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  1. Thanks for catching that! My ears perked up at the Porsche comment, missed the Jordan one.

  2. The server was having trouble last night. Now that you are in the LFU group you shouldn't have trouble accessing the board anymore - even when the main page is closed down waiting for results of competitions.

  3. It is becoming quite difficult to post. The site is slow. I suppose everyone is checking to see who won the veto. Any suggestions?

  4. Great job! Keep it up :)Your help is appreciated!

  5. Glad you got your avatar working! Welcome aboard :)

  6. I just figured out what I was doing wrong. You have to refresh your browser after changing your avatar. Doh! I was not able to change the picture before.

  7. Your avatar is so cute...and animated. How did oyu get it to load? I tried forever to get an animated gif to load.

  8. You are great with the updates - fast moving conversations or not LOL Half of what they say is worthless drivel anyways isn't it :P

    Hope to see you in chat tonight!

  9. psst... stepped into the Updates just for a minute. LOL the only time I can post any updates is when they're sleeping or maybe one or two HG's up. I don't trust myself to keep up with fast conversations.

    Thanks for helping out so much. Looove reading the updates

  10. waving back, : ) gots to run my errands before the temps get to 100 here again today,lol

  11. waving back, : ) gots to run my errands before the temps get to 100 here again today,lol

  12. Waves hello!

  13. Oh you are "one of us" whether you admit it or not :) Hurray for fatcats LFUs!

  14. Please tell me you are back :)

  15. Thanks for the comment :) Hope all is well with you!

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