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  1. Hopefully there are no returnees - this twist is big enough to carry the show without them. It does sound promising - no idea what level of control the "Team America" thing will give viewers but as for the main twist I guess the 2 HoHs will nominate two different sets of noms (as having the same noms renders the twist pointless), then the Battle of the Block will determine which set of noms face eviction - and presumably replace the Veto - which I've been saying needs a massive overhaul since about season 8! And then as with all BB twists we'll get to the final 10 and it'll be forgotten about and we'll return to the normal process - possibly with the Veto returning.
  2. If they hadn't used so many ex-HGs in recent series the time would just about be right for an All Stars series, and though I'd prefer all newbies I think I could take an All Stars season as long as there is a guarantee that the next two seasons at least are all new people - and also nobody in this season has been in more than one previous season. It would be good actually to kind of flip the usual twist and begin with 12 All Stars or so and then send in around 4 newbies to see how that impacts on things.
  3. 14 miles though should probably easily be done in 14 weeks though, even 14 days, not 3 years. When you break it down it's not really as much as it sounds at first.
  4. About time but complete bull - it's pretty much the last version of BB to go HD and most have managed to do it in the off-season. Doesn't sound like the house has changed so I suspect had they stopped and thought about it they'd have realised by actually demolishing the existing set and building a much needed refreshed house they could have probably switched to HD quicker and in the long run cheaper too.
  5. Not that hopeful at all for this season from CBS. Loving the makeover here though. Not sure what others think but could I suggest we drop the threads for each HG - IMO they've never really worked and the forum hasn't been flowing as nicely as it used to before they were introduced. Maybe a sub-forum with one thread for each for the entire series would be a compromise for any discussion related specifically for individuals, but on the whole most discussion involves more than one HG so just letting the forum play out naturally is the best option.
  6. To confirm for anyone following but not really watching the 15th HG is a choice of three chosen by viewers, of which Scott is one of them. The three HGs moved into a secret "war room" after the first eviction where they will live for 7 days and be able to watch (but not hear) the house feeds live24/7. After the 2nd eviction the winner will be revealed and move into the house, with the other two evicted. It's not as new or original as producers pledged pre-series - it's been done in various forms in most series across the world, with one recent favourite being housing them in a glass house in a shopping centre or other public location for the week. However I think it's a long overdue twist to the BBUSA format and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Often in the public vote format the HGs stop targetting each other and aim to get the newbie out instead, but I think with the US/Canadian format they will be trying to win over their vote. Play it right and the latecomer could probably get into a secret alliance with every HM.
  7. Is a rumour it's Andrew's twin brother, which seems pointless considering he wasn't the most interesting of HGs. I suspect the 15th HG will somehow be the viewer.
  8. Slice have released photos of the house, and it'll be previewed on ET Canada tonight. http://www.slice.ca/big-brother-canada/photos/the-house/#!b538957021a163aea456df3425c51bda Despite the new location the layout is much the same, though with a few tweaks including a bigger bathroom and new pool area. HoH room seems smaller too.
  9. More news emerging about the second season this week with confirmation that circumstances have forced the show to relocate, so they'll be a brand new house - plus a tease of a major twist not seen before which will involve the Canadian public. http://www.bbspy.co.uk/bbcan/news/1102/big-brother-canada-to-move-house-for-season-two http://www.bbspy.co.uk/bbcan/news/1102/major-original-twist-planned-for-big-brother-canada-season-two-2014
  10. The house is the shows biggest asset and can be central to numerous twists, but has to be designed with those twists in mind, so needs tweaking every so often to accomodate new ideas. Keeping the house the same every year is just limiting their possibilities, and even without twists a change in house can change the game - for example making it smaller and more claustrophobic so HGs can't really get away from each other, or using glass walls so they can't hide from each other. Even without changing the layout would love to see the HoH room become glass fronted to half the house doesn't hide up their all week. They can use switching glass so the HoH can frost the windows when they want as a compromise, but little changes like that can have an effect on how people play the game and interact with each other - but keeping the house the same every year for a decade means it's not having the impact on the houseguests it should.
  11. I've seen reports Allison is leaving too, but I won't believe it until I see it. We've beeen saying every year for what seems forever she needs to go - but this year it goes beyond creative reasons. Her absolute failure to address the racism issue, both in the house and also outside of the house means she just has to go. Apart from comments from Julie we've seen nothing from "Big Brother" itself about it. I've given up hoping for any major game changes,though the MVP was the first decent idea in years, just poorly executed and screwed by putting Elissa in the house. Also resigned to their probably being ex-houseguests next year as can't see them going two seasons without them. Would love for the house to finally be ripped apart and rebuilt after ten entire seasons of exactly the same layout, but not getting my hopes up about that.
  12. Guess Helen kind of needs to go this week so hopefully Judd or Candice return. I fear if Elissa is up the viewers will vote her back in and that will change absolutely nothing.
  13. They hinted at it but it'll likely be far earlier than Canada did it, not with just 4 or 5 left in the house.
  14. Agree Elissa and Helen would be his best, but if Amanda did somehow win the final HoH she wouldn't think twice about evicting McCrae. No opinion of his own - such a cowardly player. And a stupid one too - he could secure his place in the house by backdooring Amanda, though I guess the three days of agro isn't worth it. If all Veto Ceremonies were during the live show I suspect the HoH's would be more willing to rock the boat. If he nominated Amanda though he'd only have McCrae probably going after him if he struck a deal with Elissa and Helen.
  15. Three ways to limit the backdoor possibilities: Firstly - a spin on the MVP idea in the original post but essentially the HoH nominates two as normal and then the Veto is played. The twist is if the Veto is used it's America that uses it - control of the replacement nominee is taken out of the house, and the new nominee is only revealed just before the vote. Secondly keep it as the HoH nominating two people and six play the Veto - but the twist is rather than random draw we go back to the HoH and nominees choosing who plays in the Veto. However there is a catch - only those who play in the Veto are eligible to be nominated. That actually could be a good anti-floater measure - nominees are not going to want to pick people who won't save them but won't want to pick their allies as potential replacements either (though rather them than me), so floaters could end up forced to play the Veto. Thirdly and one I've been talking about for years - double the jackpot to $1m, but everytime the Veto is used $100,000 is wiped off. Cue nominees being told they're safe in order to save $100k - and people really having to think whether a potential saved HM can really help them to the end before saving them.



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