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    I loved the broadway show but the movie was even better (even if without the live feel). Usually the music is louder than the actual singing, so this was nice. It was fan-freakin-tastic! Seasons of Love is certainly a sad song that brings everything home, but my my fav song is: La Vie Boheme. I like how fun it is.
  2. What was the point if only to tell us so soon? Buddy, you could have gone so far with that!
  3. I'm just laughing on the editing. He can't say "bust a nut/ball" but he can say "Capn' Whorevette"? How hilarious! He's a great blogger, that's for sure. Very fun to read. Also, did anyone else catch the editor's note that said how it was an accident that his latest blog was submitted?
  4. I think they probably are, only because Julie has mentioned to both Ashlea and Mike about possibly going back to the house. She wouldn't say that if it were not to lead into something else. Besides, the houseguests already know the big secret about everyone having a partner, how could this be "it" when the show has only begun?
  5. I wonder if all the clues lead to some co-ordinates on that map thingy on the wall. That can't just be there for decoration, everything is something in that house it seems... especially since it's parallel to the safes?
  6. Also, Kaysar is smart enough to know that he can't trust the other group whatsoever. Of course they will all tell him he'll be safe with them, that's what he wants to hear... but more to the point, that's what they NEED to say in order to spare themselves. Again, he's smart enough to know that they are making false promises. They have their group, and he's just not part of it.

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