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  1. who excited for the new season of Survivor,i cant believe this will be the 25th season of Survivor the new season is only 3 months away!!!!!
  2. Since BB14 is 3 weeks away how long until they release the cast
  3. i know it's early but i dont Think there will be a 15th Season of Big Brother,cause all of the Shows on CBS have been renewed and Big Brother isnt listed
  4. Guess what people your new Bachelorette is Emily Maynard Your new Bachelorette do you like the new Bachelorette????
  5. theres no Redemption Island this Season!!!
  6. Season 20 Cast Comfirmed even though it's not on the CBS Site yet Confirmed list of teams are confirmed early, here's the new list of other teams: 1. Mark Jackson and Bopper Minton- Mark is Black, Bopper is White 2. Vanessa Macias and Ralph Kelly - They're recently broke up after the race 3. Joey Lasalla and Danny H - both muscular guys, Joey is Snooki's personal trainer 4. Andrew and Elliott Weber - brothers/twins 5. Jamie Graetz and Nareman Ebeid - police officers 6. Maya and Misa Tanaka - sisters 7. Kerri Paul and Stacy Bowers - friends, Stacy is a mom The other three teams aren't reveale
  7. i do remember in Season 8 Rebecca Weaver got pulled over for speeding but she got a warning and no ticket
  8. Brendon and Rachel from the 12th & 13th Season of Big Brother will be on the 20th Season of The Amazing Race
  9. please like my Fanpage of Kail,Kail and her Son and her Daughter likes it Kail's Official Fanpage on Facebook
  10. i like her,she looks Pretty, please like my Official Fanpage of her on Facebook Elyse Official Fanpage
  11. The spotted teams included former Survivor winners and dating couple Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca. i cant wait for TAR 19
  12. how long until they release the names of the new houseguests

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