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BB10 Wrap Party


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I love Dan...I really just love him.

He is so lovable!

My masters program is at the University of Michigan at Dearborn......realllllly hoping I run into him during my year there :lol:

I really look forward to watching the wrap party videos at the end of every season, so thanks to those who posted! Man, this was a really great season.

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Phil (TheRealDeal) has a really good blog about the wrap party. He went with Chelsia. Didn't sound like anyone was dancing on the table or anything wild. He said that Jen and Nick were there. Adam and Matty were there but just stayed together. Sharon BB9 and her boyfriend and Josh were there. Dick and a date. Danielle was there just having fun and goofing with Phil. Sheila was there. (I think with a date) James was there from BB9 and James from BB6. Chicken George was there. Libra was there with her husband. Renny was there with her husband. Jerry was there with his daughter and I think he said his wife was there too. Angie was there with a friend and Brian was there. Phil said he didn't see Steven but he thought he was there. Jessie was there with his girlfriend and Phil said she was really pretty. Michelle was there and danced a little. April and Ollie stuck together. Marcellas was there.

He said that Dan and Monica stuck together and Memphis and Ashley.

I think we will hear more later.

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