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  1. The feeds are down, they are playing POV I assume. So my question about it existing is moot. Now, the only thing that makes sense is that the POV removes the duo and another duo is nominated. Otherwise the golden key thing doesn't work.
  2. A have a question about the 2nd twist. If a duo is nominated, and the one who stays gets a golden key, does that mean there is no veto? Or that the veto is for the entire duo? Cause if *I* get the veto and take myself off, my partner may still not go home. Then who gets the golden key? If y'all have taked this to death already, my apologies.
  3. Good find, Ginger. And good riddance to Dick. My summer just got a whole lot better.
  4. Family emergency? Yeah, cause Dick is such a family man (let his mother raise his daughter, etc). LOL. Thank gawd Dick is gone, this summer is looking a lot better than it was last night.
  5. Please leave, Rob. I miss Survivor.
  6. Upfront with people? LOL. Like with the idol clue?
  7. I have all the respect in the world for the U.S Military, in fact my sister is a Sergeant First Class in the US Army, but I gotta say...Lee Harvey Oswald and Charles Whitman were also Marines.
  8. I am a spiritual, but not religious, person. I, in fact, am an atheist. And yet it doesn't bother me one iota when people talk about god or their relationship with him. If anything, it makes me jealous that I don't have that kind of "sounding board" or place to drop my troubles. What does annoy me, is when reality show watchers critize people's personal relationship with the god of their choice. Why does religion even have to be brought into the subject? If someone feels close enough to their deity to talk openly and honestly about that relationship, who are we to criticize? Isn't ANYTHING
  9. She did an excellent job of making them think they had her vote. I loved her smirk, which they took to mean she was with them and actually meant she was going to bury them. LOL.
  10. I missed a good portion of the first epi. Can someone tell me why that couple was u turned?
  11. Loved Matt's speech. I couldn't stop laughing and am glad they let him play the DPOV that way, as a part of his speech. I don't know how Matt would stack up against other people because this is the cast he got. Idiots or not, he is playing them and thus excelling at the game.
  12. Exactly the scenario I am looking for, Kyo!
  13. I'm a Brit fan. She's young and Rachel was one crazy lady, both contributing factors to her bitchiness, so to me, it's meh. She can stay if she wins POV, and we know she is capable of that! If she does go, however, I hope we can all agree she leaves courtesy of the Brigade. Its their gameplay that got her to feel comfortable enough to burn her R/B bridge and their gameplay that won B HOH.

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