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  1. 11:02 AM BBT Feeds back and Talla and Emmett are talking at the HT. She's telling him about, well honestly, who knows. Not one word in her sentence matches the next to form a sentence.
  2. 10:36 AM BBT Feeds have been cutting in and out as Talla alternately vacuums and cleans and swears the whole time. "Fuck! Shit! Fucking Q-Tips in the toilet! I am NOT cleaning the bathroom. Gary can if he wants to. Fuck! Uagh!"
  3. 10:25 AM BBT Cams back. Emmett is vacuuming. Jillian asks if he wants something to eat. He'll have something light as he is going to work out. 10:27 AM BBT Feeds off again. Presumably to protect us from the sound of the vacuum.
  4. 9:51 AM BBT "Emmett!!!! Emmett!!!!" hollers Gary as he heads inside to make a slop shake. Em is upstairs with Jillian in the HOH room looking for stray belongings. "Do you feel more organized now?" she asks him. Jillian is doing her make up.
  5. 9:37 AM BBT Jillian and Emmett have piles of laundry all over the BY. It's almost like they haven't done any since getting into the BB house. Talla and Gary talking in the HT. Talla isn't in, just her feet. Gary fell into the HT. Talla is warning him about slipping scares. Gary didn't realize there was a getting into the HT protocol. 9:40 AM BBT Gary has one armpit shaved and one not from when he wore a strapless shirt. Gary has been in just a few minutes. He doesn't know how people stay in there for so long, he's burning. Talla got woken up at 5 am she got woken up with the sweetest sound ever. "Talla, Talla, Talla wake up." says Gary in a seductive voice. and we get FOTH.
  6. 9:28 AM BBT The HGs have had to put their outfits from all the comps etc into storage and are now doing their laundry to prep for packing. Emmett is planning to walk out of the house the same way he walked into the house. Unless BB can be swindled into giving him another dress shirt.
  7. 9:08 AM BBT SOTH [ It's almost like I'm in that control room Morty ] 9:10 AM BBT Jillian and Emmett outside talking about the comp yesterday. Emmett says that everyone back home will on edge watching that episode. Jillian wants to see her face when he said something. He was stressed when BB made him go back and grab the bags. "Emmett, go get the bags!" It was a crazy game, crazy game. 9:13 AM BBT Camera 2 has a great image of some eggs in a frying pan. Gary and Talla perhaps? One of them is cracked. Talla is switching laundry from the washer to the dryer and Gary is in the WCA getting ready for the day. 9:17 AM Correction: Gary is in the pool. Talla is commenting that his make up is still perfect, it's still looking fresh. 9:19 AM BBT Talla heads outside to talk with Emmett and Jillian who ask what time she got up. An hour before they did. Emmett looks super serious and stares into the HT as Talla walks away. "Whathca doing?" Jillian asks "Stressing?" He's just thinking, will the POV ceremony be early or will it be late?Jillian heads inside to put her make up on. "Gary what are you doing? I thought you just did your make up?" Jillian says when she sees him there.
  8. 10:59 AM BBT BB calls them inside. BY is now off limits. We see Jillian grab a snack, Gary and Emmett head inside and SOTH.
  9. 10:46 AM BBT Gary, Emmett and Jillian are outside. The sun is shining. Jillian looks at Gary and Emmett and says "Ok, POV!" I'm doing a POV chant. They are getting locked out of the yard in 30 minutes (or 4 minutes?) for POV setting. Jillian is trying to look under a hole in the set to see what is below there. "I just want to see something, anything else. A yard? Grass?" She gets a "Stop that". They say that it is beautiful out today. Is it 20 degrees out? Emmett says 15. They are trying to 'tan' and get some sun. 10:50 AM BBT It looks like three cats who have found a spot of sun in the BB house just now. The three of them are curled up in a patch of sun trying to catch rays. Jillian had a bad day yesterday. She didn't want to do anything. "Emmett didn't like my first bad day." she laughs. "Your FIRST bad day?" he laughs back. Discussion is about the colour of her gray dress yesterday (she hated it) going on vacation after this and feeling motion sickness this morning.
  10. 10:15 AM BBT Emmett is pacing the outside/HT area and muttering to himself. Can't hear anything "wonder she ay..." Talla has a huge coffee. She's wearing a little black dress and pink Ugg sock booties. She's cleaning the KT. 10:19 AM BBT "Down to only three, only three, you've got third. Tom was the first to win POV." He's Jedi training for the upcoming comp. 10:22 AM BBT Gary lying on the hammock also repeating things to himself as Emmett paces past him going through his trivia like a mad man. Talla is cleaning the KT and running the water talking herself through her own trivia recall. Everyone seems very tense. Still no sign of Jillian she is probably in the DR getting instructions for POV. 10:24 AM BBT SOTH
  11. 10:05 AM BBT Feeds are back. Gary in the KT making a protein shake. He's dressed up. Emmett in the KT also dressed up. He and Gary are talking about how to make a smoother shake so you don't taste it. Talla comes in crying for coffee. Emmett is pacing around the BY. No sign of Jillian.
  12. 8:54 PM BBT Talla just finished talking for 10 minutes straight. [i still have no idea what she was talking about - ZuZu]. She's not a morning person, nor will she ever be. Emmett and Jillian are up in HOH in the shower/bath.
  13. 8:41 PM BBT Feeds are back. Jillian getting ready to join Emmett in the hot tub. Talla and Andrew are chatting with him. Still no sign of Gary. Brief talk about medical care gets us a BB warning about talking about production and a SOTH.
  14. 8:19 PM BBT Feeds have been in SOTH since the last update.

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