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  1. OK - a bit of an outside perspective here, but I think it's quite a fair observation... The problems with Big Brother 1: Firstly, the Premiere show. Nothing happened - it just featured Julie talking as a fleet of cars made their way to the house, arriving in the final few minutes. It got off to a bad start! Secondly, the show schedule. Unlike Europe, it's virtually unheard of on American primetime TV to have a programme scheduled across the week - it just works better for an American audience three times a week. Thirdly - the structure of the series. The US followed the original Europe
  2. Credit where credit is due though and it's good to see there is no bigger critic of Big Brother than Housecalls. I was quite surprised when I first watched it that the major issues were raised - I expected them to be completly in the pocket of the producers! A question though - last week did they discuss the issue of the live feeds being suspended for a whole day?
  3. HUGE TWIST!!!! Oh my God! A surprise to end all surprises - Big Brother's final sting in the tail! Firstly, Davina surprises the HMs as they sit down to dinner and tells Craig he has finished fifth, giving him just 30 seconds to leave. He manages to change into his eviction outfit before leaving! Craig got just 4.1% of the vote and during his interview his main priority seemed to be slagging off Makosi, stating she didn't have sex with Anthony (so why did you jump out of the pool Craig?). Davina does bring up the main issues with him, though I'd have liked to seen her be alot tougher on
  4. The HMs have passed the task having fooled each other they were all hypnotised - although of course after receiving their luxury food reward, they all confessed to knowing no one was really hypnotised. The task began with Anthony's trigger word "hot stuff". He began dancing around the room and chatting up Kinga before going straight in for the kill. He went on to ask Craig if he'd been working out, pinned him against the wall and kissed him on the cheek. Makosi was next on Anthony's hit list - but Eugene was saved by "Melvin" bringing Anthony around - who did a good job of acting confused.
  5. Well, it had to happen eventually - Big Brother has set all the housemates secret missions to fool each other! Earlier today the housemates were told they would each be hypnotised in the diary room for today's challenge and then be under the instruction of "Melvin the Magnificent". However, as each HM went to the diary room they were told that actually they were the only HM who wouldn't be hypnotised - but instead by on a Secret Mission for Big Brother. Each HM must convince the others they are hypnotised, responding to key words from Melvin the Magnificent. "Hot Stuff" would send Anthony ki
  6. WARNING: ADULT REFERENCES MORE ON THIS AT: http://bigbrother.digitalspy.co.uk/article/ds8461.html Same old routine again - but finally Anthony has stood up to Craig, and Craig didn't like it at all! And what did it take - the spillage of beer of course! Now this incident all relates back to Monday night and after a few drinks too many, Kinga decided to have intimate relations with a wine bottle in the garden as Anthony and Craig looked on in disgust! Well, after Friday's eviction Kinga was discussing it in the lounge with Craig and Anthony and suggested that Craig had egged her on. Craig denie
  7. Guess who the latest unlucky housemate was? Makosi, of course! Makosi entered an innocent looking gingerbread house but once inside the door locked and the walls crumbled away to reveal a cage, which was then hoisted into the air. Kinga was the first person to be given the chance to free Makosi. Her choice was cigarettes or Makosi. She chose the fags, and Makosi stayed put. Next in was Craig who took the fast food takeaway on offer, leaving Makosi in the cage for another 30 minutes. Anthony then took less than two seconds to answer the question "Beer or Makosi?" Beer, quite obviously. Eugene
  8. Now prepare to be shocked - tonight the evictee got cheered - and I mean really cheered, getting probably the best response since last year's finalists! However, they did get booed when Davina read out the voting numbers, but the crowd remained strangly silent during the announcement. And the second shock - tonight's result wasn't a shock! Derek got the boot with 58% of the vote. Before leaving the house he made a speech to the HMs saying a winner was amongst them and he hoped they would get what they were looking for. As he exited the house he got a fantastic response and he loved it. However
  9. Kinga actually didn't get a single nomination. Anthony, Craig and Makosi all nominated Derek and Eugene - with Anthony honest enough to say he just doesn't want them to win. Derek nominated Anthony and Craig, Eugene nominated Anthony and Makosi while Kinga nominated Craig and Makosi - though BB wouldn't accept Makosi evicting her from the secret garden as a valid reason as it didn't happen "in the house".
  10. The final nominations are in - and Derek and Eugene are up for the chop! This means Kinga has passed her secret mission and won immunity as at least one HM did not nominate her. Looking back on nominations this year - they weren't as interupted as last year though there were just a few weeks where nominations went to plan. Week 1: Makosi won immunity by getting the most nominations - then had to choose the real nominees. Week 2: All HMs up for eviction as Vanessa discussed nominations Week 3: Craig, Derek and Roberto not called to diary room to nominate due to discussing nominations - with the
  11. Kinga is BACK! Even though there are just 12 days to go the rejected HM from the secret garden has been bought in to replace Orlaith, who quit yesterday. Kinga entered the secret garden along with Eugene and Orlaith on Day 29, only to be evicted three days later when Makosi got to determine which two garden-dwellers moved into the main house (see p3). Kinga is eligible to nominate and be nominated tomorrow. She is also eligble to win. Kinga entered the house via the diary room, where she was set a Secret Mission. As it is highly likely all the HMs will nominate her, Kinga will win immunity if
  12. Orlaith has now walked after being saved by the public last night. Makosi said last night she'd follow her and this morning both her and Craig have said they'll quit if a replacement is brought in. Having lost Kemal and Orlaith in the space of 12 hours Makosi is now walking around the house dressed from head to ankle in black - and ankle to toe green stilletos! This leave five in the house with two weeks to go - so plenty really. It'll be four in the final week, though if the planned surprise eviction goes ahead in the final week we'll have three rather than the usual four on the final day -
  13. This week Kemal and Orlaith went head to head. Initially Kemal was slight favourite to go, but following his secret mission by the odds changed and by today Orlaith was odds on to be evicted. Davina tells us th voting is close (funny, it never seems to be clear!) The pre-eviction highlights feature Anthony's hangover and crucially as the lines close, his argument with Kemal over the shopping, with Kemal refusing to do it in the sick-stinking living room - then exposing himself as the double agent and saying he's responsible for winning the food budget. Other highlights see Derek reluctantly re
  14. When I read the police received a number of calls during the infamous "Fight Night" last year, I was horrified at the over-reaction. Again with Scabgate this year, while I thought it was just a disgusting white lie, others phoned the police. Well, tonight I nearly picked up the phone myself! Tonight's extended show centered on the Double Agent twist - but it was completly overshadowed by a drunk Geordie! Anthony was pissed! Incredibly pissed! However, it's not his actions that disturbed me at all - it's that of his friend Craig. Craig wouldn't leave him alone, following him everywhere and n
  15. Not quite what was reported, but I suspect this is the rumoured "Operation Kidnap" I mentioned earlier. Also a complete surprise - just wasn't expecting that. Derek returned to the house this afternoon with a laminate explaining this week's real task was for the "Double Agent" to remain unidentified. As they had incorrectly named Derek as the double agent, the group have passed the task. They all tried to find out who the double agent was, but BB reminded them a good spy never tells their secrets. However, Derek's been telling a few porkies. He claimed the room he stayed in was decked out like

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