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  1. I've been thinking the same thing. They make me want to vomit.
  2. It's hard to stop laughing after reading all these reply above. Y'all very funny.
  3. I'm with you on that because after Jessie gone, I didn't like anybody else in the house. I was with Helen until she help evict Howard. That was the beginning of the end for her. If she would kept him for a little bit more she probably would made to the end. I can rank how think the top 5 will be. But who I like, it will be none. It's like a lose, lose, lose, lose, lose situation. I really hope they pick better hg next season. If it's almost the same, I'm not watching it. This is the most pitiful hg in history of Big Brother.
  4. I agree with you 100%. I've seen that from almost the beginning. He fooled the whole hg. While the women going against each other, he's laughing at them making fool of themselves. The guys couldn't see either. Everybody went to him to make major moves but he flip it on all of them starting with Nick. GM was calling somebody else a rat in house. Andy is the biggest rat in the house. Nobody see how there information got Amanda and Helen. And he even turn on them too. As much as I don't like Andy, on one of my post, I did said this is the best he can make a major move. Why should he want to go to the final 3 with McManda when he still have other people who would take him to the final 2. I was thinking he be a fool to stick with them. But if I was everybody else I wouldn't take Andy or Judd to the the final 2. No way.
  5. Andy need to stop bashing people. If the table turn on him about gay. He'll call it homophobic. As for Spencer, he probably don't get a hard on with Elissa because she's older than 9 years old.
  6. Amanda don't like Candice because she can't look like her.
  7. Anybody notice on all my comments I never said Aaryn is racist. Racist is hate. I don't see that. But see do have some prejudice in her. Few were maybe jokes but certain comments crossing the line. Also the problem is females do the most damage to each other in the house while the stand on side laughing at them making a** out of themselves. I would for once like to see the women get along. Of course, arguments may occur. Remember I'm not saying it's all women. And I'm not saying that guys don't do it either. But a lot of shows make appears that way. One season of Survivor I was proud of the come together and got rid of all the guys. None of them got mad when they vote them out. I hope to see that on at least one Big Brother.
  8. They are the ones who started it. Look who she was up against. She have the right to defend herself. They have been nasty to Candice and Jessie. At the beginning, those girls didn't like Candice. She was loud to them because they were loud to her. I'm not into loud people either but that's how some people in this world are. Amanda is the worst of all of them. Aaryn never take responsibities for her own action. Candice and Jessie handle themselves very well with most of these hg against. I think they handle it better. They did alright. Aaryn have a lot of growing up to do.
  9. Candice for what? What comment she made? Almost everybody against her except Howard, Jessie and Elissa. Those comments is horrible. Aaryn got what she deserves. It's her fault she put herself out like that. I hope the same for Amanda, GM, Andy and Spencer(more disturbing). They really verbally bash Candice in the house. Candice did nothing to deserve this abuse. Since Candice put up with them in the house, when others get evicted, they should Julie and the audience should harsh on them. It will serve them right. Those hg should be ashame of themselves. Oh, Amanda shouldn't call anybody fat. We've seen her fat stomach. And Candice not even fat. I'm sick of Amanda the most. I know a strait- jacket will be ready for after she step outside the BB house.
  10. Amanda kinda ruin his game. Too bad for him she couldn't leave earlier. If Amanda was gone earlier, maybe he would play his game instead of hers. Only things he got out of this is $5000 and whipped.

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