listening to her way too much. I think he's a valuable player and has a lot of potential, but damn he seems freaking dumb this season. Completely clueless really. That's what happens when you don't think for yourself though.
  19. He seems like a cynical crud with a chip on his shoulder. The cynical crud part I usually like in someone, the chip on the shoulder, not so much.
  20. This guy is so socially awkward and he really doesn't help his case. I think he relates to Spencer most in that they really are clueless when it comes to connecting with other people. At least Spencer is trying now, but even watching him in action tonight, was rough.
  21. I think she showed tonight that she is playing a different game this go around.. in that she's actually playing and not afraid to get dirty. I was impressed/surprised that she was ballsy enough to call Jeff a rat in front of everyone. It's because of her, that she and Terry both survived the vote tonight. Good on her!
  22. I think Jeff is trying really hard to make us feel some sort of emotional, sentimental attachment to her, but I'm just not feeling it. Maybe it's because I actually liked Richard Hatch though and was happy he won the game.
  23. If I were an eskimo and he was selling ice, I'd buy some for sure. Maybe it's the lawyer in him, but he's very convincing. I do think he's a genuinely nice guy. I remember really liking him in his season too. He's a good person and works hard. He's good at both the physical and social aspect of the game which will either make him some loyal partnerships, or make them panic and want to vote him out as quickly as possible. That being said, the physical strength he brings to challenges is an asset and would hurt them severely to lose if they did voted him out, so that may play in his favour for the time being.
  24. I really like Terry. I hope he goes far. I would love to see him, Andrew, and Joe as final 3.
  25. I like that he went in to play the game. I do think he's over zealous though and almost playing too hard right out of the gate. Some times you need to hang back and observe people a bit. I think he's more intent on making big game moves too early on. I wonder if tonight will soften that someone, or will it drive him to play even harder?

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